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It’s time for version 0.8 and we are returning to our rally roots with the mighty Flying Finland pack. We’ve added 12 new stages from Finland, the world’s fastest rally and two iconic cars driven by our local heroes from one of the greatest battles in rally championship history.

Add to this a new game mode and loads of fixes and features and this pack is almost as big as those Finnish jumps and crests.

Oh, and did we mention mouse support for the menus? You did want that right…?

So here is what’s new:

  • 12 new rally stages near Jämsä, Finland
  • All new 2000s vehicle class
  • 2 new cars – Subaru Impreza 2001 and Ford Focus RS Rally 2001
  • Custom Championships – You can now tweak the number of events, stages and AI difficulty. This will mean that you can set up an event that suits the amount of time you have available and get rewarded accordingly.
  • Mouse Support! – Yep you asked for it so here it is. It’s still a work in progress so please give us your feedback on how we can improve it.
  • We’ve reworked the handling on our 60s, 70s, 80s RWD and 2010s classes – these changes have seen improvements to the way we model suspension and tyres, along with engine and aero rework they really make the cars feel a lot more dynamic to drive.
  • We’ve updated the engine audio for the 1995 Subaru Impreza in the Group A class. We’d like to say a massive thank you to Ryan Champion for letting us use his awesome car for the recording!
  • We’ve wrapped our replays so you can rewind from the start of a replay to watch the final section of your run much faster than you could before.
  • We’ve added a new ‘Invite Friends’ option in the lobby to make it easier for you to get the people you want into your PVP races.

Here’s what we’ve fixed:

  • The audio FX levels for the surfaces and kick up have been brought back so that you can hear all that gravely goodness.
  • We sent our Rallycross AI drivers to the opticians so that they can now see when they need to avoid other cars when they are approaching the joker entrance.
  • Now that they can see better they are also setting faster laps.
  • We’ve fixed the camera clipping in certain camera angles when you changed the Field of View.
  • We’ve made some Hyper threading fixes that should now prevent those annoying stuttering issues that some of you were having.
  • We’ve stopped the Engineer contract lengths and costs from being affected when competing in league events.
  • Toggling Push to Talk or enabling/disabling voice communications through the pause menu is now actually working.
  • The Reset Timer has now been increased to 15 seconds when attempting to get back on track. I know we said that before but this time it is actually in.
  • Cars will no longer roll over on the start in PVP races, ROFL.
  • We’ve made sure that the cars are visible on the start line even when collisions are turned off in PVP – they will still ghost during the race though.
  • Your PVP opponents won’t be showboating and driving around with the handbrake on anymore.
  • The gear setup will no longer be changing between stages without a service area.
  • We’ve fixed those odd camera angles that were being used in spectate mode.
  • The miles driven using owned vehicles in PVP now accrue towards unlocking upgrades for that vehicle.
  • When viewing a replay using an interior camera, the speedometers now show the correct speed for all vehicles.
  • We’ve fixed a whole host of other stuff too but they were too boring to call out in this list. – The World’s Online Racing Sim. Snag any of our memberships today for 50% off!

 . Members, refer a friend for a 3-month membership or more and receive $10 in iRacing credits!


Dear all,

What follows is a preliminary changelog of DCS World 1.5. Because 1.5 is being built from a new branch of our code, we cannot account for changes made in earlier branches. As such, we had to create much of this changelog based on memory and older bug tracking reports.

Because of this and that we will probably be adding or modifying items, this changelog is very preliminary and subject to change during the Open Beta period. Also please note that we are still awaiting changelog items for most of the BST modules.

As items are added or modified, they will be highlighted in red.

As for the status of releasing the 1.5 Open Beta, we have good news: we created the 1.5 branch (release version) today. Just as soon as we complete smoke testing, we will release it.

The Eagle Dynamics Team

DCS World 1.5.0 Changelog


  • New unified executable. Separate executables are no longer used for the front end and simulation.
  • New graphics engine with the following features: DirectX 11 Support, optimized for GPU rather than CPU, improved lighting and shadowing, and improved graphical effects like contrails, flares and missile trail smoke, improved water
  • Improved VR support with Direct Display mode and VR front end GUI, but still very much work-in-progress until hardware reaches consumer release versions
  • Corrected track synchronization errors

Note: Once DCS World 1.5 is out of Open Beta, we will update the DCS World User Manual to reflect all of the following changes

Main Menu

  • Moved Options to icon at top of Main Menu.
  • Moved Module Manager to icon at top of Main Menu
  • Created Log-in / Log-out dialog at top of Main Menu
  • New Login dialog with the possibility to stay logged in


  • Changed System / Graphics “Scenes” to “Terrain Textures”. Also changed to Low and High settings.
  • Added “Ultra” setting to Visib Range. This is for high-end systems only.
  • Added separate Low and High settings for Heat Blur.
  • HDR now simply has On or Off settings.
  • Depth of Field settings added.
  • Lens Effects settings added.
  • Clouds settings added (no affect until new clouds are implemented).
  • Anisotropic Filtering settings added.
  • Model Visibility settings added.
  • Flat Terrain Shadows settings added.
  • Tree Shadows setting removed.
  • TSAA setting removed.
  • Cockpit Shadows setting removed.
  • Search option added to Controls
  • F2 view camera effects settings added to Misc.

Instant Action

  • New Instant Action missions selection dialog.


  • New Campaign selection dialog.


  • New dialog interface
  • Favorites
  • Filtering based on Ping, Server Name, Map, Mission Name, Players, and Time.
  • Added server descriptions.
  • Added mission lists with shuffle option
  • Added options to show message events: Kill, Takeoff/Landing, Crash and Ejecting
  • Added option to allow object export
  • Added option to Pause on mission load
  • Added option to Pause a server with no client.
  • Client can now enter any nickname (up to 5) and select one of them
  • Ships are now synced correctly

Log Book

  • Log book now accounts for individual aircraft statistics and not just as a whole


  • 3D interactive unit models for Aircraft, Helicopters, Ships, Vehicles, and Weapons


  • New Training missions selection dialog

Mission Editor

  • Added map display options, MAP, SAT (satellite) and ALT (elevation shading and iso lines)
  • Added new Trigger Actions: Begin Playing Actor, Stop Playing Actor, Start Player Seat Lock, and Stop Player Seat Lock
  • Added new Advanced Waypoints Actions for Options: ECM Use, Restrict Air-to-Air Attack, Restrict Jettison, Restrict Afterburner, Restrict Air-to-Ground Attack, AA Missile Attack Range, and No Report Waypoint Pass.
  • USAF Aggressors are a special country that have all aircraft, helicopters, ships, and vehicles accessible to them.
  • Added Fire at point task now has a quantity value allowing users to define the number of shots fired at the target.
  • Changed All text boxes (Mission briefings, do script, etc) character limit has been increased to approx 16,000 characters.
  • Adding aircraft to a group set to spawn on ramp now places the new aircraft at the closest available spot to the lead aircraft.
  • Changed Triggered messages to now “stack” below currently displayed messages no longer over-writing a message that is currently being displayed.
  • Added “Clearview” variable to triggered messages to use the old method of displaying messages.
  • Added MANPAD units can now be transported via embarking actions like other infantry. (Side note currently you can’t add them to a group with an existing embarking task, you have to create the group as you want it THEN create the embarking task if it contains a MANPAD)
  • Fixed Bombs not producing a “shot” event.
  • Unit.getPlayerName() is now functional on ground units and will return a player’s name if they are directly controlling the unit via Combined Arms.
  • Many new countries have been added. These countries are not yet populated with units, although they have access to all static object and fortifications objects available, along with aircraft that are DCS modules. These countries include: Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, China, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, India, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, and USAF Aggressors. These countries are also added to the logbook with a few already populated with ranks and squadrons.
  • Sound files triggered to play over a radio frequency now works correctly.
  • Static ships will no longer only face east. They will respect the direction specified in the mission editor.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Aircraft use smarter holding point logic for landings
  • AI planes now land in two-ships and can a make straight approach even if starting velocity is too high at landing IP. The first pair lands using a direct approach and second will maintain a holding pattern. After first pair lands, the second pair will make their approach.
  • AI using cranks after BVR shots to extend F and A poles
  • Improved AI weapon system logic. AIs will more accurately estimate AAM percentage chance of kill (Pk). This is intended to prevent situations where missiles bled energy pursuing targets with low Pk.
  • Improved AI logic of follow-on missile (AIM-120B/C, R-27 series, AIM-7, AIM-54 and R-33) shot if it determines the prior shot has been trashed
  • Added antiship task to Su-17, Su-25 and MiG-27
  • 4 v 2 ACM tactics have been improved. Both elements will now take part in the fight
  • AI formations will now make altitude changes more smoothly, thus allowing with wingmen to more easily stay in formation
  • Cruise missiles have much better terrain following guidance now
  • Improved AI use of JDAMs. AI can now drop bombs on multiple targets on a single pass.
  • Fixed Patriot so it now re-arms if near a warehouse
  • Changed M-109 reload time to be less insane. Was 7000 seconds, now 3600 seconds.


  • New F-5E
  • New L-39C
  • AIS pod added to payload of Western aircraft (no special function at this time)
  • LANTIRN pods on F-16 corrected for older missions
  • New Model for TPZ
  • New model for Roland ADS
  • Added APC Tigr 233036 (Available to Russia)
  • Added APC Cobra (Available to Georgia)
  • Building fires are now local to the weapon impact location


  • Lift of R-73 and AIM-9M was increased from 0.5-0.4 to 0.9-0.8
  • Increased luminosity size of smoke for S-8TsM and Hydra WP smoke marker rockets
  • Increased maximum structural G limit of AIM-9M from 35 to 40 G
  • Gun Smoke effect tuned

Black Sea Map

  • Added higher-resolution texture created by Mustang
  • Increased damage value for hardened targets like ammo depot, command center and aircraft shelters by 1.5 to 2.0 of their previous values.
  • Ground units falling through bridges has been largely eliminated


  • Infinite fuel after aerial refueling has been fixed
  • Transonic Roll-off eliminated
  • Wing rock effects implemented
  • Rudders have more authority
  • PTC operation corrected: trimming no longer required in transition from SL to 40000′, ‘wind up’ effects corrected much faster, correct operation on-ground.
  • High altitude, medium and high AoA behavior is corrected (related to TRO above)
  • Slow speed, high AoA behavior is corrected
  • Throttle movement range compression is mostly corrected (full movement range is useable, FTIT/RPM barely changes as altitude increases)
  • Two wing tanks now have less drag than the belly tank
  • Selectable bingo bug is implemented
  • Afterburner stages lighting off are now subtly audible
  • Conditions of oscillatory and flat spin are corrected


  • New 6DOF cockpit for Flaming Cliffs 3. New external model is in progress.


  • Engine model update. Introduced RPM calculation based on flight conditions (temperature, velocity, altitude). Core engine temperature and trust envelope was corrected.
  • Corrected speed indication on HUD when below 80 KPH.


  • Gunsight cable added to cockpit 3d model
  • The 3-in-1 instrument “engine gauge” of the P-51D is missing the „SQ. IN.“ label
  • In-game manual fixed
  • Sperry AN 5735-1 Directional Gyro missing markings at 45 and 315 degrees
  • AN 5825 Vertical Speed Indicator errors
  • Smoke Generator Typo fixed


  • Virtual flight engineer has been implemented
  • SARPP-12 system (System of Automatic Registration of Flight Data) now has animated panel
  • Fully implemented model of KO-50 kerosene powered defroster
  • (P-503B) cockpit voice recorder is now animated
  • Activated all circuit breakers
  • Signal flare system is now made fully operational
  • Annunciator “СТВОРКИ ОТКРЫТЫ” (Cargo bay doors open) now functional
  • Siren is implemented
  • «АВТОМАТ. СБРОС» (automatic release) switch is now functional
  • The external resistance for voltage control of STG-3 starter-generator is now implemented. Circuit breaker is located on the right hand electric panel
  • The external resistance “VS-33А” «I — РЕГУЛИРОВАНИЕ НАПРЯЖЕНИЯ — II» (I – voltage control – II) is now implemented

Details of these improvements can be found in this thread:


  • Rudder authority increased
  • In-game manual added
  • Fixed incorrect tank jettison button hint in russian localization
  • Emergency ignition switch is now normal two-position switch instead of spring-loaded
  • Gun Selector now OFF instead of ALL GUNS at cold or runway start
  • When guarded, rocket release selector now is always in OFF position
  • New cockpit lights added


  • New skins
  • New normal map
  • Minor 3D issues
  • Flap warning buzzer sound level tuned
  • Control stiffening for Rudders
  • Campaign fixes
  • Gaps between fuselage and cockpit (when viewed in cockpit) fixed
  • Loading screen and wallpaper renders fixed
  • General FM improvements


  • Fuel system warning light errors
  • Normal full oxygen pressure
  • SZKK4 texture errors
  • Corrected skins
  • New normal map


  • HUD clipping fixed – HUD no longer shows outside HUD glass
  • Training Mission cold start – Updated to have voice over by instructor and typos fixed
  • Small graphical artifact on canopy model – this was a remnant of the canopy handle
  • Kneeboard has been implemented
  • Wrong number of stations on loadout screen in ME when Hawk module isn’t installed.
  • Code optimization for DCS 1.5.0
  • Graphical optimization for DCS 1.5.0
  • Night lighting updated for 1.5.0

Combined Arms

  • Tanks with laser rangefinder. An automatic calculation fire solution taking into account range, wind speed, own tank speed, angular speed of target LOS is now implemented. (RShift+L)
  • Added Arcade (isometric) View
  • Uragan MRLS can now be controlled by player
  • Added Sights for Challenger 2 and LAV-25
  • Added Sights for M6 Linebacker (M2 Bradley sight for the gun, Avenger sight for SAM)
  • Synchronization issues in Multiplayer is fixed
  • Fixed sight visibility limitation while zooming in fog conditions
  • Fixed air target radio emissions detection with RWR, if the target is not visible for ground radars due to curvature of earth
  • Added Sights for T-72 and T-90 MBT (from T-80)
  • Corrected SAM launch for Oliver Perry and Normandy
  • Added second reverse gear for M1A2 MBT
  • Added initial voice communications for Red and Blue tank crews. More to come.
  • Adjusted M1A2 engagement range


  • Mirror image orientation corrected
  • Mirror image is now hidden when retracted
  • External textures improved
  • New Liveries: Royal Air Force Fictional, Patrulla Águila 30 Anniversary, Matacán 100000 HOURS, Armée de l’Air Fictional
  • Several liveries corrections
  • Solved issue with GPU missing when there is wind
  • Fixed issue with both ailerons deflecting in same direction for AI
  • Collision model improved (now damage affects SFM aerodynamics)
  • Default payloads added to Mission Editor
  • Surfaces and controls are now animated when using keyboard
  • Several inputs added
  • Kneeboard added
  • Ejection Seat adjusting added
  • Sounds for GPU and ejection seat fixed and added
  • Input options issues fixed
  • GUI image in payload section corrected
  • LoD optimization improved
  • It’s now possible to open the canopy with keyboard/joystick assignment
  • Ejection sequence corrected
  • Theme music added
  • Pilot 3D model added in cockpit view
  • PSD C-101 Template 2048 added


  • Implemented RU Game Localization
  • Replaced multiple existing inputs with toggle inputs.
  • Added 9 New Keyboard Inputs: ASP Target Size, KPP Pitch Set, RSBN/PRGM Channel Select, Radio On/Off, Radio Volume & Chl Selection
  • Fixed various instances of the Radio not working.
  • Fixed the Radar operating without electrical power
  • Increased missile smoke visibility
  • Fixed the “SPRD Appears on F6 View after use” bug
  • Introduced special option for ASP pipper gameplay features.
  • Improved drag chute physics, including chute use in stall/spin recovery (Animation is however still limited)
  • Corrected Rudder Authority (“Rudder overpowering ailerons”)
  • Added UUA Sensor animation
  • Improved Over-G weapon jettison (Dynamic Weight Calculation, per-pylon/weapon limit)
  • Improved regulated Afterburner throttle control
  • Partially fixed visible weapons remaining on destroyed/missing wings
  • Fixed A-A missile lock tone bug
  • Corrected wing thickness & angle
  • Various corrections on all weapon pylons
  • Rebuilt frontal canopy for smooth fuselage transition
  • Re-Drew rivet and panel lines on rear fuselage
  • Added red floodlights in cockpit
  • Dozens of minor 3D/2D issues
  • Fixed various Cockpit graphics issues
  • Corrected various ASP calculation issues (Incorrect lead, “CCIP”)
  • Added 8-10 new default liveries
  • New specular maps
  • Sculpted rear fuselage into a new normal map
  • Added new SPRD Rocket booster model and texture
  • Corrected placement of SPRD Rocket booster on aircraft
  • Further optimized external model and textures
  • Revised gear door textures
  • Corrected AoA vane animation
  • Temporarily removed ‘Canopy Icing’ checkbox pending visual implementation


  • Mi-8MTV2. Russian Training Missions added.
  • Bf 109. Russian Single Missions added.
  • German Bf-109 K-4 manual added.


Reiza Studios have published a new backer-only beta for Stock Car Extreme. Version 1.48 beta is now live on Steam and is 753MB in size.

This update is the first one to be compiled in-house, and the developers have removed all instances of code injection. As such, v1.48 fixes some long-standing bugs like the championship scoring bug and adds many interesting features like correct steering rotation being set automatically on a per car basis. Reiza Studios has recommended starting a new player profile and creating new control presets as old files might cause problems.

The Lancer Cup and Velo Città circuit are also included. The beta update is only available for those who have backed Reiza’s Indiegogo crowdfunding, but obviously these updates will eventually be pushed to the main client.


