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Main changelog for v1.38:



  • Added Super V8 series.


  • Added Modern Montreal.

Features & fixes:

  • Minor Jacarepagua Historic LOD fixes;
  • Updated trackside ads;
  • Fixed error with 2 F3 talent files;
  • Adjusted F-Extreme gear & final drive ratios to better match 2015 standards;
  • Updated off-track & rumblestrip sounds in closed cockpit cars.



  • Added: PlayerSteeringCoefficients configuration for basic vehicle types (adjusting sensitivity and linearity of steering)
  • Added: PlayerSteeringCoefficients for UGV
  • Added: Implementation of the new headgear randomization configs
  • Added: Tab highlighting in Game Options
  • Added: Tab highlighting to the MP Create Game display
  • Added: New sounds for 30mm and 40mm autocannons (separated by turret / body position)
  • Added: aiRateOfFire properties to fire modes meant for players to ensure the correct rate of fire even on short distances
  • Added: ‘Creative solution’ to preload the line texture to avoid mipmapping
  • Added: Support for description.ext CfgTimeTrials definitions (for self-contained TTs)
  • Added: BIS_fnc_unitHeadgear now supports custom parameters from the scenario config file
  • Added: CfgRemoteExecFunctions white-list for restricting script functions executable viaremoteExec
  • Added: CfgRemoteExec for restricting script functions executable via remoteExec
  • Added: Parameter logicalOrder set for all Field Manual entries
  • Added: Labels of UI elements in RscDisplayServer are now in config
  • Added: An Empty Unit Insignia for clearing previously defined insignia
  • Added: Variants of smoke shells, chem lights and flares with infinite timeToLive (used in scripted modules)
  • Added: New samples for boats crashing into other boats
  • Added: Turret movement sounds for soft vehicles, APCs and MBTs
  • Added: Sounds of turret movement for CH-67 Huron and UH-80 Ghosthawk
  • Added: New size variations of particle effects for destroyed windows
  • Added: initPlayerSpectator.sqf for spectator slot initialization handling
  • Added: Sounds for turret movement on Speed Boat
  • Added: Icon for Tactical Backpack (Hex)
  • Added: Machine Gun Teams Community Guide
  • Added: BIS_fnc_animalRandomization now supports animal class Cock_random_F
  • Added: File patching indicator to Server Browser
  • Added: Tooltips to Post-Process settings in Video Options
  • Removed: All mentions of the legacy allSites command, replaced by entities Site_F
  • Removed: Weapon info during free fall
  • Removed: “Command mode” action from controls as it was redundant and offered exactly the same functionality as the “Select all units” action
  • Changed: Renamed selections and bones of building destructible parts from Dam_X +Unhide_X to Dam_X_hide + Dam_X_unhide
  • Changed: “Zeus” category in multiplayer role selection renamed to “Virtual” (it’s more generic and open for future uses of virtual entities, e.g. a spectator role)
  • Changed: Copilot of the Hellcat has full control over the searchlight now (including switching it off and on again)
  • Changed: The randomization aspect of the animals is now handled byBIS_fnc_animalRandomization, For Goat’s Sake
  • Changed: The old vehicle randomization (scripts) now uses VhC
  • Changed: Headgear and face wear randomization of the Guerilla units and civilians; the scripts now redirect to new function BIS_fnc_unitHeadgear
  • Changed: The scripts used to change the color of the Taru (including the pods) now use VhC
  • Changed: The old randomization scripts for animals now redirect to the new centralized system (BIS_fnc_animalRandomization)
  • Tweaked: AI versus clutter visibility (Altis & Stratis)
  • Tweaked: Wood material to try to improve AI visibility tests on tree trunks
  • Tweaked: Kneel sprint (unarmed, rifle, pistol and launcher) has been tweaked to be more plausible and balanced
  • Tweaked: Unarmed sprinting
  • Tweaked: Minor volume changes for MRAP turret movement sounds (
  • Tweaked: Configured aiAmmoUsageFlags for ammo of planes to help them choose proper weapons
  • Tweaked: Dogs will now move around more often
  • Tweaked: Rescue Boat, autonomous GMG and HMG turrets, Zamak Ammo and HEMTT Repair are now available in Virtual Garage
  • Tweaked: Links for collisions SFX of Stomper
  • Tweaked: Linked additional samples for turrets of AR-2 Darter
  • Tweaked: Proper sounds of shooting different munitions for Marshall
  • Tweaked: New sound samples for 105mm, 120mm, 125mm and 155mm cannons
  • Tweaked: New samples for boat crashes linked
  • Tweaked: Sound attenuation for tank crews
  • Tweaked: Linked new SFX samples for boat crashes
  • Tweaked: Linked new SFX sample for boats landing on shallows
  • Tweaked: Volume of bullets hitting armored glass
  • Tweaked: Improved collision sounds of rubber boats
  • Tweaked: Minor volume changes for commander turret movements
  • Tweaked: Adjusted the thermal image of Stavrou’s face
  • Tweaked: Shoes of ghillie suits are less shiny now
  • Tweaked: Reduced shadows of the noses of the civilian driver and pilot
  • Tweaked: Color of CSAT backpacks
  • Tweaked: Shemaghs to work correctly for Asian faces
  • Tweaked: Skinning of chest plates / stripes on VR soldier
  • Tweaked: Improved skinning of stomach stripes for VR soldier
  • Tweaked: Improved skinning / mesh of arm strips for VR soldier
  • Tweaked: Given more space to the overview description of non-owned Challenges
  • Tweaked: Volume of launcher locking sounds increased
  • Tweaked: Inventory equipment of all tracked and wheeled APCs were standardized across all factions
  • Tweaked: Translations for many languages
  • Tweaked: Minor volume changes for shooting Cyrus with silencer
  • Tweaked: Collision shapes for character movement
  • Improved: Cars are no longer prone to explosions from small arms fire. Explosive shells & devices are now required to blow up cars.
  • Fixed: Missing animation source warnings for xH-9 variants
  • Fixed: Leaving the Zeus interface while the interface was hidden led to all icons disappearing
  • Fixed: Icon, localization, author and editor presence of Carrier Rig (Black)
  • Fixed: SDAR rifles should now have correct faction-specific tracers
  • Fixed: Even APCs have been taken back to manufacturers for improved puncture protection of their wheels
  • Fixed: Removed non-existing magazine with empty class name from TRG family of weapons
  • Fixed: Launcher bug in unarmed sprinting
  • Fixed: Module arguments config inheritance
  • Fixed: Replaced 2D icons for Zeus-only map objects
  • Fixed: Launcher bug from sprint with binoculars
  • Fixed: Even the raised commander turret on Striders goes correctly sad panda if destroyed (
  • Fixed: Camera’s display no longer overlays the time indicator
  • Fixed: Section ComboBox doesn’t appear any more in the Streamlined editor layout when using a Xbox controller
  • Fixed: Animation and sound speed for kneeled sprint with pistol in hand
  • Fixed: Animation files for kneel sprint in FL / FR directions were swapped
  • Fixed: CSAT technicians have adjusted BTR-K Kamysh to prevent rolling even at extremely high speeds (
  • Fixed: Spawning a grey sport hatchback from config was creating a red one
  • Fixed: Soldiers have been told that Titan AT is not a static MG and they should rather report it as a static AT
  • Fixed: IEDs can now be detonated by gunfire (
  • Fixed: Lowering primary weapon while prone no longer causes the soldier to stand up (
  • Fixed: Switching to binoculars while standing with pistol lowered no longer forces player to go prone (
  • Fixed: Missing icons for some of the particle modules
  • Fixed: AI no longer gets stuck in prone stance
  • Fixed: Dampers of the rear right wheel on Tempest trucks is now actually on the right side
  • Fixed: Missing interior tail sound samples for Navid MMG
  • Fixed: Adjusted center of mass of Motorboat to provide a smooth and straight ride
  • Fixed: Red CSAT insignia are now back on the soldier uniform
  • Fixed: Collecting Zeus Intel objects force-opened the map on all clients. Now it happens only for the person who collected the Intel.
  • Fixed: Some virtual role icons were missing
  • Fixed: Rocket cursors for Wipeout and Neophron were aiming under the point of impact of rockets
  • Fixed: Snakes are no longer stuck in animations
  • Fixed: Sides other than RESISTANCE, WEST and EAST did not have their scenario ending properly if they existed
  • Fixed: Adjusted strength of RPG-42 explosions
  • Fixed: Proper footstep sound is played when moving with pistol in combat pace
  • Fixed: Players can no longer see through an object with a launcher in their hands
  • Fixed: Drivers of Panther, Cheetah and Bobcat have learned that they should not turn out when there is no hatch for that
  • Fixed: Weapons on the backs of soldiers are no longer twitching while changing sidearm to binoculars and vice versa
  • Fixed: Player no longer has an obscured view when crouching in the R / BR / B directions in CSAT fatigues / ghillie suit and aiming (RMB pressed) with RCO (sometimes ARCO) optics
  • Fixed: Launcher position on back for combat pace in the B / BR / R directions
  • Fixed: CSAT soldiers had unnaturally pale hands and legs compared to their face skin tone
  • Fixed: Helicopter Pilot [AAF] and Pilot [NATO] injury materials
  • Fixed: Mirrors of FTW have a proper color even while sitting in them as a driver
  • Fixed: Suspension of FTW has been adjusted to prevent barrel rolling
  • Fixed: Player doesn’t slide anymore after a second vault (step over) when moving and pressing LCtrl at the same time
  • Fixed: Missing config properties for animal class Cock_random_F
  • Fixed: Many localization issues
  • Fixed: Animals had the wrong position of their land contact points
  • Fixed: Missing macro in Server List configuration
  • Fixed: Arsenal buttons were broken when the game was running in an incorrect aspect ratio
  • Fixed: Some View Geometry LOD selections were missing for small palm trees
  • Fixed: Naval mines are now correctly going boom if they are shot with a properly heavy weapon
  • Fixed: Machine Guns on the AH-9 Pawnee were not rotating
  • Fixed: Hand animation glitches for the Mk14 rifle
  • Fixed: Adjusted hitzones and penetration materials of FTW
  • Fixed: Vehicles should no longer be able to drive through the main door of the office building
  • Fixed: Characters in the AMV-7 Marshall should not clip through the ceiling
  • Fixed: Origin of coaxial machine gun bullets on Slammer is now actually the coaxial machine gun; the bullets felt a bit lost in the main cannon chamber
  • Fixed: The multiplayer topic in the Field Manual was empty during campaign gameplay
  • Fixed: Soldier legs extended if the player changed weapon or reloaded while lying down hill
  • Fixed: Minor animation issues on the belt of the Zafir machine gun


rf2 logo

Update 33 (Build 998) Changelog:

– Added an option to the KnockoutQualifying plugin to have a fixed number of vehicles being scored in Q2/Q3/Q4, rather than have a variable number which was computed proportionally based on the number of vehicles in Q1.
– Added the admin command /pitbyvehicle. This is similar to /pitbydriver and /pitbyteam, but finds matches to the Description in the VEH file.
– Online map put player’s icon and the icon for the car to be followed under caution in front of the others so they are easier to keep track of.
– Juggled some suspension geometry initialization so that caster changes affect the outboard pushrod location.
– Added results file tag which lists the layout MAS file.
– Letting “virtual” cars override “Classes” & “Category” from the base vehicle file. (in a text editor, by hand.)
– Made the key for triple-head configuration and the TGM display into a single configurable control.
– Added onboard right track bar adjustment, which requires the HDV [SUSPENSION] setting OnboardRightTrackBarAdjustment=1.
– Expanded multiview adjustments to allow separate side channel settings
– Added multiview adjustment tool, toggle with ctrl-equal
– Default pace car is Corvette
– Made fuel adjustment in legacy HDV variable BoostEffects work on new engine model (note that using the new turbo technology already results in more fuel being consumed naturally).

– Corrected albedo levels on several particle textures.
– Fix for not checking mod versions when changing mods
– Fixed an issue where a rear axle adjustment was essentially being done twice in initialization.
– Fix for server not writing correct results when everybody leaves session.
– An attempt to avoid the opponent car jitters that start happening after a few hours and get worse in long multiplayer sessions. This still needs to be tested (using the admin command /forwardseconds should help).
– Fix for locale errors in config.ini
– Corrected static ARB forces (already accounted for non-symmetric ride heights, but now accounts for non-symmetric springs and weights as well)
– Fixed underbody scraping sound.
– Small fix to prevent the upgrade tree list from updating the current track when not in realtime.
– Fixed place readout and camera cycling by place in normal (i.e. non-instant) replay mode.
– The wheels on other clients’ vehicles should usually rotate at approximately the correct speed now.
– Attempted fix for race rejoin where client still thinks vehicle is under AI control.

– Added “none” to AIW editor text display options. Fixed step distance/speed not getting saved for track overrides in AIW editor.


Apollo 11 logo

We provide fully Immersive Virtual Reality Education experiences to help educate students of all ages.

We will cover a wide range of subjects including History, Geography, Biology, Mathematics, Medicine, Astronomy and Science in an engaging and fun manor which will inspire a new hunger for learning with our users.

We plan to release new content regularly which will focus on key days in history or focus on hard to visualize subjects.

პროექტი  kickstarter – ზე ოფიციალური გვერდი Apollo 11 VR


But wait there’s more! We’ve also added a stack of new features and changes including:

  • A new World RX track – Hell, Norway
  • New Rallycross drivers including, Liam Doran and Petter Solberg
  • Wet weather for all Rallycross tracks
  • Three new cars: DS3, MINI Countryman Rallycross and Subaru WRX STI
  • Brand new Wager Daily Event
  • Some new advanced gamepad options
  • Added a “Very Early” option for your Co-Driver calls
  • A frankly amazing set of Hints and Tips for you to read during loading screens
  • Removed the additional time penalty when the Off Track Reset Countdown expires and upped the limit on the timer
  • We’ll now show you your ‘Fastest lap’ onscreen for an entire Rallycross Event
  • Clutch Override which will give you the ability to use your clutch to override the automatic gearbox clutch

And that’s not all! On top of all that goodness above we’ve also made the following additions and changes to DiRT Rally.

  • *bleep bloop* new achievements
  • Added a toggle for ‘Clutch Override’, which allows you to override the automatic clutch (allowing for clutch kicking)
  • ‘Advanced gamepad options’ are now available for joysticks… Yup somebody out there is playing DiRT Rally with a joystick
  • Message added indicating if you’ve missed the entrance or exit of the joker lap.
  • Optimised all routes for Lydden Hill so it chugs less
  • Graphical Improvements to all stages on the Holjes Circuit as well as the routes for Powys, Wales and Pikes Peak
  • Those excessive gravel surface sounds have been toned down – which should also help with stuttering audio
  • Fixed an issue where the Community delta time splits were being incorrectly shown in the Pant Mawr stage from Wales
  • Light pods no longer show on day routes when using the bonnet / interior cameras on certain vehicles
  • Direct Input slider axis enumeration has been fixed which is a fancy way of saying this should solve issues with pedal bindings, most frequently the clutch
  • Rallycross friend leaderboards now only show the players fastest lap time
  • Abandoning a Rallycross Daily Event now uploads the stage maximum, rather than the time the game was paused… oops
  • Jump starting certain Rallycross tracks no longer results in the players lap counter refusing to increment when passing the start/finish line
  • Fix for the Founder liveries disappearing after the player resets their profile
  • Community delta times are now displayed correctly in the standings before the event begins
  • The Community delta times that were invalid on some tracks have now been reset
  • Crossing a reset line will now always result in you receiving a penalty
  • The Rallycross AI will now find the correct gear at the start of the race and not comically reverse
  • Joker laps will now register even when exiting the joker sector backwards… Because sometimes it’s fun to show off
  • The AI will now take the Joker lap in a Rallycross event less than 4 laps
  • The AI should no longer accidently take a Joker lap when switching paths after losing control.
  • Did you ever see that bug where the Rallycross AI would drive into a barrier, reverse, then drive into again? It was pretty funny but we thought we better fix it
  • Used your data to improve our AI across all Rallycross routes. They’ll now put up much more of a challenge


FSX-SE logo

Please note many of the changes and fixes in this update will be seamless to FSX: SE players but will be of great benefit to developers looking to bring their add-ons to FSX: SE.

Player-visible updates are as follows:

  • Improvements for using modified Scenery.cfg files which could previously result in a 1007 error when installing new scenery add-ons. Please note due to the highly customisable nature of FSX: SE it is going to be impossible for us to attempt to deal with all forms of malformatting in the Scenery.cfg files. For this reason we have also provide an option to reset the Scenery.cfg file to the default version.
  • Fixed font file loading not being VFS-aware. Font files associated with add-ons should now work as expected.
  • Fixed multiplayer invites not working if you invite a friend to a Private game.
  • Improved mouse cursor slow-down over complex cockpits. Although we have made some optimizations to this code, players may still experience some reduction in framerates when using highly complex cockpit models. This is because such models are pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the game engine.
  • Improved optimisation of installing/uninstalling add-on content through the Steam platform.

Because this update includes changes to the way Steam optimises add-on content available from the Steam store, some add-on content may re-install. This means that the size of the download will vary depending upon how many Steam add-ons you have installed. If you are just running the core simulator without add-ons, your download will be approximately 22.9 MB. This may increase up to 5.1 GB if you own all of the add-ons available from our Steam store.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition Team
Dovetail Games


DCS World logo


DCS World

  • Corrected English commands’ localization
  • Corrected German localization
  • Russian Installation Guide added
  • French version of Oil War Campaign updated
  • Credits list updated for all languages
  • Fixed crash during fall of the aircraft, when using some triggered events
  • Weapon Type options list of Fire-At-Point task for Ground Vehicles and Ships has been corrected
  • Plugin section in options.lua now initialized before first launch
  • Added antiship task to A-10A, AH-1W, AH-64, F-86F, MiG-29, Su-27, Su-33, F-4E
  • Added/corrected antiship payloads to A-10A, A-10C, AH-1W, AH-64, F-4E, F-86F, Ka-50, Mi-24V, Mi-28N, MiG-29, Su-27, Su-33
  • Fixed crash on deactivation tanker after completion of refueling
  • Fixed alpha channel for trigger zone in ME
  • French Su-25T Flight Manual added
  • Hawk, RTB task on Bingo Fuel fixed
  • B-52 crash after takeoff fixed

Combined Arms

  • Added joystick commands for turret and sight
  • Chinese CA manual added
  • Restored circle of attack zone for artillery

DCS Flaming Cliffs

  • Corrected German localization of Su-27 campaign
  • Added German localization of F-15, A-10A, MiG-29, Su-33 campaigns
  • German localization of the training missions corrected
  • Su-27 engine temperature behavior is corrected
  • Su-27 fuel tank-sequencing procedure is corrected
  • Fixed missing training install button for Flaming Cliffs module in ES locale
  • Fixed sound bug in Mig-29S “Over the Hump” campaign
  • French Su-27 Flight Manual added

DCS F-86

  • Russian localization of Controls/Tooltips implemented
  • Russian localization of the single and instant missions added
  • Missing briefing image added for F-86F Take-off instant mission

DCS Bf 109 K-4

  • Russian Flight Manual added
  • Reversed keyboard adjustment for gunsight brightness


  • Russian localization of the single and instant missions added
  • Chinese Flight Manual added
  • Corrected the briefing image for P-51D Take-off Batumi instant mission in Spanish version
  • English Flight Manual updated


  • Russian localization of Controls/Tooltips added
  • FOV (Field Of View) option was added into Special Menu settings
  • Corrected embarkation category of the radio menu
  • Fixed embarking through radiomenu
  • Implemented trigger activation while changing frequency for ARC-9 and ARC-UD (it means that changing frequency can work as a condition for triggers in DCS)
  • Engine resource in ME can be set by entering digits (not only by analog sliders)

DCS Fw-190

  • Russian localization of the single and instant missions added
  • Chinese Flight Manual added
  • Russian Quick Start Manual updated

DCS MiG-15

  • Controls/Tooltips corrected
  • Fixed minor ASP-3N bugs occurring while working
  • English Flight Manual added


  • Added training menu tab for RU locale
  • Unlimited ammo option now works for machineguns
  • Fixed mismatch between helicopter weight in ME and simulation
  • Russian tooltips localization updated
  • A few minor bugs fixed.

DCS Ka-50

  • Ka-50: easy communication fixed



TS2016 is just around the corner and there have been many questions raised about what happens on launch day. Many of these questions are relating to whether TS2016 will be a free upgrade or not.

TS2016 is being delivered in much the same way as it has been every other year. The only difference this year is instead of saving up all the patches and extra features to give you them in one go at the annual release – features such as TrackIR, Enhanced External Controller Functionality and the numerous fixes and updates – we’ve been rolling them out to you the minute they were ready throughout the year. So this means that you have already been upgraded to the latest technical standard for Train Simulator throughout the year. The launch of the final product contains the biggest package of exclusive content we’ve ever delivered. This year you’ll be getting everything that’s listed under “What’s Included” below.

To illustrate the process, in much the same way we did last year, we’ve prepared this simple image to show you what happens on launch day



Throughout the last year, we’ve been steadily rolling out updates and improvements to the core software so you could get these sooner rather than wait for the full release in September. You have already been upgraded to the technical standard for Train Simulator. These improvements include key features such as TrackIR support and the Enhanced External Controller support, and many more fixes and updates.

In order for you to get access to all of the exclusive locomotives, routes and game modes, to complete your TS2016, you’ll need to buy the package. Here’s a complete list of what’s included:


TS2016 Core Software Updates incorporating a refreshed User Interface and new Ambient Background Audio, Enhanced Search Functionality and
Updated Train Simulator Academy


100 Mile Sherman Hill Route incorporating Railfan Mode, Union Pacific Gas-Electric Turbine Locomotive, Union Pacific ES44AC Diesel Electric Locomotive, Union Pacific SD70M Diesel Electric Locomotive, Union Pacific SD40-2 Diesel Electric Locomotive, Union Pacific SW10 Diesel Electric Switcher Locomotive and Thirteen Varieties of Freight Cars for Sherman Hill.


40 Mile Riviera Line in the Fifties Route incorporating Railfan Mode, GWR King Class Steam Locomotive incorporating Driver Assist, GWR Castle Class Steam Locomotive incorporating Driver Assist, GWR Hall Class Steam Locomotive incorporating Driver Assist, GWR Grange Class Steam Locomotive incorporating Driver Assist, GWR Pannier Tank Steam Locomotive incorporating Driver Assist and GWR Collett, Centenary & Mk1 Coaches plus Six Varieties of Freight Wagon.


60 Mile West Rhine Railway – Cologne to Koblenz Route incorporating Railfan Mode, DB BR 155 Electric Locomotive, DB BR 146.0 Electric Locomotive, DB BR 146.2 Electric Locomotive, DB BR 101 Electric Locomotive, DB BR 294 Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive, Three Varieties of Coaches plus Seven Varieties of Freight Wagon


lunar flight

Some of you may recall the issues I had with Lunar Flight when the DK2 started shipping last year in June. I was lucky to receive a Pilot kit from Oculus and had hoped to have a DK2 build ready to go when everyone else got theirs, but I ran into a few SDK problems and Lunar Flight never really has had a ‘Good’ quality build since the DK1 release.

Well today all that changes with this new Steam Beta release! This build was the initial milestone I needed to finish before I begin work on future additional features and content.

  • This is THE best DK2 Build of Lunar Flight to date!
  • Now Ported to Unity 5 Native VR (DX11)
  • Direct Mode is now the recommended way to run the game (Extended Not Tested, soon redundant with coming 0.7 Runtime)
  • Physics Sim now runs at 75FPS to match Render Rate (Physics is not interpolated), Feels Super Smooth! NOTE: Old Replay Files will play too fast!
  • Velocity Stretched Particles are now manually managed to prevent sub frame stutters
  • An Oculus Preset GFX setting will be applied by default. Based on my R9 290X, feel free to adjust the settings based on your own hardware.
  • Cockpit Shadows are now working again for the 1st time since the DK1 version!
  • Render Scale is set at 1.25% for a little Super Sampling
  • Weather is set to Clear on Mars pending a better cloud rendering implementation how ever you can change it to a different setting if you want.
  • Rewired Input Manager is implemented but there is no UI yet in VR mode. Stop the Runtime via the Config Utility and run the game in None VR 2D mode to access the new Input Configuration (Saitek HOTAS should work now) Once configure restart the Runtime
  • XBox Controllers and almost any Dual Stick gamepad should work by default.

As usual to access this build you will need to opt into the ‘DK2’ beta on Steam, no command line arguments are necessary. Since this is built with Unity 5 the Update is much larger (466.7 mb) than the usual patches.

lfs logo

Dear Racers,

This update contains significant performance improvements. Various systems have been made more efficient to reduce the workload of the graphics card and the CPU. The frame rate limiter has been improved and allows Live for Speed to run accurately at the rate you set.

For Oculus Rift users, you can now enter or leave 3D mode at any time without restarting LFS. This has been done by using Direct mode and the Oculus 0.6 runtime. The Rift view is mirrored in the LFS window that remains on your desktop.
Sky rendered in mirrors

Four ways to get Version 0.6J :

1) AUTO UPDATER – If you already have version 0.5V or later :

– Click on “Multiplayer” then “List of Hosts” in LFS and choose a download mirror.

2) MANUAL PATCH (1.5 MB) – If you already have version 0.6H or later :

– Click HERE and save the patch installer.
– You can run the patch installer from its download location or from your LFS folder.

3) MANUAL PATCH (156 MB) – If you already have version 0.5Z or later :

– Click HERE and save the patch installer.
– You can run the patch installer from its download location or from your LFS folder.

4) FULL VERSION (273 MB) – If you are new to LFS or making a fresh installation.

– Click HERE to visit the download page and get the full version installer.
More graphical control and information

Changes from 0.6H to 0.6J :

Optimisations :

Static vertex buffers reorganised to reduce DirectX instructions
Frames buffered (default 1) to allow next frame to start rendering
More efficient car distance sorting system for sound and graphics
Dynamic vertex buffers now set to use hardware vertex processing
Better frame rate in places where many objects may be visible

Graphics :

Sky texture is now drawn in mirrors
Layout editor object selection buttons are sorted by distance
Z-buffer depth setting can now be changed without restarting LFS
Mirror now uses 24 bit Z buffer if Z buffer setting is more than 16

Frame rate limitation system :

Frame rate limitation system is now accurate and has better values
New frame info display shows sleep / physics updates / gpu waiting
Now using an event query instead of a lock for input lag prevention
Minimum sleep setting changed to “Sleep every frame” (yes / no)

Misc :

Now using Direct3D 9Ex if available (Windows Vista and later)
Reduced glitch when autocross objects are optimised (e.g. on load)
Reduced min / max values for “Sound lag” setting – default now 0.08
New Audio Option “Sound when window is inactive” (off / on)

3D view modes :

Added a 3D level slider option to adjust monitor-based 3D views
Reduced CPU / GPU usage by sharing scene preparation for both eyes

Oculus Rift :

Now using Oculus SDK version which includes timewarp
You can now enter and leave Rift mode without restarting LFS
Smooth display (if you do not use SLI or force vertical sync)
Monitor window view options : blank / one eye / two eyes

Oculus Rift compatibility mode :

For users who cannot use the Oculus 0.6 runtime, you can still use
the 0.5 runtime. Simply rename the ORDIRECT.dll to some other name
and LFS will then use LFSORDLL.dll instead (extended mode only).

Fixes :

Some buildings at Westhill track were drawn using a slow method
Mouse clipped to window (CTRL+C) now works properly with ALT+TAB
Using mouse wheel to change gear did not work properly at high fps
Layout editor object selection buttons used interface button slots
Crash changing texture resolution with two or more objects selected
Anisotropic filtering did not work on car textures (including skin)
Oculus Rift DK2 Rendering

TIPS on using Live for Speed with an Oculus Rift DK2 :

NOTE : Oculus runtime (or later) is required

1) How to enter Rift mode in LFS :
– Start LFS and click 3D on the View Options Screen
– Select Oculus Rift and click OK

2) To reset your seating position, the text command /rift reset is assigned by default to the F8 key.
– When a new driver takes over, ask them to look straight ahead then press F8
– Key assignments can be edited in Options – Game – F1 to F8

3) Accessing your desktop while LFS is on the Rift.
– You will find that your mouse cursor is confined to the Rift’s virtual monitor
– Press CTRL+C to free the mouse and now the mouse can go onto the desktop

4) Optional command line options /rift=on and /rift=off
Use e.g. in a shortcut to make sure Rift mode is entered or not
LFS.exe /rift=on – try to go straight into Rift mode
LFS.exe /rift=off – do not go into Rift (ignores previous mode)

X Plane 10

The normal X-Plane beta process goes something like this for a “major” beta.

  • Early betas – putting in a fair amount of new code and large-scale restructuring to try to address feature requests and problems.
  • Middle of beta – fixing bugs, often the high risk and tricky ones.
  • End of beta – try to touch as little as possible. Unobtrusive bugs, small changes, nothing crazy.

The idea is to cut down the level of code bashing over time so that by the end of beta we’re not adding a new bug for every bug we fix.

X-Plane 10.40 beta 6 is a little bit atypical in that it is also the first release to have digital download. Since beta 4, we cut down how much code we were changing to try to get digital download released, since the servers and installer became ready to ship.

The result is that beta 7 contains the rest of that “large scale restructuring” and other code change that you’d expect from an early beta – it’s a significantly bigger jump in code than you’d normally expect from a beta that’s this many weeks old.

I am hoping that beta 7 represents the last of this kind of “change a ton” code and that we’ll get into stability mode shortly. But in the meantime:

  • If you make a third party add-on, you should definitely plan to test one of beta 7 or 8 for compatibility in the next week. (Since beta 7 has a bug where the FMS is broken with certain planes, beta 8 might be a better candidate.)
  • There are definitely still bugs we have reports for that are not fixed for beta 7. Check the release notes; if your fix isn’t listed, there’s no need to re-report, it means we just haven’t gotten to it.
  • If you put in a feature request and we said “yeah, we’ll get that into 10.40″, we haven’t forgotten – I have a big backlog of datarefs to add, for example.

I think we still have several more weeks of beta; inserting the release of digital download has stretched the process out. How long beta lasts will be a question of how quickly we can stabilize.

New Commands

X-Plane 10.40 beta 7 adds a big pile of new commands. I will try to produce a comprehensive list later; one of our goals for our own fleet was to have a command to change any control that is all of:

  • An in-cockpit control.
  • Has more than two positions.
  • Has discrete movement (e.g. up a notch, down a notch).

So besides commands added by the request of users, a number of commands were added to add “coverage” to the cockpit.

pCARS logo 1

PLEASE NOTE – The patch is not yet finalized and is still in testing, meaning that some of this may still change. I will post up the final list, or confirm that this one is final, as soon as the fixes are all confirmed and the patch is in final submission.

IMPORTANT – We are investigating and fixing all reported issues, so if there is an issue that you don’t see in this list, please don’t post “Where is the fix for this issue?” style questions in this thread. There are dedicated threads in other areas on the forum where you can post and discuss other issues. Please keep discussions in this thread to issues mentioned in the list below.

Finally, please be aware that this patch is not yet in submission with Microsoft and Sony, so we are most likely looking at a few weeks before it will be released. We will post the final release dates as soon as we have them.

Project CARS – Patch 3.0 – Release Notes

New & Enhanced Feature Summary
* New – Friends Leaderboards – players can now toggle between viewing ‘ALL’ and ‘FRIENDS ONLY’ on the leaderboards screen.
* New – Multiplayer Spectate Mode – players can now choose to ‘Retire to Pit Box’ during a race, and then spectate the ongoing race.
* Enhanced MP vehicle grouping – online races now use real-world vehicle classes. This results in far better vehicle performance matching for online races.
* New – Xbox One – added an Online Browse feature whereby the player can browse for specific lobbies.
* Enhanced Setup and Pit Strategy system – players are now provided with information regarding current and upcoming weather, remaining session duration, current track temperatures, and more.
* Enhanced HUD and Telemetry tyre info system – players can now see in real time which tyre compounds they are currently using, what each tyre’s pressure is, and how much each tyre is worn.
* Enhanced Cut Track detection system – the system used to detect cut tracks is now far more accurate and ‘fair’.
* DLC Career Contract support – the game now supports the addition of career contracts for new DLC vehicles so that players can use applicable cars in their core career series.
* Enhanced Replay system – players can now access Photo Mode from within a replay, and can switch between cars during a replay.
* New – Force Feedback – implemented the ability via menu sliders for the user to manually tweak the menu spring strength, stationary / low speed spring strength, and overall steering gain.
* New – the Force Feedback Calibration screen now features a multiple force feedback profile selection system whereby the user can select a base FFB style that suits personal preference, and then tweak it further as desired.
* Enhanced Weather system – all vehicles are updated with new window rain effects, featuring dynamic rivulets, much more realistic looking water drops, and wiper blade trail effects.

* New – Friends Leaderboards – players can now toggle between viewing ‘ALL’ and ‘FRIENDS ONLY’ on the leaderboards screen.
* New – Multiplayer Spectate Mode – players can now choose to ‘Retire to Pit Box’ during a race, and then spectate the ongoing race using the ‘Retire to pits’ and ‘Spectate’ options (note that this is currently only available on tracks that feature a pit lane).
* Enhanced vehicle grouping – online races now use real-world vehicle classes. This results in far better vehicle performance matching for online races.
* Implemented support for Leaderboards reset across all platforms.
* PS4: Fixed an issue with the browser getting stuck at ‘Looking for sessions’.
* Added support for Multiplayer Quick Random to also join in-progress sessions
* New – Xbox One – added an ‘Online Browse’ feature whereby the player can browse for specific lobbies.
* Fixed an issue where the Drive button would remain permanently locked when joining an in-progress session.
* Fixed an issue where, when the player progressed from qualifying to the start of the race, the player’s car would sometimes begin moving without player, resulting in false jump-starts.
* Fixed an issue where using the ‘Amateur’ skill filter would at times not show any lobbies.
* Fixed the case where changing the time of day from daytime to night-time in a lobby failed to switch the skill level from NOVICE to AMATEUR.

Time Trial
* Fixed an issue where restarting a Time Trial session would not remove the ‘best of session’ ghost from before the restart.
* Force Time Trial weather on consoles to always be set to Light Cloud to match PC settings.
* Ghost split and lap times are now displayed on timings/pause screen.
* Updated the in-game timings board to provide a visible distinction between the ghosts and the player’s entries: all ghosts now have status set to ‘Ghost’, and the Session best ghost has DRIVER text set to ‘Session Best’

Pitting, Tuning, Setups, Strategy
* Enhanced Setup and Pit Strategy system:
– – Players are now provided with information regarding current and upcoming weather, remaining session duration, and current track temperatures.
– – In Setup, players can choose to apply different compounds to the front and rear sets. In Pit Strategy, players can now choose to change tyres symmetrically instead of configuring each wheel individually.
– – The Setup and Pit Strategy screens will now display an estimation of how many laps the player can expect to run with the current fuel load, and updates in real time as the player adjusts the fuel slider.
– – Players can now define pit strategies with less fuel than the initial fuel load. During a race, the fuel slider indicator will turn red to warn players when the strategy offers insufficient fuel for the remainder of the race.
* Enhanced HUD and Telemetry tyre info system:
– – Players can now see in real time which tyre compounds they are currently using, what each tyre’s pressure is, and how much each tyre is worn. Each individual wheel’s tyre graphic will fade out from top to bottom to indicate the level of wear. The tyre temperature display on the HUD now uses a smooth colour gradient fade to more accurately indicate temperature changes and match the display on the Telemetry screen
* Fixed an issue where a damaged headlights would not get repaired if the player had damage level set to ‘Visual Damage Only’.
* Fixed more cases where a vehicle’s default setup would not be correctly applied.
* Reworked the naming of several tyre compounds to make the names more indicative of their purpose, and to ensure that front and rear compound names match when set to the same compound.
* Restrict pit strategy tyre compound types to only those available for the current vehicle.
* Accessing Pit Strategy in single player during non-race sessions no longer pauses the game.
* Tweaks to AI pit logic to ensure they pit in proper mandatory window in races that feature a mandatory pitstop.
* Fixed an issue that at times caused a setup from one car to be applied to a different car.
* Ensure that the Default pitstop strategy is set to the Active one on each session start, to prevent issues with previously configured and now irrelevant strategies being active.
* Fixed an issue where, if you customized a setup that was automatically loaded from your saved setups, and then drive and return to pits, the customized setup would be lost and your setup will be reset to the previously saved setup.
* Fixed an issue in online races where the pit crew would ignore any changes made to the pit strategy once the player’s car was stationary in the pit box.

Physics & AI
* Improved AI rain speed realism when using treaded tyres in the wet.
* Fixed an issue where, if a player has steering assist on and fuel use set to real, when low on fuel, the steering assist will pull them into the pits as they go past
* Increase tyre wear for AI if driving wet tyres when track is drying or dry.
* Improved AI behaviour during crash recovery to further minimize the chances of AI cars getting stuck.
* Fixed an issue that would cause a car to leave the pits with no visible wheel attached after pitting to replace a lost wheel.
* Various tweaks and improvements to how AI responds to tyre wear in regards to pitting strategies.
* Fixed the issue with cold and current tyre pressure mismatches in pitstop strategy, as well as cold pressure not being correctly applied in the tyre system.
* Fixed an issue with the player vehicle rolling backwards after entering pre-race tuning.
* Fixed an issue where AI drivers would remain stuck in their pit boxes when using accelerated time.

Cut Track / Off Track System
Enhanced Cut Track detection system – the system used to detect cut tracks is now far more accurate and ‘fair’. Many tracks were reworked to address specific issues where the cut track detection was either too loose or too strict. Players will no longer receive warnings for driving off track in the grass and other surfaces when not actually gaining time by doing so. The new system provides for scalability in strictness across game modes, to match real life application. The rules enforcement gets progressively stricter from Free Practice to Race to Time Trial.

* DLC Career Contract support – the game now supports the addition of career contracts for new DLC vehicles so that players can use applicable cars in their core career series.
* Added Career Contracts for core career sport DLC cars:
– – GT3: Bentley Continental GT3
– – LMP1: Audi R18 e-tron quattro
* Career Invitationals – corrected Russian translation in two Invitational unlock descriptions.
* Fixed an issue with pre-DLC save games not unlocking DLC career content.

* Fixed tyre skid sound when car is sitting against a kerb at zero speed.
* Tweaked the dirt surface sounds.
* Fixed an issue where there would sometimes be missing race audio in a subsequent race if there’s an immediate quit at race start.

GUI, HUD, Telemetry
* GUI – sliders throughout the game interface now supports smaller increments and decrements when changing their associated values.
* Monitor/Spectate screen – the timings table now supports mouse clicks to change the driver that’s being observed. The screen now features the ability to view the selected driver’s info when playing online, by clicking on the new Gamercard button. Fixed several cases where the map would at times randomly freeze and/or be locked on the screen when telemetry overlay is displayed.
* When browsing Leaderboards, changing the car and track being browsed will no longer change the player’s currently selected car and track in the other game modes.
* Reworked the Replay/Spectate/Monitor interface to a more consistent design.
* Main game loading screens – fixed the Road America track logo that went missing, updated the Logitech logo to the new Logitech G logo, updated the Oculus logo to their new logo.
* Driver Network Profile – practice and qualifying sessions will no longer count towards races entered.
* Community Events – added a ‘DLC required’ indicator to events that require DLC content, added an event number indicator.
* Career post-race podium screen – fixed Lap times formatting to use the more logical MMSSTTT formatting (e.g. 01:20.457).
* HUD now reports correct split times to vehicles that are in the pits.
* Updated the Class logos used by Road cars to better differentiate the various road car classes.
* Fixed an issue with the Field of View slider not working.
* Fixed an issue where Cut Track warning messages appeared in the centre of the screen instead of to the side, out of the player’s line of sight.

* Enhanced Replay system – players can now access Photo Mode from within a replay, and can switch between cars during a replay.
* Replay Cameras – Azure Circuit – reworked the draw distance and positioning of a number of cameras to fix background issues and views being obstructed by trackside objects.
* Replay Cameras – Hockenheim National – improved the positioning of a number of cameras to fix views being obstructed by trackside objects.
* Fixed a crash that occurred when the player loaded a replay that was saved with an older version of the game.

Controls & FFB
New – implemented the ability via menu sliders for the user to manually tweak the menu spring strength, stationary / low speed spring strength, and overall steering gain:
Menu Spring – the strength of the wheel centering spring in the front end and in-game pause menu.
Low Speed Spring Coefficient & Saturation – the weight of the steering at slow speeds (<10mph) and when the car is stationary. The saturation is the maximum force for the spring and the coefficient is how quickly the spring takes effect. To avoid “cogging / notching” effects when stationary its best to leave the spring coefficient high and lower the saturation. Steering Gain – the gain (multiplier) applied to all steering effects (steering force, jolts, kerb rumble etc) after they have been mixed. For a clean more detailed experience set at 1.0 or below, for stronger feedback at the expense of clipping set higher (maximum value 5). New – the Force Feedback Calibration screen now features a multiple force feedback profile selection system whereby the user can select a base FFB style that suits personal preference, and then tweak it further as desired. You can now switch between current FFB settings (Default) and pre-1.4 (classic) by using the FFB Calibration presets. These presets are available under Options > Controls > Calibrate Force Feedback. The presets are set on top of this page and the new sliders to control the spring/steering effect are at the bottom. Whenever you change these values it becomes a custom preset. You can switch back to either Default or Classic by selecting them at the top of this page.

* Fanatec – added accelerator slip vibration support for Fanatec wheel rims that support this feature. Added sequential shifter profiles for Porsche 911, GT2, GT3RS V2 and CSR wheels. Added accelerator pedal rumble support for the ClubSport Pedals V3, and fixed brake rumble not working.
* Logitech wheels – added LED support for the G29.
* Custom wheels – reduced the default menu spring strength.
* Fixed an issue where the in-game menu spring centered the wheel when pausing while driving, which was jarring when both entering and exiting.
* Handbrake and boost controls assignments are now no longer mandatory.
* Fixed an issue where mouse controls were producing a deadzone in the centre regardless of deadzone settings.
* Fixed an issue where there was a sudden loss of FFB after a severe collision.
* Xbox One – fixed an issue where Force feedback was lost when focus was lost to the onscreen keyboard, other overlaid system apps or snapped apps.
* PS4 USB keyboard – corrected mapping for keypad ‘.’ / ‘Del’ keys, removed Pause being incorrectly hardcoded to the ‘P’ key.

* 125cc and 250cc karts – adjusted automatic gearbox algorithm for better shifting. This reduces the occurrence of the rapid fire downshifts from 6th to 1st when locking the rear brakes.
* Audi R18 e-tron quattro – added the missing gear readout to cockpit display. Fixed ‘quattro’ to lower case in the showroom (licensing).
* Aston Martin Vantage GT3 – fixed the impact test position for the rear centre brake light, to ensure accurate impact damage effects on the light.
* Bentley Continental GT3 – fixed slight asymmetry in rear suspension design which was causing some unintentional cross weight.
* BMW M3 GT – set to use same tyre widths as the other GT3 cars. This helps equalize performance and acts to level the playing field, as this car would have used such tyre sizes if it ran beyond 2012 against the rest of the GT3 cars.
* BMW V12 LMR – fixed engine lifetime numbers to match other similar cars.
* Group 5 cars and BMW M1 – tweaked rain tyres heat and sensitivities to prevent them from overheating in light rain.
* Escort MK1 and DLC BMW 2002 Turbo – rebalanced the AI performance.
* Formula A -– added a new tyre set that includes two slick tyres: ‘Soft’ and ‘Medium’. Rebalanced the heating and wear across all four tyre sets. Reworked tyre wear to more closely match real world Formula 1 cars. Heating is now more even front to rear. Further rebalancing of the AI speed (now faster) as was required, and tweaks to the base setup to accommodate the heat change and its effect on the balance. The medium slicks make consistent grip between 180-220F, making this compound more useful as a strategic, lower wear choice. The soft slicks are the default dry tyre.
* Formula C – dropped the AI ability in the rain a bit more for this car, as the AI was still too fast in the rain.
* Lotus 98T – new setup to help handle the power better, new rain tyre tweaks for better heating. Some change for the slick heating and inflation pressure sensitivity of the carcass.
* McLaren MP4 12C – adjusted the default setup to match the change to stiffer tyres.
* McLaren P1 – stiffened up the default suspension to help prevent bottoming out at tracks like Nordschliefe. Changed tyre walls to Pirelli (licensing).
* McLaren F1 GTR – added suspension animations to limit front wheel movement in order to stop them clipping through the bodywork on large compressions.
* Pagani Huayra – corrected the default dry and wet tyres so that the correct tyre is selected when using ‘Automatic by Weather’.
* Radical SR3 and SR8 – reduced the backlight on the gear LCD in the cockpit to make it easier to read at night.
* Renault Clio Cup – updated suspension tuning and gear ratios to match exactly with correct reference data for the X98CUP Mk.4 car.
* RWD P20 LMP2 – recalibrated oil and water temperature warning lights to turn on when the engine is starting to overheat.
* Various DLC Vehicles – rebalanced the in-cockpit exposure levels.
* Various cars – recalibrated the tyre deformation effect. This fixes many cars which were seeing too little or reversed lateral tyre deformations.
* Various cars – graphical issues addressed – Mercedes C-Coupe DTM, Sauber C9, Audi 90, Audi R8 LMS Ultra, Audi R18, Audi R18 e-tron, Aston Martin Rapide, BAC Mono, Bentley Continental GT3, Bentley Speed 8, BMW 1M, BMW Z4 GT3, BMW 320 Group5, BMW M3 E30 GroupA, Caterham Classic, Caterham SP300R, Ford Capri Group5, Ford MkIV, Formula C, Formula A, Ginetta G55 GT4, McLaren F1, Ruf RGT8 GT3, Ruf RGT8.
* Various cars – updated to use the correct tread textures for various tyre compounds
* Modern street cars – new stiffer tyres for improved drivability, to more closely match the real world experience. This makes these cars more fun and engaging to drive. Made tweaks to the individual setups of the FWD and most Supercars to accommodate the change.
* 4WD/hybrid vehicles – enabled visual backfires.

* Azure Circuit – reset the AI track grip for the faster Formula A cars, and tweaked the driving lines to help with AI getting stuck in barriers.
* Bathurst – fixed an issue where cars would collide against invisible objects in the pit lane, and fixed an issue with black shapes appearing in the rear view mirrors on some parts of the track.
* California Highway – reworked the allowable driving surfaces in the final section on the double lane highway to allow the player to drive on both sides.
* Dubai layouts – fixed a graphical anomaly on the track surface.
* Glencairn East – fixed a false cut track warning that would trigger while driving on-track.
* Nordschliefe – fixed an issue where AI attempting to leave their pit spots was being blocked by cars in the pit spot directly in front of them.
* Ruapuna layouts – improved the texture quality on the distant trees, and reworked the wire mesh on the marshal posts to prevent them from turning opaque at a distance.
* Sakitto GP – unblocked pit lane and added pit lane directional signage.
* Sakitto International – fixed an issue where the AI would run too wide and collide with the barrier in the downhill left handed sweeper.
* Silverstone layouts – fixed a false cut track warning at the pit entrance.
* Snetterton 200 – fixed an issue where the player would receive a cut track warning when entering the pits’
* Spa Francorchamps – fixed an issue where a number of bollards marking track limits had stopped appearing.
* Watkins Glen layouts – fixed an issue where the pit entry would trigger if a player drove very close to the pit wall on the main straight, and fixed a few graphical pop-up issues.
* Various tracks – Imola, Oschersleben GP, Oschersleben C course – cut track detection adjustments.

Oculus Rift
* Implemented support for Oculus SDK.
* Added support for a separate Graphics profile “GraphicsConfigOculusDX11.xml” when running with the Oculus Rift. This means that you can now set your graphic details to high/max when playing without the Rift, and turn the details down for optimum performance when using the Rift and the game will maintain both configurations and apply the applicable one automatically.
* Auto disabled Crepuscular rays, Vignette and full screen raindrops.
* Fixed excessive object pop-in in Oculus Rift mode that was caused by the modified field of view used in VR.
* Shadow support – further work towards getting shadow support fully implemented.
* Fixed SLI/XFire windowed mode performance issues – SLI/XFire isn’t available in windowed mode, but several Renderer paths were still active, resulting in reduced performance, most notably for Oculus Rift which fakes a windowed mode.
* Added a command-line option “-vrnomirror” that disables the desktop mirror. This will gain around 3-4% performance.
* Fixed the issue where non cockpit view cameras were not incorporating the head-pose position correctly, which caused the camera to be spawned very low down.
* Fixed the issue where the view in the Oculus Rift froze when returning to the main menu after a race.
* Fixed the issue where using FXAA caused black/opaque rendering when using Oculus Rift.

* Players are no longer disqualified for running out of fuel after finishing the race.
* Fixed an issue that would award players with a race win when skipping session after a false start.
* Fixed an issue with 24Hz 4k Monitor modes causing the graphics code to fail to load.
* PC – added support to enable Opponent Car Reflections by using the “-insane” command-line option.
* Jumpstart tolerances adjusted to make the penalty more realistic when the player starts moving his vehicle before the green lights.
* Fixed an issue that caused vehicle windows to appear invisible in the player’s rear view mirrors.
* PC – fixed an issue with Real-time weather not working.
* PS4 – fixed a crash that occurred when power cycling or when disconnecting and reconnecting a wheel.
* PS4 – anisotropic filtering adjusted to improve the visual quality of some materials, mainly brick walls which were appearing blurred at some angles.
* PS4 – fixed an issue where car bonnet reflections at times were out of sync with the environment being reflected.
* Xbox One – implemented background DLC check optimizations to eliminate instances of stuttering in Main Menu.