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Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier, L-39ZA, Spitfire IX


DCS World Future
Dear Pilots!

2015 was an important year for DCS World with the introduction of new Eagle Dynamics modules like DCS: L-39 Albatros, DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range Map, and both Su-27 and Ka-50 campaigns. Just as important, we launched our new graphics engine, the ability to support multiple maps, introduction of cooperative multiplayer in the same aircraft, and a rapidly growing number of high quality 3rd party developers. These accomplishments have laid the foundation for great things in 2016 and beyond.

We also launched the new DCS World website that you can view here:

On both our Youtube channel and Facebook page, we released many new videos of modules and news updates. Here are some of our favorite highlights:

Our fundamental goals for DCS World remain unchanged: we aim to build a deeply immersive and accurate world simulation engine that allows you to enjoy the highest levels of fidelity in aircraft operations from WWII onwards, in wonderfully detailed and varied areas of the globe while offering an ever more credible ground simulation experience.

DCS World 2.0 in 2016 will offer new clouds and weather effects; improved HDR; deferred lighting (more light sources); new FLIR system; an improved Air Traffic Control (ATC) system; enhanced explosions, over-wing vapor, and rain on canopy; procedural grass and vegetation; improved multiplayer with dedicated server support; a new Air Combat Generator with enhanced user control of air-to-air generated missions; new custom overlays option for the Mission Editor, and a new Virtual Reality (VR) tab in Options which will improve the DCS World experience in VR.

Aircraft Modules

Eagle Dynamics’s first goal in 2016 is to wrap up the L-39 Albatros with the addition of the L-39ZA version along with the addition of interactive training missions. We will also continue to improve the cooperative multiplayer experience in the L-39 as a testbed for this technology.

In parallel we continue to work on the F/A-18C Hornet. We are currently working on the cockpit and setting up its functionality. Later in 2016 we plan to release the Hornet as an “Early Access” product that will allow you to participate in early testing.

Our goals for DCS World War II remain unchanged and are still focused on a stable of WWII aircraft in addition to a 1944 map of Northern France with period ground units. We hope to finish the Spitfire IX in mid-2016 followed by the P-47D at the end of the year. We will also continue to fine-tune the P-51D, Fw 190 and Bf 109.

To complete the update to all DCS: Flaming Cliffs 3 aircraft, we plan to add a new 3D external model for the MiG-29 with the incorporation of the Professional Fight Models (PFM) to both the Su-33 and MiG-29.

In the first half of 2016, several new 3rd party aircraft modules will also be launched. These include the F-5E Tiger II by Belsimtek, the SA342 Gazelle by Polychop Simulations, and the AJS-37 Viggen by Leatherneck Simulations.

Map Modules

DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range Map is being enhanced with the addition of:

  • Tonopah Air Force Base
  • New casino/hotels in the Las Vegas strip
  • A number of airfields and landing strips in the central (detailed) portion of the map
  • The National Training Center (NTC)
  • Improved grass and ground clutter
  • Plus a host of minor improvements

We have also been working on the DCS: Strait of Hormuz Map with the primary focus on F/A-18C operations. For this release we are working on our new T5 dynamic mesh terrain technology that we believe will bring this map a new dimension in quality and detail.

The third map being worked on is the 1944 Northern France Map. We see this period map as a cornerstone element to create an immersive World War II air combat experience.

Aircraft Carriers

We see 2016 as a big year for aircraft carrier operations as we plan to release both Nimitz-class aircraft carrier and Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier modules. Both of these modules will be incredibly detailed models with working elevators, interior hanger bays, animated ship systems, and the ability to walk around inside the ships. These will be optional modules that would replace the existing ships currently in DCS World.

New Campaigns

As we release maps and aircraft, we will also continue to offer new campaign modules. These will include both training and combat scenario campaigns.


We see 2016 as a very exciting time for DCS World with the growth in maps, aircraft, and features. When we include all the new aircraft and map modules being developed by our talented 3rd parties, 2016 will be an exceptional and fun time in the skies of DCS World.

The Eagle Dynamics Team



IL-2 BoS logo

Dear IL-2 Sturmovik players!

Our team is proud to present you the new update 1.107. Preparing it was not an easy task, since it brings three new planes at once: Bf 109 F-2, IL-2 mod.1941 and Pe-2 series 35. In addition, there are many fixes and a number of improvements. Thankfully, we were able to finish it in time, thus delivering three new planes to Battle of Moscow owners in the end of January, as it was promised. You can learn about main features of these planes in our developer diary #117.

The work on the remaining Battle of Moscow content continues according to plan and the next update will bring you the final, 10th, aircraft of BoM project: German bomber Ju 88 A-4. Moscow map is closer and closer to its final look and the work on the campaign continues as well. Therefore, we plan to finish the entire project in time and release it to you this spring.

Here is the change list for today patch:

Main changes:
1. Bf 109 F-2, IL-2 mod. 1941 and Pe-2 series 35 are available to players who pre-purchased Battle of Moscow. Those who only have Battle of Stalingrad can set them as AI controlled planes in single player or encounter them in multiplayer.
2. Smoke, tracers and exhausts are now affected bywind.
3. Roadside grass added.
4. Random “Can’t load object” error that could pop up in multiplayer when attacking ships fixed.
5. Multiplayer server hangup with “void SysOrientedTrail::drawNormal” error fixed (it was caused by large number of vehicles nearby).
6. Plane gunners won’t die anymore when its pilot bails out (bug introduced in 1.106).
7. Joystick ID preservation system improved, should work for 3+ controllers.
8. Critical speed (when rudder and ailerons start to shake) increased for all Bf-109 modifications (based on German test report and several pilot memoirs).

Aircraft changes:
9. IL-2 gun sight moved closer to pilot.
10. I-16 PAK-1 gun sight corrected (outer ring changed to 0.140 of distance).
11. MC.202 gun sight corrected (dots position).
12. Backup sight on MC.202 corrected (so it will look round from pilot seat).
13. MC.202 gun sight damage corrected.
14. AN-4 compass on Pe-2 bombers is now illuminated.
15. Rocket launch button added to both Pe-2 planes.
16. Breathing systems corrected on all Soviet aircraft (altitude indicator).
17. All non blow back action turret weapons can be reloaded even if there is no misfire and magazine isn’t empty.
18. Missing left wheel brake sound added to Pe-2 and He-111 planes.

GUI changes:
19. Server list won’t blink in some cases.
20. Entry fields in QMB setup window now aligned vertically.
21. Information panel now works correctly for player manning a turret of another player tank in multiplayer.
22. Minimap now restores correctly after closing fullscreen map by pressing Esc.
23. Standard map lines colors corrected: 10,0,0 – enemy color; 0,0,10 – ally color (for mission designers).
24. It is now impossible to select incompatible unlocks in plane setup, resulting in an empty loadout selection list.

AI changes:
25. AI gunners engage targets at large distance, but conserve ammo when there are less than 150 rounds left.
26. AI tanks and artillery choose correct ammo when engaging player tank.
27. AI planes can aim rockets during stronger side wind.

Bomb changes:
28. German bomb detonators now function correctly when dropped from extremely low (5-10 m) altitudes.
29. Bombs roll correctly after being dropped.
30. Pe-2 bombs located in engine gondolas now disappear correctly in an event of a wing loss.
31. Now you can watch a rocket during its flight just like a bomb – by pressing F6.
32. Large German bombs can be seen correctly through Ju 87 floor hatch.

Map changes:
33. Forest tiling made less apparent.
34. Roadside trees near Trudolubyje airfield removed.
35. Bumpy terrain flattened on several Stalingrad map airfields (where reported by players).

Other changes:
36. Yak-1 landing gear cover no longer floats in the air after wing loss.
37. Hit effects corrected, they appear closer to a fast moving plane.
38. MiG-3 3D model corrected.
39. It’s no longer possible to load both types of ammo into player tank gun simultaneously.
40. Multiplayer difficulty presets correctly affect points awarded to players.
41. Bf 109 F-4 and G-2 wheels color corrected.
42. Damaged MiG-3 is now correctly visible from large distance.
43. Bomb racks positions corrected for all Bf-109 and Fw-190.
44. Added additional logging information to find a cause for random game crash with error message about memory address. If you encounter such problem, please make a screenshot, close the error window and the game and send us the <game_folder>\data\_gui.log file (don’t run the game again before you send it since it is wiped on each game launch).


Дорогие пользователи “Ил-2 Штурмовик”!

Наша команда рада сообщить вам, что работа над версией 1.107 завершена и она уже доступна вам для обновления. Подготовка этой версии к релизу была непростой, т.к. она включает в себя сразу три новых самолета: Bf 109 F-2, Ил-2 мод.1941, Пе-2 сер.35, а так же множество исправлений и некоторое количество нововведений. Но мы успели все сделать в срок и, как и обещали, в конце января отдаем пользователям, предзаказавшим “Битву за Москву”, эти три самолета. Основные особенности этих самолетов описаны в 117-й части Дневников разработчика, с которой можно ознакомиться по этой ссылке:

Мы продолжаем работу над проектом “Битва за Москву” согласно плану, в следующем обновлении ожидается крайний, 10-й, самолет проекта – немецкий бомбардировщик Ju 88 A-4. Кроме того, работы по карте “Битвы за Москву” находятся в завершающей стадии, а разработка Кампании идет полным ходом. Таким образом, мы рассчитываем в срок завершить работу над проектом и весной предоставить его вам.

Главные изменения:
1. Самолёты Bf 109 F-2, Ил-2 мод.1941, Пе-2 сер.35 теперь доступны игрокам, предзаказавшим БзМ. В качестве противников их могут увидеть все игроки;
2. Дымы пожаров, трассеров, выхлопов теперь сносятся ветром;
3. Улучшено отображение травы вдоль дорог;
4. В сетевой/однопользовательской игре исправлено зависание сервера/игры с сообщением “Can’t load object” при атаке кораблей;
5. В сетевой/однопользовательской игре исправлено зависание сервера/игры с сообщением “void SysOrientedTrail::drawNormal” при большом количестве техники в одном месте;
6. Исправлена смерть стрелков при выпрыгивании пилота или критических повреждениях самолета;
7. Исправлены обнаруженные проблемы в системе компенсации изменения ID джойстиков в операционной системе;
8. На самолетах Bf-109 всех модификация уменьшена скорость начала тряски руля направления и элеронов (при неизменной скорости, при которой возможны поломки), что больше согласуется как с немецким отчетом об испытаниях, так и с многочисленными выдержками из воспоминаний пилотов.

Изменения в оборудовании самолетов:
9. В штурмовике Ил-2 прицел выдвинут в боевое положение (ближе к летчику);
10. Скорректирована сетка прицела ПАК-1 самолета И-16 (внешнее кольцо, в отличие от более поздних прицелов ПБП-1, на нем имеет радиус 140 тысячных дальности);
11. Скорректировано расположение “точек” в сетке прицела MC.202;
12. Резервная сетка MC.202, нанесенная на поверхность прозрачного отражателя, сделана овальной формы, что бы при виде от пилота она выглядела круглой;
13. Исправлена проблема, когда прицельная сетка самолета MC.202 не пропадала при разбивании прицела;
14. Исправлена отсутствующая подсветка компаса АН-4 на самолете Пе-2;
15. На самолете Пе-2 добавлена кнопка пуска ракет;
16. На всех советских самолетах исправлены показания указателя высоты на кислородном приборе;
17. На турельных пулеметах, с кинематикой отличной от свободного затвора, возвращена возможность перезарядить пулемет даже если нет осечки или магазин ещё не кончился;
18. на самолетах Пе-2 и He-111 исправлен отсутствовавший звук тормоза левого колеса.

Изменения в графическом интерфейсе:
19. Исправлено “мигание” списка серверов;
20. Выровнены ячейки по высоте в списке выбора самолета в Быстрой Миссии;
21. В сетевой игре исправлена проблема, когда для игрока, присоединившегося к экипажу танка другого игрока, на работает часть параметров в информационной панели;
22. Исправлена проблема с отсутствием подложки на миникарте если закрыть полноэкранную карту нажатием клавиши ESC;
23. Исправлено отображение линий на карте стандартными цветами: 10,0,0 – цветом врагов; 0,0,10 – цветом союзников;
24. В меню выбора анлоков и вариантов вооружения самолета исключена ситуация, когда можно выбрать несовместимую комбинацию анлоков и список вариантов вооружения будет пуст.

Изменения в ИИ:
25. ИИ стрелки начав стрелять на большую дистанцию при большом остатке патронов теперь прекращают стрельбу, когда патронов в пулемете осталось меньше 150 штук;
26. ИИ пушки и танки теперь используют по танку игрока бронебойные снаряды;
27. Устранена проблема с не открытием огня при атаке наземной цели ракетами ИИ самолетами при сильном боковом ветре.

Изменения в бомбах:
28. Исправлен некорректный подрыв немецких бомб при сбросе с экстремально малых высот (ниже 5..10 метров);
29. Исправлена проблема с “щелчком крена” у бомб, которые в подвешенном под самолетом состоянии имеют ненулевой крен;
30. На самолете Пе-2 исправлена проблема, когда бомба, подвешенная в мотогондоле, не отваливалась вместе с крылом;
31. Добавлена возможность наблюдать за запущенной с самолета ракетой с помощью камеры F6;
32. Исправлено отображение бомб SC1000, SC1800, SC2500 в подвешенном состоянии (ранее они пропадали слишком рано при “отвороте” вида, например их не было видно в визирное окно Ju-87);

Изменения в картах:
33. Уменьшена заметность тайлинга в лесных массивах;
34. На аэродроме Трудолюбие были убраны деревья, мешавшие взлету и посадке;
35. На карте Битвы за Сталинград исправлена неровность взлетных полос аэродромов там, где это было обнаружено пользователями.

Прочие изменения:
36. На самолете Як-1 исправлена проблема, когда при отломе консоли крыла щиток ниши шасси “повисал в воздухе”;
37. Скорректирован эффект попадания пули по обшивке самолета, теперь он проявляется быстрее и ближе к самолету;
38. Внесены корректировки в 3Д модели самолета МиГ-3;
39. В управляемых игроком танках исправлена проблема, когда при переключении на следующий тип снаряда не разряжался предыдущий;
40. В выделенном сервере исправлена неработающая фиксация параметров “Очки на раунд” при использовании пресетов сложности;
41. Исправлен цвет колесных дисков самолетов Bf 109 F-4 и G-2;
42. Исправлена проблема с невидимостью повреждённого МиГ-3 на большом расстоянии;
43. Исправлено положение бомб при подвеске на самолетах Bf-109 и Fw-190;
44. Дополнен лог-файл графического интерфейса игры, что, возможно, позволит исправить проблему падения игры с сообщением “Инструкция по адресу … обратилась к памяти по адресу …”. При возникновении проблемы просьба сделать скриншот, закрыть игру, сохранить в стороне и отправить нам файл <game_folder>\data\_gui.log.


Matt, how did the concept of Digital Combat Simulator come about?

After the release of Lock On: Modern Air Combat and then Flaming Cliffs with the Su-25T, we released two high-level simulation products: Ka-50 Black Shark and then A-10C Warthog.

Although these used the same engine as Lock On / Flaming Cliffs, they were stand-alone projects. As stand-alone products, the complications of product updates and network play became more and more apparent. It was time for us to establish a new product series, one that would enable us to use a freeware “simulation operating system” as the core and allow add-on (DLC) products to plug into it. This was the genius of DCS World. This also allowed us to move to self-publishing and allow us to sell our products through our online store and e-retailers like Steam.

Today with DCS World, we have an ever-evolving “simulation operating system” which we can continually plug into. These come in the form of additional aircraft, campaigns, maps, etc. Not only does this apply to the work done by Eagle Dynamics, but it has also afforded us the chance to open DCS World development to highly talented 3rd party teams.

The next big step of DCS has been the release of version 1.5 that includes our new graphics engine. Later we will release version 2.0 that supports map modules.

        How do you achieve so much realism (flight model, avionics, weapons systems, etc.) out of aircraft such as the A-10 and SU-25?

It really depends on the aircraft. In the case of the A-10C, this was an outgrowth of a desktop trainer we developed for the US military. Other aircraft like the Su-25T, F-15C, etc. rely more on open source data, involvement with Subject Matter Experts (SME), and a great deal of research through various archives.

For example: with our WWII aircraft we used the Mustangs that we own to create the most accurate simulation of the pony ever done. For the German aircraft, we accessed hundreds of old test and performance documents and even interviewed WWII German fighter pilots.

By using a combination of publicly available data and SMEs to scrub it, we can get quite close to the real articles.

Another highly important element is having the staff to then implement that given data into functional systems within DCS World. Be it radars, targeting pods, flight models, sound, and so on, it’s the engineers and artists that in the end make it all possible.

        Matt, in your opinion, what would you say is DCS’ stand out feature?

Probably the diversity. We now have aircraft ranging from the Second World War right up to the modern age, and all with various levels of simulation sophistication (from A-10C level to the Flaming Cliffs series). Within these eras of aircraft we have fighters, close air support aircraft, and multirole fighters (in the works).

We are also set to launch the ability to fly in various maps. We will start with the Nevada Test and Training Range, and then after that, Strait of Hormuz and World War II Normandy maps. In addition to our map projects, there are also several 3rd party maps in active development.

Another key element we are expanding on is the ability to play ground units in the form of Combined Arms. Be it commanding units from the strategic map, controlling numerous ground units from first person, commanding surface to air missile batteries, or playing the role of a JTAC, the “ground” element of DCS World is, as you can see, rapidly expanding.

It is this combination of factors that brings a level of gameplay diversity that I think is unmatched.

        Which DCS aircraft/module are you most proud of and why?

Whilst I am proud of each project in their own way, I think the A-10C would be my favorite child (if that is allowed). The extreme accuracy regarding the cockpit systems, flight dynamics, weapon systems, and 3D art, all go towards creating a highly immersive simulation. Combine that with the massive manual, interactive training missions and other content, it’s easy to see why it’s such a great product and one that I think has set the bar in PC flight simulation. To add to this, I just love the role of the Hog!


orc logo

Development of orc has been postponed until team hot wheels is over, could be worse

Squad logo

Hi Squaddies,

We hope that you all had a great New Years, and now that a majority of the development team is back at work, we’d like to put out a new update, version 3.9 of the current Alpha build of Squad. Contained are a number of Steam usability improvements, heaps of performance updates, Server browser improvements and other goodies.

Alpha 3.9 Changelog
  • Improved client performance related to optimizations in the anim system
  • Fixed kit allocations not working in many situations
  • Updated Militia player models with new components, distinguishing them further from other factions
  • Performance improvements to the Militia player models
  • Leaving a squad now replaces your kit
  • Improved Steam authentication for better stability
  • Allows for joining on Steam friends
  • Allows for joining servers via web browser sites
  • Increased server connection timeout, decreasing the amount of unintentional disconnects
  • Increased server browser timeout
  • Increased timeout for joining a map to allow people with low spec pc’s to load the game, without being kicked unintentionally by the server for timeout
  • Added SteamID to showplayerids
  • Fixed banning by ID issues
  • Improved performance of explosion effects
  • Added the ability to reset keybindings
  • Separated out the default button in each section of the settings menu, pressing default now only resets the current menu’s settings.
  • Players can now cancel joining the firing range in menu
  • Fixed incorrect access level for banning
  • Fixed a few server crashes

Falcon 4.0 BMS


The New Benchmark in Flight Sim Technology

The North Koreans have crossed the DMZ. Your F-16 squadron has been called for the strike back…

Only the makers of the acclaimed Falcon 3.0 could launch a new era of flight simulators. Falcon 4.0 breaks the sight-and-sound barrier with its cutting-edge graphics, realism, dynamic campaigns and multiplayer gameplay.

Only MicroProse could push the envelope to offer accurate topographical terrain, detailed radar and weapons simulation, hyper-realistic flight models and stunning visuals.


  • The realism in Falcon 4.0 is as intense as the vapor streaming over your leading edge flaps when you crank on the Gs.
  • You’ll recognize your Dogfight team members by their aircraft markings. Of course the guys on the other teams are ready to paint little bull’s-eyes over them.
  • At the heart of Falcon 4.0 is the real-time campaign engine, tested and approved by actual F-16 pilots.
  • Falcon 4.0’s detailed, accurate topology and stunning graphics break new ground in the world of modern military flight sims.
  • In Falcon 4.0, you’ll discover an enormous range of aircraft and ground units – all in chilling detail.