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Well now the news that we have signed the deal has gone public, get ready for the all-in-one patch to go live!

Initially our patches from v3.00 to v4.312 will be made into a single download patch and available via Steam. This should be available in the next few-days and do away with the need to download multiple patches. Just head to Steam and download the single patch (although if you already have our patches installed there is no-need as it’s the same version).

One thing you will need to do is turn ‘Beta’ downloads on in Steam as that is what the official v4.312 patch is listed under. Here’s a picture to show how to do it:


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Hi Squaddies,
The day has finally arrived. After much tribulation we present to the world Alpha 9 of Squad! It is now available via Steam so be sure to update before playing.
In addition to upgrading to Unreal Engine 4.14, this update comes packed with a whole lot of content related additions including new vehicles, map expansions, gameplay changes and balance tweaks.
For more information on some of the major new additions in this version, please take a look at our Feature Preview for Version 9 put out recently.
Version 9 is now available via Steam. Please always reset your appdata in the game settings on every new build!


  • Added Minsk 400 Motorcycle, BRDM-2 Scout Car and MT-LB PKT APC to the Insurgent vehicle pool
  • Added BTR-80 APC, BRDM-2 Scout Car, MT-LB NSVT APC and MT-LB 30mm Cannon IFV to the Militia vehicle pool
  • Added BTR-82A IFV, MT-LB NSVT APC, MT-LB 30mm Cannon IFV and Ural 4320 truck to the Russian vehicle pool.
  • Added Stryker ICV to the US Army vehicle pool
  • FOB Radio Hub no longer creates a spawn point
  • Added a new FOB Deployable, the ‘HAB’, which is basically a spawn point. US Army and Russian HABs cost 500 Construction Points, Insurgents cost 350 and Militia costs 400. HABs are limited to 1 per FOB.
  • Added a Heavy Anti Tank for Insurgents and Militia. This kit features the PG7-VR Tandem HEAT warhead launched from the RPG-7. Youll find that this is the most effective anti vehicle weapon on the battlefield. It is similarly very front heavy, so be sure to take your time to line up your one shot. The kit is team limited as well as squad limited, similar to how the Marksman role operates. Unlocks 1 slot per team at every 20 players. Squad size must be 9 to claim. Kit comes with 1 Tandem HEAT round and one regular HEAT round as well as an AKS74U as a primary weapon.
  • Temporarily disabled the open/close driver hatch functionality on the BTR-80. The feature will return soon! New experimental version of closed hatch available on the MTLB series of vehicles.
  • Added a new feature where you can double tap the Walk key to stay locked in walking mode and you can toggle the shift manually to sprint. A simple tap of any Walk key will then disable it.
  • Reduced the stamina regeneration rate by 33%.
  • Due to the success of the test of the HMG environment penetration, we are now rolling it out for all 5.56/5.45 and 7.62 rifle caliber weapons. This practically means any primary weapon in the game, with the exception of the PPSH-41. The penetration varies depending on the caliber of the round (bigger being better) and what you are shooting at. Both damage and effective range upon exit is modified by the material. Time to consider if you are in cover or concealment from your attacker, as well as if you want to have a weapon with better environment penetration or not. G3s and 7.62 AKs are options in this case. 30mm AP projectiles are similarly able to penetrate the environment, and are particularly good at it. Beware, this is the first damage type able to penetrate the afghan tightly packed mud walls material.
  • Deployable SPG-9s are now limited to 2 per FOB.
  • Repair stations are now limited to 2 per FOB.
  • All 5 ton transport trucks now hold up to 18 players instead of 13
  • Smoothed out the overheating penalty on emplaced and vehicle mounted HMGs. The punishment period is shorter but you will overheat quickly again. More viable for sustained fire and less crippling.
  • Squad Leaders are now able to set ‘possible’ friendly FOB locations thru the SLs map Hex Menu as a green FOB icon for the entire friendly team to see. This should help facilitate SL to SL communication when relating to FOB placement.
  • SL Hex enemy spotted icons are now red to bring it more consistent with items that expand or items that are placeable.
  • Due to the success of Op. First Light Conquest and at the request of the community, Conquest has now been added to Gorodok and Yehorivka.
  • All layers have been updated with all new vehicle loadouts. Depending on gamemode, faction, and size will determine how many and what type of asset is used.
  • Increased head turning angle limits as passengers in vehicles
  • Added a ton of interior decoration to the HMMWVs and in the back of the Technicals


  • Vehicle Handling has been dramatically improved. Force is now applied at the contact point between the wheel and the ground, rather than the center of the vehicle.
  • Added N-Wheeled and Tracked Vehicle physics. N-Wheeled vehicles allow us to simulate any number of wheels, and Tracked vehicles allow us to simulate vehicles with tracks. The BTR has been moved over to N-Wheeled physics.
  • Added the ability to climb obstacles by engaging Off Road mode (Default Key: Left Shift), which is useful in situations where you need maximum torque.
  • The Last player to damage a Vehicle is now cached for 30 seconds. Any unknown or burn damage that is dealt to this vehicle will be attributed to the last damager until the timer expires. Any new damage will become the owner and reset the timer.
  • Flipped Vehicles now attribute their damage to the driver. If there is no driver, it’s attributed to the last damager. This means that any passengers that die due to a flipped vehicle will be counted as team-kills for the driver.
  • Added an admin-only notification for when a developer or privileged QA member joins a server
  • Added a Crash Reporter. Now, if your game crashes or generates a crash dump, a crash reporter will appear, asking you to send the crash to us. Please do, as this helps us find and fix crashes.
  • Redid the way steering wheel hand animations are handled, resulting is a much better and more natural way to steer
  • Added some physics to the vehicle as it transitions into its wrecked state after being destroyed
  • Reduced height impact normal to try and reduce the amount of situations where players were being killed behind low cover.
  • Content is now packaged into PAK files. This should reduce loading time and increase the security of the game.
  • Tweaked player movement when going up and down stairs to be a little more deliberate
  • Updated the Easy Anticheat SDK.


  • Replaced the Scoreboard with a new design and added many new points of data to track your performance during the round.
  • Added new Kit Role icons, replacing the old set
  • Ammunition UI has been updated to conform to newer design standards
  • Tightening some style elements regarding font sizes
  • Restyled and reworked the backend on how Text Chat is rendered on the screen
  • Added a new more realistic reticle for the BTR-80 KPVT Turret
  • Added new icons distinguishing APCs vs IFVs (IFVs have a 30mm Cannon or greater)
  • Added new icons distinguishing Tracked and Wheeled armoured vehicles
  • Added new loading Splash image
  • Updated loading QuickStart guide
  • Tweaked radial menu button sensitivity to feel a better in terms of hovering over with your mouse (outer widgets were being selected too early when moving the mouse from the middle to the outer widgets)
  • Removed old Ticket Counter and Round timer as they are now integrated into the new Scoreboard
  • Optimised code for the Stamina and Jump bar, also adjusted the visual styling
  • Updated Credits


  • New vehicle engine sounds for all new vehicles and also modified the existing vehicles
  • Improved some bullethit impact sounds and flyby bullet crack sounds
  • Modified distance sounds for some explosions
  • Modified M4, AKs, SKS, KPVT fire sounds.
  • Added burning vehicle sounds
  • Added UI sounds
  • Added music tracks ‘Downtime’ and ‘Faith’ to the Main Menu music playlist


  • Gorodok has been expanded greatly, with the addition of more towns, industrial complexes and points of interest.
  • Yehorivka has had additional towns, map detailing and points of interest added.
  • Adjusted map terrain lod levels to minimize distance warping especially on Kohat. Should reduce occurrence of floating players and vehicles.
  • Added an array of additional compounds and ruined areas to Chora as well as fixing general bugs and issues. Optimization pass to reduce draw call overhead.
  • Kohat and OPFL have been completely merged down to hardened maps (some minor final steps) should see increased GPU performance especially on low end machines. Allowed us to push foliage and grass draw distance out to more acceptable levels.
  • Added Minsk Motorcycles on the Jensen’s Range Racetrack, along with additional spawn points
  • Improved behaviour of map borders on Sumari, Logar, Kohat and Chora.
  • Adjusted scale of the Bridge on Kohat and improved its collision mesh to prevent players from falling through
  • Removed all static Minsk 400 bikes from maps
  • Updated Kokan lighting on PAAS V1
  • Added a number of additional compounds to Kokan
  • Fixed a lot of doubled up static geometry occurring on some maps
  • Fixed ammo crates on Sumari ITC from being in the ground.

Bug Fixes & Optimizations

  • Fixed super dark shading on the Militia faction soldier models
  • Fixed odd player camera rotations while as a passenger in a vehicle
  • Fixed a bug where the logistics driver wasn’t getting points for dropping supplies off
  • Merged a lot of deployable statics together, improving performance
  • Heavily optimised the Weapon Cache mesh
  • Fixed engine sounds playing the incorrect sounds on low settings
  • Increased shovel detection zone size on repair stations.
  • Fixed attachment of burning and destruction effects on vehicles
  • Tweaked rocket trails and backblast effects
  • Optimized footstep dirt effect
  • Fixed a couple of issues involving shooting your own vehicle unintentionally with the turret gun on some vehicles
  • Adjusted and optimised a number of vehicle wrecks
  • Fixed chain-link fences, razor wire and regular wire fences to be penetrable
  • Fixed collisions on a number of stone-wall statics
  • Changed minimum required mipmap LOD bias to prevent .ini changes from making the minimap unusable
  • Fixed collisions issue with destroyed vehicles bouncing around like crazy and colliding with players
  • Fixed giving radial menu access depending on your deploy role instead of your current role
  • Prevented unnecessary overlap events from firing on all vehicles to improve performance on vehicles
  • Fixed an issue where dying due to bleed damage shortly after revive would incorrectly send you to wounded rather than dead.
  • Fixed a bug where ‘Use Inventory Switch Timer’ config setting didn’t persist across game restarts
  • Started hardening passes on many of the older maps, dramatically decreasing draw calls. Will continue into A10 on newer maps as they become complete.
  • Audited physmats to ensure penetration was enabled on all appropriate material types.


  • Exposed the following functions to Blueprint.
    • SQVehicle
    • bool IsValidSeat(int32 Seat) const
    • bool IsSeatHeldByClaimingSquad(int32 Seat) const
    • void EjectAllPlayers()
    • TArray<usqvehicleseatcomponent*> GetSeats() const
    • USQVehicleSeatComponent* GetDriverSeat() const;
    • void GetExitPoints(TArray& OutTransforms);
    • AController* LastDamageInstigator
    • void EjectPlayerFromSeat(int32 Seat)
    • void RequestChangeSeat(class ASQPlayerController* Player, int32 RequestedSeat)
    • SQGroundVehicle
    • void SetEngineActiveInput(bool bNewEngineActive)
    • void SetEngineBoostPressed(bool bInHasEngineBoostBeenPressed)
    • bool CanToggleEngine()
  • Fixed an issue where the OnSeat Events weren’t being called in SQVehicle (Thanks SgtStryker)
  • Added a 4-param event in SQSoldier, OnSeatChange(Soldier, Vehicle, FromSeat, ToSeat) for when seat switching happens on the client. The client only receives this event when a seat change event happens, not why. A player has entered a vehicle when FromSeat is null and ToSeat is valid, a player has exited the vehicle when FromSeat is valid and ToSeat is null. A player has switched seats when both FromSeat and ToSeat are both valid. FromSeat and ToSeat both being null is an invalid operation, and will never happen.
  • Exposed “Wound” and “Die” to Blueprint. Note: These functions may fail in certain situations and the player may not be wounded or die. Check the return value to be sure if the call succeeded!



Spring is in the air and we’re pleased with our progress over the past few months. We have a lot to share with you. We decided to take the time to really bring together all of the newly developed elements – UI, VR, and DX11. Although this puts us slightly behind our targeted “end of Q1” release date, we promise you it will be worth the wait. In addition, we wanted to make sure that modders and leagues have enough time to update their content so it shines in the new engine. With all of this in mind, we’re targeting a release date of May 1st.

DX11 Pipeline and Post FX

Over the course of the last month we have spent a lot of time to further optimise the HDR rendering pipeline. We also started adding post processing effects. This is a bit of a balancing act between ensuring we stay compatible with existing content and adding various improvements to the graphical output. Work on shaders, the shadow system, and on various other effects is also under way.

Working on the DX11 integration has allowed us to fix some things that were previously unaddressed or needed improvement. For example, we fixed an issue with stray coloured pixels in the distance, caused by MSAA artifacts. We also improved the way shadows are cast on the ground. Shadows now follow the normal maps of the materials, which means for example that the shadow on asphalt follows all the little bumps in the road. Our clouds are using much higher resolution textures, and we fine tuned ambient lighting in overcast conditions by adjusting both the color and intensity of the light.

Last month we already showed you improvements, some of which were very subtle. This month, we have a few new screenshots that will show we’re on the right track!

Shadows now follow all the small bumps in the road surface.

Our classic content looks great as the first rays of sunlight touch the banking.

The Camaro GT3 on a bright blue day at Mores.

Virtual Reality is operational

Great news! We are already driving in VR – seeing a virtual sun rise through the trees is an incredible experience!
Our VR implementation is based on OpenVR. We chose OpenVR for its support of both headsets – the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift – ensuring future compatibility. To complete the experience, we are integrating VR with the new UI and adjusting several other parts of the game, such as external cameras.

User Interface

The UI is really taking shape. The initial release will be functionally equivalent to the current user interface, but with some advanced features. Each month, features and functionality of the user interface will be improved. For example, the ability to create your own championships and easier ways to create your own hosted environments.

Radical Content

We can’t wait to announce some very, very cool content news soon, for both cars and tracks. As you know, our ambition is to streamline content, aligning cars and tracks. In the meantime, the Radical SR3 is coming along nicely. We have extensive technical data from Radical and are creating the most realistic version that has ever been produced.


We are very happy that many modding teams have already applied to join our special forum. We have already started to share information there about upgrading custom shaders. Over the next couple of weeks we will proceed with guidelines on materials and textures as well as provide early beta builds for you to check your work. These guides will be part of a new documentation that we will publish and maintain going forward. So, if you are working on new or existing mods for rFactor 2 and have not done so yet, contact Christopher and Marcel to join the dedicated DX11 forum.

That wraps up another monthly roadmap update. We hope you are as excited as we are about what the future will bring!


DCS World logo

Introduced new F-5E ACM campaign by Maple Flag.

DCS World

  • MP. Repairing client no longer causes crash. Fixed an occasional crash that could occur when restarting mission. Other stability improvements.
  • AIM-7M. DLZ of AIs corrected.
  • Fix of lift ground effect under objects.
  • AI fighters will attack helicopters with the close range AA missiles.
  • Fixed an older issue where AI vehicles are unable to find a road if the first on road waypoint isn’t placed on a road.
  • Invalid number of chaff/flares in rearming menu fixed.
  • BetAB-500ShP. Corrected a rocket motor flame position.
  • S-24 rocket. Corrected a rocket motor flame volume.
  • ME. Advanced actions – perform command – transmit message locale bug is fixed.
  • Encyclopedia. Some updates and bugfixes.
  • The midair crashes (feel like invisible obstacles) of aircraft near Nellis fixed.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev

  • Fixed auto startup sequence. No more BLOC.CAB announcement after autostart.
  • Fixed main wheels coordinates, wheel smoke will be shown correctly now.
  • Fixed helmet visor texture (removed banding).