  • Added Mitsubishi Lancer Cup Series (Lancer R & RS models, recommended to run with TC & ABS on low as per the real car)
  • Added Velo Cittá Circuit (2 layouts);
  • Added support to 6 USB controller devices (increasing the previous limit of 3);
  • Added feature to automatically adjust Steering Rotation for each vehicle so use no longer needs to exit game and manually adjust controller rotation (see recommendations above);
  • Added option to adjust steering rotation in garage menu & adjusted default steering lock settings to provide a suitable default steering ratio for all cars (Custom Steer Rotation must be set to NO in controller menu);
  • Added option to map commands for adjusting anti-roll bars from in-car (for the cars that have the option: Stock Car V8, Super V8, F-Extreme, F-Reiza, F-3, F-V12, F-Classic )
  • Added option to map commands for adjusting Vertical FOV from in-car;
  • Tweaked AI to perform less strategical mistakes (such as pitting in the last lap);
  • Rewritten all car classes from the previous standard ReizaXX to a nomenclature that better represents their respective series;
  • Introduced native support to 9-speed gearboxes & fixed bug which would lead to F-Extreme occasionally disappearing when hitting 8th gear in a multiplayer section;
  • AI drivers now use 8th gear & DRS;
  • Added “Opponents Filter” option to quick race menu (for multiclass racing)
  • Replaced AI aggression UI slider with a set of presets low-to-max (max being 50% agression in old currency to prevent AI misbehavior in overly agressive settings);
  • Fixed bug with other cars occasionally “inheriting” 8 gears, DRS functionality from F-Extreme
  • Fixed championship scoring bug;
  • Fixed bug with AI behavior being over agressive with the throttle on corner exit leading to occasionally losing control;
  • Revised AI performance for all cars (balancing for consistency from car to car, track to track, session to session) – still in progress;
  • Updated ambient, curb, road & grass roll noise for all cars;
  • Minor aero & tires revision in all cars;
  • Revised realfeel values to reduce FFB clipping;
  • Tweaked alpha channels in skins from Metalmoro MR18, Opala86, SuperV8, StockV8 series to reduce excessive shiny look;
  • Minor graphical optimization;
  • Fixed behavior of driver labels.



Stock Car Extreme V1.48 BETA (for lvl2 backers & up) is now live on Steam!

This is a significant milestone build for us as it´s the first with executables compiled by ourselves – special thanks to our man @Marcel Offermans for putting on some long nights working the code out for this [​IMG]

This build removes all external code injection from previous releases, and most of the problems that came with that. Several features such as DRS, 8-speed gearboxes, amongst others which had been developed with injected code have now been rewritten into the codebase, along with several other new features.

As development is still ongoing in some of these features, there might still be some issues and things that are not quite validated for release, so please be aware it may not run 100% out of the box for everyone; Purpose of beta builds afterall are also to help us work through any remaining issues it might have before actual public release. We hope that it´s stable enough for most of you to enjoy, but please do keep this disclaimer in mind :)


  • Create a fresh player profile (delete the old one from \USERDATA otherwise the game won´t launch);
  • Do not install mods in your beta build (at least not until you have verified it´s working as it should);
  • If you get a dll error on startup, try deleting d3d9.dll from the game´s root folder.

For the steering rotation feature – All Logitech & Thrustmaster wheels with adjustable rotation should be working with this feature. Fanatec wheels should too, except for the V2 wheelbase which is still to be implemented.

If you have any of the supported wheels, it is recommended you set Enable Custom Steer Rotation to NO from OPTIONS > CONTROLS, and let the game customize the appropriate rotation range for each car.

If Enable Custom Steer Rotation is set to NO, the rotation setting below it has no effect so you may ignore it.

Some cars will also allow some range for adjusting rotation from the garage menu – ex. F-Extreme is defaulted to 360º, but you can increase that 450º from the garage. Others (like the Lancers) are fixed at 900º.

Logitech users should make sure “allow game to adjust settings” is ticked in your profiler.

If you do not have a controller with adjustable rotation, OR if your wheel is not yet supported by this feature, set Enable Custom Steer Rotation to YES, and define how much rotation range you have in your controller in the setting below – the game should then work same as before (with any adjustment per car done manually both here & controller profiler) and steer rotation setting in garage menu will have no actual effect.

Please note that in either cases, using old controller presets is NOT recommended (even the existing ones within this build), it´s been known to cause issues to at least one tester so far. We very much recommend you start one from scratch.

Further known issues with this version (to be fixed in time for release):

  • DynHUD based trackmap (replaces the previous solution) is WIP, will jitter and skip on occasion (press CTRL + M to switch it off);
  • Dedicated multiplayer tool is untested;
  • Caster setting in menu is not working (always show 0.1);
  • DRS activation & tire compound selection are not stored in replays;
  • No compound restriction per track in F-Extreme & F-Reiza;
  • Removed trackmap in session menu to make space for opponents filter (will be re-arranged to include both);
  • There´s an issue with Logitech Wingman Event Monitor (LWEMon.exe) not being shut down automatically after exiting the game – user should either shut down the process manually after leaving, or launch it himself before starting the game (otherwise the game won´t launch again).

Main Changelog:


  • Adds Mitsubishi Lancer Cup Series (Lancer R & RS models, recommended to run with TC & ABS on low as per the real car)


  • Adds Velo Cittá Circuit (2 layouts);

Features & Fixes:

  • Added support to 6 USB controller devices (increasing the previous limit of 3);
  • Added feature to automatically adjust Steering Rotation for each vehicle so use no longer needs to exit game and manually adjust controller rotation (see recommendations above);
  • Added option to adjust steering rotation in garage menu & adjusted default steering lock settings to provide a suitable default steering ratio for all cars (Custom Steer Rotation must be set to NO in controller menu);
  • Added option to map commands for adjusting anti-roll bars from in-car (for the cars that have the option: Stock Car V8, Super V8, F-Extreme, F-Reiza, F-3, F-V12, F-Classic )
  • Added option to map commands for adjusting Vertical FOV from in-car;
  • Tweaked AI to perform less strategical mistakes (such as pitting in the last lap);
  • Rewritten all car classes from the previous standard ReizaXX to a nomenclature that better represents their respective series;
  • Introduced native support to 9-speed gearboxes & fixed bug which would lead to F-Extreme occasionally disappearing when hitting 8th gear in a multiplayer section;
  • AI drivers now use 8th gear & DRS;
  • Added “Opponents Filter” option to quick race menu (for multiclass racing)
  • Replaced AI aggression UI slider with a set of presets low-to-max (max being 50% agression in old currency to prevent AI misbehavior in overly agressive settings);
  • Fixed bug with other cars occasionally “inheriting” 8 gears, DRS functionality from F-Extreme
  • Fixed championship scoring bug;
  • Fixed bug with AI behavior being over agressive with the throttle on corner exit leading to occasionally losing control;
  • Revised AI performance for all cars (balancing for consistency from car to car, track to track, session to session) – still in progress;
  • Updated ambient, curb, road & grass roll noise for all cars;
  • Minor aero & tires revision in all cars;
  • Revised realfeel values to reduce FFB clipping;
  • Tweaked alpha channels in skins from Metalmoro MR18, Opala86, SuperV8, StockV8 series to reduce excessive shiny look;
  • Minor graphical optimization;
  • Fixed behavior of driver labels.

Qualifying for the BlancPain GT World Championship Series


o iRacing will pick up to the top 40 finishing teams based on performance from Season 4 2015 Blancpain Endurance Series starting in September 2015.
o Teams must have a minimum of 2 members/drivers and can have a maximum of 4 members/drivers.
o There cannot be more than 4 different drivers.
o Teams are allowed to start with 2 or 3 drivers and add 1 or 2 more for the Season 4 Endurance Series as the series goes along.
o Teams cannot drop, replace or trade drivers. Drivers cannot drive or be registered for more than one team.
o Teams must notify the Competition Director via E-mail of their initial teams and any addition to their team roster
o The team driver roster at the end of the season 4 Endurance series will be the official team for the Blancpain GT Series in 2016.
o Teams cannot change car manufacturers during the season 4 Endurance Series. The GT3 cars will be the McLaren, BMW, RUF and Ford. After the Season 4 Endurance Series, teams may switch cars if they choose for the 2016 Blancpain GT Series.
o Each race week any or all of the drivers can race but there must be a minimum of any 2 team members driving.
o Drivers must have Class C or above license to compete in the series
o Drivers must have Class A Road License in order to be promoted to a WC License.


o There will be 6 races, one race every other week starting in week 2 with three time slots during those race weeks. The 3 time slots will be the same as the season 3 endurance series.
o The highest score for each race week will count per standard iRacing scoring. Standard iRacing scoring and race splitting will apply.
o The fair share rule will be on for all races.
o Qualifying will be attached to the race sessions.
o There will NO be Fast Repairs

Blancpain GT Series


o This is an official World Championship level series. It is the highest level of team endurance racing in iRacing. Official competitors will be awarded a World Championship License.
o Series will be limited to World Championship Road License holders.
o Competitors and teams will be expected to display excellent sportsmanship and treat fellow competitors, officials and all involved in the series in a respectful manner.
o Actively involved in the promotion of the series.
o There will be NO Fast Repairs

o Teams must have a minimum of 2 members/drivers and can have a maximum of 4 members/drivers. Each race week any or all of the drivers can race but there must be a minimum of any 2 team members driving.
o Teams cannot drop, change, trade or add drivers from the end of the Season 4 Endurance Series all the way through the end of the 2016 Blancpain GT Series. That is a no driver/member movement period.


o Teams cannot change car manufacturers during the 2016 Blancpain GT Series season. The official GT3 cars will be announced prior to the season but will very likely include all the current GT3 cars including the McLaren, BMW, Ford, RUF and but an additional car might be added.

Field Size

o Single Race with 40 cars depending on race venue
o Race grid will depend on qualifying


o 6 week season. If a race is cancelled for whatever reason, it will not be replaced
o No drop weeks
o Races will be held Saturdays 10:00 AM EDT/14:00 GMT (will not conflict with other WC races)
o Races will be broadcast
o Live officials in each race
o The fair share rule will be on for all races
o Most races will be around 3 hours long but 1 or 2 races may be up to 6 hours in duration
o Points and scoring. Will use standard iRacing scoring or adapt a customized scoring system.
o WC incident system will be in place or some other type of review. Driver penalties could impact the whole team just as it applies
to this series
o Race director will only communicate with impacted team drivers about incidents, race rules and any series related competition questions.


o Rd #1 – 16 April 2016
o Rd #2 – 14 May 2016
o Rd #3 – 11 June 2016
o Rd #4 – 23 July 2016
o Rd #5 – 20 August 2016
o Rd #6 – 3 September 2016

Championships ($13,000 in cash and up to $28,750 in cash and prizes)
o Team Championship
o Driver’s Championship
o Manufacturer Championship (McLaren, BMW, RUF, Ford, etc)

Team Championship – $13,000 in cash

o First Place: $6,000 dollars to be split and paid equally to ALL team members(Example: If 4 team members each will receive $1,500)
o Second Place: $4,000 dollars to be split and paid equally to all team members
o Third Place: $2, 000 dollars to be split and paid equally to all team members
o Fourth Place: $1,000 dollars to be split and paid equally to all team members

Driver Championship – $5,750 in iRacing Game Credit

o First Place: $2,000 iRacing Game Credit
o Second Place: $1,500 iRacing Game Credit
o Third Place: $1,000 iRacing Game Credit
o Fourth Place: $750 iRacing Game Credit
o Fifth Place: $500 iRacing Game Credit

Manufacturer Championship – Up to $10,000 in iRacing game Credit (assuming 5 cars and 4 per team)

o $500 of iRacing Game credit for each member of winning team for each manufacturer
o You do not have to actually drive to be awarded prize, just part of the team


o Servers: Both the Qualifying Endurance Series and the 2016 BlancPain Series will be on U.S Servers only.
o Spotters and Crew Chief: Will be allowed but will not be tracked or considered part of the team for prizes etc.


The ‘Stock Car Build’ has finally arrived! This build introduces a number of supportive code elements for this type of racing, but is also a testbed for some future advancements we have coming for this, and racing of all kinds.

We plan to release some more tracks (eagle-eyed forum users already spotted this), and with the help of some leagues, we hope to get the rules nailed down.


Lite installer – 322 MB
Demo installer – 1.1GB
NSCRS15 rFM (for vMods with rules, recommended for server hosts)
Stock car mod to follow (own thread). You need to use Build 1008 with them.


Working Stock Car rules:

Lucky Dog
No Lucky Dog to Driver who causes the caution
Speeding penalty during caution EOLL
Speeding penalty during green Drive Thru
Entering Closed pits EOLL penalty
Green White Checker finish
In-Car Track Bar Adjustment
Frozen Field when caution comes out

Partialy Working Stock Car Rules:

Double File Restarts – Leader Chooses which lane he starts
Double File Restarts – Proper line up order of Lead Lap, Lap down, Lucky Dog, Penalty Cars and Wave Arounds – Need feedback from Stock Car Leagues
Double File Restarts – Wave Around Cars – Do not get penalized yet for pitting before green flag is thrown
Qualifying Rules – 3 Round format works
Qualifying Rules – Forcing the use of 1 set of tires for all 3 rounds not working

Rules not implemented Yet:

Commitment cone violation for entering the pits
AI still race back to line when caution is thrown
All car(s) must maintain their respective track position for the restart, until they cross the start/finish line.
Blending rule when re-entering the track during green flag conditions
No passing under double yellow line at Superspeedways

Known issues (A.I.):

We need to give the A.I. another look, as improvements in one area can often affect another. The A.I. are quite dynamic and will adjust their line according to grip levels. At Jacksonville, this tends to see them running high up against the wall. With an upcoming update to the core, we would like to try to keep them from scraping the wall as often as they do right now on the ovals. You can disable the ‘dynamic superspeedway’ code that causes this by changing playerfile value “AI Logic Override” to 2 (as mentioned in the notes below).

