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“Coming 2020, Microsoft Flight Simulator is the next generation of one of the most beloved simulation franchises. From light planes to wide-body jets, fly highly detailed and stunning aircraft in an incredibly realistic world. Create your flight plan and fly anywhere on the planet. Enjoy flying day or night and face realistic, challenging weather conditions. Available with Xbox Game Pass.”


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Aerosoft’s Diamond DA20-100 Katana 4X is proof of the old saying ’what looks good, flies good’. The Katana is a cutting-edge GA aircraft made out of fibre-reinforced composites. Originally designed to be a training aircraft, it is primarily used by private pilots who enjoy the wonderful flight dynamics and its economical running costs.

The FSX: Steam Edition version of the DA20 gives you the full owner’s experience as you do the maintenance and cleaning, and even decide what type of oil to use.

The DA20 for FSX: Steam Edition comes with three modes:

Realistic – Wear and damage can be encountered and will be stored. Fluids will be used and the aircraft can get dirty. Maintenance and services are available. Flight hours and landings will be counted and special features unlocked.

Simple – No wear and damage will be simulated. Aircraft stays clean. Flight hours and landings are not locked. No special features.

Instructor – Aircraft is as new every reload. Wear and damage can be encountered or be triggered, but will not be stored. Fluids will be used and the aircraft can get dirty. Flight hours and landings will not be counted and no special features are available. Instructor Panels are available.

Additionally, the airframe is fully operational with canopy animations including opening cowling, fuel tank covers and oil access doors, wear and tear, and your aircraft can also get dirty as you fly.

The level of realism in the Rotax 9125 engine is more than ample. You can even hand start the engine via the prop! The Katana is equipped with state-of-the-art avionics, as well as a fully simulated carburettor and fuel system.

This, combined with both sound and visual effects (every operational switch has its own sound), makes Aerosoft’s Diamond DA20-100 4X a shining addition to your FSX: Steam Edition fleet.




This update resolves several issues reported to us by the community and will be automatically applied to your software via the Steam platform. If the update does not start automatically please restart your Steam client.

The FSX:SE splash screen with show 62608 for the new version and the official version number is v10.0.62608.0.

Below is the full list of changes and fixes made in this update: link of STEAM


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ამ წლის 18 დეკემბერს გველის წლის ამაბავი! STEAM – ზე გამოდის Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition დართული იქნება, FSX Deluxe და the Acceleration pack. გამომცემელი გახლავთ Train Simulator – ის დეველოპერი Dovetail Games. საინტერესოა, რა იგულისხმება – spectacular introductory price – ში. სტიმზე ისედაც იმოქმედებს ჩვენი რეგიონისთვის ფინანსური პოლიტიკა. როგორც წესი, USA და EU რეგიონებთან შედარებით, – 40% დაბალი იქნება ფასები.

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 Dovetail Games, the multi award-winning developer and publisher of the Train Simulator series and Dovetail Games Fishing, today gave flight sim fans a lift for the holiday season with the announcement that Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition will launch on December 18 at a spectacular introductory price.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition delivers an authentically accurate aerial experience for simulation enthusiasts and those with a passion for all things flight. Pilots can climb into the cockpits of over twenty aircraft, from commercial and fighter jets to single-engine private planes and helicopters. More than 80 missions will test players in a variety of ways, including search and rescue challenges, test pilot scenarios, races and more. The game features updated multiplayer functionality, Windows 8.1 support and over 24,000 airports, delivering a beautiful, connected world and vast horizon begging to be explored.

First released in 2006, Microsoft Flight Simulator X’s arrival on Steam marks the first exciting steps in the global licensing deal between Dovetail Games and Microsoft announced earlier this year. In addition to distributing Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition, Dovetail Games is also working on its own original titles based on Microsoft’s flight technology, carrying on nearly three decades of tradition established by this award-winning franchise. Dovetail Games and partners will also be launching a range of add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition on Steam in the New Year.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition will be available on Windows PC via Steam on December 18. This title is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB

Accu-Feel v.2 logo

Heres the new feature list;

– Simple, safe non-destructive design leaves all of your aircraft directories untouched (aircraft.cfg, panel.cfg, etc. are not changed)

– Works with almost all FSX aircraft. Tested with both default and over forty 3rd party aircraft (helicopters not supported).

– Easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface) allows for easy (and fun) customization of any aircraft

– Saves aircraft automatically

– Built using the Accu-Sim sound system, which is a proven powerful and safe on thousands of FSX installations

– Ground physics for both on and off pavement for both tricycle and tail dragger airframes bucks your airplane around, making just taxiing a
quality experience.

– Dynamic tire screeching and rub sounds tied into the physics of each tire, which makes every landing not just feel different, but sound different.
You have more feel for exactly how well you are controlling your aircraft, both big and small. New side forces add even more dynamics when
side-loading the landing gear.

– Water physics including dynamic wave size and speed, adds immersion for those who love to land on the water

– Turbulence modeling adds a feel based on our own experiences owning and operating aircraft

– Runway / pavement seams send dynamic jolts through your airframe that you can both feel and hear

– Cabin sounds from an old classic planes (bag of bolts) to the more modern, stronger pressurized tube liners, both on the ground and in the air

– Dynamic wind gives a strong sense of how your aircraft is flying, giving feel to everything from a glider to a commercial airliner

– Fuselage drag rumble is dynamically created, recreating the dropping of flaps, gear, or high pressures developed when approaching an
airframe’s Vne (Never Exceed Speed). Both IAS and Mach limits are simulated

– Stall buffet and sounds creep in before the airplane stalls, giving you better feel and control of the aircraft while flying “on the edge”

– Brake squeals and vibration

– Open cockpit experience, which allows you to hear the suction of the wind, deep wind, propeller, or turbojet whine when opening a canopy or

accu sim logo

accu-sim -ის ეს განახლება ეხება,  Spitfire, P-40, და P-51 -ს. გადმოწერა ოფ. ფორუმიდან – A2A

ცვლილებები v.1.5 > v.1.5.1:
All Core Aircraft

  • New accu-sim dll for improved performance and fixes some crashes reported on a small percentage of systems
  • Offset contrail effect further back to avoid being seen in cockpit

P-51 Civilian

  • Radio channels are saved only when changed
  • Tweaked LCD background
  • Ailerons are back in action for the AP
  • Fixed ADF channels save
  • ATC ID for the “Moonbeam”
  • Sunken tail wheel fixed
  • Aileron animation is Multiplayer compatible
  • Specular effects reduced on the radio displays
  • Missing texture for the guarded switches

ORBX -ის სცენარები, აქამდე შემოიფარგლებოდა, ავსტრალიით, ახალი ზელანდიით და ჩრდილო ამერიკით ( კანადა-ა.შ.შ.) ცნობილ გახდა, რომ ORBX-ი გადადის ევროპის სცენარებზე, პირველი “მერცხალი” გახდება FTX Great Britain + აეროპორტი Goodwood-ი. ამისთვის ფილიალიც კი გახსნეს ინგლისში. სამწუხაროთ რელიზის თარიღი ჯერ უცნობია, თუმცა როგორც ცნობილია, მიმდინარეობს ბეტა ტესტები.

უფრო ვრცლათ –

გამოვიდა განახლება Accu-Feel v.1.1 ვერსია FSX -ის უტილიტი. ამისთვის თქვენ უნდა გქონდეთ სრული ვერსია რომელიც შეგიძლიათ გადმოიწეროთ ბლოგიდანვე, იქვე გაეცნობით ძირითად მახასიათებლებს ამ პროდუქტისა. იხილეთ Accu-Feel  განახლების გადმოწერა DOWNLOAD Accu-Feel v.1.1 Update

ცვლილებები და სიახლეები:
Fuselage drag sound
The fuselage speaks even more to you during hard, fast maneuvers where the air is pushing hard on the fuselage. Recorded from the cockpit of high performance jet aircraft when manuevering and tuned in FSX.

Stall instability physics slider added
You can add more instability to the wings and airframe when entering into a stall. The default position is 0, but moving the sider to the right reduces the lift stability making stalls more challenging to handle when this characteristic is desired.

Bigger aircraft have a deeper brake ‘groan’
The larger the aircraft that Accu-Feel detects, the deeper the brake squeals and groans will be. Tubeliners benefit most from this enhancement.

Open cockpit checkbox added
For those who like to fly open cockpit aircraft, all you need to do is check this box and Accu-Feel will remember this setting for each aircraft.

Support all sliders to be OFF when set to the LEFT or RIGHT
Moving a slider all the way left will give visual confirmation that the effect is disabled.

Improved physics management for future expansions
This is pure “under the hood” benefits to Accu-Feel and not noticeable on the surface, but we’ve streamlined and organized the code to better support planned future expansions.

Master volume is saved with each aircraft – new with v.1.09
This is pure “under the hood” benefits to Accu-Feel and not noticeable on the surface, but we’ve streamlined and organized the code to better support planned future expansions.

Further optimized and tuned core code
More optimizations in the code to keep Accu-Feel both powerful and light.

– Minor correction with pressure altitude calculations
– Fixed save issue reported on some user machines
– Fixed issue with tail draggers bouncing too much