  • POL mode bug fixed. Now all weapons safetied when in POL mode.
  • D2M keybinds fixed.
  • Minor changes to FM.

DCS Flaming Cliffs

  • Bomb-fall line on russian aircraft HUD will not be flashing.
  • Su-27. Corrected wheel brakes. Added new command for brakes – LShift+W.

DCS Combined Arms

  • Tunguska (SA-19). The auto-sighting when stabilization is on corrected.


  • Camera shake cockpit feature was added
  • 6 basic checklists were added in the voice-over mode of the AI crew and with the waiting of the user’s actions (RU locale only a while).
  • R-828 sound commutation fixed in according with SPU rotary switch.
  • SPU – max volume at hot start.
  • DC rotary switch in BATT BUS position by default at hot start.

Sadly, some critical issues still not fixed because we can’t reproduce them and find a reason. However, we still working on it and hope to resolve these issues ASAP.
Known issues:

  • M-2000C: Significant performance drop with enabled mirrors when canopy is opened or jettisoned.
  • MiG-21bis: Significant performance drop when other aircraft placed nearby.
  • L-39 engine stops right after entering the mission.
  • L-39 starts perpendicular to RWY.
  • A-10C Crash when battery switch is used from cold start.
  • F-15C control axis don’t work.
  • Bf-109, Spitfire – some gauges don’t work.
  • F-5 Freezes DCS completely, CTD, regardless if in the air or ground.
  • DCS сrashes when Shilka hits a FC3 plane



FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
UNIT: Main Branch
ACTIVITY: Game Update 1.68 (64-bit Executables, Ambient Occlusion Overhaul, Maintenance)
SIZE: ~10.4 GB / ~1.3 GB (depends on Apex ownership)


  • Consider using the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update.
  • Consider defragmenting your HDD after downloading large updates.
  • Updating a deeply moddable game and its platform is not without risks. We use various methods to communicate upcoming changes to our awesome modding community, such as via the Dev Hub. We also co-operate directly on troubleshooting, and we offer an opportunity to test updates via our Release Candidate tests. Modders, server administrators and other members of the community do their best to prepare for updates and to address issues post-release as quickly as possible. Please be mindful of some interruptions (especially in the first hours / days after a release) while we all work to improve the game together.
  • A Legacy Build Steam branch is available for advanced users. It contains the previous significant main branch version (1.66). It can be used to compare specific changes between major releases. The access code for this branch is: Arma3Legacy166
  • This update does not apply to the experimental Linux and Mac port betas at time of writing. We hope to be updating those as soon as possible.
  • You can find the servers in the Steam library (switch the filter to “Tools”) – “Arma 3 Server” (based on your OS, it will download the Windows or Linux version).
    • Administrators can also use the command-line SteamCMD utility. The app ID is to be 233780.
    • NVIDIA GameWorks™ Technology provided under license from NVIDIA Corporation. Copyright © 2002-2017 NVIDIA Corporation. All rights reserved. NVIDIA® and PhysX® are trademarks of NVIDIA Corporation and are used under license.
  • In case of problems, please check the Bohemia Interactive support F.A.Q., Arma 3 F.A.Q., BattlEye F.A.Q., or Launcher troubleshooting guide.
  • You can help us to further improve the game by posting your feedback on the Feedback Tracker.



  • Added: New Ambient Occlusion settings in Video Options
  • Added: Sounds for vehicles colliding with water (cars driving through water and planes falling into water)
  • Added: Sound for Turn In / Out actions for armored vehicles
  • Added: Titles of Advanced Hints are now structured text and can be multi-line
  • Added: The scene behind the Debriefing screen is now blurred
  • Added: A new Fuel hit point for tracked armored vehicles (so they can lose fuel)
  • Added A new Hull hit point for wheeled vehicles (so they can be destroyed on a single critical hit)
  • Added: When multiple Main Menu spotlight options are available, they are cycled automatically. Users can browse them manually using arrows.
  • Added: Showcase NATO now has an updated voice-over (with a speakerphone effect)
  • Added: After calling an artillery support, a marker with ETA is shown in the map for the caller
  • Added: Ability to set a default number of rounds for artillery. Copy this code to the init field of the artillery vehicle:
    • this setVariable [“BIS_SUPP_useDefaultBurst”,3]; //3 is the number of rounds
    • Also, if you don’t want to think about a specific number of rounds, use the default value (usually 3 rounds):
      • this setVariable [“BIS_SUPP_useDefaultBurst”,true]; //True to enable an automatic default burst
  • Added: Multi-line version UI classes RscTextMulti and RscEditMulti for use with scripted controls
  • Added: IR grenades now have a proper sound for impact with the ground
  • Added: Field Manual preview models for explosives
  • Added: Sounds when getting in and out of helicopters (incl. 3D processing type)
  • Added: Rain sounds on car surfaces while inside of the vehicle
  • Added: TypeRecognitionDistance to the sensor templates
  • Tweaked: Performance of high-caliber ammunition:
    • Armor Piercing shells are now more likely to deflect from hard surfaces
    • High Explosive shells detonate on contact
    • HEAT shells now have average deflection behavior
  • Added: Pressing the Esc key in Splendid Camera now opens the Pause Menu. To exit the camera, click on the “CLOSE” button there.
  • Added: New samples for cabine opening and closing animations on the Caesar BTT airplanes
  • Added: Configured additional existing liveries for the CH-49
  • Added: 2 scripted variants of weapon holders: GroundWeaponHolder_Scripted and WeaponHolderSimulated_Scripted (
  • Added: Locked door keypads on Tanoa are now indicated by a red light where appropriate
  • Added: Locked door keypads on Altis and Stratis are now indicated by a red light where appropriate
  • Added: Reverse camera display for the SUV
  • Added: Flag proxies for various vehicles
  • Added: A new RscTreeSearch class for scripted creation of the RscTree with search capability
  • Added: An option to prevent spawning on dead characters in the BIS_fnc_moveToSpawnPos function
  • Tweaked: Ambient Occlusion and light maps of structures were overhauled
  • Tweaked: Some Apex data has been decrypted (Weapons, Props, Vehicles, Missions, Dubbing, Sounds, and Music)
  • Tweaked: Helpers (arrows, pointers) in the faction Showcases are not visible anymore
  • Tweaked: Collision geometries on various Tanoa structures
  • Tweaked: Decreased the range and volume of underwater mine explosions
  • Tweaked: The compositions in Showcase NATO and Showcase CSAT were updated (added objects, added an ambient Wipeout and many objects were converted to Simple Objects)
  • Tweaked: Accessing the Supports menu (0-8) now makes the menu active, which also displays a special cursor
  • Tweaked: Swimming sound assets were updated
  • Tweaked: Parachute sounds now use the SoundSet and SoundShader implementation
  • Tweaked: Footstep sound volumes are now more balanced
  • Tweaked: The black and white Orcas were changed to the ones with regular liveries in Support Katalaki
  • Tweaked: Color presets in the Game Options menu are now sorted alphabetically
  • Tweaked: The showScoretable command resets when a new Debriefing screen is created
  • Tweaked: Helicopters should now produce sounds when falling into water
  • Tweaked: The gear retraction sounds of the AH-99 Blackfoot were improved
  • Tweaked: Smaller buildings are now overall less durable than the large ones, especially against high caliber shells
  • Tweaked: Particular building hit points are now easier to destroy
  • Tweaked: All buildings now receive 25% more explosive damage
  • Tweaked: The volume for landing sounds of the AH-99 Blackfoot was increased
  • Tweaked: Appearance of the Field Manual – a tree structure is now used for topic and hint selection, and it’s possible to search in it
  • Tweaked: Advanced hints are now formatted using the unified function BIS_fnc_advHintFormat
  • Tweaked: Main Menu spotlights are now configured in CfgMainMenuSpotlight instead of RscDisplayMain >> Spotlight. The old path will still be accepted, but is considered obsolete.
  • Tweaked: Steering, internal engine, and thread sounds were updated for the FV-720 Mora, ZSU-39 Tigris, and BTR-K Kamysh
  • Tweaked: The collision sound settings of the T-100 Varsuk were improved
  • Tweaked: Config data for Simple Objects was regenerated, updated and rounded
  • Tweaked: When calling an artillery support, an option to pick the number of rounds is no longer offered when only the last round is left
  • Tweaked: Increased the volume of crash sounds for the Kajman gunship
  • Tweaked: The BIS_fnc_configPath function now has an optional strict mode
  • Tweaked: The audio configuration for quad bikes was improved
  • Tweaked: Get-in memory points on the Tempest Medical truck were adjusted
  • Tweaked: The list of planes after placing the CAS module by Zeus is now sorted alphabetically
  • Tweaked: Laser and NV Targets (strobes) are now detectable beyond view distance
  • Tweaked: The close shot sounds of the MX rifles were equalized
  • Tweaked: Compass, map, watch & radio inventory items now use more visually appealing models when placed on the ground
  • Tweaked: Functions BIS_fnc_enemyDetected and BIS_fnc_enemyTargets were refactored for better performance
  • Tweaked: Decorative ammo boxes in Showcase NATO are now invincible
  • Tweaked: Server parameter “Time acceleration” is now localized
  • Tweaked: Static Taru pods are now showing damage textures correctly
  • Tweaked: Exiting of Showcases CSAT, NATO and AAF was adjusted
  • Tweaked: Hid antennas on various vehicles while they are being transported inside other vehicles
  • Tweaked: The BIS_fnc_selectRandomWeighted function now supports a single array of items and weights ([item, weight, item, weight…])
  • Tweaked: The BIS_fnc_setHitPointDamage function now sets HitPoint damage with dependencies
  • Tweaked: Commands (move, get in, target) no longer fade out on Regular difficulty
  • Tweaked: VR entities do not bleed anymore
  • Tweaked: The BIS_fnc_moveToRespawnPosition function was improved (even in scheduled environments)
  • Tweaked: The BIS_fnc_playVideo function was improved
  • Tweaked: The config definition of ‘AirDestructionEffects’ was simplified. There is now 1 less smoke and fire effect. The remaining smoke and fire was sped up, which results in overall better visual quality.
  • Tweaked: Functions called on helicopters and airplanes on their destruction were optimized for better performance and reliability
  • Tweaked: Hit point positions in wheeled and tracked APCs and the position of hit points on the Kuma tank tracks were adjusted
  • Tweaked: Durability of armored vehicles to remove some damage inconsistencies introduced along with the addition of fuel hit points
  • Tweaked: Some of the missing UI_F sounds were added to CfgSounds
  • Tweaked: Added built-in GPS and radio into all tanks, APCs, MRAPs and boats (except rubber boats)
  • Tweaked: Turning main turrets of armored vehicles no longer starts their engines
  • Tweaked: Surface sounds of the HEMMT trucks were improved
  • Tweaked: The FuelStation_01_Pump can now be destroyed more easily
  • Tweaked: The door angle of Warehouse_03 was improved to prevent incorrect collisions with characters
  • Tweaked: Nikos (Formal) now has a weapon visible in first person view
  • Tweaked: Various improvements to the BIS_fnc_unpackStaticWeapon and BIS_fnc_packStaticWeapon functions
  • Tweaked: Collision sounds for Hunter, Ifrit, Quad bike & Offroad were increased (range)
  • Tweaked: Randomized the sounds of collisions into trees
  • Tweaked: The RPG-7 now has zeroing and a correct projectile drop (
  • Tweaked: Sound configuration of the HEMTT trucks was improved
  • Tweaked: Boats, armored vehicles and drones now have different sound effects for rain in first-person view
  • Tweaked: The Taru Cargo pod now has an inventory for consistency
  • Tweaked: The BIS_fnc_inTrigger, BIS_fnc_findSafePos, BIS_fnc_moveIn, BIS_fnc_nearestPosition, BIS_fnc_textureMarker and BIS_fnc_textureVehicleIcon functions were optimized
  • Tweaked: The BIS_fnc_position function now returns the correct AGL position of an object
  • Tweaked: The BIS_fnc_inTrigger function now returns the distance to the 3D border when requested and its trigger height is used
  • Tweaked: The BIS_fnc_taskState function now returns “” instead of “CREATED” for undefined tasks
  • Tweaked: The BIS_fnc_taskCompleted function no longer shows an error when used on an undefined task (so the function can be used in conditions which are running before a task is created)
  • Tweaked: The starting position of the Splendid Camera now exactly matches the previous view
  • Tweaked: Cargo containers that are part of a terrain cannot be destroyed anymore
  • Tweaked: Duration configurations of several music and ambient radio files were updated
  • Tweaked: The 5.8x42mm 100Rnd Drum magazine now has only the last four rounds as tracers
  • Tweaked: The Ammo and Fuel variants of Zamak trucks now explode instead bursting into flames
  • Tweaked: Samples and audio configuration of the Wipeout plane were updated
  • Tweaked: Terrains in the main Editor Menu are now sorted alphabetically
  • Tweaked: Get in sound for the Caesar BTT plane
  • Tweaked: The getInRadius range for planes was reduced
  • Tweaked: Transitions from and to prone are now more flexible to be interrupted in unarmed stance
  • Tweaked: The Panther and Marid APCs now have Night Vision mode available for gunners and commanders
  • Tweaked: Difficulty preset changes: waypoints and commands are now hidden on veteran difficulty
  • Tweaked: Water Scooter handling and durability were improved (PiP mirrors were also added)
  • Tweaked: It is now possible to retexture the interior of the Zamak truck
  • Tweaked: Crew of the static GMG now holds the weapon properly
  • Tweaked: Dead crew of static weapons is now ejected
  • Tweaked: The shot and closure samples of MX rifles were improved
  • Tweaked: Suspension of the Caesar BTT plane is now supported by PhysX
  • Tweaked: Pause Menu and Scoreboard keys are no longer hard-coded in the Respawn Screen
  • Tweaked: Difficulty Settings now contain more options about displaying units on the map
  • Tweaked: The crew of the Blackfish VTOL can now see their crewmates’ aiming directions
  • Tweaked: Switching from combat pace to a sprint is now more fluent
  • Tweaked: The “popup” and “popdelay” variables can now be set directly on each pop-up target individually and will override global settings
  • Tweaked: The maximum fording depth of many vehicles
  • Tweaked: Dates in some scenarios were adjusted
  • Tweaked: A GPS item will only be added to Time Trial competitors if the slot isn’t already full
  • Tweaked: It is now possible to change liveries on the Orca Black & White variants through the Virtual Garage
  • Tweaked: The initial position detection in Time Trials was improved
  • Tweaked: Field of View in aircraft is no longer scaled according to their speed
  • Tweaked: The deflection of 30 mm MP shell used by the main gun of the Kamysh was slightly decreased
  • Tweaked: Waypoints are now permanently visible on Regular difficulty once again (
  • Tweaked: Speed coefficient for mud surfaces
  • Tweaked: The function parameters for all faction showcases were adjusted
  • Tweaked: Compositions in the Sea area in Showcase NATO were improved
  • Tweaked: Rabbits, snakes and fish are no longer bleeding
  • Fixed: Zeus could not see newly created respawn vehicles correctly in some cases
  • Fixed: Swimming would make no sound
  • Fixed: Vaulting would not make any sound in some cases
  • Fixed: ‘Alpha’ and ‘Beta’ menu color presets had incorrect values
  • Fixed: Some footstep sounds could be heard behind the player (
  • Fixed: The whiteboard in Showcase CSAT was displaying incorrect Intel about the caliber of the T-100 Varsuk
  • Fixed: The Apex Protocol Main Menu spotlight was shown every time, even when Apex was not installed
  • Fixed: A-143 Buzzard and a few other vehicles were missing collision sounds
  • Fixed: Y-32 Xi’an was missing collision sounds
  • Fixed: PAPI lights
  • Fixed: RscDisplayMultiplayer had two default buttons
  • Fixed: Overlapping of mute buttons with a scrollbar in the map
  • Fixed: Many buildings and objects were not available for placing in Zeus Game Master scenarios (
  • Fixed: The vertical placement of props was improved
  • Fixed: Incorrect position of the character hands after loading a loadout which didn’t have a weapon in the Virtual Arsenal
  • Fixed: Brake sounds were missing on several surfaces for the HEMMT trucks
  • Fixed: Pacific CSAT characters were sometimes using an English voice-set
  • Fixed: In dynamic groups, there was a chance the wrong parameters would be sent to BIS_fnc_removeScriptedEventHandler
  • Fixed: Changes set by the Weather module were not applied instantly
  • Fixed: A video was still playing after clicking on one of the main menu spotlights and returning back
  • Fixed: The Campaign menu title bar was darker than other menus
  • Fixed: There was “Attempt to override final function” message spam in the RPT file
  • Fixed: The animation freeze at the start of Firing Drills and End Game scenarios was not reliable on sloped surfaces
  • Fixed: Switching from / to unarmed animations caused characters to slide
  • Fixed: Crouching and standing up from crouch sometimes wouldn’t work after pressing the crouch button
  • Fixed: Going prone with a launcher equipped during combat pace movement was immediate and seemingly missing an animation (
  • Fixed: Sling-load assistant was not functioning properly
  • Fixed: The sound of falling shells was removed from the starter pistol
  • Fixed: Burst fire from Slammer LMGs sounded like just one shot instead of a burst
  • Fixed: Pacific variants of NATO Autorifleman and AT Soldier had incorrect vests in their loadouts
  • Fixed: Offroad_02_F had an incorrectly aligned rear mirror (
  • Fixed: Some parts of the AFV-4 Gorgon were not included in its hiddenSelection (
  • Fixed: Pacific variants of static weapons could not be assembled (
  • Fixed: UGL sights of the SPAR16 GL rifle were unfolded when on a character’s back
  • Fixed: The BIS_fnc_unpackStaticWeapon function was not working properly
  • Fixed: The kbTell command would not work properly if the BIS_fnc_kbTellLocal function was called with the parameter denying the direct channel (channel = true)
  • Fixed: Quadbikes would behave as submarines when driving through water
  • Fixed: The velocity of static GMG ammo was incorrect (
  • Fixed: Some weapons were missing sounds of cases falling on the ground
  • Fixed: The Prowler would behave as a submarine when driving through water
  • Fixed: The MH-9 had inconsistent FFV view limits
  • Fixed: Missing SFX samples for vehicle UI actions (refuel, rearm, repair)
  • Fixed: JIP players could be killed when respawning far from their FOB, due to an incorrect area limit in the End Game scenarios
  • Fixed: Entering the Splendid Camera would reset the fog settings
  • Fixed: Entering a sub-display (e.g. the Configure screen) from the Respawn Screen could cause the display to get stuck until a respawn was performed
  • Fixed: Blackfoot gunners didn’t have a crosshair when using DAGR missiles
  • Fixed: Tempest trucks now have correct UV mapping for mirrors
  • Fixed: The AK12 had a bullet in its magazine after the last round was fired
  • Fixed: The Options could not be closed using the Esc key from the Respawn Screen
  • Fixed: Closing a sub-display (e.g. Video Options) from the Respawn Screen could cause all other displays to be closed as well
  • Fixed: The Strider MRAP now has smoother Picture-In-Picture feeds for its Gunner and Commander
  • Fixed: The Group Management title background would use an obsolete color
  • Fixed: The CAR-95-1 weapon had an incorrectly configured bipod (
  • Fixed: The Intel icon could be misplaced in End Game scenarios if placed above or under the water surface (e.g. sheds on the shores)
  • Fixed: The Phase indicator was not visible in the Respawn Screen in End Game scenarios
  • Fixed: Seize scenarios would end seconds after starting with not respawn limit set
  • Fixed: Wrecks of the Wipeout and Buzzard airplanes were levitating
  • Fixed: Pop up error when a teammate is incapacitated while having the Group Manager open
  • Fixed: Returning to the Main Menu from the Scenarios or Multiplayer menus would lead to an FPS drop while playing the Main Menu video tiles
  • Fixed: The weapon UGL crosshair was not visible when crouching in combat pace
  • Fixed: Showcase Gunships would not fail if the player survived a crash landing (both on ground and in water)
  • Fixed: Showcase Gunships scenario flow would break if the helicopter touched the water and then immediately ascended again
  • Fixed: Export of parent classes from GUI editor didn’t work because of a missing “GUI_styles.hpp” file (
  • Fixed: Helicopters would have trouble landing if their occupants were killed meanwhile in Showcase Firing From Vehicles
  • Fixed: Hitting the button to close the Splendid Camera in the Pause Menu would also prompt about leaving the game in the multiplayer environment (
  • Fixed: Transport variants of the HEMTT truck now have fixed mirrors; characters no longer appear in them when they are getting into the vehicle
  • Fixed: The Caesar BTT plane would refuse to take damage when crashed
  • Fixed: The RPM indicator in the Caesar BTT plane was not working properly
  • Fixed: AI would refuse to shoot at air targets with some types of ammunition (9x21mm, .45ACP, .50BW, 5.56×45, 5.45×39, 7.62×39, 5.8×42)
  • Fixed: Players could end up back inside the helicopter after being inserted in Showcase Firing from Vehicles
  • Fixed: 35mm shells would not explode on hitting the Hummingbird in some cases
  • Fixed: Going prone from sprinting with a launcher had an unnecessary stand up transition (related to
  • Fixed: Going prone from kneeling with a launcher caused an unnecessary stand up transition
  • Fixed: Going into the inventory with a binoculars would cause a transition to rifles (related to
  • Fixed: Some weapons were missing the “baseWeapon” config attribute (
  • Fixed: The optics view on the static HMG could clip with the tripod (
  • Fixed: The Bobcat’s spare wheels would heat in thermal vision when the vehicle was moving around
  • Fixed: It was not possible to open the Pause Menu while in the Respawn Screen using the Pause key in some cases
  • Fixed: The Mk17 was heating in thermal vision when firing a primary weapon
  • Fixed: The cockpit glass of the Buzzard plane was too fragile
  • Fixed: Weapon switching from launcher to rifle was not working properly while sprinting / combat pacing
  • Fixed: Weapon switching from launcher to sidearm was not working properly while sprinting / combat pacing
  • Fixed: The commander and gunner of the FV-720 were clipping through the turret ring (,,
  • Fixed: There was an infinite animation loop caused by closing the inventory while removing a sidearm as the only weapon
  • Fixed: The Firing Drills freezing mechanic did not behave well under some circumstances
  • Fixed: JIP players did not see groups if coming from a scenario using Dynamic Groups and joining another one
  • Fixed: The NVS had an incorrect inventory icon
  • Fixed: Apex owners could get their vehicles stuck in sand (,
  • Fixed: Flag proxies on several models (more Intel)
  • Fixed: The Respawn Timer was not visible after saving and loading a scenario in multiplayer
  • Fixed: The rail covers of the Rahim are now hidden when an appropriate slot (side or bottom) is filled with an attachment (
  • Fixed: The BIS_fnc_unitPlay function was not serialized and would break when a scenario was loaded (if it was saved during a unit play scene)
  • Fixed: The BIS_fnc_unitPlay function was not compatible with Dedicated Servers
  • Fixed: Occlusion and alpha sorting of the Airport_01_terminal_F building (
  • Fixed: Hiding the interface in Arsenal did not hide the background of said icons
  • Fixed: NV Targets (strobes) were detectable by sensors other than Night Vision
  • Fixed: It was possible to get auto-zeroing against air targets with the APFSDS ammo
  • Fixed: The Xi’an VTOL was not able to take off vertically with minor damage
  • Fixed: Rotating in prone while moving caused kneeling in some cases (
  • Fixed: Cars could get stuck on wooden bridges on Tanoa (
  • Fixed: UAVs at the airport were moved to a different position to prevent crashing with the plane piloted by autopilot in Showcase CSAT
  • Fixed: Passengers of the Support variants of Zamak trucks would clip through their seats
  • Fixed: The SVD periscope camera was overly sensitive when moving vertically
  • Fixed: Taru pods were missing icons in the Virtual Garage
  • Fixed: The Respawn Screen did not support scenario-specific respawn messages
  • Fixed: Disconnected players would still count towards the loadout limit in the Respawn Screen
  • Fixed: Players could respawn onto the [0,0,0] coordinates when respawning on a position that was being removed
  • Fixed: Hands of Offroad gunners were stretching unnaturally while aiming to the sky
  • Fixed: The Syndikat MB 4WD had visual customization working incorrectly
  • Fixed: Trying to adjust stance while being unarmed had unexpected results (mainly because there are no adjusted stances when being unarmed)
  • Fixed: Players could not respawn into a specific type of vehicle when one of its kind was destroyed

Eden Editor

  • Added: An ability to access the Field Manual from the Eden workspace (Tools > Field Manual)
  • Added: In the Advanced Hints system, it’s now possible to access default variables (i.e. %1 to %10) in custom arguments
  • Added: All task modules now have a “Show Notification” attribute, allowing them to add / update a task without on-screen notifications
  • Added: A “Parent Task ID” attribute was added to the “Create Task” module
  • Added: A new group attribute controlling whether the group should be automatically deleted when empty
  • Added: When no player is present for an Eden Editor preview, Splendid Camera is opened by default
  • Added: The mod filter in the Asset Browser now shows mod icons
  • Tweaked: The default size of structured text (ctrlStructuredText) now matches the size of plain text (ctrlStatic)
  • Tweaked: Behavior of the ‘Center on Selected’ function in the Eden Editor (the F key by default). It now works with layers (the position of the first entity found in the layer is used) and the camera is no longer moved when only an empty layer is selected.
  • Tweaked: Terrains in the ‘Select Terrain’ dialog are now sorted alphabetically
  • Tweaked: The current terrain is now auto-selected in the Eden Editor dialog
  • Tweaked: Current terrain is now auto-selected in the ‘Select Terrain’ dialog in Eden Editor
  • Fixed: Moving the camera to a comment (i.e. pressing ‘F’ when a comment is selected) didn’t work
  • Fixed: Pacific variants of NATO AT Rifleman and Autorifleman had incorrect Eden Editor preview images
  • Fixed: Offroad (Repair) had an incorrect Eden Editor preview image
  • Fixed: The BIS_fnc_inTrigger function did not work properly when applied on an ellipse with B size larger than A size
  • Fixed: Eden Editor attributes which were using combo interfaces (e.g. a drop down menu) didn’t have the current value selected by default in some cases
  • Fixed: Drop down menus with a sound preview in the Eden Editor (e.g. trigger music) did not react to mouse input in some cases
  • Fixed: Editing the loadout of characters with pre-filled backpacks (e.g. medic or AT specialist) would always restore the contents of the backpack

Apex Protocol (potential spoilers)

  • Fixed: The subtitles for conversations playing over the radio in Apex Protocol would display even if the players dropped their radio and couldn’t hear them
  • Fixed: In the Apex Protocol lobby, players would end up with the leader’s squad XML info instead of theirs
  • Fixed: The “Investigate the Drone” task could break in some cases in the Apex Protocol scenario
  • Fixed: Script error in the Apex Protocol campaign lobby when changing the respawn options
  • Fixed: Players were unable to use the ladder on the water tower at the Toronto objective in the Keystone scenario
  • Fixed: There were some incorrect names for new respawn positions in the End Game scenario
  • Fixed: Container doors were visibly open to the host but closed to clients in the Firestarter scenario
  • Fixed: Players couldn’t climb the water tower at one of the variants of point New York in the Keystone scenario
  • Fixed: A quad bike getting damaged by an object composition in the Warm Welcome scenario
  • Fixed: There was a missing string when only one respawn ticket was available in the Keystone scenario

The East Wind (potential spoilers)

  • Tweaked: MacKinnon’s crashed Hunter is no longer being held up by its left rear-view mirror in the Drawdown 2035 scenario
  • Fixed: The progress of the Signal Lost scenario could get stuck
  • Fixed: Script error upon rendezvousing with the surviving NATO units in the Situation Normal scenario
  • Fixed: AI would have trouble driving the extraction Zamak out of the town in the Wet Work scenario
  • Fixed: Players could engage the enemies in the town without them engaging him in the Wet Work scenario
  • Fixed: Players could get damaged by McKinnon’s Hunter
  • Fixed: The player could use the Save & Exit option during the opening cutscene of the Air Superiority scenario
  • Fixed: Vehicles would move incorrectly in the Moral Fiber scenario
  • Fixed: There was no 3D task indicator for getting in a vehicle in the Moral Fiber scenario

Prologue (potential spoilers)

  • Fixed: The Kajman helicopter would sometimes catch fire during the final cutscene of the Damage Control scenario
  • Fixed: Standing enemies would sometimes crouch when killed in the Reality Check scenario


  • Added: 64-bit Executables
  • Added: Dynamic Simulation
  • Added: New TurnIn and TurnOut Event Handlers (firing when hatches are opened / closed; parameters: [vehicle, person, turret path])
  • Added: Tactical Pings are now shown on the 2D map as well
  • Added: Tactical Ping markers can now be placed through the map interface
  • Added: A new IsRemoteExecutedJIP script command
  • Added: New vehicle sound parameter for opening / closing the hatches: “soundTurnIn”, “soundTurnOut”,”soundTurnInInternal”, “soundTurnOutInternal”
  • Added: New “engineTemp”, “wheelsTemp” and “turretGunTemp” vehicle animation sources
  • Added: A new crosshair difficulty option (to disable the crosshair and crew aim indicator in vehicles; CCIP is visible only in optics)
  • Added: A new terrainIntersectAt script command
  • Added: A new enableWeaponDisassembly script command
  • Added: New setFlagAnimationPhase and getFlagAnimationPhase script commands
  • Added: A new isSimpleObject script command
  • Added: Support for randomly generated values based on a seed (random command)
  • Added: A new “BuildingChanged” mission Event Handler
  • Added: Missiles now support sub-munitions. Previously, such feature was reserved only for CfgAmmo classes with simulation “shotSubmunitions”. Now “shotMissile” works with it as well. See for more details.
  • Added: Support for destroying objects without effects (e.g. explosion, fire, etc.)
  • Added: Script variables are now available for Simple Objects
  • Added: A new “cameradir” MFD source
  • Added: Support for huge pages via the “-hugePages” command-line parameter
  • Added: Support for an EnableHugePages function for DLL interfaces
  • Added: Support of huge pages for the TBB4 memory allocator
  • Added: Sub-munition ammo type randomization (
  • Added: It is now possible to transport non-vehicle objects in vehicles (via scripting only)
  • Added: A new “featureType” config parameter replacing “featureSize
  • Added: A new setFeatureType script command (parameters: 0 – disable, 1 – object is always visible to object view distance, 2 – object is visible to terrain view distance, the limit is 500 for terrain / static objects and 200 for dynamic objects including config features and auto features (flying helicopters, airplanes))
  • Added: A new Deleted Event Handler
  • Added: A new typeRecognitionDistance sensor parameter
  • Added: New PAPI lights configuration (new parameters: VasiLight >> light >> cone, slope, angleLimitH, angleLimitV; check the class “CfgVehicles >> Land_Runway_PAPI >> VasiLight” from the config viewer for more Intel)
  • Added: New MFD options:
    • For text: “sourceLength”, “sourcePrecision”
    • For scale: “NeverEatSeaWeed”: 1 – will show “N,E,S,W”, 2 – will show “N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW” in the heading scale
  • Added: Support for (helicopter) drones to output a ‘fake’ RPM value (for SFX e.g.)
  • Added: Support for the abs command in simple expressions
  • Added: A new “Activate Mine” action
  • Added: A new parseSimpleArray command to parse a string output of an extension into an array
  • Added: An alternative syntax for the callExtension command
  • Added: A new “nightRangeCoef” parameter to enable the influence of day and night on visual sensors
  • Added: Heading for camera feeds
  • Added: A new “hasUnderbarrel” weapon animation source
  • Tweaked: The disassemble action is now available for vehicles with dead crew (e.g. static weapons)
  • Tweaked: The impact origin of ragdolls being triggered is now more precise
  • Tweaked: AI drivers of tracked vehicles should now drive more reliably in specific cases (less zig-zagging in high speeds, low-speed turning around)
  • Tweaked: The submunition trigger distance is now also affected by the target distance
  • Tweaked: The BuildingChanged mission Event Handler is now triggered even when a building is repaired
  • Tweaked: setRank and setUnitRank now work for all clients
  • Tweaked: AI following a path should now be more precise
  • Tweaked: The InventoryOpened EH did not provide info on what containers were opened for dead bodies (
  • Tweaked: The setDriveOnPath command now removes duplicate points (improves finishing the path for AI drivers)
  • Tweaked: Divers should now properly change weapon ammo when leaving water
  • Tweaked: The total amount of groups was increased by a factor of 2
  • Tweaked: Vehicles without waypoints should no longer start their engines at the beginning of scenarios
  • Tweaked: In one of the older presets, players were able to change weapon via the context menu to a weapon which they were already holding
  • Tweaked: Collisions with attached objects have been disabled
  • Tweaked: The MFD “numberEach” in source “scale” can be zero to disable text
  • Tweaked: CfgDisabledCommands entries no longer need to be listed in lowercase in order to work properly
  • Tweaked: A target assigned by a UAV’s turret was visible on the Sensor Overview
  • Tweaked: PhysX objects movement and collision precision were improved
  • Tweaked: The “maxFordingDepth” parameter can now be negative on cars and tanks (cars are measured from the center of the BBbox, helicopters need a positive value as they’re measured from the land contacts)
  • Tweaked: The minimally required speed for airplane taxiing has been lowered
  • Tweaked: Enemy detection by plain sight is now limited by the object view distance
  • Tweaked: The Killed, MPKilled and EntityKilled Event Handlers were extended with a damage effect value
  • Tweaked: Location getVariable and Task getVariable now support a default value
  • Tweaked: Script commands setHit, setHitIndex and setHitpointDamage now accept an optional parameter that allows partial object destruction without destruction effects
  • Tweaked: Dashed lock icons are now used whenever a target is not in a sensor’s line-of-sight
  • Tweaked: When a variable space is null, getVariable will return a default value (instead of null)
  • Tweaked: The enableEnvironment script command was extended to allow separate control over ambient life and ambient sound (
  • Tweaked: The speed of vehicles commanded to move should now be smoother
  • Tweaked: The default probability of sub-munition ammo is now 1
  • Tweaked: The Dammaged Event Handler is now extended with the hitPart index and hitPoint name parameters
  • Tweaked: The HandleDamage Event Handler is now extended with the hitPoint name parameter
  • Tweaked: The enableEnvironment command was improved (,,,, etc.)
  • Tweaked: The getEnableEnvironment command was renamed to environmentEnabled
  • Tweaked: The lineIntersectsSurfaces command was rounding passed values incorrectly
  • Tweaked: The lineIntersectsSurfaces command was extended with an optional parameter (allowing to return the same object intersections)
  • Fixed: Parachutes would not collide with objects attached to roadways
  • Fixed: There was a typo in the objectDistaceLimitCoef and viewDistaceLimitCoef parameters
  • Fixed: The isRemoteExecuted and isRemoteExecutedJIP commands were not working properly in some cases
  • Fixed: Reading of the “enableParallax” parameter in MFD HUD was not correct
  • Fixed: Aiming down the iron sights with a lowered weapon would behave inconsistently
  • Fixed: UAVs would switch weapons despite the player having manual control over them in some cases
  • Fixed: Sorting of text parts of MFDs was incorrect
  • Fixed: A potential memory leak when using the detach script command in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Setting a Control or Display variable to nil would not properly undefine the variable
  • Fixed: It was not possible to unhide an object hidden via an attribute or init script in some cases
  • Fixed: The server browser overflowed with data could discard some of it in some cases (making mod signature checking delayed or canceled)
  • Fixed: Crash (to desktop) connected to AI driving
  • Fixed: fadeRadio would affect playMusic
  • Fixed: The “animate” parameter of the animateSource script command was not correctly passed to remote clients
  • Fixed: It was not possible to connect to a Linux server once it loaded too many addons (
  • Fixed: Potential fix for a Crash To Desktop (,
  • Fixed: disableTI/NVGEquipment would not change the game state immediately
  • Fixed: The createSimpleObject command would create an object out of any string
  • Fixed: Inventory weight of loaded magazines was doubled (
  • Fixed: Free Content Licensed DLC scenarios could not be started (e.g. TT1)
  • Fixed: Initial exposure of PiP scenes (first frame)
  • Fixed: Fleeing of vehicles unable to hit their targets was incorrect
  • Fixed: ListBox and ListNBox controls allowed to select only the first 7 items
  • Fixed: Server crash cases
  • Fixed: ComboBoxes would appear empty when expanded after all their items were removed
  • Fixed: AI infantry would flee when unable to engage
  • Fixed: Mortars controlled by the AI could not shoot more than one round at a time
  • Fixed: Crash when triggering a Tactical Ping
  • Fixed: Incorrect turret elevation text in the HUD
  • Fixed: Weapon switching actions between a rifle and a launcher were not working correctly (
  • Fixed: Using the setUnitPos command with Careless behavior would force units to look through their iron sights
  • Fixed: The Titan AA/AT lock was randomly broken (
  • Fixed: The lineIntersectsSurfaces command behaved incorrectly when using the primary LOD on its own
  • Fixed: Weapon attachments could still work when switching from a FFV position to non-FFV one
  • Fixed: The forceSpeed command value was not saved along with scenarios
  • Fixed: AI orders to repair a vehicle would loop infinitely (
  • Fixed: Crash when changing unit grouping in the Zeus interface
  • Fixed: Crash connected to broken animations
  • Fixed: AI drivers would move to the corner of the VR terrain on their own
  • Fixed: Potential crash when deleting characters
  • Fixed: Crash connected to weapon resting (
  • Fixed: Armored vehicles would not attack targets properly on Dedicated Servers
  • Fixed: Planes controlled by AI were unable to lock a target
  • Fixed: Framerate drop when opening a map in several mods (
  • Fixed: Custom face wear of AI soldiers would reset after loading a scenario
  • Fixed: Using the setObjectViewDistance command would also modify Video Options settings
  • Fixed: The camera was facing in the opposite direction in the “Loadmaster” position in Tarus when remotely controlling an entity
  • Fixed: The isRemoteExecuted command would not work as expected in some cases
  • Fixed: Gunship / UAV gunner optics were shaking when the pilot maneuvered an aircraft in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Players could not deny playing the Prologue when there was another instance of the game running (e.g. a Dedicated Server)
  • Fixed: AI vehicle gunners would continue shooting at a target even when it hid behind an obstacle
  • Fixed: Players could be trapped in a vehicle with disabled simulation in some cases
  • Fixed: UAV gunner optics were shaking when the FPS was low
  • Fixed: Weapon Info and Stance Indicator could not be switched in the difficulty settings
  • Fixed: The Score table tab did not show the Disconnect message box properly in the Debriefing Screen
  • Fixed: A rare crash when switching from the main menu to a campaign selection and back
  • Fixed: It was not possible to open the drop-down menu of the UAV terminal and Artillery Computer in some cases
  • Fixed: Several issues with the Dynamic Simulation on Dedicated Servers
  • Fixed: The Car “Hull” indicator behaved incorrectly
  • Fixed: the TurnIn/TurnOut Event Handlers would return [] for the driver turret (instead of [-1])
  • Fixed: Vehicles would start braking too late and could miss their waypoints
  • Fixed: Potential crash when the game is closed with a score table open
  • Fixed: The Respawn Menu would not work correctly after saving and loading a scenario in multiplayer
  • Fixed: The image type of a squad.xml logo was not checked in all cases
  • Fixed: AV pilots / drivers could open their inventory
  • Fixed: Potential crash when moving out of a vehicle in multiplayer
  • Fixed: The shotInstigator command would return an incorrect value if the vehicle commander used Manual Fire
  • Fixed: Tasks were not visible in the debriefing when a player died and had Team Switched before
  • Fixed: AI would ignore orders when the player was giving them from within a vehicle
  • Fixed: The minimap would not show UAVs
  • Fixed: Crash when accessing a not-yet-created UI
  • Fixed: Incorrect parsing of mission and map name from the Steam server response
  • Fixed: Airplanes controlled by AI had trouble taking off from most airfields on Altis
  • Fixed: The -enableHT parameter was not handled properly in some cases
  • Fixed: The “Showcasing” Steam Achievement could be unlocked without completing Showcase End Game

