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Assetto Corsa 1.5 is ready to download for free!

A development diary that goes deeply in details on new content, improvements and upgrades available in the 1.5 version:

Diary Part 1

Diary Part 2

Diary Part 3

The new release includes some new amazing content, available as FREE upgrades: the Ford Mustang 2015, The Corvette C7 Stingray 2015,the Abarth 595 EsseEsse and the new scenery “Black Cat County”, available with 3 different layouts.

– New Abarth 595esseesse and S1, S2 upgrades
– New Ford Mustang GT 2015
– New Corvette C7 Stingray
– New Black Cat County track
– Nurburgring gp circuit updated
– Nurburgring gp circuit now with 4 layouts
– Silverstone circuit updated
– Monza circuit updated
– Spa circuit updated
– Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit updated
– Nurburgring Nordschleife endurance cup layout added
– Mugello circuit updated
– Magione circuit updated
– Imola circuit updated
– Drift circuit updated
– Vallelunga circuit updated
– Vallelunga classic layout added
– Vallelunga circuit (all layouts) now has 24 car slots
– Activated time progression in Multiplayer
– All cars updated to Tyre Model 7
– Pitstop are now available in single player races
– Damage is now visible in Multiplayer mode for remote cars
– Launcher: steam overlay support disabled due to stability issues
– Launcher: re-instated multi-process mode for CEF due to stability issues
– Launcher: changes to memory usage policy, more aggressive memory releasing thresholds
– Fixed Lamborghini Miura gearbox damage
– Updated drivetrain upshift and downshift timings for all cars
– F6 inside cameras use internal sounds
– Free camera now honours distance multiplier for sound attenuation
– Of all Drivable cameras only Cockpit uses internal sounds
– Transmission sound can have its own volume (by default it shares engine volume, otherwise it uses the TRANSMISSION value set in audio.ini)
– Gearshift sound shares engine volume
– Backfire sound shares engine volume
– Fixed car sound when bottoming out
– Realtime app shows lapped guys (blue) and lapping guys (green)
– Fixed FuelLapEvaluation function
– Fixed fuel consumption on turbo engines
– Fixed inconsistency on UI tech specs
– Modding : added FormCamera functionality to associate internal/external soundset
– Modding : added console commands “observeLights” and “observeFlames” (work as observeDigital); EDIT_MODE is deprecated
– Modding : added Digital Instrument KERS_CHARGE (percentage)
– Modding : added Digital Instrument TOTAL_LAPS (if session is not race then “—“)
– Modding : added Digital Instrument CURRENT_LAP
– Modding : added Digital Instrument EST_LAPS (if est is less than 0 then “–.-“)
– Modding : added Digital Instrument AMBIENT_TEMP
– Modding : added Digital Instrument FUEL_CONS (UNITS: MPG_UK, MPG_US, L100 or “Kms per Liter” if missing)
– Modding : added Digital Instrument PLACE_HOLDER to avoid fixed digits on texture (use TEXT)
– Modding : added ON_BOARD_LOOKBACK_OFFSET in car.ini
– All tyres now use V7 with brand new heating values (beta: except Exos F1 tyres yet)
– All tyres now use V7 with brand new falloff level and speed (beta: except Exos F1 tyres yet)
– Changed all tyres flex and pressure relation.
– Changed all tyres footprint and pressure relation
– Modified global aero efficiency with yaw angle. Works on all cars
– Added new aero.ini version=3 with new YAW_CL_GAIN values that can stall wings depending on yaw angle
– Yaw angle stalling wings and diffusers for GT2/GT3 cars and Mercedes C9 and Lotus 98T
– All GT2/GT3 cars now have minimum height 55mm
– 200,400,500,1000,2000 meters drag circuits now available
– Modding : ksPreviewBuilder added to sdk/dev folder
– Python Interface:
– initFont(fontfamily, italic, bold)
– setCustomFont(fontfamily, italic, bold)
– getCameraMode()
– setCameraMode(acsys.CM)
– getCameraCarCount(carId)
– setCameraCar(F6 camera index, carId)
– focusCar(carId)
– getFocusedCar()
– getServerName()
– getServerIP()
– getServerHttpPort()
– getServerSlotsCount()
– isCarInPitline(carId)
– isCarInPit(carId)
– isConnected(carId)
– getCarBallast(carId)
– getCarState(carId)
– eKersCharge
– eKersInput
– totally revamped backfire system (will not break mods)
– added new F1 “dash camera” and “Chase camera #2”
– CameraManager : fixed issue globalCameraIndex
– Fixed Camera selection on Replay Interface
– Fixed CameraApp to reflect Dash and Chase changes
– Fixed Camera system messages
– Fixed Random camera wrong cameras + message
– added CameraOnBoard offset to avoid car parts on view
– added new driver model with lod
– added Fuel Lut to solve issues with several cars gauges
– SharedMemory : added new members
– SPageFilePhysics
float turboBoost = 0;
float ballast = 0;
float airDensity = 0;
– SPageFileGraphic
int isInPitLine = 0;
float surfaceGrip = 0;
– SPageFileStatic
float maxTurboBoost = 0;
float airTemp = 0;
float roadTemp = 0;
bool penaltiesEnabled = false;
float aidFuelRate = 0;
float aidTireRate = 0;
float aidMechanicalDamage = 0;
bool aidAllowTyreBlankets = false;
float aidStability = 0;
bool aidAutoClutch = false;
bool aidAutoBlip = false;
– fixed several cars still featuring dashboard “floating” digits
– fixed car scraping volume
– added first implementation of Force Feedback Post Processing (docs in cfg/ff_post_process.ini)
– improved camber calculations
– improved tyre heating on low friction surfaces (grass,sand etc)
– added new “Tyres” app
– Server lap counters and lap times are now 16 bit unsigned ints allowing super long sessions/races
– Ford GT40 fuel tank position fixed
– revamp of all digital displays and script
– revamp of analogue gauges
– Lamborghini Huracan GT3 3D model tweaks
– Lotus Exige S model tweaks
– Various LOD fixes across the entire vehicle content
– BMW M3 GT2 3D model tweaks
– Roof on the LaFerrari is now customizeable
– Emissive values tweaked on some cars to improve visibility with PP off
– Various skin issues fixed
– PP preset improvements
– Improved AI behavior in traffic


What’s New (Summary)

  • Massive physics overhaul for GT3-Specs classes, Prototype classes, GTO class. (Please note that the leaderboards of these classes have been wiped due to the overhaul)
  • Compact HUD to replace the mini hud.
  • FFB additions. Minimum force, slip effect, ffb meter, ffb multiplier per car.
  • Load/Save Car setups. Players can now save and load their car setups.
  • Bigger Grids. Maximum opponents on certain tracks can now go up to 100.
  • Fuel management in car setup
  • Oh, and new content too.


  • Added support for Logitech G29. Please note that all Logitech users need to get the latest drivers from Logitech to have wheel ranges working properly.
  • Implemented Compact HUD which replaces the minimalistic HUD.
  • Added Bigger Grids, allowing tracks to have more than 24 opponents. The maximum number depends on the track and can go up to 100. (SP only for now)
  • Implemented FFB Meter which can be used to check the ffb output for clipping.
  • Implemented FFB Minimum Force which allows player to amplify small FFB forces. This is mostly for players that have the “dead center” problem when driving straight.
  • Implemented FFB Slip effect which simulates when the tires struggle for grip during wheelspin, understeering, sliding, heavy braking.
  • Implemented stationary friction in FFB to solve wheels that rotate by themselves while the car is stationary.
  • Implemented FFB Multiplier per car in the car setup, allowing player to adjust the overall FFB strength for a car individually.
  • Added a new Steering Animation Setting in Vehicle Settings. Player can now set the steering animation rotation to be a custom degree or to match what’s in car setup under steering settings.
  • Added Load/Save in Car setup. Also reorganized the settings a bit.
  • Removed old auto saving of setup when leaving car setup screen and related logic. Car setup will no longer auto save and the unsaved changes will disappear when leaving the game session.
  • Added fuel to car setup.
  • Implemented lap invalidation for wallriding.
  • Fixed some threading exceptions that could trigger a crash.
  • Fixed some camera related rendering thread issues that could trigger a crash.
  • Fixed random crash that could occur when pulling out of pits in single race practice session.
  • Fixed an issue where the game was only seeing the integrated graphics card on laptops with NVIDIA Optimus.
  • Changed fallback null texture format to better support older low end graphics cards that were getting crashes on startup.
  • Fixed an issue where start lights could get stuck on screen on certain occasions.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would spawn the player at an incorrect garage spot.
  • Improved Shadow split calculation
  • Added a potential fix for parts falling off car at race restart.
  • Fixed so that pitmenu, pit window and pit related overlays don’t show up post race.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while using instant replay.
  • Fixed cars flickering in replay.
  • Changed so ambient sounds for tracking cameras are initialized after the loading is done to fix some wrong calls.
  • Optimized the logic performance.
  • Fixed issue with test drive losing audio when alt-tabbing and going back to the game.
  • Fixed an issue with returning to garage after pause.
  • Fixed cars popping in and out on occasion.
  • Fixed error messages in the new menus appearing as white text on white background.
  • Revised several controller profiles according to the new ffb additions.
  • Added Logitech G29, Fanatec CSR and Thrustmaster T300 F1 Wheel addon profiles.
  • Tweaked keyboard default profile for better steering at higher speed.
  • Fixed issue with ffb gain only being updated on device initialization which meant that changing it in options didn’t change anything).
  • Fixed so wheel range, rev lights and led display are reset when game is closed.
  • Added supplemental controller type so that devices such as shifters and pedals trigger the right dialogue when initialized.
  • Changed so control set evaluation is only done on controller that’s not supplemental. This fixes the with wrong control set being selected by pedals etc and removes extra dialogs asking the player if he wants to create a profile for them.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in driver logic.
  • Fixed a freeze that could occur after the initial track load.
  • Fixed gear damage that was occurring when downshifting on cars with downshift prevention.
  • Changed LiveTimings, Race Monitor and Session Info to be part of the Menu System instead of being static variables/singletons. This is an attempt to clear up some of the mess and to hopefully fix the issue with menu being broken sometimes after session switches.
  • Fixed so “Visible Cars” feature applies on any camera, including free cam.
  • Fixed so only timing and position overlays are disabled when the tv overlay setting is off.
  • Changed so low fuel, push to pass and drs overlays are not shown if the compact data display is active.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when bringing up the pit menu.
  • Fixed issue with PitPresets not being shown if they’re created mid race through the pause menu.
  • Added menu music and music volume setting in sound options.