Build 1008 Changelog:

In order to take full advantage of the stock car features, it is recommended that users do the following:
1) Enable the StockCarRules.dll and KnockoutQualifying.dll plugins. In single-player, this can be done in the UI Settings. For dedicated servers, operators will have to open the CustomPluginVariables.JSON file (in the UserData\player directory) and set ” Enabled” to 1 for both of these plugins.
2) Download and install the “National Stock Car Racing 2015” mod. This contains many rules settings geared towards stock car racing.

Added a couple pieces of info to the internals plugins: approximate tire radius, and the pitstop lap distance.
Added FrontToeOffset and RearToeOffset garage settings which supplement FrontToeIn and RearToeIn.
Added a tiny bit of configurability to the new ‘Low Speed Info’ message box. PLR file value “LSI Top” lets you set its vertical position or disable it altogether.
Implemented the ability for rules plugins to control whether each vehicle is currently allowed to pit.
Added code to get stock car style gauges to work. will take a number of materials (defined in cockpitinfo.ini file parameter “STOCKCARGAUGE”), and turn them on or off depending on how close the player’s speed is to the pitlane speed.
Added .tbc variable “RoadGrooveSqrdGripEffect” so AIs will experience the same grip curve vs. groove as the human driver does.
Attempt to get AI drivers to be more flexible in their line following when trying to draft on superspeedways. (humans don’t necessarily follow the recorded driving lines) Can be disabled by setting playerfile option “AI Logic Override” to 2.
Added a gizmo to the UI in order to turn plugins on and off. In the future, you’ll also be able to edit custom plugin variables here.

There exists a new multiplayer.json variable “Plugin Heartbeat Rate” which can be turned off or set to different update rates. In addition, the plugin will be signaled that this is a heartbeat update by setting ScoringInfoV01::mGamePhase to a new value of 9 meaning “paused”.

Fixed slow car cycling
Fix for missing update cmps
Fix a problem with admin commands /pitby*
Fixed mod mode camera editor crash on camera selection by disabling camera naming in the release mod mode.
Fixed some problems where vehicles were moved or re-initialized at unexpected times.

Fixed bug with updates not showing in game UI select list.
Fixed bug when creating vmod with updated components.
Added ability to normalize collision corridors in the AIW editor (show collision corridors, select waypoints, then select normalize corridors).
Added # of waypoints selected to the AIW waypoint selection menu header.
Raised line drawning to be 0.1 meters above the track.

Cabin Accessories Coming

We are about to launch open beta of another Euro Truck Simulator 2 game update – version 1.21. This is mostly maintenance release, with hundreds upon hundreds of touch ups of the map, improvements in road and terrain collision detection, AI code optimizations and improvements, some tweaks to physics, UI, sounds, and more.

This update also paves the way for a new DLC – Cabin Accessories. It’s a collection of practical as well as totally impractical things with which you can decorate the interior of your truck cabin. Showing you the video below is better than trying to describe it in words; all the accessories are physics-enabled…

Update changes are:VEHICLES

  • Improved reflections in the interior
  • Fixed spider paintjob from Halloween DLC missing for some variants of DAF Euro 6 cabin
  • Adjusted external interior for Actros 2009


  • Added automatically generated Range-Splitter layout for H-Shifter.
  • Improved compatibility with G29 force-feedback
  • When shifter layout is named (attribute “name”), the name string is shown in the game for better recognition.


  • Improved sounds of tires and suspension
  • Improved sounds for manipulating blinker and brake sticks
  • Reduced volume of interior stick noises


  • Workaround for missing geometry on low-end Intel GPUs on OSX
  • Fixed possible use of incorrect files after switching between profiles with different set of mods
  • Corrected vegetation sometimes appearing at wrong places in the map
  • The hud mirror switching key (F2) now enumerates all combinations: both off, only far on, both on, only near on
  • Improved road collisions

You can find the beta in the public_beta branch on Steam. (Steam client -> LIBRARY -> right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 -> Properties -> Betas tab -> public_beta – 1.21 public beta)




We are pilots, programmers and artists who share a common passion for aviation, weather and simulation. We strive for the most realistic weather experience possible, always prioritizing function and fidelity above all else. We love what we do and thank all our customers and supporters for enabling us to continue to improve and expand Active Sky!



The M2000C is a multi-role, French-designed, 4th generation fighter. It was designed in the 1970s as a lightweight fighter and in excess of 600 M2000C aircraft have been built. The M2000C is a single-engine fighter will a low-set delta wing with no horizontal tail. It has excellent manoeuvrability given its relaxed stability and fly-by-wire flight control system. The M2000C also includes a multi-mode RDI radar that is capable tracking and engaging targets at beyond visual ranges. In addition to engaging other aircraft with cannon and missiles, the M2000C can also engage ground targets with cannon, rockets and bombs. The M2000C is a perfect fit for the battlefields of DCS World!

We now bring an exacting simulation the M2000C to DCS World. The M2000C is highly optimized to work within DCS World and takes advantage of the Digital Combat environment that only Eagle Dynamics can offer.

By December 2015, the Open Beta download for the DCS: Mirage 2000C will be available to those that pre-purchased.

For more information and support, please visit:

Key Features that the DCS: Mirage 2000C by RAZBAM will include:

  • Advanced flight model providing realistic performance and flight characteristics
  • Highly detailed 3D model and animations
  • Highly detailed and accurate 6 DOF cockpit with mouse-interactive controls
  • Realistic modelling of the aircraft systems including electrical, fuel, hydraulics, lighting, engine and navigation
  • High resolution 3D model and cockpit textures, including specular and bump mapping
  • Inflight programmable INS
  • Synthetic runway display on HUD
  • Realistic HUD and weapons systems including:
    • Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground cannon
    • Magic II and Super 530D Air-to-Air missiles
    • Matra rocket pods
    • CCIP and CCRP bomb delivery
  • Realistic afterburner and over-wing vapour effects
  • Numerous skins
  • Instant action, single, and training missions as well as a campaign
  • Training that includes interactive and video lessons.



Train Simulator 2016

Ever dreamed of driving trains? Now you can! Train Simulator 2016 brings to life some amazing extreme train challenges on real world routes and delivers the ultimate railway hobby.

Power: Haul thousands of tons of cargo over Sherman Hill Summit in the legendary Union Pacific Gas Turbine

Pressure: Command the mighty Castle Class in the golden age of steam on the busy Cornish Riviera Line

Precision: Beat the clock as a Deutsche Bahn driver on the challenging West Rhine Main Line.

Plus, with Train Simulator 2016, get started on your driver career at the TS Academy and master your machines with support from the new Driver Assists system – you can also capture the perfect scene in the all new Railfan mode.

TS2016 features four stunning routes for you to enjoy:

  • Sherman Hill: Cheyenne to Laramie, including Union Pacific Gas Turbine-Electric, ES44AC, SD70M, SD40-2 and SW10 locomotives
  • Riviera Line: Exeter to Kingswear, including GWR Castle Class, Grange Class, King Class, Hall Class and Pannier Tank locomotives
  • West Rhine: Cologne to Koblenz, including DB BR 155, BR 146.2, BR 101 and BR 294 locomotives.

Plus, TS2016: Steam Edition also includes the Norfolk Southern Coal District route, the beautifully rural Mon Line running through the heart of Pennsylvania, USA.

Train Simulator 2016 – are you ready for the extreme?

Enjoy these four extreme routes in Train Simulator 2016:


Command the mighty Castle Class in the golden age of steam on the busy Cornish Riviera Line.

The line is renowned for its proximity to the south coast of England and joins the southern beaches just south of Starcross, showcasing stunning scenery and ocean views. Test your skills on this line with the Castle Class or GWR 4073, heralded as the most powerful locomotive when introduced in 1923. Set in the 1950s, this route is a challenging drive with some heavy steam machinery ready for even the most experienced of drivers.


Don’t be taken by the beautiful landscape of the Rhineland-Palatinate, the Cologne to Koblenz line will keep all drivers on their toes.

Running parallel to the west bank of the Rhine for much of the journey, the route gives passengers spectacular views across the West Rhine area of West Germany. The route forms the southern stretch of Deutsche Bahn’s RE5 ‘Rhein Express’ service, which runs from Emerrich in the north west to Koblenz. Hourly intercity and ICE services, Regio passenger trains and various freight operations also frequent the line. Even the occasional heritage special can be seen in between the busy commuter services. Medieval towns and castles along the line, plus river barges passing serenely by, emind passengers of the historic area they travel through between the two densely urban cities of Cologne and Koblenz. Large freight yards at Bruhl and Bonn-West are also well-known features, as well as the DB Museum at Koblenz-Lützel, which occupies a former depot linked to the main line.


Haul thousands of tons of cargo over Sherman Hill Summit in the legendary Union Pacific Gas Turbine.

Sherman Hill is a fantastic North American freight route running 60 miles between Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming. The route’s tough grades resulted in the Union Pacific Railroad building new heavy freight locomotives to work the line. Drive this line with the UP GTELs, nicknamed “Big Blows” for their high-pitched scream. These consisted of three semi-permanently coupled vehicles, the leading A-Unit, the turbine housing B-Unit and a Fuel Tender. The turbines ran from the beginning of the 1960s until the end of the 1970s.


Mile-long coal trains and distinctive street running set apart the beautiful Mon Line, running through the heart of Pennsylvania.

At the heart of Pennsylvania’s coal country, the rural Mon Line is today owned by Norfolk Southern with CSX Transporation also having trackage rights. Coal mines dominate the route, with important facilities at Bailey Mine and Emerald Mine connecting with a staging yard at West Brownsville from where coal trains continue on their way to power stations or to ports for export. More than 20 million tons of coal is annually transported along the line, much of it to Loveridge Secondary where it is transhipped from rail to river barges. Challenge your driving skills with heavy coal trains running along the 50 miles of rural countryside at the controls of GE’s mammoth 4,400hp ES44AC diesel locomotive.

Key Features

  • Learn to drive different trains at the TS Academy and qualify as a train driver
  • Master your Machines with support from the new Driver Assists system
  • Capture the perfect scenes in the all new Railfan mode
  • Three fantastic real-world routes including Sherman Hill (USA), Riviera Line: Exeter to Kingswear (UK) and West Rhine: Cologne to Koblenz (Germany)
  • EXCLUSIVE Steam Edition includes the Norfolk Southern Coal District route
  • Enhanced graphics and performance
  • Quick Drive menu system: drive what you like, where you like
  • Drive with Xbox 360 controller, keyboard or mouse
  • Integrated Steam Workshop free mission download centre
  • Create your own routes with powerful in-game editing tools
  • Access the Train Simulator community in-game

audi_logo_495x258, the world’s leading online motorsports simulation service, today announced plans to add the 2016 Audi R8 LMS to its lineup of digital race cars.  Audi thus joins a host of world class automotive manufacturers represented on iRacing, with the R8 LMS slated to compete with the BMW Z4, Ford GT, McLaren MP4 12c, the soon-to-be-released Mercedes-AMG GT3 and other state-of-the-art GT3 cars in iRacing’s Blancpain series.

The announcement was made by Steve Myers, Executive Vice President and Executive Producer, at the Nürburgring prior to this weekend’s GT500, the final round of the 2015 Blancpain Endurance Series.

“We’re proud to welcome Audi to iRacing and, along with iRacers all around the world, we look forward to racing the virtual R8 LMS,” said Myers.  “The GT3 class features some of the most fiercely contested racing in all of virtual and real world motorsports.  I’m sure iRacing’s R8 will prove to be every bit as formidable as its real world counterpart in the Blancpain Endurance and Sprint Series.”

“Audi is excited to support iRacing in building a digital version of our R8 LMS,” said Romolo Liebchen, Head of Audi Sport customer racing. “iRacing has earned its reputation as one of  the world’s most authentic motorsports simulations service, and we are delighted to know iRacers everywhere will be able to enjoy the challenge and excitement of driving the Audi R8 LMS in online competition.”

2014 Blancpain Endurance and GT Series champion Laurens Vanthoor who, together with Belgian Audi Club teammate Robin Frijs, is seeking to clinch the 2015 Blancpain Series title this weekend, echoes those thoughts.

