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KRP logo

Kart Racing Pro is a realistic karting simulator.
The aim is to create a software useful as a training tool for real drivers, based on a scratch built physics engine that accurately simulates kart dynamics and setup options.
As such a steering wheel is strongly recommended, although keyboard, joysticks and gamepads are fully supported.

Kart Racing Pro also allows to host and join online races, with an integrated matchmaking server. During events data is collected, to provide statistics for drivers’ comparison.

More features:

  • automotive industry-standard tyre model
  • chassis flex simulation
  • dynamic track surface groove buildup
  • wet track simulation and dynamic drying
  • dynamic marbles generation
  • tyres pickup of marbles, grass and dirt, affecting grip
  • user-selectable driver gestures
  • output of CSV files with telemetry data to analyze driving sessions
  • a plugins interface allows external programs to receive realtime data from the simulated kart
  • LAN and online racing. Dedicated server available
  • support of custom paint schemes for kart, helmet and suit
  • full modding is possible: advanced users can build new tracks, karts, engines, helmets, … and integrate them with the provided tools

Miscreated logo

Carrying Objects

We have added support for being able to carry objects in your hands (pick them up with no weapon equipped). Right now the only thing you can carry are animals, but more items/features will be added in future updates.

Animal System

The first iteration of our new animal system is included in this update. It is a very lightweight, networked system for simple animals in the game (non-aggressive)

  • Roosters and pigs are currently spawning in game – more animals will be added in future updates
  • Animals may be killed and harvested/looted
  • With your hands empty, you may pick up animals and carry them around
  • When dropped they will stay in the general area where they were dropped at
  • If you drop them in your base’s radius they will persist through a server restart


  • General performance improvements
  • Improvements to manage items in tents and crates
  • Fix for running out of network IDs
  • Reduce memory footprint per player
  • Server will only start if its data can be loaded from the database (should fix missing bases issue)
  • Fixed players not properly becoming non-relevant to other players


  • Shader cache regenerated with latest data – should help reduce stutters/freezing
  • Spawned items from tents/vehicles/AI corpses should be restored when logging back in (would disappear before)
  • Volumetric fog is disabled, but normal fog still exists
  • Maximum view distance now varies based on spec (from 1km to 4km) – Object Detail video setting
  • Default spec is now Medium instead of High
  • Texture resolution now varies per spec
  • Disabled silhouette POM
  • Player corpse not being visible issue should be fixed


  • Removed some static items from the world that are now spawned and usable to reduce confusion (tents, etc.)
  • Ambient sounds areas improved with correct setup and recommendations from Crytek
  • New variations of three story buildings added
  • Rooster and pig spawn points added
  • Sedan spawn points added


  • Mutants now have an increased chance to have loot and can have more than one item
  • Brute mutant added – stronger and tougher than other mutants


  • Changes to confirmation window title
  • Timers no longer reset when moving around in the menu


  • Sedan added – multiple color variations
  • Damage model for quadbike updated
  • Adjusted particle effects for the f100 truck
  • Vehicles will no longer leak fuel/oil when not running
  • Moved all exit locations a little further away to reduce chance of being killed when exiting


  • Adjusted the maximum pile size for some rounds
  • All types of ammo can now spawn in piles
  • Pickaxe changed to a secondary weapon – increased spawn rate
  • Flare gun now spawns with a pile of flares – flare rounds can stack
  • Scarves added (several variations)


  • Several variations of crafted headbands added
  • Added size of sandbags to description


  • When bandaging another player, they will now receive a message
  • Adjusted bleed particle effect location for players


Base Building
  • Gnome health reduced
  • Added in missing pine tree to get wood from
  • Dismantling a generator will now give you the generator component back
  • Dismantling a work light will now give you the work light component back


  • Reduced the sway when holding the map so it is easier to read
  • M40A5 now has a dry fire animation and sound when looking through the scope
  • Adjusted how bow animations work – should function much better now
  • Fixed recurve bow select animation
  • Grey wolf LOD skinning issues fixed
  • Fixed sprinting with flashlight – now useful again whilst sprinting


  • M40A5 sounds added for racking when firing using the scope


  • Physics proxies improved on some weapons so they don’t bounce around so much when dropped
  • Added LODs for main player skin (LODs help with optimization)
  • Added LODs for crafted weapons
  • Added LODs for 22 pistol weapons
  • Added LODs for the megalites
  • Added LODs for hunting knife
  • Added LODs for crossbow
  • Added LODs for hk45 pistol
  • Added LODs for g18 pistol
  • Added LODs for m40
  • Added LODs for hammer
  • Added LODs for squeegee
  • Added LODs for the river dam
  • Added LODs for tractor
  • Flashlight altered to add in glass pane


  • Improved tactical shotgun textures
  • Grey wolf eye overlay added for specular reflection
  • HK45 weapon updated
  • Flashlight texture updated
  • Lean-to textures updated
  • Updated textures for chicken coop
  • HK45 normal map errors fixed

Naval Action logo

Patch 9.93 will be deployed today

What’s new:
  • New ship added: Bucentaure – a superb and powerful french ship of the line (drops from 3rd rates and rarely from Ingermanland). Blueprints will be reworked in the future through the academy building so please ignore that it drops from english/russian lineships
  • New set of battle and economy perks/skills added
  • Battle
    • Press Gang – crew members alive after boarding join your crew
    • Area Control – you and all enemy ships within 500m from you cannot exit the battle
    • Pump inventor – improves pump performance
    • Carronade master – improves carronade accuracy
    • Storage master – provides additional repair kit in battle but reduces speed
    • Admiralty connections – reduces crew hire price
    • Trimming Expert – reduces ship heel
    • Rigging Specialist – improves your sails (reducing incoming damage) and repairs them better
    • Emergency master – reduces emergency repairs cool down
    • Expert Carpenter – increases repair amount in battle and in the open world
    • Expert Surgeon – medical kits efficiency increased
    • Defence Drill – reduces cost of defend command
  • Economy
    • Foreman – increase Labor hours regeneration
    • Overseer – increase Labor hours storage
    • Royal shipbuilder – reduces LH consumption for all vessels
    • Lineship shipmaster – reduces LH consumption for ships of the line
    • Frigate shipmaster – reduces LH consumption for all frigates and 4th rates
    • Light ship master – reduces LH consumption for unrated vessels
    • Gifted – increases blueprint learning chance
    • Fisher – increases chance to fish something out of the water
  • New acceleration physics. Expect significant changes and temporary annoyance.
  • Auto-escape functionality added. If you internet disappears in 5 mins your ship will set sail at best angle and will sail straight until exit timer allows exit the battle.
  • Sail animations somewhat improved
  • Perk reset functionality added – costs 3 levels
  • Pirates are now considered nation in large battles in the lobby – no longer filling both sides.
  • Convert All (fish) button added to convert all types of fish
  • Repair and Medical kits allows teleport now
  • Surrender is no longer possible if you are sinking or on fire
Fixed bugs:
  • Fixed bugs with free crew generation in certain cases (e.g with basic cutter)
  • Fixed bugs with extra pump upgrade
  • Fixed bugs with shipwreck locations distribution
  • Fixed bug that dropped sails to 0 if you started surrender
  • Fixed certain bugs in command tablet (m)
  • Fixed bug that your officer did not get XP if you lost a durability
  • Bucentaure visual bugs fixed
  • Changes to turning (turning acceleration is coming in one of the next few patches)
  • Mastery perks speed bonuses lowered
  • Assault flag requirement lowered to Master and Commander
  • Shipwreck resource variability increased
  • Chance for shipwreck bottle drop increased
  • New tobacco and sugar sources added (american coast in particular)
  • Speed changed for Victory and Santisima
  • Damaged rudder (yellow) penalty lowered by 25%
  • Morale bonuses for all boarding upgrades lowered
  • Steeltoolbox and survival handbooks rebalanced
  • Cannon loss through stern somewhat increased
  • BR tuned for St Pavel and Bucentaure
  • Color blind colors adjusted for better visibility
  • Enable communcations with enemy nations is enabled by default
  • Leaks adjusted for all vessels
  • Waterline lowered for ships of the line (was a bit too high)
  • New bugs most likely introduced


Next patch alliances and some other minor things

Elite Dangerous logo

Greetings commanders, we’ve pushed an update out this morning, here’s the changes.

Stability Fixes
– Fixed Skimmer Group issue
– Fix a crash if we try to send a message to or about a player that is no longer in the game
– Fix crash during high res screen capture
– Fix crash in wing manager
– Fix for the pilot object never being destroyed
– Fix a number of unreleased effects that could potentially have caused small memory leaks
– Fix crash when calculating the tidal locking amount for a planet with exactly -180 axial tilt
– Fixes to protect against a fatal network error, and early detection of the disconnection with server
– Fixes a crash in the fairly rare case of a ship being killed or fleeing while waiting for a response to a docking request
– Fixes for cross-platform crashes reported from the Xbox client
– Improvements to memory management to tackle cases of fragmentation
– Fix a potential NaN in the vehicle system
– Added crash protection in outfitting when getting the inventory for a sub slot
– Fix crash when taking damage and when a contributing player doesn’t exist anymore, likely due to quitting
– Fix a server crash if a CQC game ends at the same time the lobby is shut down
– Fix a crash if you disconnect while shooting someone while in CQC
– Fix a crash in CQC capture the flag if someone leaves the game at the same time that the flag is dropped
– Fix crash when disconnecting while taking damage in CQC
– Fix a transaction server error when transferring cargo on changing ships

General Tweaks & Fixes
– Added surface scan materials data to system map
– Added Federal supply stations to Merope
– Fix to allow TrackIR users to have the same headlook range as before the 2.1 patch when live
– Mouse cursor stuck on side of screen when in main menu fixed
– Station weapon strength increased to allow for players with engineer upgraded defences
– When dropping out after an interdiction make sure we don’t drop out too close to a planet
– Added Saitek x56 control pre-set
– Fix occasional doubling up of first discovery names on the system map
– Fix for first discovery bonuses not being paid out when all members of a wing sell their exploration data
– Factions can no longer retreat if fewer than 3 factions would remain in that star system
– Fixed combat rank increases awarded from killing other Commanders
– If the game owner has changed before we close CharacterComponent (because we switched users for instance), then don’t save the PlayerMisc config. Otherwise we’ll save the old user’s settings in the new user’s save data
– Added latest batch of translations
– Various text fixes

Xbox One
– Updated New Logo and Idents
– Improvement to user settings when switching players
– Added a language override option to allow players to choose English over their default console language
– Reduce the frequency that the statistic events are sent to make them less spammy
– Don’t allow the player to spam Create Commander requests – block new requests while another is active
– Don’t refresh the XBL Inventory when unconstraining to avoid the client and server getting out of sync

– Matchmaker optimisations
– Removed the localisation from commander name in CQC as it is causing issues in the UI for long names

– Removed boost from lowest NPC ranks
– Removed sub-system targetting
– Allow players a better chance of fleeing from NPC ships
– Rebalance for fixed scenario AI set up, specifically for Nav Beacons and RES sites
– Increase the threaten timer across the board for all AI. Pirates have slight higher since they are waiting for cargo to be dropped
– Set all AI ships in lawful space to have an interdiction rank range of 2 or less ranks below their own, and all AI ships in anarchy space to have an interdiction rank range of 3 or less ranks below their own
– Slightly reduced Anarchy interdictions, whilst keeping them more dangerous than lawful systems.

– Wide ranging changes to drop rates and USSs: Change the rate and spread of drops from missions, wakes, ship scanning, USS collection, mining, data links and scannable wreckage
– Fixed blueprints being lost when using reputation to override the special modifier
– Make sure POI data points have the firmware rarity improvements mirrored across to them
– Rebalance POI data point drop quantities, including the rate and spread of drops
– Change the weighting on “Wrecks” USS
– Fix for being able to select an unselectable adjust option which appeared to give a free upgrade
– When collecting physical micro resources or retrieving data loot, add 3 to the inventory instead of 1. If your inventory can’t fit 3, just add enough to fill the inventory
– Added locations to the descriptions of the commodities
– Material positions are now replicated correctly
– Balanced values for Materials amount and rarity spawned by PoI’s to address difficulty of finding resources

– Fix infinite ammo reloading on player ships
– Make the diminishing returns cap on external heat attacks more harsh, primarily making it very hard to cause significant hull damage with heat from thermal shock/cascade
– 20% reduction in heat applied by Thermal Cascade
– Fixed lens flare on class 4 burst laser

– Make permit missions have rank up tick box ticked
– When attempting to add a message to the inbox list in GUI, check if the mission manager knows about the mission. Don’t show it if it doesn’t
– Add a short wait time before the client re-requests a tutorial mission (60 seconds)
– Fix to allow Navy promotion missions to succeed if offered prematurely
– Fix to use the correct rank name in Navy promotion inbox messages
– Automatically clean up undeletable inbox messages for expired missions
– When attempting to add a message to the inbox list in gui, check if the mission manager knows about the mission. Don’t show it if it doesn’t
– Fix for Settlement Not Spawn Spawning Mission Required Skimmers

– Fixed various issues with capital ship scenarios
– Added new types of USS and new USS classifications
– Rebalance for fixed scenario AI set up, specifically for Nav Beacons and RES sites
– Separate Checkpoints/seeking weapons into a separate WarSupport scenario bucket and when generating war scenarios guarantee that at least one is always from the actual War bucket rather than support, to prevent warring systems being full of checkpoints but no actual combat zones people can participate in

– Diamondback Scout – cannot land on planet surface fixed

– Make the render feature system more robust against GraphicsConfig.xml being broken

– Fix for “System Resistance” ships not having any weapons in Military Strike zones in powerplay systems
– Prevent depopulating systems, change the background sim to only allow Factions to retreat if there are at least 4 factions in that system
– Additional modifier to require a commodities market during Trade related CG’s

– Fixed bug where planetary music suite didn’t play when approaching from supercruise
– Reduced the timing interval on the probe to bring the total transmission down to just over 6 mins
– Small volume boost on flight controllers and radio chatter

AMS logo

This month´s dev update is coming out a bit late – we have indeed been running a bit later than planned, and as a result v1.0 release isn´t quite behind us yet as we´d hoped for in our June Development update.

The good news is that the extra time has been put to good use, as even though a couple features have demanded a bit more time than we had anticipated, we have also used it to throw in some extra goodies into the v1.0 mix. Overall we have made some great progress again this month as you´ll hopefully notice as you read through this update, bringing us very close to v1.0 release and also to what´s coming beyond :)

Here are the main highlights from this past month:

V0.9.8 Release

A couple of weeks back we released AMS EA v0.9.8, which introduced some very nice FFB updates, along with the cool new indoor / outdoor Speedland kart circuit:

We are very pleased with these recent FFB developments, and believe they have provided a significant all-around step forward to the sim. If you haven´t tried AMS lately we strongly recommend you give it a go – your old favorites should feel better than ever, and it might even be worth checking out the cars you were not too fond of before, as the latest developments might help change that perception :)

V1.0 release coming up

We´ll be dropping out of our usual EA release schedule by not releasing a new EA update this friday, as all efforts are now concentrated towards wrapping v1.0 for an early august release. In the changelog attatched to this post you can see the latest changelog for the v0.9.9 build which is hitting Beta this friday. We are pushing to add to this list by introducing a couple of extra features along with some further polishing before wrap-up time.

On the content side, our biggest addition will be the F-Vintage, our own “GPL” celebration of that heroic era in motorsports.

As it had been outlined in our AMS dev roadmap, the original plan was to do a single car based off a 1967 spec, V12 powered GP car, however we couldn´t resist spicing things up a bit by adding some diversity to the field, so we created an alternative version of the car by bolting a DFV V8 engine in place of the V12. @Sandro Kholodkevich has put together a couple of renders so you can check both variants in all its glorious details:

The late 1960s was of course also a very significant time in racing due to the “discovery” of downforce – we decided to explore that too by creating a low-winged, “1969” season of F-Vintages:

We are specially pleased with how the F-Vintage is turning out and fully expect the free addition of these beasts to be one of the main highlights in the upcoming v1.0 release. As usual campaign backers and Reiza members will be able to enjoy an advance peek of the Vintages along with the other developments set to hit AMS Beta this friday.

On the track front, the biggest additions in v1.0 will be the inclusion of several extra layouts to existing tracks, the biggest one being the “long” 7km version of Mendig by @ilka , which exits the airport to travel through the nearby village roads:

On the physics front, we´re working on the development of a brand new ECU model as conceived by @Niels Heusinkveld and developed by @Luis Miguel , which should provide a lot of important enhancements. So far, we’ve made considerable improvements to the way engine torque is generated as you ‘roll on’ the throttle, simulating the more advanced “throttle mapping” techniques from modern ECUs. Most noticeable in modern high powered cars, basically this will translate into more control when powering out of turns, as it will be easier to find the throttle position where you get the best acceleration without lighting up the tires in wheelspin. Your throttle ‘technique’ may need some adjusting though as the engine responds more directly at smaller throttle inputs.

The new model also allows us to do a few modern computerized engine control tricks such as changing power levels and engine braking for each gear. With the Formula Extreme up to v0.9.8 for example it is very tricky putting 900hp to the ground in 1st and 2nd gear, as you can very easily be turning half of that into white smoke. By limiting the engine power, it will be easier to optimize power delivery.

Engine braking can also have quite a disturbing effect on the balance of the car – this is specially so as you go down the gears, because the gearing amplifies the engine braking the more you downshift. The new model allows us to reduce engine braking in low gears so the rear end is less likely to lock as you’re downshifting and entering a turn.

This is all ‘passive’, not traction control so naturally you´ll still spin the tires by giving it too much throttle, but it may only happen at 70% throttle instead of 35% throttle which should be a big driveability improvement for the more powerful cars – a case of the sim becoming easier as models are developed to be more realistic.

We are pushing to have at least the throttle mapping side of the new ECU mode ready in time for v1.0 release.

There has also been some solid development to the VX Portal, and we´re hoping @Dave Stephenson will manage to deploy a new build for it this friday, including multiplayer Lobby integration, which beyond the ease of use of being able to launch multiplayer sessions from your browser should open some interesting possibilities moving forward.

DLC Development

Things continue to progress nicely in the DLC front – Brands Hatch is now nearly complete and the team is well advanced with Cadwell Park.

During our Cadwell recon trip @Alex Sawczuk trialed a new method of surveying race tracks for increased accuracy. We used a digital level to take camber and elevation measurements at set points around the trace track and then using that data calculate the elevation changes. This allows us to get an accurate profile for the track, as well as its camber changes. We have also been using a laser measure along with good old basic tape to make all the key measurements, which coupled with Alex´s usual meticulous precision have led to some pretty hard to fault road modelling:

@Joradson Rodrigues has also been doing some quality work in texture development for Cadwell as you can see in the preview below:


The cars are also coming along nicely – our audio man @Domagoj Lovric has added the soul to the Ultima GTR with yet another lovely sound set of its throaty Chevy LS7 V8 – check out an in-game preview:

Along with the road version of the Ultima GTR, we are also developing its race-prepped version, here is a preview of its cockpit (will feature both right and left-hand options):

The MCR Sports 2000 is also well on its way, with modelling now nearly complete:

Both Ultima GTR and MCR Sports 2000 will soon be joined by a variety of Caterham models which had also been previously confirmed to be part of the Brit Pack – unlike previously announced though the Brit Pack won´t be restricted to these 3 new classes of vehicles, as another bonus car has been added to the list – watch this space!

We´re pushing to have these initial items of the Brit Pack available before the end of august, with beta a couple of weeks earlier.

Imola confirmed!

We´re very happy to confirm official licensing of the legendary Enzo & Dino Ferrari race track , which will be coming as its own premium DLC pack for Automobilista.

Legendary tracks become such after decades of rich racing heritage – we believe that in order for a sim to capture the history of corners such as Tosa, Tamburello and Rivazza it´s fundamental to reproduce those famous bits of terrain through the times, and race them with machines that belong to those eras.

Hence Imola will be the first of our “Legendary Race Tracks” line of DLCs, and will feature no less than four unique versions of the track: from early 70s, late 80s and early 00s, along of course the modern version of the track. This pack is estimated to sell for US$ 6.99, with release expected to be towards the end of october.

Worth remembering that those who took part in our crowdfunding campaign last year or bought into our membership pack have already secured all these upcoming DLCs at no extra charge. Those interested in securing all this content and also a chance to give the new stuff an early go should look into our membership packs from our forum store.

Automobilista base and the membership pack (both all-inclusive and ugprade options) remain with their promotional Early Access pricing in our forum store, selling for US$ 29.99 / US$ 54.99 / US$ 24.99 respectively – upon v1.0 release these prices will be upgraded to US$ 39.99for AMS Base, US$ 59.99 for all-inclusive and US$ 29.99 for membership upgrade, so if you´re interested in AMS or in the DLCs at all you won´t want to miss out on these current offerings.

We´ll be offering a similar “Season Pass” for all DLCs through Steam upon v1.0 release along with options for the individual items and packs as they become available – the best deal however still is to acquire the membership packs which not only includes the Season Pass for all DLCs, it also grants a key to AMS Beta and access to Reiza51.

This covers it for our July Dev update. We´ll catch up again in august, this time most definitely with AMS v1.0 release already behind us


A new Early Access build of Automobilista has been released – v0.9.8 is now out.

This is the main changelog:


  • Added Speedland Kart track venue (4 layouts)

Features & Fixes:

  • Enhanced pneumatic trail by adding new PneumaticTrailGripFractPower (PTGFP) function, for much improved self-aligning torque (should make tire forces more perceivable through FFB)
  • Tweaked FFB output code & added “FFB Low Force Boost” to Controller UI (this should help wheel “lightness” under low steering forces with lower end FFB controllers)
  • Added new low speed FFB fuction to eliminate vibration / oscillation at very slow speeds
  • Revised default Realfeel settings and pneumatic trail values to match to new FFB functions
  • Added AIWs to Time Trial anticheat verification (this will lead to failed authentication in case of AIW edits)
  • Added function to sort cars of different performances within the same series for the TT leaderboards
  • Tweaked road dust smoke & skid properties
  • Brasilia: Tweaked track limits to allow running over green crete run-off
  • VIR: Improved road & curb textures
  • Superkart: Adjusted tires, slight increase of front/rear track width
  • Karts: Adjusted tires
  • Montana: Adjusted mirror height; Fixed oversized interior Windshield resolution (from 2048px to 1024px)
  • Boxer: Added wiper to cockpit view; Corrected AI tire wear
  • Lancer Cup: Fixed pneumatic trail bug which numbed FFB output

If you have a multiplayer race tonight, you may want to check with the league admin whether you´ll be racing with the old version or this latest v0.9.8. Previous v0.9.67 is still available as a Beta branch on Steam (by right-clicking Automobilista on Steam -> Properties -> “BETA” tab, and selecting v0.9.67 from the dropdown box).

As per the changelog, V0.9.8 features some substantial Force Feedback updates – read about these in the AMS FFB topic.

If you wish to discuss the new track limit violation system, please use this thread.

If you have a bug to report please use the bug report thread. (make sure to check the opening post).

AC logo

KUNOS Simulazioni and 505 Games are proud to present the “RED PACK”, DLC package for Assetto Corsa that includes seven legendary Italian sports cars and Austria’s RedBull Ring circuit.

Since the birth of modern motorsports, Red has historically been the colour of choice for Italian Manufacturers & competitive teams. In keeping with that theme, the RED PACK includes some of the most wanted cars from the most iconic italian Factories, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati

* Ferrari SF-15T
* Ferrari F138
* Ferrari 488 GT3
* Maserati 250F 6C
* Maserati 250F T2 12C
* Maserati GranTurismo MC GT4
* Lamborghini Aventador SuperVeloce

* Spielberg REDBULL Ring

The “RED PACK” DLC is now available as premium DLC content for the PC and will be available on the forthcoming console editions of Assetto Corsa.

Download on Steam now:


Celebrated with a launch trailer, Bohemia Interactive today released the much-anticipated Apex expansion for Arma 3. For the first time ever in the series, players are deployed to a South Pacific war zone, reinforced with new vehicles, weapons, and gear to overcome the challenges of a hostile foreign terrain.

As reflected by the expansion’s name, Arma 3 Apex[] represents the pinnacle of over 15 years of Arma development. It builds upon the series’ signature large-scale authentic combat gameplay, where movement, shooting, and teamwork truly matter – and introduces fresh opportunities for all types of combat operations.

The key features of the Arma 3 Apex expansion are:

  • New terrain
    The 100 km² South Pacific island archipelago Tanoa, containing varied locations ranging from rainforest jungles, cities, shanty towns, a sugar cane factory, a mine, an industrial port, a volcano , and more.
  • New armed forces
    A new faction of local Tanoan criminals and ex-paramilitaries called Syndikat, NATO & CSAT special forces, Pacific expeditionary units, and the Gendarmerie local law enforcement agency.
  • 13 new weapons
    A mix of classic and modern firearms, thermal-masking uniforms and headgear, backpacks, NVGs, and a weapon optic.
  • 10 new vehicles
    New vehicle classes: VTOL aircraft and Light Strike Vehicles – and more new vehicles such as the UCAV drones, RHIB, 4WD Offroad Car, Propeller Plane, and Water Scooter.
  • Co-op campaign
    Take on the role of a NATO CTRG special operator in the 1-4 player “Apex Protocol” co-op campaign. Connected to the events in the original Arma 3 “The East Wind” campaign, the co-op campaign consists of 7 highly replayable missions, featuring a drop-in/drop-out multiplayer structure, and the difficulty scales up or down based on the number of players.
  • Additional Apex content
    A selection of existing Arma 3 weapons and vehicles repainted in a South Pacific camo pattern, new character appearances: Tanoan and Chinese, new radio protocols: French, French-English, and Chinese, new environment assets and props for content creators, a Tanoa Zeus Game Master scenario, 3 new End Game scenarios, 13 new Steam Achievements, and the Arma 3 Apex official soundtrack.

On the road to Apex, Bohemia Interactive released several free platform updates for Arma 3. The highlights of these updates include a major audio-visual upgrade, a 3D scenario editor , a new server browser and enhanced mod handling in the Launcher, Quick Play, vehicle-in-vehicle transport, weapon switching, spectator mode, and many user experience enhancements, such as a new main menu, a new default control preset, and more.

Arma 3’s Creative Director, Jay Crowe:
“With Arma 3 Apex, there’s never been a better time to get into the series. Built upon a diverse, open platform, the expansion offers up a multiplayer-focused set of content, complimented by some great new additions to our arsenal, all set in the truly splendid backdrop of Tanoa – a fresh experience of combat, and an exicting new sandbox for our dedicated community.”

Arma 3’s Project Lead, Petr Kolář:
“We’ve been focused on Arma 3 Apex for over two years, and it’s incredibly satisfying to finally see all of that hard work come together. Tanoa is without doubt one of the best terrains in the Arma series, providing an experience that we can only refer to as a “green hell”. Together with the new vehicles, weapons, uniforms, accessories, and of course the co-op campaign, we are certain this will keep players engaged in combat for a long time. I’m extremely proud of what the team has achieved. This really is the Apex in Arma 3’s development journey.”

Arma 3 Apex is now available for purchase on Steam for 29.99 EUR / 24.99 GBP / 34.99 USD. If you are new to Arma 3, but want to enlist for the complete experience at the best price, you can pick up the Arma 3 Apex Edition for 59.99 EUR / 44.99 GBP / 69.99 USD.

For more intel on the Apex expansion, please visit the official web page at – where you can find a complete overview of its content and features. To keep track of all the latest news and updates, be sure to follow Arma 3 on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Steam.



Summer Bonus Action Week

Starting today at 1500 GMT and lasting until Monday, July 18, 0900 GMT, you can spend up to 60% of your bonus points on most module from ourE-Shop. This is a great way to finally spend this bonus points with a huge discount on our great modules!

DCS 1.5.4 News

Two weeks after publishing DCS 1.5.4 in Open Beta, we finally managed to clear up the critical bugs and will publish the patch for DCS World today. Thanks again for all your feedback during this short, yet very effective Open Beta phase!

Changelog for public DCS 1.5.4 version

This log is sum of previous two logs of 1.5.4 Open beta plus several new positions.

DCS World

  • Multiplayer. New integrity check system
  • Multiplayer. Reworked aircraft motion algorithms to improve resistance to lags
  • Multiplayer. Added an input adjustment possibility
  • New Campaign Builder design with multi language support
  • ME. Payload panel. Added skin preview in the 3D view
  • ME. Added new trigger UNIT’S ARGUMENT IN RANGE for checking animation argument for any 3D model in mission
  • ME. Added new trigger PLAYER’S UNIT ARGUMENT IN RANGE for checking animation arguments for player’s 3D model of unit in mission
  • ME. Added the ability to place helicopters on the ground for the cold and hot start
  • Encyclopedia. New 3D view
  • Options panel. New design
  • Support of hot plug of input devices now
  • Module manager. Added DRM button for activation/deactivation
  • Returned moon in the sky
  • Corrected animation of airshow cone
  • Oculus Rift. RadioCommunications and triggered messages menu font increased
  • Oculus Rift. Kneeboard and terrain clipping issues fixed
  • Oculus Rift. Oculus Zoom action added to “UI layer” input options
  • Oculus Rift. VR settings can now be applied without restarting GUI
  • AI aircraft with type “uncontrolled” will able start from an aircraft carrier
  • Restored wingtip trails of propeller driven aircraft. Humidity factor added
  • Encyclopedia. Missing 3D models for Weapon category added
  • AI aircraft. The visible restrictions of sensors will not inherit from previous mission. Example: if previous mission was at night the optical sensors will not have very limited range in the next daylight mission.
  • Updated MiG-29A model.
  • Empty “type” unit in ME and immortals this unit in sim (when launch mission_ver153 on branch 154)
  • Crash during bombing buildings fixed
  • User snapview saving restored
  • Crash while changing options fixed
  • In-cockpit TrackIR functionality corrected. Influence of mouse and default camera position was switched off.
  • AI B-1 and F-14 will not be able to fly without wing
  • Damaged AI aircraft will return to the nearest airfield
  • Corrected dogfight logic of AI WWII fighters
  • Sun will not be visible through objects and cockpit
  • Manpad AI will not ignore time for lock target
  • Fixed bug with all single fired shells, they will not fly-trough targets


  • Su-27. CN Flight Manual updated
  • Su-27. Added Russian training missions

DCS Fw 190

  • The Challenge campaign. Updated a few missions / all the briefing images
  • The Challenge campaign. Russian locale added

DCS L-39

  • Fix of causeless fire in the hangar and formation below other aircraft
  • Added gauges with imperial scales
  • L-39ZA. Gunsight will be always functional, independently by mount/unmount checkbox for L-39C


  • Oxygen QTY pointer will move not discrete when test oxygen button depressed


  • Some improvements and bug fixes for Sling load operations
  • The hints now in Kneeboard (later it will fully removed from screen)


  • Some improvements and bug fixes for Sling load operations
  • The hints (about Weapon status, sling load status) now replaced to Kneeboard
  • Now the ground crew can be called without setting an intercom, but opened Window
  • R-863 in default is tuned on ME frequency
  • Default position of the switch ДЕНЬ-НОЧЬ depends on the time of day
  • Fixed failures in ME
  • Added view on Cargo from pilot seats (LShift + LAlt + С), will tuned later
  • Fixed mirrors status during mission start
  • Parking brake fixed
  • After Hot start: pitot heating initialize, SARPP init state, Air Inlet Particle Separator System is initialize, GMC-1A already slaved
  • Human radio modulation changed to AM
  • Tail Rotor Control Failure, repair fixed
  • Add animation for Rotor Swash Plate and TailRotor Hub

DCS SA342 by Polychop

  • Added SA342L model featuring Gun, Rockets, new camera with only daytime view, no NVG, rockets recoil to be corrected later
  • Added SA342L separated manual
  • Now both internal cockpit pilots bodies can be hidden using RShift+P key in sequence
  • Corrected Flight Model in turns
  • Corrected Flight Model in dives
  • Corrected HOT3 missile to explode as soon as wire is cut
  • Corrected Rotor torque behavior depending on speed
  • Corrected pitch and roll stick sensitivity
  • Corrected helicopter skids behavior at ground
  • Now helicopter can land in grass
  • Now external pilots bodies don’t show when helicopter is set as uncontrolled in ME
  • External copilot body is still visible when helicopter is set as static in ME, will be fixed later
  • Corrected campaign missions to keep player current stage
  • Corrected COMB warning at Alarm panel and manual accordingly
  • Corrected Flares now reload when rearming
  • Corrected Engine sound not to change while in Torque test
  • Corrected Trimming with Magnetic brake
  • Corrected wool wire to correctly reflect wind direction
  • Corrected NADIR VENT parameter to display absolute direction the wind comes from
  • Corrected SAS authority during turns

DCS C-101 by AvioDev

  • Corrected mirror far vision.
  • Modified Special Options interface according to new appearance.
  • Changed EB and CC available tasks in ME.
  • Added CC Sea Eagle missile launch capability for AI.

DCS Hawk by VEAO

  • W key fixed – both toe brakes on
  • Fuel burn refined
  • Sight glass 3d object fixed – work in progress
  • Sight glass holders transparency fixed
  • TrackIR view limits set
  • Canopy glass external model more transparent
  • Brake pressure increased to hold aircraft on full power
  • Parking brake keyboard and joystick shortcuts set (LCTRL+W = off, RCTRL+W = on)
  • Flaps changed default to F = next detent, LSHIFT+F = previous detent and renamed to Flaps group

DCS Black Shark

  • Animation of ejection sequence fixed
  • Parking brake fixed

DCS Combined Arms

  • VR corrected


Ferrari SF15-T & RedBull Ring Announcement