Eden Editor

  • Added: Engine support for sub-categories in the attribute system
  • Added: A new dashed line marking the probability of presence when dragging entities
  • Added: A new activation type for triggers (detected any player)
  • Added: A new “AttributesChanged3DEN” Event Handler (called when moving / rotating objects)
  • Added: A new “Dragged3DEN” Event Handler for entities (fires when an object is dragged in the Eden Editor either by widget or by mouse)
  • Fixed: The rotation arrow would point in the incorrect direction when rotating a group after rotating its group leader
  • Fixed: The drop down menu of a combo box could overflow a parent’s control group
  • Fixed: Selecting an item in the Asset List would cause its icon to flash at the [0,0,0] coordinates
  • Fixed: A change in a Logic’s area shape would revert after coming back from previewing / restarting the scenario
  • Fixed: Object rotation via the area scale widget did not fire the “attributesChanged3DEN” event
  • Fixed: Placing a group in a vehicle above the group limit could result in placing an empty vehicle with group outside of it (
  • Fixed: Forcing a group into a formation would not work if some units were deleted from the group before
  • Fixed: Characters could be moved to the corner of the terrain after a scenario preview
  • Fixed: Searching by mod in Groups mode did not work correctly
  • Fixed: Objects were sometimes moved out of their layer when their type was changed
  • Fixed: The multiplayer lobby in the Eden Editor scenario preview would not display position names of vehicle crewmen
  • Fixed: Ambient animals were missing in Scenario Previews


  • Added: An ability to select the game platform (32-bit or 64-bit). On 64-bit systems Launcher will start 64-bit version of the game by default.
  • Added: Checks for compatibility of mods (or precisely its game extensions) with the selected platform
  • Added: When subscribing to a mod in the server browser, users are informed if the mod is platform-specific
  • Added: Hiding 32-bit/64-bit specific options based on the selected platform
  • Added: Support for the -hugePages startup parameter
  • Added: The “Patrol” game type was added to the server browser
  • Added: A message in the server details informing the user when some information about mods or signatures can be transmitted from the server
  • Added: Command line parameters -win32 and -win64 that will force a game platform when started with the -noLauncher parameter
  • Tweaked: Performance was improved for users with a large amount of mods
  • Tweaked: Replaced the mechanism for the retrieval of the Workshop mods list to an alternative API to work around the issues with incomplete lists
  • Tweaked: The memory limit for 32-bit executables on 64-bit Operating Systems is increased from 2047 MB to 3071 MB
  • Tweaked: Added mouse hover effect and tooltip for notification bar buttons
  • Tweaked: BattlEye messages are now properly wrapped on the BattlEye page
  • Fixed: Some elements in the News list could display excessive white space around them
  • Fixed: Potential crash of the server browser after receiving invalid data
  • Fixed: Mods from the ‘Unsupported by the server’ list ignored the ‘Keep loaded’ option and were omitted when starting the game
  • Fixed: Incorrect label text in a dialog subscribing mods while importing a preset
  • Fixed: Crash when repairing mods while Steam is offline


  • Updated: Stand-alone Windows Dedicated Server (1.68)
  • Updated: Stand-alone Linux Dedicated Server (1.68)
    • Known issue: Steam client modifies the steam_appid.txt file incorrectly. In case of issues, verify its content is: 107410
    • Known issue: Sometimes the add-ons are loaded from the wrong installation (e.g. main game)
    • Try adding -mod=curator;kart;heli;mark;expansion;dlcbundle to your arma3server.exe shortcut



Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul, arriving March 16th on Steam for Windows PC, now available to pre-order!
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  • Dovetail Games Franchise Collection

Train Simulator 2017

  • TS2017: Standard Edition
  • TS2017: Pioneers Edition
  • TS2017: Boxed Retail
  • TS2017: UK First Class Edition
  • TS2017: German First Class Edition
  • TS2017: US First Class Edition
  • TS2017: Premium Edition

Train Simulator 2016

  • TS2016: Boxed Retail
  • TS2016: Steam Edition
  • TS2016: Digital Codes
  • TS2016: Standard Edition
  • TS2016: UK First Class Edition
  • TS2016: German First Class Edition
  • TS2016: US First Class Edition
  • TS2016: Epic Journeys
  • TS2016: Steam Mega Edition

Train Simulator 2015

  • TS2015: Standard Edition
  • TS2015: Steam Edition
  • TS2015: Boxed Retail
  • TS2015: Summer Edition

Train Simulator 2014

  • TS2014: Standard Edition
  • TS2014: Steam Edition
  • TS2014: Boxed Retail

Train Simulator 2013

  • TS2013: Standard Edition
  • TS2013: Deluxe Edition
  • TS2013: UK Boxed Retail
  • TS2013: German Boxed Retail
  • TS2013: USA Boxed Retail

Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012

  • Railworks 3: TS2012
  • Railworks 3: TS2012: Deluxe Edition
  • Railworks 3: TS2012: Boxed Retail
  • Railworks 3: Haulin’ USA
  • Railworks 2

Railworks 2

  • Railworks 2 UK Boxed Retail
  • Railworks 2 German Boxed Retail
  • Railworks 2 US Boxed Retail


  • Railworks UK Boxed Retail
  • Railworks German Boxed Retail
  • Railworks US Boxed Retail