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What’s New (Summary)
– Custom Championships.
– Mouse Steering. You can now select the mouse steering profile in the controller settings.
– Track rotation in Multiplayer.
– 3 new FFB multipliers for spring, damper and friction in FFB settings.

– Added Custom Championships in RRE.
– Shadow map improvements to make car shadows smoother.
– Put local shadow map back to 32 bits for smoother car shadows.
– Added car shadow kernel and epsilon.
– Implemented better device support by changing device ID to include instance, wheel type and rim type ID’s to support several devices of the same type and to differentiate between devices that share the same product ID. (Fanatec CSR and CSR Elite for example). More default profiles will be added later.
– Fixed the mixup in ADAC championship screen where tracks showed under cars header and vice versa.
– Fixed IBL (Image Based Lighting) not loading for Sonoma in replays.
– Fixed AI hitting pit wall from standing start in Sonoma.
– Fixed cut track penalty message coming up after rolling start in LBC start.
– Changed the banger sound priority from medium to high so they play when full grid.
– Fixed an issue with AI launch from 1st gear.
– Fixed an issue with disappearing skid sounds.
– Fixed triggering issues with pitcams.
– Changed RRE timing screen a bit to make IN PIT (yellow) text more readable.
– Added Mouse Steering.
– Added 3 new FFB options. Spring, Damper and friction strength. These work as multiplers and multiply what is set in the driver. Default profiles have these off by default.
– Tweaked all the default profiles due to changes. Please note your old control profiles will be backed up and won’t be usable.
– Default Controlset: Changed ffb steer friction and damper coefficients to 0.0
– Default Controlset: Changed ffb steer friction and damper saturations to 1.0
– Default Controlset: Changed spring saturation and coefficient pos and neg to 1.0
– Default Controlset: Added ffb steer spring coefficient.
– Default Controlset: Changed default spring coefficient per axis to 1.0



We invite you to become a participant in the development of BOM by purchasing a Pre-Order in the continuation of the legendary Sturmovik series. By doing this, you will be the first to get access to the product and the reproduction of the legendary air battle of World War II which took place from October 1941 to April 1942. Battle of Moscow will include a large-scale map (270 x 290 km) and several famous aircraft that have been recreated from detailed drawings and blueprints (I-16 Type 24, Bf-109 E-7, MiG-3, Bf-109 F-2, IL-2 model 1941, Bf-110 E-2, Pe-2 Series 35, Ju-88 A-4, P-40 E-1, MC.202 Series VIII). Battle of Moscow is fully compatible with “IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad” through a single user account.


Мы предлагаем вам стать участниками разработки и оформить предварительный заказ на новую часть легендарной серии авиасимуляторов «Ил-2 Штурмовик». Это позволит вам стать первыми, кто получит доступ к проекту, охватывающему период с октября 1941 года по апрель 1942-го. Будет воссоздана масштабная модель карты размером 270 на 290 км, а на основании архивных данных построены точные виртуальные копии 10 самолетов тех времен (И-16 тип 24, Bf 109 E-7, МиГ-3, Bf 109 F-2, Ил-2 модель 1941 года, Bf 110 E-2, Пе-2 35-й серии, Ju 88 A-4, P-40 E-1, MC.202 Series VIII). Полная совместимость с «Ил-2 Штурмовик: Битва за Сталинград» через единый игровой аккаунт.

krp logo

Beta 13 comes with brand new Lotus Racing Karts as well as other improvements as listed below:


  • fix: plugins wheel material
  • fix: dynamic track surface optimizations
  • fix: data mismatch info
  • fix: trainer suit
  • new: automatic ballast adjustment
  • new: replay laps list
  • new: helmet cameras
  • new: exhaust smoke
  • new: Lotus Racing Karts

orc logo

  • Update V1.03 (28th March 2015)
  • Fixed crash when changing tracks in multiplayer
  • Fixed crash when clicking on stats in multiplayer
  • Fixed player car sounds occasionally being muted when a network player pitted
  • Fixed network cars rotating into position when joining the track
  • Fixed fastest times not loading when changing track
  • Fixed problem with laptimes when exiting the pits
  • Improved visibility of driver’s fastest ever lap / sector
  • Increased grass friction slightly
  • Moved default brake bias forward (it was previously only 45% – oops!)

გადმოსაწერი ბმული DOWNLOAD

Old vs New Westhill International

ცვლილებები >

Hello Racers, here is a new TEST PATCH : 0.6G14

It includes the new Westhill Circuit with additional configurations.

This test patch IS NOT compatible with version 0.6G
This test patch CAN play hotlap replays from version 0.6G

You cannot upload hotlaps made with this test patch because it is only a test patch, not an official patch.

Please keep a backup of your LFS.exe from 0.6G so you can easily go back if there are any problems.

Changes from 0.6G to 0.6G14 :

Westhill :

New version of Westhill with additional configurations
Full support for open configurations including access roads

Autocross Editor :

New adjustable concrete objects
Custom start positions and pit start points
Maximum autocross objects increased to 1500
Movable start lights included as an autocross object
Pressing S/F/1/2/3 when object is selected now moves it
Pressing S/F/1/2/3 when object exists is now more helpful
Clicking colour instantly changes selected tyres or chalk
Clicking marshall position instantly changes selected marshall
Improved the appearance of marshall circles in the editor
Route checker index numbers now start at 1 instead of 0
The W/E keys instantly adjust width, no need to press M
Floating object buttons shown with different colour
X/Y/Z positions are now shown and can be typed in
Right click on X/Y/Z to move in steps of 1 metre
SHIFT+click to snap to 1 metre grid

Tracks :

Increased max cars in race from 32 to 40
Increased AU Autocross grid from 16 to 20
Increased BL Rallycross grids from 24 to 30
Regenerated lightmaps and visible object lists on most tracks
Added paths at Fern Bay to cover road near Club and mini oval
AI drivers hit wall entering pit lane at SO Classic / Town
Removed a corner marker from some configurations at Aston
Some tyres at Kyoto National disabled in other configs

New commands :

– Reset all lap counters and checkpoints passed as if the race had
just been started. This removes checkpoints passed.
So using this command on the first lap, before the first
checkpoint is passed, has no effect. After the first
checkpoint there is an effect. The first lap will not be
counted. This is intended to help with a rolling start after
a parade lap.

/setlap username X
– X is positive : Set the lap that the user is currently on (as
seen at the top right, not the number of laps completed). This
does not affect checkpoints passed. This may help with a driver
who reconnects after an unintended disconnection.
– X is zero : Same as the /zero_all command but for one driver.
– X is negative : subtract from the number of laps, without
affecting checkpoints passed. This may be useful as a penalty.

Videos using SweetFX – grab it with our settings here.

INSTALLATION (Non-Steam users):

Update to v1.30 by running GSC Sync.

If you are having any trouble updating via GSC Sync, you may download v1.30 update package here: v1.30 Update package

NOTE: The above package is for users updating from v1.252. If you are manually updating from v1.21 you will first need to install v1.21 to v1.25 update package from this link, then add the v1.251 & v1.252 update package from this link , then v1.27 update from this link before applying the v1.30 update.

Main changelog for v1.30:



  • Added Copa Petrobras de Marcas – brazlian touring car series with Ford Focus, Chevrolet Cruze, Toyota Corolla & Mitsubishi Lancer GT models.


  • Added Bologna Historic track

Features & fixes:

  • Updated terrain shaders & textures for Cascavel & Taruma (other tracks to receive the same treatment in following updates);
  • Adjusted collision sounds;
  • Corrected F-Extreme & F-Reiza aero distribution;
  • Small adjustment to Metalmoro & F3 tyres;
  • Shadow optimization & AI improvement for Montreal Historic.

Unfortunately no code updates yet on this build (a status update on this will follow shortly).

Please direct your bug reports on v1.30 to this thread.

If you already own and enjoy GSC Extreme, help us share the word by posting your review on Steam!

For issues installing / running / setting up GSCE, please refer to our FAQ , and our GUIDES first before posting.

More information on the headlight intensity changes in our upcoming build: They are mostly going to require reducing attenuation values.

Here’s an example from the Renault Clio 197:

Pos=( 0.625, 0.54,-1.76)
Range=(0.0, 280.0)
Attenuate=(0.1, 0.009, 0.00002)
Hotspots=(10, 60)
Color=(255, 241, 224)

That’s a sort of realistic value for a typical standard single bulb halogen headlight. Intensity is in lumens / 1000.

MYA_02 MYA_04 MYA_07

SpinTires  logoDefault Public Build (Stable) update
In this update being made live later today, we are providing fixes to the previous iteration ‘Build (09/03/15 v2)’.

***IMPORTANT: Unfortunately this update will cause players to lose saves. We are working hard to solve this issue in the near future, but until then I am forced to give ample warning that your in-game progress will be lost***

This build will be made live at 5:00pm UTC – This is an advanced notification allowing players time to backup their files, etc. Until the issue mentioned above is solved, it would be advisable to players who do not wish to lose their saves to turn off automatic updates or to do the following in Steam:

Right-click Spintires > Properties > Updates > Click drop-down box under Automatic Updates > Select Only update this game when I launch it
Here is the changelog:

-trailer attach socket not overlapping winch attach socket
-mud made firmer
-camera moved closer
-MP body sync issue fixed
-stereo 3d mode GUI made 2d
-game version update issues fixed
-chromatic abberation limited to camera shakes & roof camera


-3d GUI improvements
-xbox controller zoomout, cruise control
-changing gears hax without fuel hax fix
-trailer detach threshold fixed
-attach trailers without tractors fix
-mud made firmer
-graphics improvements
-auto zoomout trehshold increased
-xbox controller rumble
-navigation nodes movement fix
-wheels detalisation/looks improvements for all trucks
-trucks setup changed (trucks made more powerfull)

As always, we accept customer feedback – and lately we have been enjoying the constructive feedback that has been coming from the community as this has been greatly helpful in progressing forward with the further development and improvement of Spintires.


“Did you know that the BOS/BOM team is working on seasonal textures? If you are not so fond of winter then this might be for you! Some of you might have missed this tiny tease in our forum from our team member Zeus. Looks pretty good and this is a very early “work in progress” shot. Seasonal map textures will be given away free to all BOS users later this year.: