Naval Action: Patch 9.93

Posted: 28/07/2016 in Naval Action, News - Archive
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Patch 9.93 will be deployed today

What’s new:
  • New ship added: Bucentaure – a superb and powerful french ship of the line (drops from 3rd rates and rarely from Ingermanland). Blueprints will be reworked in the future through the academy building so please ignore that it drops from english/russian lineships
  • New set of battle and economy perks/skills added
  • Battle
    • Press Gang – crew members alive after boarding join your crew
    • Area Control – you and all enemy ships within 500m from you cannot exit the battle
    • Pump inventor – improves pump performance
    • Carronade master – improves carronade accuracy
    • Storage master – provides additional repair kit in battle but reduces speed
    • Admiralty connections – reduces crew hire price
    • Trimming Expert – reduces ship heel
    • Rigging Specialist – improves your sails (reducing incoming damage) and repairs them better
    • Emergency master – reduces emergency repairs cool down
    • Expert Carpenter – increases repair amount in battle and in the open world
    • Expert Surgeon – medical kits efficiency increased
    • Defence Drill – reduces cost of defend command
  • Economy
    • Foreman – increase Labor hours regeneration
    • Overseer – increase Labor hours storage
    • Royal shipbuilder – reduces LH consumption for all vessels
    • Lineship shipmaster – reduces LH consumption for ships of the line
    • Frigate shipmaster – reduces LH consumption for all frigates and 4th rates
    • Light ship master – reduces LH consumption for unrated vessels
    • Gifted – increases blueprint learning chance
    • Fisher – increases chance to fish something out of the water
  • New acceleration physics. Expect significant changes and temporary annoyance.
  • Auto-escape functionality added. If you internet disappears in 5 mins your ship will set sail at best angle and will sail straight until exit timer allows exit the battle.
  • Sail animations somewhat improved
  • Perk reset functionality added – costs 3 levels
  • Pirates are now considered nation in large battles in the lobby – no longer filling both sides.
  • Convert All (fish) button added to convert all types of fish
  • Repair and Medical kits allows teleport now
  • Surrender is no longer possible if you are sinking or on fire
Fixed bugs:
  • Fixed bugs with free crew generation in certain cases (e.g with basic cutter)
  • Fixed bugs with extra pump upgrade
  • Fixed bugs with shipwreck locations distribution
  • Fixed bug that dropped sails to 0 if you started surrender
  • Fixed certain bugs in command tablet (m)
  • Fixed bug that your officer did not get XP if you lost a durability
  • Bucentaure visual bugs fixed
  • Changes to turning (turning acceleration is coming in one of the next few patches)
  • Mastery perks speed bonuses lowered
  • Assault flag requirement lowered to Master and Commander
  • Shipwreck resource variability increased
  • Chance for shipwreck bottle drop increased
  • New tobacco and sugar sources added (american coast in particular)
  • Speed changed for Victory and Santisima
  • Damaged rudder (yellow) penalty lowered by 25%
  • Morale bonuses for all boarding upgrades lowered
  • Steeltoolbox and survival handbooks rebalanced
  • Cannon loss through stern somewhat increased
  • BR tuned for St Pavel and Bucentaure
  • Color blind colors adjusted for better visibility
  • Enable communcations with enemy nations is enabled by default
  • Leaks adjusted for all vessels
  • Waterline lowered for ships of the line (was a bit too high)
  • New bugs most likely introduced


Next patch alliances and some other minor things

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