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A new Early Access build of Automobilista has been released – v0.9.6 is now out.


  • Added Copa Montana Series
  • Added Mendig Flugplatz (first of many layouts still to come for this venue)

Features & Fixes:

  • Added Time Trial integration with Virtual Xperience portal leaderboards (more about it here)
  • Integrated Steam Matchmaker into in-game Multiplayer lobby
  • Added new track limit violation system to clamp down excessive corner cutting & running wide (still subject to some track-specific fine-tuning – info & discussion about it here)
  • Adjusted tree shaders for improved lighting
  • Added alternative Interlagos, Kansai, Montreal, Spielberg track options removing GP-specific trackside objects and DRS / tire compound rules (same layout otherwise)
  • Fixed several multiplayer screen UI errors
  • DynHUD: Fixed HUD not displayed (properly) on multiplayer race start; Added a custom fix to Johannesburg trackmap; Fixed profile info being applied too late
  • VIR: Tweaked AI lines at Grand & Full layouts so they do a better job of avoiding dangerous curbs
  • F-Extreme Fixed oversized DRS textures which could cause memory overload
  • F-Retro: Fixed gear shift light not working
  • Boxer: Corrected off-center LCD display; Tweaked rear light; Fixed windshield reflection; Minor engine sound tweak; Minor adjustment to damper rates & rear wing; Increased default front anti-roll bar setting
  • Marcas: Minor tightening of tire slip angles & chassis inertia adjustment

Heads-up to league runners: as per our usual Early Access schedule we´ll still have a couple of major update releases every other upcoming friday. If you have a race tonight, you may want to check with the league admin whether you´ll be racing with the old v0.9.41 or this latest v0.9.6.

If a league doesn´t want to risk issues by racing with the new version (this one of the upcoming ones), you´ll have the option to stick to the current v0.9.41 until the event is finished. This can be done by right-clicking Automobilista on Steam -> Properties -> “BETA” tab, and selecting v0.9.41 from the dropdown box.

If AMS is updated automatically before you have the chance to do the above procedure, you can still revert to v0.9.41 by following the steps above (and then opt out of it once the race is over in order to update to the latest v0.9.6).

Leaving previous versions available in branches will be regular practice from now on – besides the scenario such as the above, having the option to go back to a previous version may also be helpful for users who encounter issues to help us isolate when they started so please keep it in mind.

If you are not running a league event on fridays or tonight specifically, you may ignore this and just let the game auto-update as usual.

If you wish to discuss the new track limit violation system, please use this thread.

If you have a bug to report please use the new bug report thread. (make sure to check theopening post).


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Hi everyone,

update 2.1.03 will be released this morning for all platforms. Servers will be turned off at 10 am BST, and should be live again within 2 hours. The update contains the following changes listed below.

For Xbox One players the download size is 1.2 GB.



Stability Fixes

– Fixes a crash in the case of a ship being killed or fleeing while waiting for a response to a docking request
– Fix proxy kinematic rig crash
– Don’t crash on capital ship ‘death’
– Fix for server crash from uncertain CQC state
– Fix a server crash when checking commodity lists
– Fix a server crash when checking a players death
– Fix a crash if we receive damage from a disconnected player in CQC
– Fix a crash if you disconnect while shooting someone while in CQC
– Fix crash when disconnecting while taking damage in CQC
– Applied fix made sure that user has their input focus on a proper component when entering inventory shop
– Fix a crash when handing in missions when trying to find superpower info
– Don’t assume locking of vertex buffers will succeed – prevents crash in terrain generation
– Tackle some soft locks caused by specific POIs
– Fixed softlock when quickly selecting refuel/repair/restock after opening station services
– Fix softlock when signing out as we enter Hyperspace
– Fix for softlock when loading at settlements
– Fix a softlock when approaching or loading in an Engineer’s base
– Fix server disconnect on “Pomeche 2 C”
– Xbox One: Game enters a semi unresponsive state when changing the Yaw Axis Preset from within the Controls Options fixed
– Xbox One: Don’t refresh Inventory when unconstraining. We don’t want the client and server state to get out of sync so we now only check for Inventory once, at sign-in

General Fixes/Tweaks

– Xbox One: Support for localised languages (French, German, Spanish, and Russian)
– Added Saitek x56 control preset
– Fix missing Hawking Depot – now called Hawking Station
– Use loose rather than strict checks when testing if a ship is valid for recovering from storage, this means that people who’ve stored ships with mass over their engine limit will be able to recover those ships again. But will still be prompted to fix the problem when in outfitting
– Pirated cargo not appearing in hold when stealing from players fixed
– Re-fix making Independent powers being hostile to each other when deciding which actions to allow when being opposed
– Added guards against receiving duplicate inbox messages, which could cause the inbox gui to become unresponsive
– Fix not being able to dock at some stations in the Arbuda system
– Fixed viewing the list of CG’s, and the progress preview bar being wrong
– If an interdiction takes you into orbital cruise, then cancel the interdiction as otherwise you will end up inside the planet
– When dropping out after an interdiction make sure we don’t drop out too close to a planet. If we do drop out too close then move the drop point away
– Extra logging for some machine disconnection issues
– Stop sending Federation and Empire rankup inbox messages when eligible for the mission for the next rank
– No longer able to bind ‘Reset Mouse’ to the same buttons as UI controls
– Audio: For Wwise prior to 2015.1.7 and Windows 10+ only use XAudio2 if the 2.7 DLL is there
– Audio: Make sure we are relatively close to a hostile before triggering combat music
– Audio: Don’t load chatter soundbanks or planet port voice soundbanks when they aren’t needed
– Audio: Fix for orbital cruise sounds happening after hyperspace jumps
– Xbox One: Fixed excessive XMA compression on title ident
– Xbox One: The tabs under Friends and Private Groups do not update when the user tries to view member in a group fixed
– Xbox One: Fixing Nasty sounding XMA compression artifacts on some music cues
– Mouse cursor stuck on side of screen when in main menu fixed
– Store relationship values on mission avatars so they don’t change into their cool pirate jackets anymore
– Fixed missing Cyrillic font glyphs on special effect panel
– Latest batch of translated text
– Various text fixes


– Ensure we have up-to-date data when opening the workshop so that we correctly show ‘alternative’ progress
– Players can now spend favours (reputation levels) to control experimental effects on blueprints
– Filter option is not always reset when navigating to the recipe selection panel fixed
– Back button working on pinned and help popups


– Permit Missions should now give a permit
– Supply to demand overrides should take into account permit access
– Fixed mission board reputation bars being wrong
– All missions now give a positive state effect with the mission giver for completion, that is relative to the cargo/mission target
– Fix reputation values and spawning levels in planetary rescue
– Make delivery missions fail upon death
– Fix for Settlement not spawning mission required skimmers
– Some mission generation optimisations
– Nav Beacon Wrinkle message will be sent every time you supercruise away from the contact’s system fixed
– If we don’t have space for all the reward materials, only add what we can
– Use a more reliable way of finding commander ids so that mission update requests aren’t handed invalid commander ids
– Added a contract element into the initial mission progression that checks the player’s cargo hold – This prevents the player from taking missions if they don’t have enough cargo in their hold when the reward has cargo in it
– Added Contract Element to all ‘hand-in’ panels to indicate when the player does not have enough cargo space for the cargo rewards and therefore cannot hand in the mission
– Allow people who do not have a matching mission to drop cargo for said missions through in/voluntary means
– Removed the destination station element from the transaction panels that don’t need them, so you should no longer see random destination logos on the left hand panel
– Changed the Massacre legal variants to set a timer when an enemy is killed – ensures that the race wrinkle can spawn
– Read relationship from avatar contact string. Prevents the issue where you’re standing may change as you complete a mission to be greeted by a slightly different avatar from the original mission giver
– Planetary Disable BLOPS missions are now marked as Horizons only
– Mark a mission as planetary if any of its contract element results are Available Planetary, not just if the end result is Available Planetary (means that unavailable missions can have the planetary icon)
– Micro resource space deficiency should be called out in the rewards section not additional
– Added Can Land AtS tation Checks to all Alternative offer inbox messages, preventing the player from talking Alternatives that require Horizons content
– Exclude minor factions from selection as mission targets if they are engineers and/or hidden
– Reduced the number of community goal web requests sent from the client by caching data and only fetching new data when viewing the goals on the mission board
– Changed the ship being used in the rescue mission maints from a hauler to a type 6 – they now have the correct amount of cargo for the mission
– Changed the effects of the states for the piracy, planetary and mining missions to be a “positive” effect when the player successfully completes the mission – on these templates it was backwards
– Allow missions & Community Goals to be completed at stations that have mission generation temporarily disabled


– When determining the rank of NPC ships for interdiction, use the player’s combat rank, rather than their highest PF rank, although add 1 rank if their trade or exploration rank is higher than their combat rank
– Updated the Archetypes of the NPCs in the USS cargo drop missions – they are now Ambush Pirate and should attack the player on entry
– Fixed AI rotation damping to work properly across the AI skill range
– alter the changes in allowed interdiction ranks based on security, so that the biggest rank disparities are reserved for very low security and anarchy systems
– Reduced the number of engineer mods on AI ships substantially, now only Deadly & Elite rank ships are guaranteed to have mods and any below Master are guaranteed to have none
– Fix for Large AI ships ramming large player ships
– Slightly reduced the ranks below an AI that they can interdict players, this will tighten up the difficulty a bit
– Add state to Powers Assassin and Powers Security ships to allow them to threaten the player before attacking
– Reduced the percentage interdiction chance of power play ships by 10%, and altered the ship type chances and combat ranks to be more mid range, dropping a lot of the top range down
– Balance mission generated NPCs to be lower ranked (for the most part)


– Address some long initialisation times for certain POIs
– Fix for seed spikes not spawning meta-alloys
– Changed trigger volumes of trespass zones to be much smaller to prevent issues
– SRV gets stuck on Baker’s Prospect ramp fixed
– Doubled the height of the foundation wall of the large biome, so that it can be bedded into more undulating landscapes without the terrain intersecting through the centre
– No audio acknowledgement that something has been received after scanning a nav beacon fixed
– For capital ships in fixed scenarios (e.g. the one at Sol, but not capital ships that turn up for combat zones) make their name choice pseudo-random based on UniversalAddress so that it will always be the same
– Materials from nodes floating high into the air when in wing fixed
– Attenuation changes for POIs
– Fix for silent security door on settlements
– Fix a server error when scanning certain large industrial settlements


– Huge burst lasers added
– Adjust tracking rates for turreted weapons. Large+ are unchanged, medium are slightly faster, small are a lot faster
– Improvements to turret tracking: When evaluating confusion the turret will now take into account the apparently linear acceleration of the target actually caused by angular acceleration of the firing vehicle. Overall this should make turrets confused less of the time, and emphasises the skill element a bit more – the better you match your targets acceleration to keep them stationary in view, the better your turrets will track
– Correct the Target Entity checks when weapons hit their target to correctly account for subtargeting being used with Target-Only mode turrets, these will now cause hostility correctly when hitting the ship whose module you’ve targeted, but will correctly disregard hostility when stray shots clip other ships as before
– Advanced Plasma Accelerater now has ammo when installed
– Changes to impulse attacks (force shell an impulse mine), aiming to prevent stacking from being extremely unpleasant (and sickness inducing in VR) while not making single guns ineffective:
– Reduce impulse generated by force shell on larger cannons, smaller ones are increased slightly
– Torque generated by impulse attacks is clamped to a multiple of the ships mass, so large weapons cannot induce unrecoverable spins in small ships
– Diminishing returns now applies to impulse attacks within a short space of time. This resistance will drain to zero after at most 5 seconds, but within that window the more a ship is pushed around the more it becomes resistant to it
– Balance pass for Incendiary ammo multicannons, they’re a bit too good . They now also come with the downsides of a 10% reduction in fire rate, and generate significantly more heat than a normal multicannon (though still less than an equivalent pulse). This change will retroactively affect existing items
– Dispersal field should no longer affect (some) fixed weapons, or turrets set to forward fire
– Balancing for heat attack weapons (Retributor, Thermal Shock and a few others), overall intention is to keep single weapons having a purpose, while reducing the power of heavy stacking:
– Having an active shield now statically prevents 25% of the heat from getting through
– Adjusted the diminishing returns curve, getting someone to 100% is easier, getting them past 100% is harder, getting them into hull damage is MUCH harder, and the final cap is now 220% rather than 300%
– Remove override that was giving C4 pulse/burst lasers the incorrect audio event name
– Ensure that beam highlight textures are kept alive as long as they are needed
– Main game power distributors were too good on eng/sys across the board and have been brought back to 2.0 levels
– Prevent ammo from going over the normal maximum when modifications have reduced the clip size, which also caused absurd costs to show in restock menu
– Audio: adjusted the number of audio objects in the audio impact system. A Partial fix for messy impact audio when player is hitting target with multiple beam weapons at once
– Updated the missile sound


– Power distributor recharge rate cropped in outfitting fixed
– Outfitting shop GUI data can persist between core modules fixed
– Sidewinder spoilers have the wrong icons fixed


– All shields now regenerate at double rate when in supercruise
– Fixed landing collision issues with Diamondback Scout
– Missing engine VFX on the Anaconda
– Both Asp Explorer and Scout Paint job cameras are no longer position behind the roof lights
– Some flight controller volume inconsistencies fixed
– Clashing “Incoming Message” and “Incoming Mission Critical Message” fixed
– Imperial Courier drive flares now working as intended again
– Added bullet fly by sounds
– Fixed some weird panning behaviour on flight assist on/off mechanical sounds by whacking up the spread on it
– Xbox One: Added landing gear deployed/stowed rumble for ships that had it missing


– Fixed offset hitcheck on SRV


– CQC power distributors now have their 2.0 values back, and weapon distributor is no longer strictly the best
– Fix a lost flag on a few PG weapons that turned all the beam lasers into pulses, and would have un-intentionally increased DPS by 50% because the damage per second value would be interpretted as damage per shot and fired every 0.66 seconds
– Wing manager should now remove player that leave the game from their teams wing, they should also no longer assert about having a wing member in a weird state
– The message the team gets about players leaving teams should now work as intended


– Small volume boost on flight controllers and radio chatter
– Xbox One: Fix for rumble happening on “other” landing pads
– Xbox One: Fixed out of sync rumble on small pads animations

Galaxy Map

– Galaxy map now properly opens from transaction tab while in headlook
– Bookmarked systems show the bookmark marker even if it has other active markers
– Bookmarks: Pressing left (pad/joystick) will close the bookmark dropdown menu fixed
– Gal map / powerplay : Displaying “radius profit” instead of “profit” in the popup to avoid confusion about values displayed
– Bookmarks: Make sure the send modification button (delete/save) can’t spam request the server


– Make the render feature system more robust against GraphicsConfig.xml being broken
– Increased distance for tiling rates on rocky and metal worlds to improve the distance you can see surface details from the materials. Also brightened the surfaces slightly
– Sort the stars based on the new lighting curve – addresses some lighting issues in systems with black holes
– Fix for cases where stellar background textures could fail to render correctly
– Fix ring detail texture resolution so that it isn’t synced to main ring texture size
– Smaller authored ring textures as we don’t need 4096 x 128 for the coarse colour/spacing information
– Fix for NaNs showing up in PlanetRingFog shader


– Only control input focus through HMDs if they are rendering (don’t affect regular mono modes)
– Fix for the VR camera flicker in supercruise transitions

DiRT Rally logo

Hello DiRT fans – our latest patch has landed! Here’s the list of fixes that v. 1.11 will be bringing to DiRT Rally:

– Game – Excessive knocking effect on wheels when playing rallycross (All platforms).

– Racenet – Community Delta times should now display correctly (All platforms).

– Game – AI for Classic and S1600 Rallycross adjusted to have more variety (All platforms).

– Leaderboards – They will no longer be blank and the difference column works (All platforms).

– Racenet – League events can now be restarted if you terminally damage, quit or complete an event (All platforms).

– Community – Fixed the missing string that was being displayed in a very specific situation when Racenet was unavailable (All platforms).

– Graphics – Fixes for rain effects displaying incorrectly on some AMD cards (PC).

– Graphics – Motion blur being applied to cars in bonnet camera and in replays (PC).

– Audio – Co-driver call near sector 2 in Russian is now played in the correct language (PC).

– Game – Fix to prevent unrealistic AI times being shown on Hillclimb if you save and quit after finishing a time for Run 1 (PC).

– Audio -Spotter call during the results screen for Portuguese Brazilian is now played in the correct language (PC).

Now, on to the fun stuff – you may notice that the patch doesn’t just bring fixes, but some additions to the content on DiRT Rally… We’ll discuss these in closer detail in tomorrow’s Road Book – but to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, we’ve added the following content:

– Art – We’ve updated Pikes Peak International Hill Climb to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the event, complete with official PPIHC logos and branding.

– Game – We’ve updated the handling on the Hill Climb cars so that you can really attack the iconic Hill Climb course.

We hope the patch in all of its Pikes Peak glory really enhances the Hill Climb experience for you, and that the fixes leave your DiRT Rally experience a lot smoother and more fun to play. As always, if you have any feedback for this update, please head to Twitter, Facebook or our Codemasters forums to share it!

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v0.9.4 Release

Last friday we released our latest v0.9.4 update. While this update hasn´t added any new content or features to the sim, there has been some valuable progress in particular to graphics & Artificial Intelligence.

@Alex Sawczuk has been spending some quality time developing the shaders & RGB settings in order to improve lighting & color accuracy across the 24h cycle. The changes are subtle individually but all add up to a noticeable overall improvement – the environment is more lively and the slightly desaturated & bluish haze from previous versions is now gone. The changes are mostly already present in v0.9.41, and along with @ilka ´s beautiful new sky/cloud sets, make for some pretty nice sights:

A lot of man-hours & late nights have also gone into fine-tuning AI performance and behavior in close racing conditions across the board – as a result v0.9.41 features our best, most well-rounded AI yet.

Road to v1.0

Things continue to progress nicely towards v1.0, some are further along than others but while official release will not represent the end of new features or content for AMS, we´re pushing to wrap up a rock-solid v1.0 within the next few weeks.

With single player gameplay now mostly in pretty good shape, focus now is on wrapping up remaining functionality tasks, adding a few more options & ironing out the most significant bugs.

Multiplayer in particular will be at the forefront for v1.0 – the AMS Dedicated tool is already available for those who own AMS via Steam Tools, and if you are a league runner you may also PM me for a free Steam key for the Dedi Tool.

Content-wise, things are progressing at a nice pace – there´s a good chance the new Formula Vintage series will be added in time for v1.0 (and not post-release as estimated in the original dev roadmap). Below is a preview showing how the 3D modelling is coming along:

The beta is already up to v0.9.5 and it features two new pieces of content – the Copa Montana, which is the last piece of content remaining from our crowdfunding campaign back, and the wonderful semi-fictional Mendig Flugplatz, a vast scenario roaming in and around a german airport, which will present some very unique challenges,

Unfortunately we have had a setback with implementation of driver animations as the developer in charge has left the project, so that´s one feature unlikely to make it in time for v1.0. This remains an important development for AMS though and we´ll be aiming to add it post-release.

Virtual Xperience – Automobilista Web Portal

We´re pleased to announce the Virtual Xperience portal (VX), the place we hope will help stimulate the community´s engagement with & around Automobilista.

From VX you´ll be able to check the multiplayer lobby and join sessions, register & find a league for your favorite car in a time slot that suits you, measure your hotlapping skills in the AMS leaderboards, join one of our official public servers, share your setups & replays and more.

The most complex VX module is the AMS leaderboards and its integration with the game, so this is what @Luis Miguel, @Dave Stephenson & @Thiago Izequiel who are the headlining this project have mostly have been focusing on – currently only AMS Beta v0.9.5b is hooked up with the leaderboards so those who have it can already get your times up there :) We hope to integrate the system into the next EA release as well.

The leaderboards are linked to the Time Trial mode, which as you may have seen is effectively a practice session run under fixed configurations (but not fixed car setup) – noon time, max track conditions, no AI, no tire wear or fuel consumption – the sole purpose is scoring hotlaps to the leaderboards & future hotlapping competitions. Player times are automatically synced up with the leaderboards via Steam, and you can check how it ranks against the others both from the in-game monitor while running a time trial session, as well as from the Virtual Xperience leaderboards, selecting the car / track combo you´re looking to check out.

The other VX modules are coming along as well but these will be topics for our next dev update,

Further good news is that VX should be hopefully nicely complemented by developments being made to the Sim Racing System to better integrate it with AMS – @Henrique Alves has presented more info about it here.

DLC development – Presenting the “Brit Pack”

Very glad also to confirm the Brit Pack as our initial lot of premium DLCs for Automobilista.

Besides the previously announced 3 tracks (Brands Hatch / Cadwell / Oulton Park) and theUltima GTR (both road and GT versions), we will also be adding the MCR Sports 2000 and several Caterham models to the roster.

As usual our target with AMS is to assemble a package that delivers the most diverse & fun racing experiences possible, and with the upcoming premium DLCs we aim to retain that focus, at the same time expanding into more international & well-known tracks. England is arguably the mecca of european motorsports with some of the most interesting tracks and cars in the world, and the brits happen to make up a sizeable portion of our user base so it´s only fitting that our first premium pack revolves around a sample of their vast motorsports scene. Most importantly, these kit cars on these tracks represent some of the most fun to be had on four wheels, and that´s what we´ll be push to capture in the sim :)

The 6 components of the Brit Pack will be sold in a package as well as individually via Steam, with prices at release ranging from US$ 1.99 (for the MCR) to US$ 4.99 for each track, or US$ 19.99 for the complete pack.

You can however secure all this content, plus all the other upcoming premium DLCs byacquiring our membership packs , currently selling for US$ 54.99 (full membership including base game) / US$ 24.99 (membership upgrade for those who already own AMS). Please note that these prices will still be upgraded to US$ 59.99 / US$ 29.99 respectively in time for AMS v1.0 release, so those who have not yet joined in should push not to miss the current pricing. The membership pack also grants access to the Reiza 51 dev forum, Beta development version of AMS, and the chance to try out all this content in advance as they reach beta status.

Worth noting that while some of this content had already been announced earlier on, the Caterhams and the MCR 2000 have just been added to the roster – that makes our membership packs pretty smart investing for those who had already bought into it at the original US$ 49.99 / US$ 19.99 pricing, as these extras will come at no additional cost to them (or indeed for those who participated in our crowdfunding campaign last year). With a couple of potential additions to the DLC roster still in the horizon, you should expect us to continue our trend in which the sooner you buy into our offerings, the more value you get for it ;)

The contents of the Brit Pack are all officially licensed and we´re working in close proximity with the car manufacturers to ensure maximum accuracy; Alex has recently done recon trips to Brands Hatch & Cadwell Park, with Oulton Park scheduled for the end of the month.

The team is already well advanced on Brands & the road Ultima as you can see below:

We estimate the initial components of the Brit Pack to become available soon after v1.0 release, sometime in july, with Beta hopefully before the end of the month.

This about covers it for this June update – this was a big one! We hope you all enjoy the news. I look forward to catching up again in July, hopefully with AMS v1.0 release already behind us