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Finally, it’s time for the first Studio 397 release of rFactor 2!

It’s been a few months since the last build was released, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to give you an update on what the team has been busy working on. After taking over development, our first order of business was optimizing and automating the entire build process and setting up a new internal bug tracking system – two improvements that will help speed up public releases of fixes and features. We brought new members into our team to move the project forward in terms of graphics, user interface, infrastructure, content and overall optimizations, which you will start to see in the first quarter of 2017 and beyond. For this first release our focus was on fixing bigger issues such as video driver crashes, optimizing and fixing elements of the workshop and starting work on improving the stock car and oval experience.

We have invested a considerable amount of time in developing and testing stock car, specifically stock car rules, since the last public release. With the help of a dedicated group of stock car league admins and stock car specialists on our test team, we identified some of the crucial issues that need to be addressed. We continually seek to improve our stock car and oval experience. For this first release of several upcoming changes we focused on sorting issues under caution and adding more flexible options for server admins. We’ve also taken a close look at oval behaviour optimizations of the AI in single player, especially (but not exclusively) for short ovals.

Stock Car

  • The safety car is now set to ‘non-collidable’ by default – testing has shown this can help avoid certain oval-related caution situations in which the safety car has trouble weaving its way to the front of the field. The value can be set to ‘collidable’ in the player.JSON file by editing the following values: "Safety Car Collidable": true. After this update, we recommend server admins backup and remove player.json and multiplayer.json, so that new ones are generated containing all new options and defaults.
  • Several minor adjustments and tweaks to help optimize scoring.
  • Further improvements to the track order of cars leaving the pits under caution.
  • Fixed a bookkeeping error under caution with one lap until restart.
  • Changed AI behaviour to prevent pitting on the last lap of a caution. This helps to avoid messy and disorderly restarts and it makes the AI look a bit smarter too.
  • Added an extra message to the Low Speed Information pop up: “Please pass the safety car.” This should help you be more aware of where you are with respect to the safety car under a full course caution and should improve sorting overall as drivers no longer have to guess whether to pass the safety car.
  • Changed pit exit behaviour to allow cars to be placed in a large gap rather than behind the whole field, which might be nearly a full track length behind the car exiting on some of the smaller ovals.
  • Fixed pit behaviour: A car entering the pit lane after a race resumes from a caution will no longer be able to continuously lap the field during the next caution.
  • Fixed a possible scoring mix-up when a full course caution was called while the race leader was in the pits.
  • Fixed a bug in which cars starting late from the garage area (those that did not press the Race button in time), after the field had gone ahead, were sometimes wrongly scored at race start. Cars starting late from the garage area now have to wait for the entire field to pass the pit-exit line to be able to join the race and go on track.
  • Added a new single player feature "AI Formation by Position" that when set to “true” in the player.json attempts to line up the AI during yellow flag/formation laps according to your position behind the pace car instead of relative to surrounding cars. This seems to work better on short ovals, whereas the old (default) way might still work better for road courses.
  • Added new options for configuring an oval server, which can be found in the CustomPluginsVariables.json:
    • Added two types of double file which can be configured by editing the value "DoubleFileType" where “0” is off (or single file), “1” will ignore lapped and pitted distinctions, and “2” (the default) is standard double file.
    • Wave-arounds can now be set to on or off for more flexibility by editing the following value: "WaveArounds" “0” is off, “1” is on.
    • Added the ability to configure number of caution laps by editing the following value: "YellowLapsMinimum"
    • Added the ability to configure random number of caution laps editing the following value: "YellowLapsRandom"


  • Fixed AI behaviour to prevent them from taking off immediately after what should be their pit stop following their final qualifying lap, which would get them disqualified.
  • Fixed AI behaviour to prevent AI from getting disqualified during qualifying on certain tracks where it is difficult to pit immediately after completing n-1 laps.


  • Added a new TGM display. While driving, it was possible to pull up a graph showing the contact patch for each tyre that showed the temperature of the tyre at that point of the contact patch (ALT =). The second display now shows the tyre load.
  • Changed TTool filename. TTool, a tool that is used to generate tyres for cars, used to output a file named “QSA” when you ran a real-time batch test. That filename has now been corrected to “realtime”.
  • Fixed an issue where camber angles for tyres reported as zero in real-time telemetry instead of their real angle. Also, this now allows plugins to see the correct angles.

Driver Swaps

  • Fixed occasional crash when a wheel gets reattached/repaired during a pit stop at the same time as a driver swap.


  • Fixed the multiview gizmo that allows you to enter your triple screen configuration. It now saves and remembers asymmetrical monitor configuration parameters.
  • Fixed sporadic nVidia driver crash on certain tracks. The fix, which is only needed if you were experiencing driver crashes and restarts, can be activated by changing the value WorkaroundFlags=1 in the Config.ini with a text editor. Please make sure to delete your shader cache manually (the files in UserData\Log\Shaders) when making this change.
  • Removed the option to disable HDR.

Dedicated Server

  • Changed the logic so that the dedicated server properly moves on to the next track in all cases regardless of which sessions are active.

User Interface/Launcher

  • Added an Engine Mixture setting to garage so it can be saved as part of a car setup.
  • Updated Launcher icons.
  • Added new user interface background image and splash screen.
  • Fixed Launcher to work correctly in Steam’s offline mode. It will no longer hang while attempting to download pending workshop items in this mode.
  • Updated French language dictionary.

Additional Changes

  • We’ve made racing online free for every user of rFactor 2.
  • Fixed results file when VehFile uses escape characters.
  • Removed DRS enabled/disabled messages for tracks without DRS zones.
  • Added +skipmonitor as a command line option, which lets you enter from and exit a race directly to the main menu.


ir iracing logo

Somehow, its that time of year again at iRacing.  While the Season 3 Build still feels very fresh in our minds, Season 4 is bearing down on us, meaning two things.  Release Notes and an early access First Look by us.  While our First Look got pushed back a couple of days due to waiting for the ACO to give the final ‘okay’ on Le Mans (hence ‘work in progress’ tag in the trailer), we should have it on Monday.

And what will we be showing off in our First Look?  Well look no further than the Release Notes below.  While Le Mans was always going to be the star of this build, there’s some fascinating graphical improvements, both in the VR and triple screen monitor areas if you have a 10 Series Nvidia card…like we do.  [/Tease]

If there’s anything else you would like to see in our First Look, say it now or hold your peace.  Filming starts today!

Welcome to 2016 Season 4!

This season adds the long awaited Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans to the iRacing service! Some extensive updates to the Dynamic Track System have also been added that should increase the realism of heat mapping and make rubber have a bit more of an impact on your race. Brake bias adjustment is now also available in Fixed Setup Series to a small host of vehicles. Your experience at night tracks has been improved with the new Dynamic Night Shadow Maps system, and every vehicle windshield has been improved with realistic reflections. A new character model has taken the driver’s seat and is also positioned in the pits, and you should start to see wind-animated flags appearing at race courses. We are also launching preliminary support for OpenVR / HTC Vive headsets, and antialiasing in our virtual reality views. All of these along with a host of setup updates, bug fixes, and other enhancements are here for the 2016 Season 4 Release.



– The Live Broadcast Banner that slides into view after a short delay whenever a broadcast is available has been moved to the fixed footer of the website. It also no longer pushes the webpage content when it slides into view.

– The “About” information related to the different Series Sessions (ie: Practice, Qualify, Race), previously seen at the bottom of each session block for the series, has been moved into a mouse-over panel, titled “Tell Me More,” below each session title. This information has also been updated and expanded.

– On the Stats pages, tooltips have been added to show the “About” information for each session type.

– Fixed an error with the Stats page due to special characters not being displayed.

– The Past Seasons page has been restored, and scoped down to only display the past two years.

– The Sporting Code documents have been updated.

– Descriptions for the session on each series’ session page have been updated.

– When hosting a Session, the Practice Session Time now defaults to the same value used previously.

– The “Options” toolbar dropdown in the Official Race Guide will now always be displayed.

– The iRacing Merch page has been re-added.

– A handful of loading indicators have been added to the League Manager menus and several of the league processes should now load faster.

– The UI for the Car and Track pages has been updated.

– Embedded YouTube videos on the forums are now 640×360, and can now be viewed in full-screen mode.

– A post-race quality survey now appears whenever you exit a session of any type.

– Steam users are now prompted to create an account password for for additional security and stability.

– Improvements have been made to the single and multi-class car selection UI.

– Fixed an issue where data would sometimes get overwritten in the race selection area.