“I’m thrilled that iRacing will be adding the new Audi R8 LMS to its lineup,” said Vanthoor, who uses iRacing as part of his training regimen and will lend his expertise to the development of the virtual Audi.  “I have my choice of simulation programs, but I find myself using iRacing 99% of the time.  Their laser-scanned track surfaces are very accurate and all the landmarks and reference points are there as well.  I’m sure iRacing will build the Audi R8 LMS with the same attention to detail.   I helped in the development of the new R8 and so it will be interesting to have influenced the real and the digital version of the same car.”

The Audi R8 LMS will join a growing catalogue of world class sports cars available on iRacing, along with digital versions of every car/truck in the top tier NASCAR series as well as Formula One, Indy, short track and showroom stock cars raced by iRacers on laser-scanned version of more than 75 of the world’s most legendary ovals and road courses.

Go to for additional information on iRacing and to learn about our special Oktoberfest membership discount.



ოფიციალური გვერდი

განხილვა რუსულ ფორუმზე

Feature List:

  • The Globe:
    • Round Earth model – enabeling “Polar Operations” (90° N to 90° S) preferably in a WGS84-EGM96 standard with an elevation model from -40.000 ft (mariana trench) to +30.000 (Mt. Everest)
    • Updatable Navigation Data Set (Navigraph/NavData Pro) with Updatable MagVar table.
    • VOR, NDB, TACAN, ILS, GPS, etc
    • Optimized DEM – maybe licensed from Pilot’s Global Ultimate addon?
    • Athmospheric Model
    • Correct Coastlines and Water bodys. May be possible to create realistic  waves on beaches and landmass not “swim” on water
  • Weather:
    • 3D – Volumetric Clouds
    • Rain effects on windshield
    • Snow accumulation
    • Multiplayer capablility for Weather (all players see the clouds at the same locations)…
      • Real World Weather Updates as well as Historical Weather and Weather Themes adjustable to different locations (depature-enroute-destination)
      • realistic turbulence and up/down drafts
      • A plausible representation of Weather phenomina like dangerous Storms:
        • Blizzard
        • Cloud
        • Downburst
        • Dust storm
        • Extratropical cyclone
        • Firestorm
        • Ice storm
        • Lightning
        • Supercell
        • Thunderstorm, (Thundersnow)
        • Tornado
        • Tropical cyclone, (Hurricane)
        • Waterspout
        • Winter storm etc.
    • Precipitation:
      • Drizzle (Freezing drizzle)
      • Graupel
      • Hail
      • Ice pellets
      • Rain (Freezing rain)
      • Snow Rain and snow
      • mixed Snowm grains Snow, roller Slush.
        Air Pollution (Smog)
  • Seasons:
      • Winter
      • Hard Winter
      • Spring
      • Summer
      • Autum
      • Dry season
      • Wet season
  • Scenery:
    • Procedurally generated Scenery for the entire world.
    • Capability to produce Hi Detailed Scenery including uneven Runways, large Cities, etc.
    • OSM Data
  • Flight Model:
    • Correct Aircraft handling within the Flight Regime:
      • Low Speed Stall
      • High Speed Stall
      • Climb rates
      • Weight and balance calculations/influence
      • fuel consumption
      • Gliders- Prop- Turbo Prop – Jet – Helicopter- caracteristics
      • Engine Mangement
  • ATC/AI Traffic:
    • Communication devices: VHF/HF radios
    • Capability to handle Player and AI with SID/STAR and enroute with automated routefinder…
    • realistic Runway deployment for Take-off and Landing Runways, maybe information taken from websites like Flightradar24 or FlightAware…
    • VFR/IFR capability of ATC
    • Emergency Capability
    • Voice Recognition
    • RW Airspace layout
    • Option to import/export preferred routes
    • CPDLC
    • RW Airlines Flightplans
    • Living World (Animals, Aircraft, Cars, Trains, Boats, etc.)
    • Regional differences (lefthand/righthand traffic, Buildings, Vegetation, Animals, etc.)
    • Ground Handling ala GSX/AES….
  • Flightplan manager:
    • Maybe we can license PFPX to handle the flight planning?
    • NOTAM system
  • SFX:
    • Contrails, engine wash, sound, St. Elmo’s Fire, etc.
  • Aircraft:
    • Possibility of Hi Detail Aircraft like A2A and PMDG quality…
    • Co-Pilot Capabilitys (Voice Control, FS2Crew)
    • realistic and accurate “glass cockpit” (G1000; Proline21, Avydine , Airliners, etc.)
    • Shared Cockpit
      Support for Cockpit Builders
  • Multiplayer/Networking:
    • VATSIM/IVAO integration….
    • Multiplayer host
    • FSUIPC functionality
  • Real world headlines integration:
    • Vulcanic Erruptions, War areas with No Fly Zones, Natural Desasters etc…
  • Missions:
    • Mission Creation Kit
      • Civilian:
        • SAR operations, Medical transport, etc.
      • Military:
        • AA/AG Combat capability
        • Weapon Systems
        • Radar/IR Imaging
        • realistic Radar returns according to RCS
  • Flight School:
    • Basics of Flight
      • Lift/Drag, Weight/Balance etc.
    • Flight planning tutorial
      • Airspace Organization
      • Route Planning VFR/IFR, ETOPS, NAT’S, PACOTS, AUSOTS
      • Fuel Planning
    • Tutorial Flight
      • Climb/Decent, Coordinated Turns, Steep Turns
      • Take off training, energy control, Instrument Sceening
      • Visual Approach and Landing Training
      • VFR orientation training (Triangle Flight)
      • IFR orientation training (VOR/TACAN, NDB, DME, GPS)
      • IFR Landing training (VOR App, ILS App, etc.)
    • Radio communications tutorial for Online Flight
      • Delivery
      • Apron/Ground
      • Tower
      • Depature
      • Center
      • Arrival
      • Atlantic Crossing Radio Procedure (Shannon/Gander)
    • Glider tutorial
    • Prop tutorial
    • Turboprop tutorial
    • Jet tutorial
    • Helicopter tutorial
  • Damage/Physics Model:
    • Emergency Landing Evaluation
  • Time accelleration:
    • Warp to WP/Alt/HDG under consideration of Fuel Burn etc.
  • SDK:
  • Auto Update Manager of all core components and addons!
  • Car Drive to the Airport (“Built in”)


Volumetric lighting



UNiGiNE v2 ძრავზე  რამოდენიმე ვიდეო: