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Few aircraft define ‘stick and rudder’ flying more faithfully and distinctly than the Piper Cub. Aeroncas, Taylorcrafts, Stinsons, Luscombes and Cessnas are but refinements and alternatives to this flying legend.

Even if you have never actually seen a Cub in the real world (this is getting harder to do every year), and if aircraft are your thing, you may have a good idea of what a Cub is all about. Virtually every pilot has either flown a Cub or knows someone who has.

The most important thing this little airplane will bring to you is honest, true-to-life stick-and-rudder flying. This is often an experience pilots often forget after flying large, heavy, fast, complex aircraft. Backed by A2A Simulations’ cutting-edge Accu-Sim technology, you will be actively engaged in flying the J-3 Cub for nearly the entire duration of your flight. Even after flying it for a short time, you will feel your skills improve.


  • Flying qualities built by pilots with unprecedented stall and spin realism
  • Includes standard J-3 Cub, Tundra tires, Floats, and Skis (nine liveries)
  • Visual Real-Time Load Manager, with the ability to load fuel, oil, pilot, passenger and cargo in-game
  • In-cockpit pilot’s map for handy in-flight navigation
  • All models include A2A specialized materials with authentic metal effects
  • Accu-Sim physics creates an entirely new world including true wing, airframe, engine, ground, water, and internal systems behaviour
  • Passenger On Board adds a new dimension of piloting realism with an intelligent passenger that is aware of the surroundings, talks when appropriate, including being able to spot and call out traffic
  • Third generation Accu-Sound now allows for a direct connection to the Accu-Sim and FSX physics engine with airflow through the airframe, window, and door, structural creaks, bumps, jolts, etc. with 390 sounds in all
  • Piston combustion engine modelling – air comes in, it mixes with fuel and ignites, parts move, heat up, and all work in harmony to produce the most accurate combustion engine simulation available
  • Engine has an actual life – good piloting skills are rewarded with longer life and more reliable performance
  • New propeller physics means the propeller is constantly active and allows for both hand and air starting of the engine
  • Ground physics realistically rock your wings and buck your tail. Regular tires, skis, and large tundra tires all have their own distinctive ground handling benefits and limitations. Each aircraft comes with its own sound set which is tied in with the physics of the airframe
  • Water physics simulate waves, water drag, and creates an authentic ‘on the step’ experience
  • Total audible cockpit experience made with professional recordings from three actual Piper J-3 aircraft
  • Fuel system allows for an authentic primer system with fuel in lines, tank, and authentic gravity-fed fuel-air mixture
  • Third generation engine wear and oil system including an engine that sputters, spits, and runs rough when damaged
  • Both engine and airframe physically vibrate and shake, based on real world conditions
  • Advanced carburettor icing modelling, which is critical for the proper management of the Continental A-65-8 engine

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Accu-Feel v.2 logo

Heres the new feature list;

– Simple, safe non-destructive design leaves all of your aircraft directories untouched (aircraft.cfg, panel.cfg, etc. are not changed)

– Works with almost all FSX aircraft. Tested with both default and over forty 3rd party aircraft (helicopters not supported).

– Easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface) allows for easy (and fun) customization of any aircraft

– Saves aircraft automatically

– Built using the Accu-Sim sound system, which is a proven powerful and safe on thousands of FSX installations

– Ground physics for both on and off pavement for both tricycle and tail dragger airframes bucks your airplane around, making just taxiing a
quality experience.

– Dynamic tire screeching and rub sounds tied into the physics of each tire, which makes every landing not just feel different, but sound different.
You have more feel for exactly how well you are controlling your aircraft, both big and small. New side forces add even more dynamics when
side-loading the landing gear.

– Water physics including dynamic wave size and speed, adds immersion for those who love to land on the water

– Turbulence modeling adds a feel based on our own experiences owning and operating aircraft

– Runway / pavement seams send dynamic jolts through your airframe that you can both feel and hear

– Cabin sounds from an old classic planes (bag of bolts) to the more modern, stronger pressurized tube liners, both on the ground and in the air

– Dynamic wind gives a strong sense of how your aircraft is flying, giving feel to everything from a glider to a commercial airliner

– Fuselage drag rumble is dynamically created, recreating the dropping of flaps, gear, or high pressures developed when approaching an
airframe’s Vne (Never Exceed Speed). Both IAS and Mach limits are simulated

– Stall buffet and sounds creep in before the airplane stalls, giving you better feel and control of the aircraft while flying “on the edge”

– Brake squeals and vibration

– Open cockpit experience, which allows you to hear the suction of the wind, deep wind, propeller, or turbojet whine when opening a canopy or

accu sim logo

accu-sim -ის ეს განახლება ეხება,  Spitfire, P-40, და P-51 -ს. გადმოწერა ოფ. ფორუმიდან – A2A

ცვლილებები v.1.5 > v.1.5.1:
All Core Aircraft

  • New accu-sim dll for improved performance and fixes some crashes reported on a small percentage of systems
  • Offset contrail effect further back to avoid being seen in cockpit

P-51 Civilian

  • Radio channels are saved only when changed
  • Tweaked LCD background
  • Ailerons are back in action for the AP
  • Fixed ADF channels save
  • ATC ID for the “Moonbeam”
  • Sunken tail wheel fixed
  • Aileron animation is Multiplayer compatible
  • Specular effects reduced on the radio displays
  • Missing texture for the guarded switches

Core Accu-Sim განახლებაში შედის მანმდე ყველა განახლებები. ეს განახლება Core Accu-Sim -ის არის Spitfire, P-40, and P-51 -ზე. უფრო დაწვრილებით და გადმოწერა შესაძლებელია ოფ. ფორუმიდან – Core Accu-Sim Update v.1.5

– Re-tuned airframe physics
– New fuel consumption code
– Cold start removes fuel from lines
– Engine state and hours won’t be reset after update
– Mags more efficient for less RPM drop
– Battery charge now saved with the aircraft
– Batteries now charge fully in maint hangar (were receiving less than a full charge)
– Support for P-51 Modern / Civilian version
– Fixed an initialization bug with virgin flights
– Fixed bug in propeller drag physics

P-51 Military
– New thick canopy frame
– VC. Flatter nose area
– Clipboard now reads both nautical and statute miles
– Changed miles abbreviation from “m” to “sm” in pilot’s notes
– Radiator more durable
– Adjusted fix in flight dynamics that was causing issues during slip maneuvers
– Tail wheel steering adjusted
– Original brakes for the military P51
– Aftercoolant bug fixed
– Battery amp hours increased from 34 (military Mustang) to 43
– Fuel burn changes
– Fixed bug in pilot’s weight with cold and dark
– Added an X to close the radio control panel

– New tail wheel
– Reduced P-40 inertia starter torque
– AutoC&D doesn’t reset set pilot’s weight
– Tuned fuel consumption
– Added dedicated textures for the volumetric 3d landing light (was dependent on Spitire textures before)
– Tuned prop and flap drag for 25″, full prop forward, -500ft/min, 110mph ias
– Improved texture lighting
– Fixed bug in elevator as seen from cockpit

– AutoC&D doesn’t reset set pilot’s weight.
– Tuned fuel flow
– Show Imperial and US units / mph / knots in clipboard
– Raised detonation ceiling for spitfires to help with takeoffs with fixed pitch prop
– Improved texture lighting

გამოვიდა განახლება Accu-Feel v.1.1 ვერსია FSX -ის უტილიტი. ამისთვის თქვენ უნდა გქონდეთ სრული ვერსია რომელიც შეგიძლიათ გადმოიწეროთ ბლოგიდანვე, იქვე გაეცნობით ძირითად მახასიათებლებს ამ პროდუქტისა. იხილეთ Accu-Feel  განახლების გადმოწერა DOWNLOAD Accu-Feel v.1.1 Update

ცვლილებები და სიახლეები:
Fuselage drag sound
The fuselage speaks even more to you during hard, fast maneuvers where the air is pushing hard on the fuselage. Recorded from the cockpit of high performance jet aircraft when manuevering and tuned in FSX.

Stall instability physics slider added
You can add more instability to the wings and airframe when entering into a stall. The default position is 0, but moving the sider to the right reduces the lift stability making stalls more challenging to handle when this characteristic is desired.

Bigger aircraft have a deeper brake ‘groan’
The larger the aircraft that Accu-Feel detects, the deeper the brake squeals and groans will be. Tubeliners benefit most from this enhancement.

Open cockpit checkbox added
For those who like to fly open cockpit aircraft, all you need to do is check this box and Accu-Feel will remember this setting for each aircraft.

Support all sliders to be OFF when set to the LEFT or RIGHT
Moving a slider all the way left will give visual confirmation that the effect is disabled.

Improved physics management for future expansions
This is pure “under the hood” benefits to Accu-Feel and not noticeable on the surface, but we’ve streamlined and organized the code to better support planned future expansions.

Master volume is saved with each aircraft – new with v.1.09
This is pure “under the hood” benefits to Accu-Feel and not noticeable on the surface, but we’ve streamlined and organized the code to better support planned future expansions.

Further optimized and tuned core code
More optimizations in the code to keep Accu-Feel both powerful and light.

– Minor correction with pressure altitude calculations
– Fixed save issue reported on some user machines
– Fixed issue with tail draggers bouncing too much

მცირე ანონსი, A2A აგრძელებს მუშაობას და ამჯერათ სამოქალაქო ავიაციაზე, კერძოდ Cessna C172 და Piper Cherokee -ზე
ზოგადი ინფორმაცია A2A Simulations – ზე

ღმერთმა უწყის, რომელი კრაფტია გამოსახული ფოტოზე. მაგრამ ის რომ, იქნება უმაღლესი ხარისხის როგორც სხვა დანარჩენი A2A -სგან ეს ნათელია. FB-ზე


This update applies to the Accu-Sim Spitfire, P-40, and P-51.

გადმოწერა Core Accu-Sim Update v.1.4
*ყოველთვის ბოლო დააყენეთ Core Accu-Sim Update, პირველი უნდა დააყენოთ კონკრეტული კრაფტის დაყენების შემდეგ მისი Accu-Sim -ის (თუ გააჩნია ასეთი) ხოლო შემდეგ განახლებები Core Accu-Sim Update
New in Core Update v.1.4

– Engine hours and aircraft system states preserved (for those already on core update v.1.3)
– Fixed issue that caused one mag would sometimes not fire correctly
– Some changes to cabin humidity as cabin was fogging up during very humid days and rain

New features:
– Added Auto Cold & Dark option
– The pilot is removable
– Added engine hot metal cooling crack physics and sounds
– Added carburetor fuel return line (reserve tank)
– New temperature gauge physics in p-40

Improvements / Bug fixes:
– Increased aileron effectiveness at mid range speeds, reduced at high to match chart. Peak 95 deg sec at 270mph ias, 50 lb stick force.
– P-40 ram air / carb heat lever and logic fixed
– Brakes improvements

New features:
– Added Auto Cold & Dark option
– The pilot is removable
– Added engine hot metal cooling crack physics and sounds

Improvements / Bug fixes:
– Fixed Pneumatic pressure building after engine stops
– Increased pneumatic pressure useage with flap operation
– Direct drive electric starter torque increased

Improvements / Bug fixes
– Metallic material and texture improvements
– Minor fixes to some paint chips
– Shorter oxygen hose
– Increased aileron effectiveness slightly to match flight test. Peak 95 deg sec at 310mph ias, 50 lb stick force
– Fixed / improved some specular texturing
– Trim can be more finely tuned
– FSX external sound fix
– Added sounds to IFF panel, stores release, lower arming panel switches, and fuel selector switch
– Better tail wheel tire rotation
– Some shortcut fixes / improvements
– Lowered hydraulic pump output at lower RPM (fairing doors won’t come up so fast)
– Made some edits that may help a few with aftercoolant running out
– Direct drive electric starter torque increased
– Brakes improvements

This core update includes ALL prior core updates
Always install core updates LAST
1. Aircraft
2. Accu-Sim
3. Accu-Sim CORE update

გამოვიდა ახალი საბაზო  Core Accu-Sim. ამ განახლებაში შესულია სამი ს.ა. – Spitfire MkI/II,  P-40,  P-51.  ინსტალაციის თანმიმდევრობა; თვითფრინავი, Accu-Sim, Core Accu-Sim. გადმოსაწერი ბმული. ზოგადი ინფორმაცია A2A Simulations

სიახლეების, ჩასწორებების. სრული სია:
- New oil system modeling. Based on A2A independent tests on live Merlin and Allison engines. Oil pressure is slower to rise, and pressures can be extremely high with cold oil. It is very important you observe oil temperature minimum temperatures before applying full power.
- Re-coded the magneto behavior on engine power
- Accu-Sim engine performance and drag envelopes better synched with FSX flight modeling
- Mach drag removed from FSX and fully controlled via Accu-Sim core
- Adjusted fuel starvation with clogged fuel filters
- Increased Co2 power for Spitfire emergency gear
- Wear power scalar to improve control over engine life for different engine types
- Some fuel system delivery tweaks, increased fuel pump output to avoid some pre-mature fuel starvation with very high power

– Sometimes moving to a new airfield from being in the air would result in the gear not being lowered.
– Reduced moisture put into the air by breathing

Р-51D  Mustang – ის რელიზი A2A Simulations სგან. შეძენა შესაძლებელია simMarket – ზე. P-51  Accu-Sim ზოგადი ინფორმაცია A2A Simulations

IRIS F-15E “Mudhen.” გადმოწერა რომელიც მიდის FSX-ზე  და რაც ყველაზე საინტერესოა მასში გმოყენებულია Accu-Feel სიმულაცია რომლის მწარმოებელიც თავად A2A Simulations გახლავთ. ამ კრაფტის ტუტორიალები

Accu-Feel enhances Microsoft FSX at it's core, adding dynamics and sound to all FSX aircraft (excluding helicopters). It does this through a clean, modular program that works with FSX at the core, and therefore, no Aircraft directories need to be altered in any way. The program is completely configurable via a simple in-game graphical user interface which allows each aircraft profile to be tailored and saved.