– Minor text fixes.


– The Q-Bar on the frame rate/connection status meter area now has two side-by-side meters. The original value is in the left-hand bar, and shows the amount of packet loss from the race server to the simulation. The new right-hand bar (which grows from right to left) shows the amount of packet loss from the simulation to the race server. Note that the data for this right-hand bar is sent from the server to the simulation, so if there is a sudden loss of all packets sent by the server to the simulation, the value in this bar will not update. As before, each bar becomes full at 50% packet loss, though each is now about half the width of the original Q meter.


– Fixed an issue where a team member in a driver-swap session could be incorrectly marked as Unofficial if it happened that none of the team’s members were registered for the session as it was launched.

– Fixed an issue where suspended members were being allowed to join multiplayer sessions.

Time Trial

– Fixed an issue that was causing some Time Trial sessions to be run with the “time of day” set to something other than the default of “afternoon”.


– When you use the “Share a Car Setup” capability on the Garage screen inside the Sim, the name of the setup is now also sent and will be displayed to the recipient(s).

Dynamic Track

– Increased the effective starting usage level, which controls the amount of rubber on the track, for sessions that have a short Practice and an attached Qualifying prior to a Race.

– Improved the calculations used to conduct heat from the tire into the track, and updated the conduction and convection model for the track surface. This results in lower starting track temperatures, but a significantly more dynamic range when cars interact with the track.

– The tearing of rubber from the tires versus from the track has been adjusted so that when a tire is not sliding, it is more inclined to pick up track rubber. Also, the calculations for determining the thickness of the track rubber under the contact patch and the rate at which the track will accept rubber have each been improved. The combination of these changes will make the track rubber build up about three times as fast, and in general be more dynamic.

– The Dynamic Track system now assumes there is some residual starting dust on the track even before any simulated running of cars or cleaning for a session is performed. The amount of starting dust is related to how must dirt and gravel is around that track, such that a track like Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca is more prone to being dusty than a track like Talladega Superspeedway.

– Dust will now be picked up and thrown due to air displacement near moving vehicles.


– With the Virtual Mirror option enabled, a hotkey (Alt+M) has been added to show/hide the virtual mirror while driving.


– A new driver character model has been fully implemented into all vehicles.

– The new driver has been shifted into a more accurate position in some vehicles than the previous driver.

– Due to the new driver model, the driver camera position in some cars to be adjusted slightly for a better perspective.

– All vehicle seat belts now change color to match driver selections.


– The pit box characters behind the wall and the lollipop guy are now using a new character model.


– All cars have had their windshields updated to use a new shader which provides realistic reflections.

– Driver, pit crew, and pit boxes for all cars have been converted to use PBR shaders.

DirectX 9

– Our support for using DirectX 9 as the graphics system used by the simulation is winding down. If you are currently using DX9, your selection will be changed to DX11 one time upon installing this build. If you run into issues using DX11, you should work with our support team at to resolve them, as we will not be implementing new graphical features on DX9, and will eventually remove the ability to use it altogether – quite possibly as soon as the December 2016 build. For now, you can switch back to the DX9 version of the simulation, if needed, by opening the tools panel on the central navigation bar on the web site, and disabling the use of DX11. Again, you should work with support to resolve any issues you encounter with DX11, as the option to fall-back to DX9 will not remain forever.

DirectX 11

– Support for three screen surround rendering using NVIDIA Simultaneous Multi-Projection (SMP) technology has been enabled for GPUs that support SMP.
– – To enable this feature you must configure three monitors as usual, enable the Multi-Projection option (previously named “render view per screen”), then enable the new SMP option. All of these options are located in the top area of the Graphics Options screen.
– – Due to some limitations with the NVIDIA SMP surround technology at this time in DX11, the maximum supported side screen angle is clamped to 45 degrees, and the maximum field of view is clamped to 160 degrees. Beyond this the SMP warping can malfunction. NVidia is working on a solution for this.
– – A few of the Simulator’s subsystems still require compatibility fixes to operate correctly with SMP. Therefore, in this early version, when SMP is enabled, some other systems must be adjusted for compatibility: Particle Detail is set to Low, Dynamic Night Shadows are Disabled (Shadow Volumes still work), and Depth-of-Field effects are Disabled.

– A new night shadowing system, Dynamic Night Shadow Maps (DNSM), has been implemented. It is activated by enabling the “Night Shadow Maps” option. This system works more like the sun shadow maps during the day time and should have similar performance. By default the system chooses the “best” three lights and projects those shadows into the scene. The shadows for these lights will fade in and out as new lights are automatically selected as the “best” sources.
– – The options for this setting are as follows:
– – Global Options (both driving and replay):
– – – DNSMMaxLightsPerPass=3 ; 0-6 = Shadowing lights per-fullscreen pass
– – – – How many shadowing lights to render per-pass. Lower numbers may be faster for lower end hardware.
– – – DNSMQuality=2 ; 0 = 512×512 1 = 1024×1024 2 = 2048×2048 3 = 4096×4096
– – – – This controls the size of the shadow maps. Lower numbers are worse quality but render faster.
– – Mode Specific Options (driving or replay only):
– – – DNSMEnable=1 ; 0 = off 1 = dynamic night shadow maps
– – – – Enables or disables the night shadow maps for this mode.
– – – DNSMTSOsCastShadows=1 ; 0 = off 1 = track objects cast shadows
– – – – This will cause track objects (pit objects like signs etc) to cast shadows as well as cars.
– – – DNSMWallsCastShadows=0 ; 0 = off 1 = track walls cast shadows
– – – – This will cause track walls to cast shadows.
– – – DNSMHeadlightsCastShadows=0 ; 0 = off 1 = car headlights cast shadows
– – – – This will cause car headlights to cast shadows.
– – – DNSMShadowFade=50 ; 0 to # = time for night shadows in 100ths of a sec to fade in and out (50 default)
– – – – How long it takes for shadows to fade in and out. Lower numbers mean less time and shadows will “pop” more but look darker. Higher numbers mean you will see less popping but shadows will typically appear less dark initially.
– – – DNSMFilter=2 ; 0 = none 1 = Fetch4 2 = PCF4
– – – – The kind of filtering to apply to the shadows. We especially need testing with level 1 as it is not supported by all DX10/11 level hardware. Higher numbers mean shadows will look better but will be more expensive to render.
– – – DNSMNumLights=3 ; 0 to 128 = Max number of shadow mapped lights at night
– – – – How many shadowing lights to render every frame. This will perform multiple passes based on DNSMMaxLightsPerPass in order to render all of the lights. It will only render the number of lights actually required so if you set this to 100 but there are only 5 lights in the scene it will only render 5 shadows.
– – – DNSMDownsampleFirst=0 ; 0 = per-AA-sample shadows 1 = per-pixel shadow
– – – – This determines if we do shadows per-pixel or at every AA sample in the buffer. Setting this to 1 may be faster, especially if you have a large number of lights enabled, but will result in slightly lower quality.

– Fixed the flickering static shadow maps when AMD Crossfire is enabled, and improved the compatibility/performance of both AMD Crossfire and NVIDIA SLI. For these changes to take effect, you must manually set the “Number of GPUs” in the Graphics Options screen and restart. This setting is stored as “NumMultiGPUs=” in the “rendererDX11.ini” file. Setting the number of GPUs higher than needed will waste video memory as some graphics resources are allocated per GPU.

– In the Graphics Options, the “Max Prerenderered Frames” option will now be disabled when the “Number of GPUs” option is set to a value of 2 or greater. This is because frame queries are not accurate in these cases.

– In the Graphics Options, the windowed “Border” option will now be disabled when the “Fullscreen” option is enabled. This is because the “Border” option has no effect in fullscreen.

– Reduced the magnitude of the delay when entering and exiting the car at night tracks.

– Disabled incorrect self-shadowing on cars at night tracks when Shadow Volumes enabled.


– Fixed an issue where dust clouds were appearing where no cars were driving.


– The wind now procedurally animates the flags on some tracks including:
– – Barber Motorsports Park
– – Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans
– – Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
– – Circuit of the Americas
– – Daytona International Speedway
– – Five Flags Speedway
– – Indianapolis Motor Speedway
– – Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
– – Road Atlanta
– – Talladega Superspeedway
– – Watkins Glen International

– The Patrouille de France will now be performing fly-overs at Le Mans.

Opponent Cars

– The amount of smoke being emitted by opponent cars should now match closer to the player car.


– Toggle support has been added for Mute and Scan Radio commands.
– – “@!mute” will toggle the Radio Mute on and off.

– Fixed an issue where an open text chat window would sometimes steal focus at session boundaries.


– A new telemetry session string tag, “DriverInfo:DriverUserID: %d”, has been added that returns your own user id, even in a team session.

– Added Accessor to “irsdk_diskclent.h” to indicate how many data records are in an .ibt file.

– The telemetry variable, “PlayerCarTeamIncidentCount,” is now properly updated when the current player is not the driver in a team session.

– A new setup will no longer be dumped to Telemetry when Black Box edits are made.


– A new iRacingARXmsg.js ARX module that allows for the sending of remote control messages from an ARX client to iRacing has been added. This mirrors the remote control messages currently supported by the IRSDK api. Now ARX is functionally equivalent to IRSDK.
– – See the ARX development forums for details:

– The ability to clear fuel, windshield, and fast repair pit commands have been added using the IRSDK api.

– Data will now only be pushed if a device is connected.

Oculus Rift

– The bounding box on the driving camera has been set to 0.10 meters (4 inches) in the vertical direction, and to 0.25 meters (10 inches) in all other directions to give users a little more room to move around.

– The Oculus Rift mirror window display has been altered to show the source render for the left eye, rather than the post-distorted images of both eyes.

– Anti-aliasing has been enabled.

– The health and safety warning has been removed from the loading screen.

OpenVR / HTC Vive

– OpenVR / HTC Vive support has been enabled!

– The following OpenVR settings have been added to the “RendererDX11.ini” file:
– – [OpenVR]
– – OpenVREnabled=1 ; Enable OpenVR Support.
– – ResolutionScalePct=150 ; (50% to 300%): 125%=1.25, over 100% may hurt performance!
– – AutoSelect=0 ; Use OpenVR without prompting (NOTE: Oculus will have priority if enabled)
– – AutoCenter=0 ; Re-center the HMD pose when health/safety warning disappears.
– – UIScreenSize=130 ; (cm) 3D UI screen width.
– – UIScreenDistance=70 ; (cm) 3D UI screen distance.
– – NOTE: The resolution scale percentage setting (“ResolutionScalePct”) is similar but not equivalent to the Oculus Rift setting: “PixelsPerDisplayPixel”. For OpenVR, you are directly scaling the off-screen render target, while for the Rift you are scaling the pixel density in the center of the image – so the values are not directly comparable with each other.

– Full-screen anti-aliasing for headsets operating via OpenVR (HTC Vive) has been enabled.

iRacing Surprise

– A previously unannounced special addition will be brought to iRacing during the first week of 2016 Season 4!
– – Be sure to visit at 1:00PM EDT (17:00 GMT) for a special presentation on Tuesday, September 13th, 2016!


Aston Martin DBR9 GT1

– Le Mans-specific aero packages have been added.

Audi R8 LMS GT3

– Season setups have been updated.

Cadillac CTS-V Racecar

– Brake bias adjustment is now available for this vehicle in Official, Fixed Setup series.

Chevrolet Corvette C6.R GT1

– Le Mans-specific aero packages have been added.

Chevrolet Corvette C7 Daytona Prototype

– Fixed an ambient occlusion texture corruption issue with the central cockpit rollbar.

Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

– Season setups have been updated.

Dallara DW12

– Brake bias adjustment is now available for this vehicle in Official, Fixed Setup series.

– Tire wear for the road course tires has been increased to bring the total wear over the course of a stint closer to real-life values.

– When replacing the rear wing, the rear body structure is also now replaced.

Ford Falcon FG V8

– Season setups have been updated.

– Two new drop gear pairs have been added for greater adjustability of top speed and shift points to reflect gears used in the real-world race series: 29/27 (0.931) and 24/25 (1.042). The label and tooltip text in the Garage has also been updated to directly reference the drop gear pair, which is what they change in real-life.

– In-car idle sound has been improved.

– Backfire effects have been adjusted.

– Fixed a bug with the appearance of the rear suspension motion on opponent cars.

Ford GT

– Season setups have been updated.

– A complete physics overhaul of this vehicle has been completed leveraging some of the recent work on the Ford GT GT3 as a starting point.

Ford GT GT3

– Shift lamps are now identical to the Ford GT.

Formula Renault 2.0

– The collision properties have been updated to reduce yield and failure loads so the car will be both more consistent in impact response, and less capable of sustaining large impacts without suffering permanent damage.

– Fixed a bug that was causing the brake bias knob on opponent cars to continually rotate.

Holden Commodore VF V8

– Season setups have been updated.

– Two new drop gear pairs have been added for greater adjustability of top speed and shift points to reflect gears used in the real-world race series: 29/27 (0.931) and 24/25 (1.042). The label and tooltip text in the Garage has also been updated to directly reference the drop gear pair, which is what they change in real-life.

– Fixed a bug with the appearance of the rear suspension motion on opponent cars.


– Improvements have been made to the engine sounds.

– The low downforce package has been updated to bring performance in line with real-life data at Le Mans.

Kia Optima

– Brake bias adjustment is now available for this vehicle in Official, Fixed Setup series.

Lotus 49

– The seat belt has been moved down to better match the shoulders since the driver does not wear a HANS device.

McLaren MP4-30

– The pit limiter label should now be self-lit.

Mercedes-AMG GT3

– Season setups have been updated.

NASCAR Camping World Chevrolet Silverado

– Season setups have been updated.

– Brake bias adjustment is now available for this vehicle in Official, Fixed Setup series.

– Vehicle specular map has been altered.

NASCAR Camping World Toyota Tundra

– Season setups have been updated.

– Brake bias adjustment is now available for this vehicle in Official, Fixed Setup series.

– Fixed an issue where the windshield frame was being rendered as transparent.

– Vehicle specular map has been altered.

NASCAR K&N Pro Chevrolet Impala

– Season setups have been updated.

– Brake bias adjustment is now available for this vehicle in Official, Fixed Setup series.

NASCAR Nationwide Chevrolet Impala circa 2011

– Season setups have been updated.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Chevrolet Impala COT circa 2013

– Season setups have been updated.

– Brake bias adjustment is now available for this vehicle in Official, Fixed Setup series.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Chevrolet SS

– Season setups have been updated.

– Brake bias adjustment is now available for this vehicle in Official, Fixed Setup series.

– Updated the rear end gear ratios to match the latest Cup Series specs.

– Vehicle specular map has been altered.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Ford Fusion

– Season setups have been updated.

– Brake bias adjustment is now available for this vehicle in Official, Fixed Setup series.

– Updated the rear end gear ratios to match the latest Cup Series specs.

– Vehicle specular map has been altered.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Toyota Camry

– Season setups have been updated.

– Brake bias adjustment is now available for this vehicle in Official, Fixed Setup series.

– Updated the rear end gear ratios to match the latest Cup Series specs.

– Vehicle specular map has been altered.

NASCAR Truck Series Chevrolet Silverado circa 2013

– Brake bias adjustment is now available for this vehicle in Official, Fixed Setup series.

NASCAR XFINITY Chevrolet Camaro

– Season setups have been updated.

– Brake bias adjustment is now available for this vehicle in Official, Fixed Setup series.

– A missing banner has been added to Paint Kit Pattern 4.

– Vehicle specular map has been altered.


– Season setups have been updated.

– Brake bias adjustment is now available for this vehicle in Official, Fixed Setup series.

– Vehicle specular map has been altered.


– Season setups have been updated.

– Brake bias adjustment is now available for this vehicle in Official, Fixed Setup series.

– Vehicle specular map has been altered.

Pontiac Solstice

– The driver’s head position has been adjusted slightly so that it is in line with the way other cars calculate the driver view.

Radical SR8

– The driver model for this vehicle now uses the open-wheel style helmet.

Ruf RT 12R

– Season setups have been updated.

– Brake bias adjustment is now available for this vehicle in Official, Fixed Setup series.

– Maximum brake torque has been increased so this car is more capable of getting into ABS.

– Turbo noises, including intake and spooling, have been added.

– This vehicle now uses PBR shaders.

Ruf RT 12R Track

– Season setups have been updated.

Silver Crown

– Season setups have been updated.

Skip Barber Formula 2000

– The driver’s head position has been adjusted slightly so that it is in line with the way other cars calculate the driver view.

Sprint Car

– Season setups have been updated.

Street Stock

– Season setups have been updated.

– Brake bias adjustment is now available for this vehicle in Official, Fixed Setup series.

Super Late Model

– Season setups have been updated.

– Two additional Levels of Detail (LOD) models have been added to this vehicle to help with performance, especially at night tracks.


Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari

– Fixed a graphics issue on the roof of Hotel Rivazza.

Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans


– Our latest work on Le Mans is pending a final approval from the top brass at ACO (Automobile Club de l’Ouest), and will be available for purchase in the iRacing Store as soon as we get the green flag!

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

– The tirewalls off the track in Bus Stop, Les Combes, and after La Source now have a collidable material type applied to them.

Lime Rock Park

– All Armco segments in Turn 3 now have a collidable material type applied to them.

South Boston Speedway

– The main grandstand is now influenced by the Grandstand Detail Setting instead of the Object Detail Setting.


rf2 logo

ISI is happy to release Build 1080! This build has a decent number of fixes and tweaks to the AI, realroad, skin sharing, graphics, controllers, and much more.

The demo content has also been changed; Now featuring the Formula Renault 3.5, 1974 Howston Dissenter and Toban Raceway Park.

Demo Installer – 1GB
Lite Installer – 340MB
SDK Installer – 347MB

Usage Notes:

On first loading for any track after updating, shaders will be rebuilt. Expect this to take anywhere between 1-4 minutes, depending on your system specifications.

The Logitech G920 has new firmware that fixes an issue with the Force Feedback. However, because they are not yet selling units with the new firmware, and most users will not be updated yet, we have implemented a hacky solution that we will remove probably with a future build (when we feel more will have updated). If you have updated your firmware, you can disable the hack if you want to, by editing your controller file save and switching the G920_workaround flag to false, and because they changed their names for the inputs, you’ll have to bind your pedals.

Build Notes:

Ability to save car class/track/RFM specific AI parameters. (Gizmos on track & car selection page. Global values still editable from session options.)
Added Low Speed Information display position gizmo.
Added AI DraftStickiness_multiplier to RCD files so can tweak that functionality on a car by car basis (only affects superspeedways)
Added average water depth to internals plugin data.
Provided a better way in the HDV file to specify AI damper multipliers: AIDamping=(,,,)
Made the prefix for warning LED material names configurable in the *cockpit.ini file. Syntax (with default legacy prefix) is: WarningLED=LED
User skin directory will now spill over to multiple lines if needed rather that off screen
Default gamepad controllers now set various driving aids for an easier experience.
Created an Un-Disqualify button for admins to use on the multiplayer vote page.
Reason for penalty (if any) is now given in result files and log files.
Significantly reduced the effect of Real Road Time Scale on how the track gets wet from rain and dried by vehicles. This makes it work more realistically even when the timescale is set to extreme values like Static or 15x.
Added a separate thread to issue FFB commands which is needed for some drivers that block. This functionality improves upon and therefore replaces the old Controller.JSON value “Skip updates”, but can also be disabled by setting the new Controller.JSON value “Use thread” to false.
Moved in-game server list to Launcher (Steam version only).
New controller presets for SimXperience AccuForce, Thrustmaster TMX, and Logitech Rumble F310/F510/F710 gamepads.

Fix for skin transfers when using +connect commandline parameters.
Fixed static camera orientation not saving changes in Mod Mode
Likely fix for occasional dedicated server crash during race rejoin.
Fixed occasional race rejoin bug where only 63 laps were restored when it should have been more.
Fixed bug where track & vehicle selector didn’t register changes when existing page immediately after closing a category branch.
Stock car plugin has improved handling of order shuffling due to spun cars. A new variable was added to the CustomPluginVariables.JSON for this plugin called “AdjustUntilYellowFlagState” which controls how long the order may be adjusted due to spinning (values are the same as mYellowFlagState in InternalsPlugin.hpp).
Fixed several potential UI crashes when switching between multiple video adapters.
Corrected issue where grass skids sometimes did not appear.

Reverted back to more analytical headlight model.
Fixed soft particle blending and updated general particle parameters.
Fixed particle exclusion zones sometimes becoming disabled.
Improved particle lighting/shadowing.
Improved sun occluder.
Static reflection mappers now updated properly between sessions.
Minor adjustments to sky turbidity and some cloud albedos.
Sim will now default to HDR mode and can only be run in LDR mode by manually editing GFXSafeMode to 0 and clearing shader cache.

Camera activation zones can be moved in the camera editor now.
Added another track learning method. How to use: turn off fuel, tire wear, & mech failures and enter a practice session with 1 ai. Once in monitor, select that ai and type “ai learn” in the chat back…..he’ll then go take a bunch of laps & you can watch him try to get better at driving his line (which will show up in the replay window). When (if) you are satisfied that he’s better following the line you can type “ai save” & he’ll save that knowledge in the playerfile/settings directory for future use (or it can then be packed up in an appropriate car or track component and loaded automatically from there).
TTool: optimized the reinitialization step between custom realtime tests, and also allowed skipping reinitialization completely by adding Reinitialize=0 to any appropriate [CustomRealtimeTest] section in the input file. Note that reinitialization cannot currently be skipped if the starting temperature is changed, due to complexity.
Fixed bug in ModMgr which showed duplicate updates for mods with an update.
Fixed bug in MAS2 packager which sometimes failed to create a package because it could not detect when a base cmp or mod was installed.

ir iracing logo

As of now iRacing has gone into maintenance mode to allow the dev team to deploy the new season build of iRacing, but while we wait the 5 hours or so while they do their magic we can at least check out the release notes.

As expected they contain info about the 4 new cars and the first version of the DX11 engine. I had a quick read and they mention being able to run at different times of the day and the ability to flash your head lights. Another new item was the tool that will allow you to capture video from within the sim which could be handy for speeding up creating new videos.

Here are the full unedited release notes,

This release features a whopping FOUR new vehicles: Audi R8 LMS GT3, Formula Renault 2.0, Mercedes-AMG GT3, and Mazda MX-5 Cup. Try them all and find out which one is going to be your favorite!

With this release we are also launching a few brand new systems to further enhance your sim racing experience. We have added a DirectX 11 mode for the Sim to streamline the rendering process and reduce the CPU bottleneck inherent in our complex scenes. The Dynamic Tire Debris Accumulation system will actually show you in real-time what’s sticking to your tires based on our physics calculations and the Dynamic Track. We have also expanded our horizons, literally, and are proud to introduce the Time of Day feature including both Morning and Late Afternoon as options on all tracks and race modes. We have enhanced our Netcode with an option for greater bandwidth, allowing more information to pass between you and our servers. A new easy-to-use video capture tool has also been rolled directly into the Sim with this release. Also, our vehicle audio, including engine sounds, tires, gear shifting, and much more has been made even more realistic with this release. All of these systems help to enhance our realism and raise the bar on what you can expect from the quality of your favorite racing simulator.

We hope you enjoy this release; see you out on the track!



This build includes quite a few fixes and tweaks that should make our long time users pretty happy! Being able to cancel damage repair, using only the latest version of an installed vehicle file and even allowing secondary driving controls, which we were asked to do in support of disabled racers participating in team events with differing controls. We know some of these things have been asked about, so we’re happy to continue to deliver.

Lite Installer – 331MB
Demo Installer – 891MB
SDK Installer – 355MB

Steam auto update available (use beta access to revert to older build if your league host hasn’t yet updated).

Build Notes:
Water temperature now starts at the same value as oil temperature.
Added a few more details to lap records in CCH file.
Added the ability to use alternate controls for throttle, brake, and steering (they are at the bottom of the list of driving controls in the UI). Note that the alternate controls do NOT support ramping which is normally useful for driving with keyboards or buttons, so it preferable to select only analog devices for the alternate controls.
Added ability to cancel damage repair during a pitstop.
Added the ability to paste clipboard text into text boxes.
Added ability to open hyperlinks with a click that show up in the multiplayer chatbox.
Doubled useable dictionary length to 512 to prevent cutting off of some Italian tuning descriptions.
Qualifying on by default for new playerfiles.
Replaced ‘_’ characters with spaces in opponent filter list display.
Race Event rfm icon can now be a TGA, JPG, or PNG as well as the still supported DDS

Fixed problem where a broken engine would become fixed and indestructible after rejoining.
Backup plan for the problem where pit arrow sometimes isn’t available after driver swaps: borrow the grid arrow instead.
Fixed (removed) extra useless multihead onboard cameras.
Only allow admins to issue /pitby* commands.
Fixed wrong gdb data getting loaded for tracks that have multiple versions installed.
Now ignoring duplicate veh files when building vehicle manager list. Only latest version of vehicle will be included.
Tightened up text input boxes to prevent drawing outside of box.
Fixed virtual vehicle loading with random car if base vehicle not found.

