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Coming to Steam - Q1 2016

Successor of Stock Car Extreme, the new racing simulator by Reiza Studios will be free to all current owners of SCE

AUTOMOBILISTA puts you in the driving seat of an advanced racing simulator to deliver a uniquely diverse motorsports experience!

As the natural successor to Reiza Studios’ previous title – the highly regarded Stock Car Extreme, originally released in 2013 – AUTOMOBILISTA continues to simulate premium Brazilian racing series such as Stock Car V8, Copa Petrobras de Marcas, Formula 3 Brasil and Mitsubishi Lancer Cup, now packing every car and every track from their respective 2015 championships.

Beyond the brazilian core, AUTOMOBILISTA is extensively complemented with one of the most diverse selections or racing vehicles to be found in a racing game: only in AUTOMOBILISTA will you be able to jump from a rental kart to a 800-HP F1 car; from drifting a Rallycross Evo X to jumping ramps in a Supertruck; from mastering the driving basics in a Formula Vee to managing a full 24h race in an endurance prototype; back and forth through time with historical and modern content including a sample from several decades of Grand Prix racing – all of this and much more within a few mouse clicks. Thoroughly researched and cohesively developed for maximum simulation accuracy, AUTOMOBILISTA captures the fun only motorsports in its various forms can provide.

In addition to the content already present in Stock Car Extreme – all of which comprehensively upgraded – AUTOMOBILISTA turns it up to a new level by adding all the new cars & tracks proposed in the SimRacing Bonanza crowdfunding campaign, new simulation features such as dynamic track conditions, advanced transmission and tire modelling, substantial upgrades to physics, graphics & audio, new game modes and much more!

Automobilista free to owners of Stock Car Extreme on Steam until January 5th!

AUTOMOBILISTA is an evolution of the project presented by Reiza´s successful crowdfunding campaign in July 2015. Originally proposed as an extensive free update to Stock Car Extreme, AMS has grown further to become a completely independent release from SCE – it will however remain free to everyone who bought Stock Car Extreme up until January 5th 2016.

Therefore if you already own SCE on Steam, AUTOMOBILISTA will become immediately available to you upon release!

SCE owners who have not yet activated their copy of Stock Car Extreme on Steam should do so until January 5th 2016 by retrieving their Stock Car Extreme Steam key here, and activating it on Steam. It is not necessary to install SCE on Steam – just have it activated there to ensure your free copy of AMS. This will have no effect on your SCE installation outside Steam, where serial numbers will remain functional (owners who had previously made the switch also have had their NonSteam Serial Numbers reactivated).

Upon launch, AUTOMOBILISTA will sell for US$ 39.99 so for those who don´t yet own Stock Car Extreme, this is a special opportunity to get both SCE now and simultaneously ensure a free copy of AUTOMOBILISTA – all for the current price of Stock Car Extreme (currently selling for the special Steam holiday price of US$ 22.49 / R$ 89.99). This special offer is available only until 5th January 2016, as from January 6th 2016 onwards buying Stock Car Extreme will no longer warrant a free copy of AUTOMOBILISTA.

AUTOMOBILISTA – Motorsports Simulator will be released exclusively on the Steam platform during Q1 2016.

further information as it becomes available on

trackir big logo

New Features
  • No longer requires the user to run the software with administrator privileges.
  • Moved writable files out of Program Files directory and into %AppData%\NaturalPoint\TrackIR 5\
Feature Enhancements
  • Made install of Visual C++ redistributable and USB drivers prerequisites mandatory.
  • Fixed crash when resizing 3D view area to zero height.
  • User’s Manual updated to reflect new system requirements and changes in behavior.
Known Issues
  • The TrackIR software now requires Windows Vista or newer, and can no longer be used with Windows XP or below.


Squad logo

Large number of bug fixes in this hotfix, including an attempt to fix the disconnect issue, fixes to Ping on the server browser, and more. Also in this hotfix we are pushing live a new set of Texture Streaming settings, which fixes a possible hitch when turning rapidly, and helps increase performance overall. If you’ve been having low FPS, let us know how this patch works for you.

Alpha 3.8

  • Fixed a bug where the FOV could be set outside the range
  • Further pass on optimizing the animation system
  • Fixed an incorrect name on Sumari
  • Fixed a possible performance issue in the Animation System on AMD processors
  • Fixed a server crash when creating a squad
  • Fixed an issue where aim offsets would be wrong when aiming down
  • Fixed an issue where the recurit kit was not being given to people who leave the squad
  • Fixed an issue where the gamemode rules weren’t being shown on map switch
  • Disabled Framerate smoothing by default (was causing FPS lock on certain machines)
  • Further pass on the map legend to ensure that all gamemodes were covered
  • Fixed a bug where Rally Point Error Messages were being sent to the wrong player
  • Added new sounds for Prone Movement and Sprinting
  • Fixed Ammo Crates posting a message on the HUD when used
  • Added ‘Streamer Mode’ to the game options. This disables the Server Name on the scoreboard and a few other things
  • Fixed destroying friendly FOBs would deduct your team’s tickets
  • Adjusted the attenuation settings on rocket flybys
  • Added placement sounds for Rally Points
  • Fixed Fools Road not being properly randomized when selecting a random variation
  • Fixed an issue where the server would look up UserSettings for every player joining the server
  • Enabled texture streaming and increased the texture streaming settings
  • Updated the Lod Bias on every asset, vastly improving Video Memory usage and rendering speed
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘End Use’ message would not be sent when a player died while using an object. Fixes the Ammo crate menu sticking around when you died while using it.
  • Fixed a visual ‘jumping’ when a player is revived and goes into prone
  • Upped the spawn delay on FOBs from 5s per enemy to 10s per enemy in the radius
  • Added better logging when players are disconnected from servers to help debug the disconnection issues
  • Changed ‘Training’ to ‘Firing Range’ on the main menu
  • Fixed a server crash when validating player inventories
  • Added Ping to the server browser
  • Fixed a display issue with scoreboard pings (they were too high)
  • Fixed a possible cause of the disconnect bug, where players were attempting to switch to an empty weapon
  • Changed the handling of the Server Name, so it’ll update more often
  • Removed some extra ammo crates in Fools Road
  • Improved the handling of getting stuck in objects


IL-2 BoS logo

Dear simmers!
We’re glad to tell you that the work on new update 1.106 is finished and it is already available. This new version contains numerous additions and improvements, new plane, design changes and so on – you can read the full change log below.
The main addition is the Soviet fighter MiG-3 series 24, which is available to all players as AI controlled plane in QMB and early Stalingrad campaign (in the time frame when it was actually there) while customers who pre-purchased Battle of Moscow can fly it already.
Another significant addition to the game is the new languages support: Spanish and French. The long awaited feature of propeller wash affecting grass is also made it in. Later we also plan to make planes bend the grass by their fuselage and wings like player controlled tanks do. In addition, a significant amount of work has been done on physics and plane 3D model improvements, tank armor made more detailed, multiplayer changes including victory points allocation.
We hope you’ll enjoy the new version we prepared for you, friends.
Main changes:
1. Fighter-interceptor MiG-3 series 24 is available to players who pre-purchased Battle of Moscow. Those who only have Battle of Stalingrad can set it as an AI plane in single player or encounter it in multiplayer.
2. Spanish translation added.
3. French translation added.
4. In MP, dots showing enemy and own objects near airfields and tank bases have been removed. Airfields and tank bases now use different symbols ‘under air attack’ or ‘under ground attack’ instead. If server hoster wants to keep previous ‘radar’ functionality, it’s possible to add a spotter unit to the airfield.
5. Airfield symbols in multiplayer were redesigned to make their selection easier when positioned near each other.
6. New multiplayer scenario ‘River clash’ added. In this scenario tank and aircraft players must work together to cross the rivers and eventually reach the enemy airfield.
7. Player controlled tanks now bend down the grass.
8. Propeller wash now affects grass.
9. New system preserves your multiple joysticks mappings in case of their ID was changed by DirectX after disconnecting and reconnecting or PC reset (it identifies various control devices by GUIDs and names).
10. Early war (1941) tanks added: KV-1 mod. 1941, Т-34 STZ mod. 1941, Pz III Ausf.H and Pz IV Ausf.F1. You can use them in custom missions or encounter in QMB. They will appear in Battle of Moscow campaign in the future.
Changes in flight modeling and AI:
11. Pilot head limits in closed cockpit were corrected for all planes.
12. Default pilot head positions were corrected for all planes.
13. In case of fuel tank penetration, LaGG-3, La-5, Pe-2, P-40 amd Bf 109 E-7 engines will no longer stop before spending all the remaining fuel.
14. Propeller governor works correctly after starting a mission in P-40 with cold engine.
15. Head shake reduced on IL-2 at high engine RPM.
16. IL-2 engine now automatically enters boosted mode by enriching mixture when engine helper is active (at Normal difficulty mode).
17. Automatic He-111 bombsight mode no longer resets after exiting bombsight view.
18. Muzzle velocity was corrected for He 111 Mg-FF guns.
19. Bomb release sounds added for all planes.
20. AI turret gunners now engage attacking fighters at 3 times longer distance if they have plenty of ammo left.
21. Field of view (looking down) corrected for AI LaGG-3, Lа5, IL-2, Bf 109 F4, Bf 109 G2, Fw 190 A3 (reduced in general).
22. Inversion trails are now related to air movement.
3D aircraft model changes:
23. Fixed issue with invisible fuel leak on I-16, MC-202, Bf 110, Ju 87.
24. Slits between cockpit and fuselage removed on several planes.
25. ‘Dancing reflections’ bug in Bf 110 E-2 cockpit fixed.
26. Yak-1 mixture control lever movement corrected (inverted).
27. Bf 110 E-2 engine gauges disappear correctly after losing an engine.
28. Venturi tube added to I-16.
29. Animation of flight and oxygen controls corrected in Bf-110 cockpit.
3D tank model changes:
30. Tank suspension made more detailed. Now it’s easier to hit hull sides between the wheels, but it’s harder to hit a track itself.
31. Unbuttoned gunner/commander can be hit by bullets and fragments, making this view dangerous (there is no visible human model yet).
32. Unbuttoning/closing hatch is now animated and T-34 hatch provides some cover.
33. Т-34 gun mantlet armor corrected (was 2x more before).
34. Missing armor plate added to Pz. III turret (left side).
35. A small hole in T-34 armor between its hull and turret was patched up.
36. Spare track links attached to Pz. III front hull provide additional armor.
37. Tracks on player controlled tanks are now more resistant to bullets and smaller caliber rounds.
38. LOD models added for player controlled tanks, this should improve performance in large tank battles in multiplayer.
39. Tank destruction corrected (a random bug could cause tank turret to remain intact).
40. Tank shot smoke effect was corrected – now it’s a bit more transporent
Multiplayer changes:
41. Victory in MP is granted to the side which has more points left after time runs out or to the side which reduced enemy points to zero.
42. Coalition victory points in MP can be reduced by 50 by achieving special goals set by mission designer.
43. Victory can be achieved by completing a Mission Primary Objective specified by mission designer.
44. At the end of the mission victorious players, who fought at least for 15 minutes and did not change sides, receive +50 additional points on Normal and +100 on Expert difficulty.
45. Tank players always receive 100% points even if their tank was damaged or destroyed, since they can’t return home like planes (with the exception of friendly fire, that yields 0% points given).
46. Credit for tank kills should be awarded correctly in all cases.
47. Mission designers can block airfield or tank base by assigning it an empty object pool via CMD_behaviour command.
48. Balancer functionality that adjusts the number of players between coalitions now works for tanks as well.
49. Balancer now allows up to 2 Pz. III players per 1 T-34 player, depending on total player amount.
50. Microstutters in large MP battles should be gone now.
51. Remaining coalition victory points are displayed on mission end screen.
52. Statistics on a custom difficulty server are displayed without redundant ‘custom 0% points’ label.
Other changes:
53. Scenario mission corrected in the 2nd chapter of the early Stalingrad campaign.
54. Outro video should correctly play at the end of late Stalingrad campaign.
55. Fw 190 escort missions corrected in the campaign (starting altitude was too low when escorting ground attack planes).
56. HUD transparency setting now affects mouse cursors in flight.
57. Pontoon bridge entrances are now visible from longer distances.

lfs logo

Dear Racers,

This version contains the Rockingham race track. Located in Corby, England, Rockingham is an oval track with many infield configurations. 0.6K also contains graphical improvements including new reflections and dynamic environment maps, AI improvements, support for the HTC Vive VR headset (in addition to the Oculus Rift) and fixes.

You will need an S3 license to unlock the Rockingham track. S3 licenses are now available on our website. If you already have S1 or S2, the price of your existing license will be deducted from the full price of S3. Further S3 content is in development but currently Rockingham is the only S3 content available.
Rockingham start / finish and pits

Three ways to get Version 0.6K :

1) AUTO UPDATER – If you already have version 0.5V or later :

– Click on “Multiplayer” then “List of Hosts” in LFS and choose a download mirror.

2) MANUAL PATCH (144 MB) – If you already have version 0.6H or later :

– Click HERE and save the patch installer.
– You can run the patch installer from its download location or from your LFS folder.

3) FULL VERSION (409 MB) – If you are new to LFS or making a fresh installation.

– Click HERE to visit the download page and get the full version installer.
– LFS Developers
Rockingham from the stands

Changes from 0.6J to 0.6K :

New Track :

Rockingham race track is now included – S3 license required

AI :

Now avoid ramming other cars when in the pit lane or lap of honour
Max drivers in single player increased to 24 (online max still 40)

Graphics :

New reflections system and shaders for cars and buildings
Nearby objects are visible in new dynamic reflections on cars
Option to set number of dynamic reflections in main view and mirror
Misc option to enable a programmable post-processing shader

Exit the pits onto the Rockingham oval

Misc :

New command /rsh to reload shaders (e.g. after editing externally)
Maximum number of controllers increased to 10 (was previously 8)

VR :

HTC Vive headset is now supported through OpenVR
Oculus Rift support now requires runtime 0.7 or later
Improved dialog sequence after any error entering VR mode

Training lesson editor :

SHIFT+T on main entry screen to access lesson editor or list editor
Layouts for lessons must be copied from layout to training folder
SHIFT+T on training screen to view and test newly added lessons

Fixes :

Improved validity check when loading car colour settings
Alpha sorting issue on bricks at base of a South City building
AI could go wrong when entering BL pit lane for a pit stop
AI driver names can no longer be blank
Rockingham laser scanned environment

TIPS on using Live for Speed with a VR headset :

NOTE : For Oculus, Runtime 0.7 (or later) is required

1) How to enter VR mode in LFS :
– Start LFS and click 3D on the View Options Screen
– Select VR headset and click OK

2) To reset your seating position, the text command /rift reset is assigned by default to the F8 key.
– When a new driver takes over, ask them to look straight ahead then press F8
– Key assignments can be edited in Options – Game – F1 to F8

3) Accessing your desktop while LFS is in VR mode.
– You will find that your mouse cursor is confined to the LFS window
– Press CTRL+C to free the mouse and now the mouse can go onto the desktop



Stock Car Extreme V1.52 is now available on Steam & via GSC Sync!
This update brings some further bug fixes & small improvements.


If you have any issues getting the game to run, please make sure to consult thetroubleshooting thread and all the recommendations in the opening post.

Main changelog for v1.52:

Features & Fixes:

  • Added automatic rotation support for Fanatec Clubsport V2;
  • Added DRS & tire compound state to replays;
  • Fixed F-Retro error in Dedicated tool;
  • Added onboard starter to SuperV8.
  • Fixed fog not working over grass blades;
  • Adjusted SuperV8 collision mesh;
  • AI callibration run-through for all series;
  • Physics adjustments for F-Extreme, F-Reiza, F-3 & karts
  • Fixed Safety Car position at Montreal modern;
  • Made main menu series selection arrows red for better visibility.

Please keep discussions and questions about v1.52 here – if you´re not sure about a problem you´re encountering, this is the place to discuss it.

If you have a bug to report please use the bug report thread. (make sure o check the opening post).


SpinTires  logo

latest update:


- dont allow user maps for lobbies with "active achievements"
- minor map fixes


- game can load user maps (with disabled achievements) - MP included
- CRC check added to make sure map versions are the same in MP
- maps backwards compatibility, and more mods backwards compatibility (mod/map updates dont break savegames)
- some sounds, visuals tuning
- bugfixes (logs dropping off trucks, inability to continue saved games with some mods)
- check changes in Media.xml when deciding to disable achievements/MP (fix exploits)
- mud made stiffer
- important physics fix (light vehicles now behave correctly with addons, but affect heavy vehicles too)
- fix lua errors preventing some mods from working properly
- EDITOR: fixed bugs related to publishing mods
- EDITOR: creating maps now support (with no workshop support yet)
- EDITOR: change texture formats - performance improvements (and some other bugfixes/improvements)


- crashfix (workshop related)
- dont continue game until mods are updated (otherwise savegame gets broken)


- minor visual improvements
- game support loading of user maps


- more improvements to suspension damage system
- new damage visuals
- new damage effect: oil spilling off
- new assets: zil131 utility, gaz66 small utility trailer (works for zils too), short-short logs for zil130
- greatly improved IK controls (crane now wont go down by itself when rotating)
- bugfix: huge initial damage received when switching to truck (gamestopper)
- bugfix: when hitting truck with other truck, which in turn hits third truck -> intercollision happens, then results in huge dmage and physics destabilisation (gamestopper)
- bugfix: incorrect number of short logs spawning when unpacking short logs
- new water-flows-off-truck visual effect
- more mud-wheel physics improvements
- long mod names UI dialog cropped
- mud decals visual improved (no mirror mapping)


- lobby game starting with no trucks selected for the map
- more perfomance optimisation for trucks in mud
- winch ropes goes white at times (visual bug)
- rope in "pull" state now fits terrain (doesnt intersect it) - visuals


- driving dynamics improved (uaz most of all)


- further damage system improvements
- more visual effects improvements
- beacons now required to install some trailers


- markers rays removed (was annoying)
- RU localisation fixes
- coop achievements work correctly
- cloaking synced correctly in MP
- more damage calculation fixes/improvements
- xbox360 controller keys remapped
- more minor visual effects tweaks
- minor UI fixes


- fullscreen crashfix
- shadercache optimisation
- fix: optimised particles should not recieve shadows


- waterwave visuals update
- wheel mud bursts visuals update
- improved damage system - suspension damage is now also detected
- winXP 32bit fix
- shaders removed from retail build


A-10C: The Enemy Within Campaign, Now Available

Created by “Baltic Dragon”, The Enemy Within is a story – driven campaign that puts you in cockpit of an A-10C Warthog, sent as a part of small US detachment to Georgia in order to help contain a growing threat from a terrorist organization calling itself the “Caucasus Liberation Army” (CLA). As the story unfolds, you will be faced with a variety of challenges, including close air support, precision strikes, combat search and rescue, anti-ship strikes and even air to air combat. Striving to be as realistic as possible, the units featured in the campaign are based on their real-life counterparts. It also uses a sophisticated radio control system, meaning that you have to tune your on-board radios to the correct frequency to be able to hear more than 670 voiceovers included in the campaign. There are also over 80 pages on FRAGOs (fragmentary orders, based on the ones used by US Air Force), 50 pages of briefings and 40 maps and recon photos designed to help you successfully finish all the 21 missions.

Purchase from:…hop/campaigns/

DCS: A-10C Warthog SALE!

To commemorate the launch of The Enemy Within Campaign, you can reduce the price of DCS A-10C up to 50%(!), by spending your bonus points. Starting Friday, December 18th at 1500 GMT and lasting until Monday, December 21st at 0900 GMT.

Purchase from:…_a10c_warthog/

DCS: M-2000C Coming Next Week!

RAZBAM’s DCS: M-2000C is now undergoing final testing prior to its Open Beta release next week. This Open Beta will work with both DCS versions 1.5 and 2.0.

Once the Open Beta is released, the pre-purchase sale price will end, so get your copy now and treat yourself to this outstanding new entry to DCS World.

Purchase from:…odules/m2000c/

DCS World 2.0 Open Alpha Update 1

We are now preparing the first update to the Open Alpha of DCS World 2.0. Highlights of this update include:

  • L:39 updates: SPU communications fixed, flashing lights on ADF dials, ADF frequency dials in rear cockpit getting stuck
  • Signal flare brightness increased
  • Fixed multiplayer client loss when changing slots
  • Localization fixes for Russian, German and Chinese
  • F-86F: Improved rudder control, corrections to manual, AN/ARN-6 CONT position now selectable, added input for accelerometer and fast gyro slaving, updated rudder trim
  • Mi-8MTV2: Corrections to manual, added window heating regulator
  • Fw-190: Fixed left gun not firing
  • MiG-15Bis: New Chinese livery for MiG-15
  • Bf-109: Updated wind sound
  • UH-1H: Added UHF ARC51 channel frequency table, fixed ARC51 presets
  • Encyclopedia corrections
  • Entire flight refuels when player refuels now
  • Corrected missile plume visual from certain angles
  • Further stabilization fixes
  • Corrected Moskva attack distances
  • Adjusted display of airfield ATC frequency on F10 map
  • Fixed crash as a result of client cargo unhooking
  • Corrected VORTAC frequencies
  • New imposter data test parameters
  • Corrected S-8 rocket smoke
  • Added KAB-1500LG to encyclopedia
  • Adjusted BMP-3 100mm gun
  • Reduced memory allocations
  • Improved Combined Arms “Arcade Camera” view
  • Corrected AI A-10C and A-10A landing gear damage
  • Changed MAXFPS to 180

Happy holidays and have a wonderful New Year’s!
The Eagle Dynamics Team



At last, we are ready to commit to an official release date of the first edition of American Truck Simulator; the game will hit digital and retail stores on February 3, 2016.


As the readers of our blog will no doubt know by now, this release will be just the first step on the road. A couple of trucks and the state of California that we are bringing you with the base game release is only a fraction of our grand vision – to cover all of North America eventually and to chase every relevant truck manufacturer for a license to allow us to include their trucks into the game.

Well, we have to set on the way, and this is where we start. Hold on tight!


They’re charging PMDG prices for it so I’d imagine that it must be very detailed. It’s also a Boeing Officially Licensed Product so a level of detail must have been achieved.

The Boeing 767 is part of the Professional Series, the most in-depth sim add-on for X-Plane to date. Systems depth, the most important aspect of flight simulation – are taken to a whole new level.

Brought to you by a team of professional coders, designers and pilots with years of experience in X-Plane.



About This Game

Elite Dangerous: Horizons is the second season of content for Elite Dangerous, the definitive massively multiplayer space epic.

It starts with Planetary Landings, an unprecedented, vast new experience that lets you journey seamlessly from space to any point on the surfaces of accurately simulated planets and moons throughout Elite Dangerous’ multi-player, cut-throat, full scale re-creation of the 34th century Milky Way galaxy.

Coast over mountaintops, dive into canyons and drive the new Scarab SRV wheeled vehicle. Each 1:1 scale world offers incredible vistas and plentiful gameplay opportunities; Discover valuable resources, experience deadly combat encounters, raid bases, scout crash sites and co-operate with other players, both on the planet surface and flying high above.

Planetary Landings is just the first of a full Elite Dangerous: Horizons season of expansions; throughout the season Horizons players will also get – free of additional cost – other massive new expansions dedicated to gameplay, community, and narrative including:

  • Loot and Crafting, unlocking a world of customization options and adding new value and meaning to every action.
  • Multi-crew, allowing teams of players to assume roles aboard the same ship.
  • Commander Creation, giving a unique appearance to players’ in-game avatars.
  • Ship-Launched Fighters, allowing larger spacecraft to carry their own short-range fighter ships for attack and defense.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons is fully back & forward compatible with Elite Dangerous (season one) – everyone plays together in the same galaxy.

It gives new players access to Elite Dangerous and all the expansions in Elite Dangerous: Horizons for one price. A discount for existing Elite Dangerous players is automatically applied.

Starting with only a small starship and a few credits, do whatever it takes to earn the skill, knowledge, wealth and power to survive in an incredible, cut-throat galaxy in an age of galactic superpowers and interstellar war, and rise to the ranks of the iconic Elite.

Every player’s actions influence the unique connected gaming experience and evolving interactive narrative as governments fall, battles are lost and won, and humanity’s frontier is reshaped.

Decide the next moves of powerful story characters. Take part in intense Close Quarter Championship PVP arena battles. Play with large community groups, in 4-person Wings, or alone.

400 Billion Star Systems. Infinite Freedom. Blaze Your Own Trail.

Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous: Horizons are AAA VR experiences, and include support for HTC Vive and Steam VR.



Assetto Corsa 1.4

Several features related to post processing effects have been refined, including the FXAA filter that has been significantly improved using Kunos’ own shader. The new build also introduces a new reflection rendering system: these feature result in a substantial improvement in how the cars look. The HDR algorithm now matches real-life photographic references, resulting in much more natural lighting and reflections.

Build 1.4 introduces also a new font rendering system for dashboards, bringing about in a higher level of graphics and definition. Digital instruments have been updated for all available cars, while the exaggerated motion blur effect for some camera modes has been eliminated.

Artificial intelligence
The new build introduces a new algorithm to improve the ability for AI drivers to stick to the intended racing line, resulting in better behaviour in close racing. The code related to braking algoritghm is now able to understand and use locked inside tyre for FWD.

The antilag/antiwarp system has been vastly improved, introducing a new netcode prediction algorithm that is now used to handle missing packets that used to generate warps and lags, providing a more stable and consistent online experience.

Since the first Dream Pack, a lot of effort has been put into the audio, especially for exterior sounds. The Dream Pack 3 is no exception with each car having its distinctive note, from the little mighty 500 Assetto Corse to the screaming DFV V8 engine of the legendary Lotus 72d. Furthermore, “old” cars are also undergoing a sound revamp: the 1.4 update will bring to you new exterior sounds for the BMW M3 e30 DTM/Group A.

Assetto Corsa Dream Pack 3
This package adds the Brands Hatch circuit and eight new awesome cars in a total of nine different versions to the Assetto Corsa racing game. Get it today and join the most thrilling virtual driving experience ever!

The Circuit of Brands Hatch in Assetto Corsa
The development of this famous and challenging circuit required six months of work, making Brands Hatch the fourth circuit added to Assetto Corsa during 2015, after the legendary Nordschleife, Zandvoort and Barcelona. As showed in the following video, Kunos Simulazioni development team has reproduced the track paying attention to every single detail and reference point used by real drivers, thanks to an extensive use of Laserscan technology, guaranteeing maximum accuracy. The resulting precision combined with the advanced physics model of Assetto Corsa offers an unprecedented driving experience blurring the difference between virtual racing and reality.

The Cars
Similarly to previous Dream Packs, the cars included in this third package were selected through user polls, with gamers voting for their favourite manufacturers and models on our website. The pack includes a perfect mix of vehicles of different classes, types and periods, ready to satisfy our fans’ hunger for racing.

Dream Pack 3 – List of Contents

Brands Hatch Circuit – GP / Indy version

Racing cars
Abarth 500 Assetto Corse
LAMBORGHINI Huracán Super Trofeo

Historic racing cars
Lotus Type 25
Lotus Type 72
FORD Escort RS 1600

Production cars
Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera
Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera S3

Assetto Corsa 1.4 Changelog
– New reflection rendering system
– HDR now matches real life photographic references
– Improved AI ability to stick to the intended racing line
– Improved AI braking code (able to understand and use locked inside tyre for FWD)
– Vastly improved multiplayer antilag/antiwarp system
– Fixed missing ksBrakeDisc script in all the remaining cars.
– Tweaked wet volume for reverb on high distance
– Tweaked dynamics for Audi R8 Plus interior sound
– New Bmw M3 e30 DTM and Group A exterior sounds
– New font rendering system for dashboards
– Fixed fadeout timing for gravel particles
– Improved digital instruments of all cars
– Fixed some bugged special events
– Tweaked most of the special events to be compatible with tyre model 5/6
– FXAA is now using Kunos’ own shader
– Fixed blurred rim/tyres on car with animated suspensions on farther Lods
– ksEditor: added node grid
– Introduced [DRS_ZONES] IGNORE_ZONES in drs.ini to allow road cars to ignore DRS zones (ie. McLaren P1)
– Fixed exaggerate motion blur for some camera modes
– Added serial opponent selection on Options->General: if flagged then opponents skin is not randomly chosen, but alphabetically
– Fixed unrealistic qualify times when session is skipped
– Fixed LaFerrari rear wheels
– Fixed Huracan GT3 model to update it from the pre-season version
– GT3 and GT2 cars tyre heating improvements
– Ferrari 312T Tyre v6
– Audi R8 Plus front torque vectoring and central differential improvements.
– Headlights revised on all cars
– Added missing dashboard lighting to cars where present
– Fixed various LOD issues on a large number of cars
– Car shader overhaul
– Skins fixes and updates on various cars
– Added templates for DP3 cars and Audi R8 Plus
– Optimization across the entire car range (should help with large fields)
– Digital instrument updates
– Fixed collision boxes on various cars



ETS logo

At last we have reached the end of a long but extremely helpful open beta period for one of the largest game updates so far. We are happy to announce that ETS2 update to version 1.22 is released.

Over the period of the last two weeks, over 22500 people participated in our open beta. Over 85000 World of Trucks contracts were completed. The feedback was great, plenty of issues have been spotted and fixed or polished. Thank so much to all beta participants!

Let’s do a short recap of major items that made this update:


  • World of Trucks Contracts feature – now you able take jobs from the World of Trucks website
  • Tire decals coloring
  • Simulated tire grades based on European tire grading system (rolling resistance, wet grip, noise levels)
  • The paint shop was integrated into the standard truck configuration


  • Improved truck’s chassis geometry by adjusting fifth wheel position for most of 6×2, 6×4 chassis’s to decrease under steering under full throttle


  • When clutch axis is not assigned for H-Shifter transmission, truck will handle clutch itself (much like sequential transmission)
  • When shifter layout is named (new attribute “name”), the name string is shown in game for better recognition
  • Hired drivers are more efficient when equipped by good truck
  • User defined limit for length of generated jobs in the offline economy (g_job_distance_limit)
  • User defined LOD distance for pedestrian, traffic and parked cars; multiplier of default distance (g_lod_factor_pedestrian, g_lod_factor_traffic, g_lod_factor_parked)
  • Config for disabling “Autoparking” dialogue (g_adviser_auto_parking)
  • Config for disabling Route Advisor popups when hidden (g_adviser_keep_hidden)
  • Fixing missing world on low-end GPUs on OSX
  • Improved physics and stability of trailers (disconnected, parked, AI)


  • User defined traffic density, defined by multiplier to default (g_traffic)
  • Improved simulation of suspension (leaning in curves or when accelerating/decelerating)
  • Improved navigation, lane switching, spawning and obstacle checking


  • New sounds for Volvo FH16 Classic
  • New sounds for Volvo FH


  • Higher resolution textures are used on models in UI screens regardless of the graphics settings
  • Redesigned job and time widget on desktop
  • Day/night effect switching for movers and walkers


FSX-SE logo


About This Content

REX Texture Direct 4 is the latest version of the acclaimed Texture Direct series by flight sim veterans Real Environment Xtreme.

Not only do you get additional weather texture customization options such as low mid- and high level clouds, 14 types of lightening, and an array of thunder effects with Texture Direct 4, but it is jam-packed with over 16G of additional texture files!

Everything is covered from runway dirt and tyre marks to detailed taxiways. Also included are REX’s high quality water rendering effects allowing you to reach the absolute height of realism in your FSX: Steam Edition experience.


  • Ability to select and install textures individually and/or create custom ‘themes’ to install a full suite of textures instantly.
  • Ability for users to select weather scenarios or enter airport code to have texture themes generated based upon weather conditions.
  • New unique types of cloud base structures.
  • Low/Mid-level 3D clouds, including Stratus, Cumulonimbus, Cumulus, Stratocumulus, Altostratus and Altocumulus.
  • High-level clouds, including Cirrus, Cirrostratus and Cirrocumulus.
  • 14 types of lightning: IC, CC and CG.
  • Worldwide tropical water classification fix, eliminating most of the core repetitive texture tiling effect. Water boundaries blend much more realistically.
  • Ultra-realistic airport environments made from custom, high-definition aerial photography.
  • Give default airports in FSX: Steam Edition the payware-style treatment, from light to heavy use runways, taxiways and pavement markings! Highly detailed textures, including runway textured lighting encasements. Originating from HD source photography, runway tire markings are properly scaled within the simulator creating a more realistic viewpoint. Runways with light or heavy wear… your choice, over 32 to choose from, the highest definition textures with the most fidelity on the market.
  • The tire marking build-up is fascinating when using the heavy use runway option. Many types of runway grooving and material selection.
  • Runway lighting encasement textures added to runways to give more depth and a more properly scaled feel.
  • Dirty and soiled runway markings at all airport runways worldwide! No more blown out white marks interfering with your immersion.
  • Runway markings now support larger aircraft.
  • 28 amazingly detailed taxiways developed from all types of concrete, asphalt and bitumen.
  • Runway and taxiway detailed planar bump-map effects.
  • Spectacular terrain bump-mapping effects, modelled from different materials.
  • Beautiful photo-realistic skies sampled from many locations around the world.
  • Properly balanced terrain light and shadow values during dawn and dusk.
  • Smoother transitional algorithms during dawn and dusk times.
  • Realistic corresponding haze layer values when encountering the proper WX.
  • 23 types of runway edge and taxiway lighting, some with simulated ground glow.
  • Extremely detailed and enhanced ground rain effect.
  • Realistic dirty airport parking and jetway marks.
  • Easy to read, enhanced airport signage. Different lighting conditions dictate the range of colours from yellow to orange and red to amber.
  • Sun, corona, glow, flares and special effects, giving the most realistic renditions of atmospheric conditions. Panning around your aircraft at different angles during beginning or end of day will yield just how dynamic these effects can be. Rendered for DX9, DX10 and DX11.
  • Environment sound effects. Vastly improved in/out cockpit precipitation and thunder sounds.

rf2 logo

Update 36 of rFactor 2 is Build 1036. This includes a number of fixes and tweaks as we continue to further refine the product.


Lite – 322MB
Demo – 882MB
SDK/Mod Dev – 355MB

Steam users will obviously update through Steam. You should not use these installers. Read more.

Build Notes:

– Made the pit menu wing adjustments use the same display value as the garage.

– Fixed idiot light when vehicle rev limit is smaller while in neutral.
– Attempted fix for laps sometimes being lost on a race rejoin.
– Fixed a crash when starting ded server if borderless mode was previously selected
– Fixed a problem where the wrong port was used to tell Steam friends about the server you are on.
– Removed the condition that only non-demos can change the opponent list.
– Fix for “join as spectator” problem.
– PLR value “MULTI Safety Car Collidable” (used for multiplayer) now works; previously only “GPRIX Safety Car Collidable” (used for single player) was fixed.
– Fixed occasional ‘missing gears’ problem.

– Increased size of some mas2 dialogs
– Added a confirmation before deleting all waypoints in mod mode.
– Added delete next/prev to selected waypoint menu.
– Changed “delete branch” to only require single waypoint selected.
– Slightly raised the line showing where the AI is aim to make it more likely to be above the track surface.