  • Added bigger grids in company dedicated servers for testing. We will set up few servers with more than the usual grid size (up to 100) to test and would like you all to join to help us testing.
  • Various potential fixes for a crash that was occurring when switching from qualifying to race in Multiplayer.
  • Increased stack size for game to fix the stack overflow crash that could have occurred when joining MP.
  • Fixed small issue with garage screen not refreshing after session switch in MP (still showed old session type name if player was in the menus during switch).

Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:

  • AI now better respects track limits.
  • AI now visually use default steering settings for their car. Player’s car under AI control now also uses player’s steering settings.
  • AI cars now properly use the correct Final Ratio for their gearbox on the current track.
  • Updated chase cameras for all so player can feel the car better and be able to see enough of the road ahead
  • FallOffDistances (distance at which sounds can be heard) adjusted so replay volume on TV Cameras are balanced with gameplay volume. Engine sounds now have a longer audible distance
  • Ambient sound samples on old tracks are now starting at random moment in the samples.
  • RoadFeel Effects and Suspension Squeak sound option levels are now set to 40% by default.
  • Helicopter cameras now play a constant Helicopter sound sample (was using a fixed area before)
  • Wind sound sample (open cockpit cars) updated, volume decreased for a better balance in Stereo setups
  • New sound sample for rumblestrips
  • Fuel Estimates adjusted for all cars and tracks
  • FFB Multiplier adjustments for various cars
  • Audi 90 GTO : Massive physics update, cranked idle engine volume to 11
  • Chevrolet Greenwood (Gr.5) : Suspension sounds were missing.
  • Formula RR2: Fixed rearview camera in triple screen
  • GT3-specs cars: Massive physics update, new external sounds for the Z4 and P4/5, improved standing starts for AI’s
  • Prototype cars: Massive physics update, new sounds for all, action cameras added.
  • NSU TTS : Fixed a floatiness feeling, AI’s should now be better at standing starts
  • Hockenheim GP : TV camera files updated
  • Indianapolis: merged cut track rules
  • Macau : Tweaked AI lines around the hairpin, Fixed a couple TV cameras that were affected by guardrail / tree objects
  • Paul Ricard : TV Cameras updates
  • Salzburgring : AI tweaks
  • Spa-Francorchamps : TV camera files updated
  • Suzuka : AI tweaks
  • Zandvoort : TV cameras cleanup


  • Added new content
  • P4-5 : swapped liveries in GTR3
  • Mercedes SLS GT3 : Fixed weird polygon on hood when damaged
  • New sky textures ( global )
  • Minor livery fixes
  • Audi 90Q GTO : fixed a weird keyhole in taillight
  • Brands Hatch : Reduced bumpiness


  • Added Improved Newsfeed system which now works as a standalone application.
  • Added fallback functionality on timeouts on steam callbacks to ensure the transaction gets cancelled if Steam store times out as it did during holidays.
  • Fixed a purchase processing issue that could have triggered “nothing to buy” message, buying twice, and things not appearing as purchased problems.
  • Fixed a store content filtering issue in competition launcher and game menu.
  • Fixed so player can challenge other cars in a class where they own one of cars in the class if they filter by class in LB (All cars in LB list).



This is mostly a hotfix to address a few issues from the previous version.

Build v0.8.7 Changelog:

  • Added a function to split “Automobilista” and “Automobilista Beta” server listings in Steam matchmaker
  • Reverted FFB reset Function added in v0.8.6 (hopefully addressing issues with controllers stop working altogether in some systems after switching sessions)
  • Fixed spinner arrow functionality in UI
  • Fixed logFolder initialization for DynHUD editor
  • Fixed a couple of errors & fine-tuned functionality for sequential boxes & downshift protection in semi-automatic ones
  • Salvador: Fixed first pit box having wrong direction arrow.
  • Velopark: Fixed lack of working decals on pitstands and team trucks
  • Rental Kart: corrected collision and shadow mesh








Since we have implemented the DRS and Push-to-Pass functions, added the fuel setting to the car setup (coming this patch) and reworked the tyre wear for the latest physics updates, we felt the need to redesign the Mini Data Display HUD, to present you the most important information during a race in a nicer, more compact way.


The new mini Data display contains the following information:

  • Gear
  • Speed
  • RPM
  • Fuel
  • Tyre Wear
  • DRS/P2P
  • Aero Damage
  • Gearbox Damage
  • Engine Damage

The RPM Meter will change its color to green, once you are close to the optimal shifting point, and red when you hit thelimiter.


Tyre Wear
You will notice the 4 tyre icons decreasing in size and changing color as your tyres lose available grip.
Yellow indicates that your tyres are out of their optimal range
Orange means that the tyres show a considerable amount of wear, and you should start thinking about pitting for new rubber.
At some point they will start blinking red, telling you that the tire is fully worn out.


Following the upcoming patch you will be able to change the amount of fuel in the car setup.
The Data Display shows you the amount of liters left in your tank, and will turn red once you’re left with only two laps worth of fuel, indicating that you need to pit in soon™.



The three damage icons show you the status of your aerodynamics, engine & gearbox.
When damaging parts of your car, the corresponding icon will blink yellow, and as the health of your car parts wears off, the associated bars will decrease and eventually turn red to indicate major damage.

  • With increasing Aero damage you will lose downforce.
  • Engine damage will hurt the performance of your power unit, which results in slower acceleration and lower top speed.
  • Gearbox damage may cause gears not to engage properly and eventually be lost altogether.


The display will show you the status and the number of remaining uses of your DRS / P2P function.


Green: The function is available
Red: Function is in use



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Acclaimed Racing Simulator ASSETTO CORSA Announcing Free PC Bonus Pack Update coming to Steam March 31

Showcases Addition Corvette C7 Stingray, Ford Mustang , New “Black Cat County” Track, and an unexpected surprise

505 Games and Kunos Simulazioni today announce a free PC Bonus Pack update to the acclaimed racing simulator game Assetto Corsa — coming March 31 on Steam! The game’s first bonus content of 2016 is highlighted by the launch of a hot new trailer, featuring a high performance Corvette C7 Stingray and Ford Mustang battling it out for road supremacy, before a face-off with the game’s latest addition, a nice, “little” surprise from Kunos’s development team. The special spaghetti western-style trailer also gives a first-look at the picturesque new “Black Cat County” track, which will be added to the simulator in three configurations as part of the free PC Bonus Pack update. A category defining racing simulator, Assetto Corsa features spectacular realism which has upped stakes by emphasizing and focusing on pure physics realism, with precision accuracy across every aspect from the meticulous car handling to the laser-measured tracks.

Get the the game today at

The “little surprise” will be also available in the console version at launch, and the Corvette C7 Stingray and Ford Mustang are available as part of the ‘Prestige Pack’ pre-order incentive at select retailers. Joining the available PC version, Assetto Corsa will hit the track on Xbox One and PlayStation®4 on June 3rd in Europe and June 7th in North America. Information and pre-order details for the console releases can be found at:


The KartKraft Closed Beta is due to commence shortly. Our primary objective for the Closed Beta is to get focused, hands-on gameplay feedback, so the number of participants in this phase of the Beta will be limited. Players who miss out on the first round of testing, will be given further chances as more waves of invitations are sent out in the coming weeks and months.

Information sharing is strictly not permitted and is to be limited to forum discussions only. Please read the “Terms and Conditions” prior to registration.

To participate in the upcoming Closed Beta test, please register your interest by filling out the form below.


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With Automobilista now a couple weeks into Early Access, we would like to present an overview of our upcoming plans towards the full release of the sim, and a glimpse beyond..

This post will be updated with more info & previews as we advance, but for now here is what we have to share:

Early Access Development Schedule

We estimate AMS to continue in Early Access until the end of April.

New builds should roll out every week for the beta, and every fortnight for the release version of AMS, generally in between Thursday and Friday. A new build is schedule to be deployed for the public release version of AMS tomorrow (18/03).

Features in development during Early Access

One of our priority goals for Early Access is to develop resources to facilitate, complement & stimulate the community´s continuing engagement with Automobilista.

To this end we are developing a Web Portal, featuring:

  • Web-based Multiplayer Lobby: In addition to the current Matchmaker from the Steam client, users will be able to view & join multiplayer sessions from this Reiza web portal (without necessarily launching the game first). This lobby will eventually be accessible from in-game too.
  • Official rooms for public multiplayer races, featuring a constantly rotating schedule of official content;
  • Leaderboards linked to in-game Time Trial Mode: Set your time in Time Trial and it will immediately sync with the leaderboard for that car/track combo under your Steam name (and update whenever you manage to improve your best time);
  • League-Finder : A system for leagues to register their championships in order for potential participants to locate them based on the desired series and schedule
  • Official seasonal competitions tied to the real racing series we represent, presenting some special prizes and opportunities to bridge the gap from virtual to real racing.

Parallel to this, we continue to work in the product itself – AMS core focus is to deliver a cohesive racing simulation platform with a large variety of cars and tracks and advanced simulation features.

To add and improve on that core, we also have a few bits to add:

  • Driver animations – Integration of this often requested feature is being worked as an option along with a brand new driver modelDriver_anm_EFX .png
  • DynHUD: Further development along with a few alternative layouts + automatic TV overlays for trackside cameras, & developments to the editor to facilitate user customization
  • Drivetrain modelling / damage: New developments to simulate sequential gearshift mechanisms, plus new electronic features such as downshift protection, anti-stall; Gears & gearbox will also have a damage model leading to failure if consistently misused or abused;
  • Dynamic track progression: Will become cumulative during the race weekend (with some deterioration in between sessions);
  • Turbo modelling, boost / push-to-pass & energy recovery systems will be developed for the cars that feature them;
  • Air density model affecting engine, tire & aerodynamic properties depending on track altitude;
  • Multiple race heats, including options for adjustable reverse grids;
  • Improved corner-cutting detection rules

As usual we will also continue trying to improve the existing platform by ironing out as many issues adding as many improvements as we possibly can so people can enjoy AMS as seamlessly as possible, including the expansion of our user manual (the partial version already available as launch option from Steam).

Content to be added in Full Release

Boxer Cup GT3

The Boxer Cup was voted as the bonus car by backers of the Sim Racing Bonanza campaign. This rear engined, flat-6 Boxer Cup is a 2015-spec car and is meant to fill the gap for a GT3-type car in AMS in style!

Copa Montana

One of the final missing bits of content proposed in the Sim Racing Bonanza campaign, theCopa Montana used to be the support series to Brazilian Stock Car, running from 2010 to 2013. The car is based in the old (pre-2009) Stock Car V8 chassis, and has a slightly less powerful V8 engine (350 HP vs 450 HP). The manual sequential gearbox (vs semi-automatic in the main series) brings an extra degree of challenge to the vehicle, and the Montana pickup-style bodywork adds an unique cool variant to our car roster.

Virginia International Raceway (USA)
Virginia International Raceway was voted as the bonus track by participants of the Sim Racing Bonanza campaign, and it will come as an official track to add a very special all-American flavour to the AMS track line-up. This long, winding thrill ride set amongst forests and luxurious resorts includes several layouts, all of which featuring challenging flatout S corners and lots of opportunities for close racing with pretty much any type of car.

Speedland (BRA)
Speedland is a new karting facility set in the heart of Sao Paulo, mixing indoor with outdoor environments. This track is one of the fresh additions not previously announced to the AMS line-up.

Mendig Airfield Gymkhana
A semi-fictional racing playground based on a German airfield in the town of Mendig – the venue will include a full traditional “airfield” style racetrack between runways and apron roads, eventually growing to also feature variants expanding through the small village & forests that surround the airfield. The airfield itself will be filled a wide variety of challenges and test beds all types of sandbox physics stunts such as a huge Hotwheels-style ramp, a cross-over Supertruck track, slaloms, skid pads and other variants for general oddball fun & games with cars.

Mendig Airfield Gymkhana is another free, previously unannounced addition to AMS.

Post-release development extras

While the focus remains on completing this fairly extensive plan during Early Access stage towards the full release of AMS, the plans don´t quite stop there – Just like with SCE before, we intend to continue developing AMS throughout the year for as long as it proves to be an affordable venture, with a few extras already being brought to the table. For now these include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Custom Championship tool – a tool for players to create championships featuring their own mix of rules, cars and track line-up;
  • Point-to-point support – for Rally / Hillclimb type events;
  • Mid-race Saving Option – Offering the chance to save and resume races in single player mode

Content-wise, there will be some further additions to enrich the sim with some further diversity – the idea is to bring more popular / famous international cars & tracks alongside other more exotic options.

The items below are what we can already confirm as FREE content to be added to AMS along the way:

  • Formula Vintage – new GP series based in a late 60s F1 car to complete our GP heritage line up, covering 6 decades of the sport.
  • Ibarra – Pitoresque old-style Ecuadorian track set in between a beautiful mountainous scenery and the lake Yawarkucha.


In addition to all the free resources, developments and content presented above, Automobilista will also receive some extra cars & tracks in the shape of paid DLC packages, all sold individually for very reasonable fees, or as a package in our Reiza Membership deals which will also offer some further value for money. More information on these packages will be divulged very soon.


AMS logo

A new EARLY ACCESS build of AMS (v.0.8.6r) has been deployed now on Steam.

Below are the release notes & main changelog (please make sure to check for someimportant information regarding the new build):


  • Improved support for Windows User Account Control – now all user-generated files should be stored in MyDocs\Automobilista folder. Users with UAC on will be prompted to create a new profile (if you disable UAC or run as admin however it will still use game folder)
  • Added option to select PLAYER LEVEL after new profile creation (can be changed later from the difficulty menu) – CASUAL / ADVANCED / HARDCORE: depending on level selected, the default settings will be customized accordingly for various Difficulty / Controls / Display options
  • Several new UI improvements & adjustments + version number added to bottom right corner of main menu
  • Further adjusted tire scrub volume calculation, default settings & added Tire Volume Slider to the AUDIO menu
  • Some DynHUD improvements for better stability (& pedal cursors now optional from the editor)
  • Fixed bug with vehicle labels not working
  • Fixed bug with FFB level selection sometimes not sticking
  • Added a FFB Reset function whenever a session is (re)started (to try prevent issues with users occasionally losing FFB)
  • Implemented advanced transmission code for all cars with dog-type sequential boxes (Marcas, SuperV8, MR18, Lancer RS, Shifter and Superkart) now featuring ignition cut-off (AKA powershift) in upshifts; if engine / drivetrain RPM mismatch is too great, gear change is not accepted
  • Downshift protection also added to prevent engine over-revving in semi-auto boxes;
  • Added option for manual gear shift override in cars with autoshift electronic aids (such as F-V10 & Camaro SS)
  • Adjusted flatspotting range (slightly more sensitive than previous version)
  • Fixed bug with Mini autoshift driving aid not working correctly
  • Removed launch control being left mistakenly enabled in F3 & Supertruck
  • Tweaked fast line at chicane in second half of lap of Salvador to minimize cars rolling
  • Fixed foggy cockpit windshield in Lancer RS
  • Fixed bug with Renault Fluence LOD in night lighting
  • Various AI adjustments to generally improve their behavior & performance
  • Added a few missing helmet skins + corrected alpha channels for another lot of them
  • Fixed digital LCDs not working in Indian Momentum F-Extreme cars

Please keep the discussions & questions pertinent to the new build and the list above here.

If you have a bug to report please use the bug report thread. (make sure o check the opening post).


In the upcoming patch we are including some Force Feedback updates, many of you have been asking for.


FFB Meter
In the secondary controller settings you will find an option to bind a key for the FFB Meter.
Once enabled, the yellow line marks your minimum force setting, and the red line shows the maximum force.
The green graph displays the steering forces sent to your wheel.

If the graph exceeds the red line you are experiencing “Clipping”
Clipping means, that your wheel has reached the maximum output force and you won’t feel any difference above that limit.


Minimum Force
The minimum Force Setting can be found in the FFB Settings Menu, and will allow you to amplify all the small FFB forces that your wheel might not be able to put out. That means small bumps and steering forces will be increased to a point where you can actually feel them through your wheel and thereby adding more details to your FFB.
This will also help eliminate the “dead center feeling” occurring with some of the wheels.


Slip Effect
This Effect simulates the shuttering of your tires as they struggle for grip,
which occurs for example during wheelspin, understeering, sliding and even on heavy braking.
Depending on the amount of grip as well as the rotation speed of your tires you will feel a vibration indicating that your tires are slipping.
The higher the rotation speed of your tires, the higher the frequency of the vibrations is.
The more grip your tires loose, the higher the amplitude of the vibration will be.

Stationary Friction
This will deal with the problem of wheels rotating by themselves if the car is stationary, for example in garage or on the starting grid.
This won’t be an option you will find in the menu, and it only takes effect, if the car moves slower then a couple of meter per second.

FFB Multiplier
Since the FFB in R3E is based on the car physics (Tire load & grip + suspension geometry), different cars result in different FFB strength.
So in the past you might have found your perfect FFB settings for one car, only to find out they don’t work as well with another car.
To avoid this, you are now able to adjust the cars individual FFB strength by changing the FFB Multiplier.
You will find this new Setting in the Car Setup>Steering Settings.
Increase the FFB Multiplier if a particular car feels too weak.
Decrease it, if the FFB of the car is causing heavy clipping.

Recommended Settings

1. Start by choosing the new default profile for your wheel in the Controller Profiles Menu. It contains presets for all the new settings.

2. To adjust the FFB strength individually per car, change the FFB Multiplier in the Car Setup>Steering Settings Menu

3. Depending on the Wheel you own, choose how much Clipping you want to allow.

  • If you for example own a Logitech G27, you should aim for Mild Clipping values, in order not to loose too much of the overall FFB Strength.
  • If you own a high end, direct driven wheel you can easily set it up for Zero Clipping, for the maximum amount of detail.



We are happy to announce that open beta of Update 1.23 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 is now available on Steam.

We are bringing a lot of changes in the core game; you will find a condensed change-log at the bottom of this blog post. Let us introduce the major additions with more detail:Steam Workshop

Steam Workshop is a hub which allows simple distribution of game modifications created by community. Thanks to Steam Workshop, you can download and install mods effortlessly from a safe and trusted place.

Here’s a short how-to on downloading and activating mods from Steam Workshop:

  1.  Launch the game, go to the “Mod Manager” screen, and click on the “Steam Workshop” button in the top part of the window. The Steam in-game browser will appear and you will see the game’s Steam workshop page.
  2. Go to “Items”, select a mod which is interesting for you, and click on the green subscribe [+] button. Steam will automatically download the mod. When it is ready, you will see the mod in Mod Manager.
  3. Double click on the mod to activate it and then click on the “Confirm Changes” button in the bottom part of Mod Manager,
  4. Load your profile and try your mod. (note: pay attention to mod loading priority to avoid mod incompatibilities)

SCS Workshop Uploader app

Modding our games through Steam Workshop will require use of a dedicated tool for mod makers; a new dedicated Steam application – SCS Workshop Uploader. You can grab it from your Steam library under Tools category.

We have also prepared a Wiki with full SCS Steam Workshop Uploader documentation and modding tutorials where you can find guidance how to use our tools for mod creation.

Please note that at the moment we do not include support for map mods in the Uploader, this will come later but it requires more work on sanitization of all the data making up the map.

Please note that SCS Workshop Uploader will become available later today.

Ultimate Wheel Customization

As previewed in one of our previous blogs, we have expanded wheel customization options to match real-world customization flexibility. Wheels now consist of a tyre, a disk, nuts, a hub and a hub cover, and you can choose and tune each of them separately. We have recreated the old wheels in the game from these building blocks, but you can mix and match them freely now to get many more combinations. We have also tweaked the materials to bring you alu-disks which are the most regular type of disks used.
More Features and Improvements
Here’s is log of additional fixes and improvements that went into this update:


  • Steam Workshop
  • New Rims


  • Traffic offense can be disabled (option)
  • Navigation path (red line) can be disabled (option)
  • Option to keep Route Advisor hidden while getting new notifications
  • Autopark feature can be disabled (option)
  • Speeding highlight on Route Advisor


  • Smart cruise control can use activated engine brake when no retarder is present
  • Advanced shifting simulation
  • Real shifter layouts (Scania, Volvo, ZF). To activate them you need to use new profile or remove your custom H-Shifter layouts
  • Improved truck stability during retarder usage


  • AI improvements
  • Traffic offense costs scaled by player level

You can find the beta in the public_beta branch on Steam. (Steam client -> LIBRARY -> right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 -> Properties -> Betas tab -> public_beta – 1.23 public beta). No password is required.

IL-2 BoS logo

Hello everyone!

Today we’ll show a bit of Ju 88 A-4. The plane is shaping up and it turns out to be an interesting one.

First, it has a rich instruments array. Second, it can carry a huge bomb load, almost as heavy as He 111, but Ju 88 is actually a dive bomber, thus it can deliver its bombs with significantly better accuracy. Third, there are interesting engineering decisions that appear in our sim for a first time, for example, radial radiators positioning around engines or significant armor protecting the gunners. Fourth, this bomber can carry up to 44 50 kg bombs, no other plane in the sim can carry so many. Fifth, unlike He 111 H-6, its turrets are armed with MG-81 belt fed machine guns with high rate of fire that allow a thicker defensive fire curtain.

In addition, last week our engineers tested the planes turn time and climb rate, so we updated the Dev Diary #123 with the corrected data. Fw 190 flight model was also corrected (thanks to [I.B.]ViRUS for his cool find of additional Fw 190 A-4 Lift-Drag curves) so its turn tume and climb rate correspond to the reference better.


DCS changelog

DCS World

  • Campaign panel. Fw 190 campaign will be presented in the campaign panel
  • The campaign will have progress if it is in the directory for multilanguage campaigns
  • Options panel. Error when “Make HTML” button pressed fixed
  • US pilots 3D models on the Kuznetsov deck are removed
  • Multi monitor viewport looks OK even if GUI is setup using custom coordinates
  • Ground Units: MLRS’ wind correction has been fixed. BM-30 “Smerch” 9M55F rocket with single HE warhead has been added for test. The old one (9M55K) is still used as primary.
  • MP. Bug resulting to loss when server occupied a slot is fixed
  • Stinger and Igla manpads will shoot
  • Missing georgian Stinger manpad is restored
  • Bug with wingman Ka-50 (AI) can’t start engine at first try is fixed
  • Battlefield Commanders menu will be available even if CA is not installed
  • Fixed crash with use scroll bar “Max launch range” after the destruction of the unit
  • AI S-3B Tanker will take off correctly
  • Obsolete P-37 radar model deleted from Caucasus
  • Removed duplicate missions of Belsimtek modules
  • Encyclopedia corrections

DCS MiG-15bis

  • DGMK current and desired course logic corrected
  • ARK frequency scale corrected
  • Slightly increased loads at subsonic and transonic speeds

DCS Fw 190 D-9

  • Water-methanol mix added to old default missions
  • Added MW/B4 weight to aircraft total weight

DCS Bf 109 K-4

  • Artificial horizon cage ring operation corrected
  • Added combined wheel brakes axis command
  • Added default snap views
  • Synced radiator flaps in MP games between player and his net phantom
  • Added MW/B4 weight to aircraft total weight
  • Jettisoned canopy will appear in cockpit after repair


  • Missing Parking Brake handle is restored
  • Wrong behavior of several 3-pos switches is corrected
  • Corrected Emergency Jettison handle
  • Fixed Accelerometer issues
  • Added clickable elements on flight stick and throttle grip
  • Corrected implementation of “CW-VOICE” switch
  • EGT indicator is turned 6 degrees clockwise
  • Fixed landing gear indicators
  • Added Landing Gear Unsafe Warning Lamp
  • Numerous cockpit texture fixes
  • Corrected AN/ARN-6 lightning
  • Corrected too strong electrical cage
  • Speed brake airflow sound
  • Keyboard and axis commands added in input
  • Input presets updated
  • Fine-tuned stall and spin dynamics
  • Slightly increased aileron effectiveness, reduced aileron effectiveness at high AOA


  • F-15C. Misplaced aircraft centreline symbol on HUD is corrected
  • MiG-29. Added G/AoA limit sounds
  • Su-25. Corrected position for the Mode Switch

DCS Hawk T1 by VEAO

  • Autostart and Autostop commands now working


  • Added radar antenna elevation axis.
  • Added network argument for pilot visor and internal AB glow
  • Added more dependencies for damage (gear box to inner wing, engine to fuselage, etc…)
  • Added random failure of stores modeling due to over-G using AA mode when you should be in Stores mode
  • Added engine RPM governing and afterburner random fluctuations due to engine damage
  • Added Afterburner malfunction if engine health less than 75%.
  • Modified default UnitPayloads to use Matra Missiles.
  • Modified Aero effects due to nose damage
  • Modified Aero effects due to damage not linear anymore (square root of damage)
  • Fixed controls indicator.
  • Fixed TDC axis not working.
  • Fixed TDC bug making it immobile when a target is locked.
  • Fixed TACAN mode switch to multi-position instead of axis.
  • Fixed strobe lights.
  • Fixed stick position logic in AP mode and correct engagement/disengagement threshold.
  • Fixed logic for aux intake doors.
  • Fix for engine thrust point from engine instead of from aircraft CG
  • Fix for bingo giving incorrect warning and default of 1200kg.
  • Tuning for negative G behavior of slow speed FBW mode.
  • Tuning for tolerance for engine flameout.
  • More aerodynamic tuning at extreme envelope
  • Gear and brake behavior tuning
  • Various performance tuning
  • Updated the user manual (radar section).
  • Updated Radar Screen
  • Gear using common rate limiter now
  • Improvements the braking moment to prevent loss of control down the runway
  • Initial parachute in external model
  • Initial parachute control and aerodynamic modeling
  • Parachute dynamic/random movement
  • Possible fix for damage elements regaining health during flight
  • Fix for fuel dump losing fuel in internal tank
  • Fix for fuel cutoff still allowing afterburner to work
  • Added parachute commands and clickable for lever
  • Add radar elevation and azimuth control
  • Add radar antenna stabilization
  • Add new type of engine shutdown button keybind
  • Update and rework ECS oxygen systems
  • Update autopilot pitch control dynamics
  • Fix FBW side acceleration terms
  • Fix roll/heading trim control in autopilot
  • Fix bug with default.lua slats keybinds
  • Fix minor FBW test lights bug
  • Fix autopilot using true MSL, not uses indicated altitude
  • Fix fuel dump incorrectly showing in fuel rate indicator
  • Fix (Caucus -> Caucasus…this is what happens around voting season) mission names
  • Fix radar contact movement in PPI mode
  • Fix minor bugfixes


  • PPI target acquiring on net client fixed
  • Alternative turret control mode has almost invisible cursor in IR vision mode
  • Alternative control mode reset on mission exit has been fixed
  • Fixed crash when player uses “G” command
  • IR-view inside cabin will not inherit state from previous mission


AMS logo

    Main changelog:

  • Changed FFB levels and adjusted default settings both for better clarity as well as improving their default settings: instead of Low/Medium/High/Full, now Pure 360hz/Pure 180hz/Pure + Effects 1 / Pure + Effects 2 / Pure + Effects 3. Pure 360hz is the recommended for purest & higher fidelity FFB; Pure 180hz may be better suited for high end wheels with performance issues triggered by the high rates; The others add levels of extra “canned” effects from the game engine also se to 180 hz to avoid performance issues
  • Updated Java version for better compatibility with Win10 systems
  • Corrected errors with DynHUD fuel widget scaling & displays with imperial units
  • Initial pass of updated TV overlay graphics (still very early)
  • Various UI corrections
  • Max Framerate set to 120 by default for new profiles (consistent FPS is important to minimize tearing / stuttering)
  • Fixed bug with settings not being saved in the controller.ini when they should
  • Adjusted default AMS Config settings: Full Screen; remove advanced FSAA options as they don’t work; set to desktop resolution rather than 1920×1080 (please run Config again if you had any issues)
  • Added a message to the in-game lobby so people are aware the matchmaker needs to be accessed from the Steam client for now
  • Corrected various championship schedules & default rules for various series
  • Enhanced tire skid and scrub volume calculation and updated tire sounds for all cars accordingly
  • Scaled down Rental Kart chassis to more accurate dimensions
  • Reduced default mirror resolution marginally & adjusted Mirrors and cockpit POV for F301 & FV10
  • Fixed F-V10 rear right tire UV mapping
  • Fixed missing safety rollcage bar for Honda Civic external model
  • Corrected mirror positions in Lancer R & RS
  • Corrected Indian Momentum team not showing up for the F-Extreme
  • Fixed omni on chicane road meshes and added collision mesh to fence inside final turns for Taruma.
  • Fixed error with Lancer Rallycross in lower detail settings
  • Fixed CTD with lower circuit detail settings at Inter kart layouts
  • Fixed Foz pitlane layout causing excessive rattling
  • Fixed Interlagos DRS & tire rules
  • Small physics improvements to Supertruck, Lancer Rallycross & F-Extreme
  • Fixed electronic driving aids being incorrectly enabled for F-V12
  • Several minor AIW corrections for newer layouts
  • Fixed F-V10 head physics
  • Enabled refuelling for F-V10
  • Disabled advanced transmission code for sequential boxes until further developments
  • Minor AI behavior adjustments & improvements

ir iracing logo

As of now iRacing has gone into maintenance mode to allow the dev team to deploy the new season build of iRacing, but while we wait the 5 hours or so while they do their magic we can at least check out the release notes.

As expected they contain info about the 4 new cars and the first version of the DX11 engine. I had a quick read and they mention being able to run at different times of the day and the ability to flash your head lights. Another new item was the tool that will allow you to capture video from within the sim which could be handy for speeding up creating new videos.

Here are the full unedited release notes,

This release features a whopping FOUR new vehicles: Audi R8 LMS GT3, Formula Renault 2.0, Mercedes-AMG GT3, and Mazda MX-5 Cup. Try them all and find out which one is going to be your favorite!

With this release we are also launching a few brand new systems to further enhance your sim racing experience. We have added a DirectX 11 mode for the Sim to streamline the rendering process and reduce the CPU bottleneck inherent in our complex scenes. The Dynamic Tire Debris Accumulation system will actually show you in real-time what’s sticking to your tires based on our physics calculations and the Dynamic Track. We have also expanded our horizons, literally, and are proud to introduce the Time of Day feature including both Morning and Late Afternoon as options on all tracks and race modes. We have enhanced our Netcode with an option for greater bandwidth, allowing more information to pass between you and our servers. A new easy-to-use video capture tool has also been rolled directly into the Sim with this release. Also, our vehicle audio, including engine sounds, tires, gear shifting, and much more has been made even more realistic with this release. All of these systems help to enhance our realism and raise the bar on what you can expect from the quality of your favorite racing simulator.

We hope you enjoy this release; see you out on the track!