Mod mode show pitlanes & special waypoints now work correctly with multiple pit lanes.
Enabled Ctrl-D physics tool in public Mod Mode build.

rf2 logo

Update 36 of rFactor 2 is Build 1036. This includes a number of fixes and tweaks as we continue to further refine the product.


Lite – 322MB
Demo – 882MB
SDK/Mod Dev – 355MB

Steam users will obviously update through Steam. You should not use these installers. Read more.

Build Notes:

– Made the pit menu wing adjustments use the same display value as the garage.

– Fixed idiot light when vehicle rev limit is smaller while in neutral.
– Attempted fix for laps sometimes being lost on a race rejoin.
– Fixed a crash when starting ded server if borderless mode was previously selected
– Fixed a problem where the wrong port was used to tell Steam friends about the server you are on.
– Removed the condition that only non-demos can change the opponent list.
– Fix for “join as spectator” problem.
– PLR value “MULTI Safety Car Collidable” (used for multiplayer) now works; previously only “GPRIX Safety Car Collidable” (used for single player) was fixed.
– Fixed occasional ‘missing gears’ problem.

– Increased size of some mas2 dialogs
– Added a confirmation before deleting all waypoints in mod mode.
– Added delete next/prev to selected waypoint menu.
– Changed “delete branch” to only require single waypoint selected.
– Slightly raised the line showing where the AI is aim to make it more likely to be above the track surface.

ir iracing logo

Welp, where to begin?  iRacing attempted to release their Season 1 2016 build today.  While a handful of people were able to get into the site and download the new content, the vast majority were not.  15+ hours later, the site is still in maintenance mode.

What appears to differ in this build verse pasts is iRacing attempting to replace the back-end of the site with the new website.  While you won’t see any changes yourself – why it’s called the back-end – it’s arguably the most important part.  And as iRacing’s Steve Myers explained in his last blog post, it’s a spiderweb of nearly a decade of info.

Speaking of Steve, his Twitter timeline has been a valuable source for updates.  At this point – after midnight at iRacing HQ – it appears most of the team is going to get a few hours of sleep and go at it in the morning.

We wish all the best to them and patience for everyone else.

While we can’t race, we can pour through the release notes, of which, there’s some interesting topics.  A few things that stand out:

  • Eliminating lap data that’s 3+ years old – cause no one besides serial killers looks at this data
  • Debris, such as marbles and gravel, being flung off your tires and impacting cars behind
  • Tire warmers used on cars that use them in real life, meaning you’ll have to adjust “cold” tire pressure in garage
  • A bunch of graphic adjustments, better keeping up with the times and helping performance.
  • Popcorn FX that makes sparks, backfires and other dynamic bits look amazing.
  • New tire and rumble strip sounds
  • Ability to share pit stalls with other cars, thanks to iRacing making any cars using yours invisible.  Ignorance is bliss.

Plenty more here to read – especially for individual cars – but hopefully this ties you guys over for a bit.

Release Notes:

Special Notice:
After installing the update, please go into your graphics settings for the Sim and disable the “Render Car First” option. It is presently causing graphical issues on many tracks. We will release a small patch soon to fix this issue. Thank you.


  • Vehicle icons have been added to the Team Series Stats page, and show the breakdown of cars for teams in a specific series.
  • When hosting a session that is not a race, the open pit stalls for the track may be extended, allowing more racers into the session. These extra racers will use shared pit stalls.
  • You can now easily refer friends to join you on iRacing by using the “Refer A Friend!” section of the My Account page.
  • The Ping window now shows IPv6 addresses (where available), and a toggle has been added to the Settings panel to enable an IPv6 connection preference in the Sim.
  • In Test Mode, the “At Night” checkbox will now remember its prior state.
  • All “Share on Facebook” links have been removed.
  • The Regional Stats and the Dashboard pages have been removed.
  • Fixed an issue in the extended descriptions for Hosted Sessions where the Weight Penalties were listed as “undefined” instead of a value.
  • Fixed an issue where the “tournament editing” screen sometimes became unusable.
  • Fixed several issues with the “join a team session” screen.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing car information to display incorrectly in the “More Info” section of the What’s Hot page.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing an incorrect amount of content to be reported as being owned by a user.


ir iracing logo

Steve Myers the Executive Vice President of has just posted a new bog entry over on the website, using the recently overhauled website theme, letting us know about some of the things we should be getting in the season 4 build coming in December.

It would seem that this build has a lot of under the hood updates rather than lots of new content with one of the biggest being  upgrading all of the backend hardware and technology.  They are porting the code from a commercial infrastructure to an open-source infrastructure which sets the stage for overhauling the application in ways that will be noticeable as they provide a better and more scale-able feature-set.

The sounds in iracing are also getting the first wave of updates with better tyre sounds and all new backfires, gravel, grass, dirt, and marbles effects.  All of this debris will have corresponding sounds which really make a dramatic difference to livening-up the cockpit environment.

They are hoping that the debris will be more than “just” an effect, It will be picked-up by your tires and flung-off as it would in the real world, even affecting the traction. Steve did mention that this is still not 100% confirmed for this build but they hope to have it ready.

New content that will be in this build is the complete Nürburgring track with all 12 configurations and for the oval racers Southern National Motorsports Park should be ready to roll.

To read Steves whole blog which also mentions some things that should be arriving in the March 2016 build please – CLICK HERE

rf2 logo

With the imminent release of rFactor 2 on Steam, we’re happy to bring you Build 1028. This build brings in a large amount of fixes and changes that should make the product a more solid experience, whether you are using Steam or not.

We’ve also changed our demo content again, this time it is the Corvette C6.R and Formula Renault 3.5.

Download Lite installer: 322MB
Download Demo installer: 882MB
Download SDK/Dev Mode: 355MB

Build Notes (Update 35, Build 1028):

– Improved detection of controllers by checking device VID and PIDs if it failed by device name (which could happen in some cases – apparently the names are not always consistent for identical devices).
– Removed a couple unused PLR variables.
– Added a new control “Load Vehicles” so you can load the full graphics and sound of temp cars while you are driving down a straight or parked at the side of the road.
– Re-enabled some gizmos for brake wear and temps.
– Defaulting camera zoom in and out to number pad 3 and 1, respectively.
– Now sorting opponent filters alphabetically.
– Added tire wear info to results file. Also, resume-from-replay now restores general tire wear.
– Added HDV variable AIBumpstop in order to control some occasional physics instabilities.
– Pressing Shift with the Increase/Decrease FOV controls will now adjust the seat pitch angle. In turn, that will be stored for the specific vehicle you are using.
– Practice on by default
– Removed tree structure from RFM tree scroll box.
– Moved damage to near the top of the pit menu.
– Added borderless window mode. This mode only works at current desktop resolution.
– Added times for sector 1 & 2 from best lap to the plugin scoring data. (Not necessarily the best sector 1 & 2 times, which are already provided.)
– Added cockpit.ini variable “DebrisIndexInCockpit=” which makes instance DEBRIX visible in cockpit view.
– Now keeping the last 25 trace files.
– Added a boundary line between official ISI servers and all others on the multiplayer game list.
– Scale the instant replay text and progress bar correctly.
– Fixed loose objects that would fall asleep and become rather solid.
– Disabled a few lines of code that overrode our intended defaults.
– Reduced possibility of significant halts when someone joins in multiplayer.
– Fix for AI’s incorrectly trying to match non-AI driving lines on superspeedways
– Fix for occasional select box misdrawing at resolutions other than 1920X1080
– Fix for crash that happens when file defining a virtual vehicle doesn’t get transfered to a multiplayer client.
– Handled a potential crash caused by replacement vehicle having less tire compounds than the virtual vehicle.
– Made AIs coming out of the garage at least try to avoid slow cars in the pitlane.
– Fix for displaying a Race Events components from the RFM selector page, even when it’s package file doesn’t exist.
– SDK updated to latest Options.
– Recording path should no longer stick the 1st and last waypoint any closer than 80% of the defined waypoint distance.


– You can (when available) install the dedicated server distribution from Steam as that works for both Steam and non-Steam matchmaker.

