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Hello Hunters,

We are happy to announce the release of Patch 1.1 for theHunter: Call of the Wild, which offers a number of fixes for gameplay, performance and multiplayer. Your continuous feedback and detailed reports have helped the dev team and Producer Phil with prioritizing and fixing some of the most pressing issues.

While I write this our dev team have already started their work on Patch 1.2 which will address further issues reported via social media, the Steam forums and customer service. We want to take this chance to thank you for your ongoing support and also assure you that we will continue to work hard on solving issues and making theHunter: Call of the Wild an even better hunting experience for all of our players.

We look forward to hearing from you regarding Patch 1.1 in our dedicated feedback thread:

Happy Hunting!

theHunter: Call of the Wild Team

Major fixes:


  • Added cool-down timer to animal warning calls
  • Animal warning call probability is now affected by animal difficulty
  • Adjusted how easily animals can hear you when walking through grass and bushes in Layton Lake District
  • Adjusted vegetation sound volumes in Layton Lake District
  • Reworked player progression – less cost and faster unlocks
  • Resolved issue with side mission Sommer #2

User Interface:

  • Fix for hunting stands that can’t be interacted with


  • Improved performance after tracking a large number of clues


  • Fix for multiplayer crashes related to Multiplayer menu

Minor fixes:

  • Fix for menu music not playing
  • Improved sound mix for UI
  • Improved sound mix for Black Bear
  • Improved sound mix for music in outposts
  • Added jumping sounds for player character


  • Improved animal spawn points to avoid tight positions for pathfinding
  • Fix for “Active Skill” tutorial would not play until restarting the game
  • Heart rate is now affected when jumping
  • Improved clue system for need zones
  • Added glint effect on collectables
  • Improvements to navigation mesh
  • Fix for female foxes awarding negative score
  • Fix for non-climbable ladders
  • Fix for HunterMate showing missions from the previously visited reserve


  • Fix for revolver exit animation
  • Fix for occasionally misaligned muzzle flash when using quickshot
  • Improved scope behaviour while aiming and walking
  • Improved Lever Action Rifle animations
  • Improved shotgun reload animation (displaying wrong bullet count)
  • Improved animations for compound bow
  • Fixed so that performing an action will never lock the player into place (firing,
  • aiming, reloading etc.)
  • Tweaked scatter for hipshot and fixed some issues with scatter in aim

User Interface:

  • Removed leaving reserve warning message after loading reserve
  • Fixed bug where attaching ammo would hide item details
  • Improving readability of codex pages, slow down scrolling text
  • Added game logo to main menu
  • Improved Key binding UI and fixed issue with double clicking
  • Removed “Reserve Selection” text
  • Added camera as bindable key
  • Added “Use Skill” as bindable key
  • Added numpad as bindable keys
  • Fix for audio clue HUD never being shown again after having it visible and entering the menu
  • Changing the “buy” button in the store to “owned” after purchase
  • Inventory updates quicker after making changes in the storage
  • Improved display of available amount of currency
  • Added warning prompt when starting a new game
  • Re-enabled HUD when using the camera
  • Fix for weapon rewards not showing
  • Improved Storage screen usability
  • Fixed “night time” in codex vs. mission conditions (night time starts at 19:00)
  • Artifacts are now added to the Codex page when picked up
  • Mouse sensitivity now works as intended
  • Toggling “Mission System” in settings now works as intended


  • Fix for network collectables competing with regular collectables
  • Disabled changing reserve in Multiplayer


  • Addressed memory leaks
  • Slightly improved performance of water reflections




  • Fix for appearing underwater when changing position (loading screen)
  • Multiple fixes regarding spawn point and camera sequences
  • Fix for critter related crash
  • Collision fixes in Layton Lake District
  • Missing shaders added
  • Various mission fixes
  • Crashfix when switching reserve
  • Various fixes for floating props
  • Crashfix when switching between single and multiplayer games
  • Improved string jump animations of animals
  • Removed breathing animation on dead animals
  • Various localization fixes
  • Improved water reflections
  • Fixed broken glint effect while it’s raining
  • Rain drops are now properly occluded by structures
  • Added particle effects while walking through foliage
  • Fix for animals running in place in certain animations
  • Fixed bug in volumetric fog that would cause it to be wrongly occluded by vegetation


Hello Hunters,

Here is another update from our side as we address the issues that you mention and report.

Once more we want to say thank you for your support, reporting these issues to us and of course for playing theHunter: Call of the Wild. It’s great to see the wonderful screenshots, videos and achievements from the community and we are working on solutions to improve the game and performance for our players.

Next to the smaller updates from today and yesterday, there is a bigger patch on its way. We can’t give you a final release date yet as testing is still in progress but we plan to release it very soon.

Today’s update includes:

  • Fix for “Invite to game” feature on Steam that would ultimately lead to a crash
  • Crash fix for hovering over specific icons in the map
  • Crash fix for ragdoll synchronization for spawned animals
  • Disabled joining friends in multiplayer games when the game is not running
  • Miscellaneous crash fixes

Additionally, there is a partial fix for joining friends in multiplayer. As long as the game is running, you will be able to join a friend’s game via the Steam functionality. Please make sure your friends have the game running when sending invites to play via Steam.

If you don’t have the game running and join a game after the update, you will only start the game.

We are also working together with AMD to investigate and fix any hardware related issues that were reported by our players.

And finally, there are work-around solutions to some problems until we can fix them for good:


You can manually adjust your keybindings outside of the game by doing the following:

  • Disable cloud saving on Steam (Properties -> Updates -> Untick Steam Cloud Synchronization)
  • Go to Documents\Avalanche Studios\theHunter Call of the Wild\Saves open your save folder
  • Open “keymap.json” with a text editor of your choice (e.g. Notepad)
  • Manually adjust keybindings
  • Save file and start the game (keeping cloud save disabled until you have started it once)

Return to Game from Settings menu

  • Hovering over any of the main menu icons on the left side of the screen and then pressing ESC will return you to the game.

Thanks again and happy hunting!