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Well now the news that we have signed the deal has gone public, get ready for the all-in-one patch to go live!

Initially our patches from v3.00 to v4.312 will be made into a single download patch and available via Steam. This should be available in the next few-days and do away with the need to download multiple patches. Just head to Steam and download the single patch (although if you already have our patches installed there is no-need as it’s the same version).

One thing you will need to do is turn ‘Beta’ downloads on in Steam as that is what the official v4.312 patch is listed under. Here’s a picture to show how to do it:



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Hi all,

A little update which will only interest current and future owners of an Oculus rift.
TF has made OR work with Cliffs. There are still a few caveats (listed bellow) but for what is worth, it is working.

Full size image: Bigger

Here’s a little demo (sorry, can’t make a video because of the way it works) of how it looks ingame. To see it you will need Firefox (I think Chrome also works) and your VR viewer. I’ve tested it only with OR but it is supposed to work with cardboard and whatnot.

Demo Here

There are 5 images. Use the arrows to move to the next/previous. If you want to see the images directly, here they are:
First, Second, Third,Fourth,Fifth

Now the caveats:
1.- The 2d things like map, chat etc, are hard to read. Because of how they are rendered, when you move your head the windows move with you so if the map is at the left of your viewing area, it will always be there. The solution is centering it but you also have to view it with one eye as the 3D effect doesn’t work well.
2.- Originally buildings where rendering in one eye only. This was fixed but, of course, it means double the rendering stress and lower FPS.
3.- Aiming is hard. Changing focus from instruments (close) to gunsight (far) takes some time to get used to. Also, because of the reflector size, the gunsight is only shown fully on one eye at the time. If anyone has documentation on this, it would be appreciated as it feels weird.
4.- Spotting distant planes is harder. Even though the “single pixel” far contact can be seen for miles, the “screen door” effect makes them harder to spot. Also identifying closer contacts is harder because of the OR resolution. In any case, the zoom helps with both issues but keep in mind that zooming is not supposed to be done with VR so don’t try to look at the instruments when zoomed as you will feel like when looking at something really close where each eye sees something completely different
5.- FPS is and is not an issue. Yes, higher FPS gives a smoother feeling but, thanks to the OR timewarp, one can be on the deck, over London with 13 FPS and not get seasick.
Sidenote: is funny how the timewarp works. You need to send 90fps to the OR for it to work but it is supposed to be there to help when lower FPS so as always with modding liffs, a trick had to be done

All that said, it feels great to be inside the cockpit!

All the above means that there’s a 90% probability OR support will be included in TF5.0

PS: For those wondering and without going into much details, no, it was not even close to easy to do and yes, it required making Cliffs work with DX11.

Edit: Added 2 more images. 1 over london, 1 with contacts right in front.

And always nice to see appreciation from the Facebook page and one particular follower