KNOWN ISSUES: rFactor 2 Build 1028 (NON-Steam)

– On rare occasion, when using “+connect” command via shortcut on server, users may need to retry multiple times when connecting to a password protected server.
– Launcher Message will display: “Component “Core UI 1.0″ failed to verify, removed from inventory”” In some rare cases this can cause issues with custom UI that also relies on core UI to handle some pages.
– The rFactor2 Matchmaker list will not count clients that join a server using rFactor 2 Steam edition in the “player” column.
– “RaceEvents” on workshop are not served by dedicated server. Non-steam clients and clients not subscribed to the workshop item will need to manually install “RaceEvents”.
Other known issues still to be found in knownissues.txt


Season 4 of iRacing’s 2015 season is only ten days away and now we know everything that is coming in next Tuesday’s build.

Dynamic tracks.  This isn’t the first dynamic track video from iRacing but this is the first one to confirm it’s release date; next week.  iRacing promises that dynamic tracks will completely change the way races pan out – and if it works like they say it will – I have no doubt that this will be the case.

The Corvette C7 Daytona Prototype will be the big piece of new content in next week’s build.  It replaces the extremely old Riley Daytona Prototype and will race in the IMSA challenge series as the sole prototype car.  It may be a basterdized prototype car – being a steel tubed car vs carbon monocoque – but it looks fantastic.



Also on the new/newish content side is the Xfinity Toyota Camry and updated Ford Mustang.  The Toyota will join the Mustang and Chevy Camaro in the Class B NASCAR series.

iRacing also let us peak at the release notes today which highlight a few other key additions that are coming to the sim.  First up is the Easy Anti Cheat software that should really clamp down on any cheating being done out there.

Another key update is the splitting of of multi-class fields.  In the past, if six prototype cars showed up for an IMSA race and there were 40 GT cars, the prototypes would be split up, three in one split, three in the next.  That’s not fun.  Now car classes are grouped together to increase competitors.  This would mean that the top split would have six prototypes and the bottom would have none.  Much better.

There are a few notable car updates.  First, a handful of cars get the newish PBR shaders.  These include the pace car and NASCAR licensed cars.  Second, all cars are now on the v6 tire model.  Lastly, the GT3 cars have received balance of performance (BOP) updates in preparation for the Season 4 Blancpain Endurance Series which will see the top teams transfer to the Blancpain GT World Championship team series next year.

The entire release notes can be seen at the bottom of this post.


And one more thing…  iRacing’s Tony Gardner took to his rarely updated “Cat Herder” blog to give the community some updates on future content.  Of interest is the new particle effect system that should be ready by December, a preview image of the Nurburgring, a shot of the New Tree Model – the other NTM – that will be unveiled with the Nurburgring and work on a new video codec that will allow you to directly export replays from the sim (nice).

That’s a lot of stuff going on.

iRacing Season 4 2015 Release Notes
რუსული სტატია დინამიურ ტრეკზე და სხვა

Website & Simulation:


rf2 logo

“ISI are proud to present Build 982 of the rFactor 2 racing simulation. This build introduces a new rules plugin system (Internals Plugin v7 has been released below) and a massive amount of other improvements, tweaks and fixes.

This build represents the first major step in migrating our game rules out of the base game and into plugins. This system is intended to allow easy adjustment of rules for your races without waiting for ISI to add or develop them. We’re still working on this, so while functional, feedback is still very welcome.

Apart from that, selected highlights include some very nice tweaks to the AI, such as detection of being on two wheels and the ability to recover, reduction in the needless braking/slowing in panic situations along with better support for pack racing and drafting. We’ve also raised the default car limit to 45 (previously 30), as the move to 64bit means most people have enough RAM available to run that many cars (32bit users will still run out of RAM at/around 25-30 cars).

We’re quite sure you’ll be happy with the full release note (see below). Probably something in there to please everyone…”

– This build represents the first major step in migrating our game rules out of the base game and into plugins. This system is intended to allow easy adjustment of rules for your races without waiting for ISI to add or develop them. We’re still working on this, so feedback is very welcome. NEW PLUGIN SYSTEM RELEASED.
– Max vehicles for the All Cars & Tracks default mod was increased to 45.
– Added a configurable control for “Skip Formation” (but if none is configured, the Space key will be used).
– Added AI self-preservation reaction to preventing tipping.
– Increased effect AIW parameter AISpec has on AI acceleration and max speed.
– Added cockpit readouts “BESTLAP” and “LASTLAP” for modders to use.
– Clean up of AI multiline pack driving. More tolerance of nearby cars when slowingly moving towards grid or pit spots.
– Assume any future Thrustmaster wheel will need its FFB direction reversed and do so automatically. If for some reason that is not desired, open up the Controller.JSON file and set “Steering Effects Strength” to 9999 instead of 10000.
– FOV now stored per (exact) vehicle.
– Added steering wheel ranges to plugin telemetry.
– Now recognizing GDB track type of “Oval” in addition to the original types “Superspeedway”, “Superspeedway Oval”, “Speedway”, “Speedway Oval”, “Short Track” and “Short Track Oval”. Despite all these choices, the app code doesn’t actually differentiate them, other than to identify these track types as not being a “Road Course”. The main differences in behaviors between ovals and road courses are 1) whether the spotter works (oval only), 2) whether formation/caution lines are called “inside/outside” (ovals) or “left/right” (road courses), 3) auto-shifting and AI shifting behavior, and 4) some scoring things that will soon be obsolete because they will be controlled by plugins rather than the app code
– Added a plugin interface to view some pit menu data. Currently, you can only change the pitstop choices by using this in conjunction with CheckHWControl().
– Expanded the virtual vehicle creation to optionally include vehicle description and vehicle number.
– Adjustment parameters for multiview are now available in config.ini. You must manually edit the values in this file until the in-game tool is available. You can revert to the original multiview method by setting UseSubViewParams to 0. Setting UseSubViewParams to 1 assumes a symmetric setup and will use the ViewParams for all viewports. Exit the sim, edit config.ini and restart for settings to take effect.
– Forcing vehicle body collision model to be below a certain limit now (automatically LOD’ing if necessary). This is done for performance reasons.

– Fix for the “WCCLOUD.GMT” multiplayer loading error.
– Fixed mod sig missing when server publishes to matchmaker.
– Fixed some controller detection and rearrangement issues.
– Addressed issue where a matrix in AI physics drifted away from being orthogonal.
– Some improvements/fixes to replay and resume-from-replay for non-race sessions.
– Hopeful fix for skin transfer icon mistakingly showing successful completion of a skin that didn’t.
– Gold playerfile now stores Mod name instead of RFM file name for “Game Description”, since we can’t guarantee that each mod will have a unique rfm name. (potentially resulting in multiplayer issues when a client loads the wrong rfm file and joins).
– Fixed AI tendency to sometimes decelerate needlessly while transitioning from main path to pit path.
– Fixed issue when a client loses their connection during a race and rejoins, and then subsequently the race is restarted, the client didn’t know their correct grid location.

– Fix for driver editor so you can go back to main menu from track specific parameters menu.
– Added camera editor ablity to change trackside carema names. Created AI limiter slider gizmo.
– Look for digital flags up to the number of corner workers so that track builders don’t need to name digital flags consecutively.
– Fixed potential bug with custom rFm file when creating mod with wizard.

– In multiplayer cars will now reload if using the car switcher only to change upgrades.
– Fixed remembering of column sort state for matchmaker list.
– Fix for number of pitstops being reported as zero in multiplayer.
– Added admin command “/forwardseconds X” in order to fast forward time by X seconds, where X is from 0-65535.
– Added admin commands “/pitbydriver” and “/pitbyteam”.

– Fixed rear view tonemapping
– Adjust post-gamma
– Fix for dirty sideviews in multiview
– Fixed extra slashes at end of Shader dir in viewer
– More HDR process optimizations
– Improved spotlight priority sorting
– Added multiview adjustments. Values in Config.ini, as well as parameter to disable new functionality (to retain use of older FOV options).
– Fixed for FXAA not working since last release.
– Additional SLI optimizations when using reflections.

– Made the UI consistent with in-game with regards to the names of the Steering Help levels.
– Added indication when upgrades are required on track to the upgrade tree list on the tuning page.
– Changed password failure page to be more informative
– Added a “remove forced upgrade” button to the tuning page to easily undo user created “force upgrade” actions.
– Shrink button text to fit inside bounds



While we already knew quit a bit about iRacing’s Season 3 2015 build – new Aston Martin DBR9 GT1, Five Flags Speedway, new NASCAR 2015 Toyota Camry, the initial roll-out of physical based rendering, V6 tire model on 16 cars and updated sounds for the HPD, Skippy and Star Mazda –  the release notes still manage to sneak a few surprises in.  Here’s a few of the notable changes.

The update that will effect everyone in the service is iRacing’s new method of entering races.  Now when you register for a race you’ll be automatically placed in an open practice session.  Once the race begins you’ll be prompted with a button to join.  This new function is a bridge between where iRacing’s current UI is at and where it’s heading.  Keeping the player in the game reduces the load on the website, the number one culprit for iRacing down time (especially in big events).


Another universal update is the equations behind giving out championship points, reducing the points possible for small fields and high SR ones, eliminating some of the points collusion that occurs.

Logitech ARX is now supported, which should be welcomed site by those who love having a telemetry screen (like myself).

A countdown clock will now appear when a time penalty is issued for cutting the track, eliminating the question of whether you need to slow down even further.

On the physics side of the title, chassis torsion is now activated on a handful of cars, most notably the GT3 cars.

There are plenty of updates outside of these.  Check out the lengthy build notes below to see the rest of the updates.



More information on the headlight intensity changes in our upcoming build: They are mostly going to require reducing attenuation values.

Here’s an example from the Renault Clio 197:

Pos=( 0.625, 0.54,-1.76)
Range=(0.0, 280.0)
Attenuate=(0.1, 0.009, 0.00002)
Hotspots=(10, 60)
Color=(255, 241, 224)

That’s a sort of realistic value for a typical standard single bulb halogen headlight. Intensity is in lumens / 1000.

MYA_02 MYA_04 MYA_07

ir iracing logo has released its 2015 Season 2 build for the iRacing online racing system.  This build will bring you the new NASCAR Camping World Chevrolet Silverado, the NASCAR Camping World Toyota Tundra cars and the virtual version of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza track.
Further more, existing iRacing users who didn’t sign up using Steam may now generate a steam key to link their iRacing & Steam accounts.

release notes:


AC logo


  • Fixed high spike % due to incorrect thread synchronization
  • Fixed car remaining on gas when returning to pits
  • New system to avoid redundant calls to DirectInput (thanks Fredric!)

User Interface

  • Potential fix for the laggy launcher UI after returning from a session
  • More debbuging output during the controller configuration screen
  • Further .ini validation and formatting on launch
  • Fix for kmh/mph unit selection

გადმოწერა DOWNLOAD

pCARS logo

Build 427 (15/3/13, Team Member+)
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed the FFB being missing issue
* Fix for Controls screen showing the Edit page whenever you go in there
* Amended handling of puddles in road shader to prevent specular white-out
* CDynamic Envmap class now uses the new per face mip map level generation DX11 code
* DX11 Texture Class support for per Cube Face mipmap generation support, via per face ShaderResourceViews
* Fix for dynamic emap not getting used on the car
* Inverted facing direction for double sided polygons – corrects lighting be inverted
* Re-enable MotionBlur dither
* Initial changes switching over to use the BAppSection framework. General tidy-up of the sections code
* Ensure that custom blocklist allocs/free calls match up when using default new/delete
* Added WMD requested physics key mapping hooks (brake bias, pit speed limiter, ignition & starter key, adj anti roll bars) – awaiting links to the physics so not yet functional
* Increase in volume for AI sounds after reports that AI were difficult to hear. This will be ultimately controllable via sliders in the UI eventually
* 3D palm tree instances – self shadowing and transmissive light effect added, textures tweaked in mips
* Belgian Forest: Added missing emissives, adjusted emmissive levels, added viewer placed lights poles, speakers,changed kerbs color in chicane after first long straight. added emmissive night skyring
* Belgian Forest: Fixed wrong crowds positions
* Eifelwald: Added new crowds
* Glencairn: Added new racecontrol building+tstacks, added missing textures
* BMW M3 GT4: CoG raised, new ARB ranges, final drive tuning allowed

Build 426 (14/3/13, Senior Manager)
* Shader error message given more detail
* Fix for lods on reflection
* Improved cloud env map settings for performance + setup new face offset for this map.
* Reduce cloud env map resolution – it’s only ever convolved so 128×128 is way more than enough for low to high reflections
* Fix a performance issue with Envmaps when MSAA was enabled (this incorrectly cleared the phase 3 depth) but since the envmap never uses MSAA the depth can be shared (provides a 1.5-2.5% overall speedup)
* Fix clearing of the convolve render-target – the convolve renders to the whole quad and the clear is no longer needed for SLI/XF
* Add ‘face offset’ support to the CDynamicEnvmap class – allows each envmap to have a unique face offset so they aren’t all rendering the same faces each frame which causes peaking loading
* Added AddKeyLight and RemoveKeyLight methods to EnvironmentManager for main menu usage
* Add cloudenvmap place holder setting for when the viewsettings are re-enabled again
* Fix for HUD ‘lite’ not working
* RUF logo added to splash screen and Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone!
* Changed the variable-range glossiness control to use mip-biasing on the envmap lookup, as well as blending to the specular convolution, this removing the odd looking pin-sharp reflections on semi matte surfaces
* Fix for basic translucent shadow-gen missing shader discard! it previously relied upon alpha coverage to work at all!
* Solitude Rennstrecke: New export
* Solitude Rennstrecke: New AIW
* Moravia: Exported sitting crowds + crowds placement
* Pagani Huayra: Alpha2 driver anims

Build 425 (13/3/13, Senior Manager)
* Fixed input related leaks
* Fixed PS3 unity compile
* Added dump on exit if leaks detected in main pools on PC (debug and release only currently)
* Setup code to increase number of spotlights based on weather we are wishing to render at high quality or not
* Fix for bad exclusion flag in Rear View Mirror rendering (probable cause of disappearing vehicles in online)
* Viewsettings for Static envionment map optimised. (saves around 50k triangles (4%) in a typical scene
* Enable Anisotropic filtering on Foliage (including instanced Foliage) shaders and shadow map generation
* Fixed missing use of specular strength in wheel shader (this resulted in over-bright wheels on shaded side of car)
* Converted light glow billboard shader to be drawn in post blur phase – this fixes a problem with glow billboards sorting incorrectly with headlight glass on certain cars
* Heusden: Tightend up cut tracks further through chicanes 1 and 2. Adjusted the AI line through Chicane 2 so they run wide off the exit onto the grass
* Heusden: Added missing fences, sign posts, adverts and 100 markers
* Ford Capri: Updated AO and added wheel LOD’s
* Ariel Atom 300: smoothed torque curve similar to Hondata reference
* BMW M3 E30: Fixed UV mapping

Build 424 (12/3/13, Manager+)
* New GUIName entries
* Added main PhysX header to main header of Support Physics library, to allow more convenient use of PhysX SDK
* Updated include paths of all common library projects that use Support Physics (directly or indirectly), so PhysX headers are visible to them.
* Removed unnecessary includes of main PhysX header from .cpp files of Support Physics library
* Ensure that msg queue alloc goes to the correct new overload
* Change so FOV is updated from Tweakit
* Tidy up vehicle anims code and switch to mix or play animations to avoid replacement of existing animations in some cases (such as wipers replacing suspension ones)
* Implement Shadow LOD scaling and size culling + fix identification of non player vehicles in vehicle meshes
* DX11 Fix Alpha to Coverage setting – sorts out crappy looking foliage/transparencies on ATI cards in all AA modes without MSAA. MSAA modes are correct as is
* App Side hookup main menu and new renderer downsampling scales.
* Render Task re-ordering for HDR Motion Blur – moves ForwardPostBlur rendering which incorporates both MB and Windscreens directly after the Forward rendering task
* DX9/DX11 Renderer support for HDR motion blur in the Post Processing control module
* Add DX9/DX11 Renderer helpers for downscaling width and height scaling
* Added new double-sided render contexts in preparation for use in plants etc
* MotionBlur shader – fixed for HDR support + fixed for fringe bug in all modes except MSAA
* Windscreen and Visor ForwardPostBlur shaders adjusted to work in HDR
Bug Fixing:
* Fixed memory leaks and missing file/line & trace info for a number of allocs
* Fixed memory leaks and missing file/line & trace info for a number of allocs. Added leak dump on exit in all configs (assert currently disabled)
HUD Editor:
* Better quad selection now based on Mesh bounding box and projected screen coordinates
* Fixup the Editor HUD view cycling to use the new control method
* Heusden: Darkened some textures
* Bathurst: Turn 12 and last corner inside cut tracks tightened up one curb width
* Eifelwald: New sitting crowds
* BMW M3 E30: Fixed car colour. No more just red BMW’s
* BMW M3 E30: Fixed UV mapping

Build 423 (11/3/13, Senior Manager)
* Addition of new Camera controls for marketing mode
* Code added to toggle the cameras via buttons
* Azure Circuit: Added latest assets from JanP, added latest from MJ, even if not finished, fixed J.F. Kennedy road+sidewalk, remapped, moved/scaled old wrong stuff and added temp geometry around new/old unfinished stuff to fix gaps-holes, updated sel sets
* Heusden: Solar Panels placed

pCARS logo

Build 422 (8/3/13, Team Member+)
* Exposed GUIDialogManager from the helper so App level dialogs can use it
* Code to allow use to render both sun/moon shadows and spot light shadows at the sametime
* Added ‘non-modal’ dialogs
* Fixed crash in manager update loop
* Fixed some missing clone property settings
Bug Fixes:
* Some memory leaks fixage
* Reverted HUD mirror disabling for Cockpit view. Changed the default status of the mirror to hidden
* Fixed them damn dirty ANTS 

Build 421 (7/3/13, Senior Manager)
* Removed a rogue ifdef (fixes FFB)
* Fix for undefined devices being ignored during DirectInput device enumeration
* Code to test if the HDR is initialised. This is to handle resolution changes in the HDR (for bullshots)
* Re-enabled save-to profile for HUD editing
* Live HUD Editing
* Adjusted HUD Motec position for wide & non wide-screen
* Tweaks to the HUD position for the Tacho, Mirror & LapInfo objects
* Fix for warning C4324: ‘MWL::LensFlareInfo::LensFlareElementInfo’ : structure was padded due to __declspec(align())
* Tangent FB A/B/C test, due to Ben feedback
* Tire.rg: revised street tire carcass, ABC compound testing for BMW Z4/M3 GT
* Drivers – disabled motion blur for drivers materials
* Overlay.fx – support for REFLECTION_MAPPING (no puddles, no drying)
* Skintest shaders modified to allow animated trackside characters to receive motion blur
* Flags animations, casual idle and cheering animations + XML bindings, rig update
* New meshes and textures for 3d crowds
* Eifelwald GP: Fixed truck popup in hairpin curve by increasing the LODA distance in the track.lod file
* Eifelwald GP: Fixed a bunch of LOD popup issues around the track on tribunes bridges and roadmeshes
* Connecticut Hill: Fixed missing road and fixed road uv issues
* Bathurst: The old 3d casual crowds were switched by the new ones
* Azure Circuit: Added new casino gardens, updated trees/bushes on this area, deleted old stuff, merged in latest DavidB’s works, pit stuff, reexported csm, updated sel sets, set flags
* BMW M3 GT2: fixed lightflare IDs
* Ruf RGT-8: suspension fixes to make it a better drive
* BMW M3 E30: Added ao, wheel and tire LODs, updated wheel arches
* BMW M3 E30: rear wheel offset 0.5cm wider
* Pagani Huayra: revised brake heating, setup and gear ratios. Fixed motion ratios, matched to CAD reference
* Caterham Classic & R500: front motion ratio changes
* Pirault Mega: Fixed tire setup, fixed detaching CPIT bonnet

Build 420 (6/3/13, Senior Manager)
* Updates for Lensflare alpha and position so they update from this timecycle
* Improve the performance of MorphMesh shader parameter setting – the overhead of the Base dynamic arrays was costing approximately between 1 and 9% depending on the level of Cloud (many meshes, with many parameters – the sizes are fixed so dynamic arrays were a poor fit)
* CEnvironmentManager::BlendCubeTextures now uses SSE2 on PC – this reduces the exclusive profile cost from 2.1% to 0.3%
* CEnvironmentManager::FillPixels is now implemented using SSE2 on PC – this reduces the exclusive profile cost from 1.9% to 0.4%
* Added OwnedObjectBase.assertLocked() function that will check that the object is locked by the current thread
* Tutorial asserts that its data modification functions only operate on locked objects
* Port in connector messages is transmitted as short instead of int, and is treated as unsigned short
* Removing unused timers from the CScreenShotDirector class
* Reverting a change where I made Tick public
Tweak It:
* Debug Director Mode

“When you connect to game with Tweakit there is now a new area called Director.
With in this is a setup to allow the user to enter a debug mode in which they can take screen shots.
To use..
Start a game as normal and play through a race untill you are happy you have enough to take the screen shots you wish to use.
Press the Start Director button. (At this point I would tick the Director box in the tree so it live updates)
The Start Button will then be removed.
You can now do the following.
1. Set the time in the race you wish to jump to by using changing the value in RaceTime.
2. You can change the rate in which the race plays back by setting RaceRate (default is 0)
3. There is a button to take a TGA screen shot.
4. When in Free Camera you can under Free Camera controls you can change the camera FOV , Positon and Orientation.
Note when you are not in Free Camera the cameras are the track side cameras ,
You can switch to free camera and back by pressing Ctrl+f at anytime, when you do this it will setup the camera to the
values last used from a normal camera.
(note when in TrackSide Cameras you can toggle through the other cameras available by pressing Ctrl+t )
5. You can Tweak Custom Dof Controls. Under DofControls.
Other points to note..
In this mode you can change the time of day , weather conditions and any other visual aspect”

Bug Fixes:
* Fix for crash when deleting a tweakit component which is marked to live update
* Adding experimental Zonda R wavs
* Adding experimental Zonda R soundset
* Heusden: Added lights and flares to industrial buildings
* Derby National: Tightened up cut track aprox 1/2 car length on the leftside of last chicane
* Belgium Forest Circuit: Tightened up cut tracks at various outside run wide areas that seem to be advantageous if used. Per WMD feedback
* Heusden: New textures for industrial assets
* Azure Circuit: Added new textures
* Bathurst: Reworked Tent Asset LODs and meshflags, and added specific tracklod to combat pop-up there
* BMW M3 E30 Group A: wheels diff_00 dds texture – alpha channel added
* Formula A: backed off front wing ride height sensitivity. reverted engine braking change. finer brake cooling adjustment
* Ford Capri Group5: UV mapping + bugfixes
* Ford Capri Group5: Added support for custom liveries
* Ford Capri Group5: UV mapping

Build 419 (5/3/13, Manager+)
* FX11 – add support for backing store constant shadowing to reduce un-necessary calls to UpdateSubresource. (enabled via SHADOW_CONSTANTBACKINGSTORE define)
* Minor fix for unbalanced D3DPERF_EndEvent
* Reduce overhead over SetProfilerMarker using string reference instead of copy – makes Release about 2% closer to Gold in performance
* Cache NvAPI_Stereo_IsEnabled – calling this function dynamically was costing 6% of the entire cpu-time!
* DX11 add support for DXGI_FORMAT_R11G11B10_FLOAT render-target and textures
GUI Tools:
* Allow scroll bars to be placed anywhere
* FresnelCoefficient usage correction – multiplication of whole specularIrradiance insted of just sampled pecular irradiance
* Bodywork shaders unyfication
* Bathurst: Various placement fixes of instances
* Azure Circuit: Tweaked nmp
* Heusden: New textures for industrial area
* Heusden: New textures for solar panel assets
* BMW M3 GT: Added new livery banners

Build 418 (4/3/13, Senior Manager)
* Exposing the Camera Configurations.. This is part of the on going Camera Editing tool work
* Apply rotation offset to sky dome
* Fix for rendering of cloned lensflares
* SPECULAR_STRENGTH macro added – used for specular strength adjustment for specialistions with and without env map
* Adjust common path root to include scope of branches
* Re-enable #EnterRace message
* BAppSectionManager: Ensure that app section calls are made from the same thread (asserts if not) as this system is designed to be single threaded
* Fixed exit leaks in System and Debug pools
* Removed system allocs from being incorrectly reported as leaks
* Fixed typos
* Added GetMemBuffer() to BRingBuffer so that its buffer can be freed if a custom one was provided on init
* Added dump of custom leaks on exit (allocs done via system allocation routines)
* Added custom memtraces to PC SysMalloc and SysFree calls
* Moravia: New AIW for changed track widths. Fixes complaints about too sensitive cut track issues
* Belgian Forest Circuit: Tighten cut track at the top left of Eu Rouge to dissallow 4 wheels over
* Bathurst: 3D eucalyptus update, optimized more
* BMW M3 GT: More headlight tweaks
* BMW M3 GT: Fixed brake disc glow, and brake disc setup
* BMW M3 GT4: Fixed brake disc glow, and brake disc setup