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  • Fixed high spike % due to incorrect thread synchronization
  • Fixed car remaining on gas when returning to pits
  • New system to avoid redundant calls to DirectInput (thanks Fredric!)

User Interface

  • Potential fix for the laggy launcher UI after returning from a session
  • More debbuging output during the controller configuration screen
  • Further .ini validation and formatting on launch
  • Fix for kmh/mph unit selection

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  • Fixed DirectInput controls not getting initialized on lost focus
  • Fixed double bound on Cubemap render target
  • Optimizations on motion blur
  • Optimizations on cube maps depth buffer
  • Fixed camera exposure on F5 view after first start
  • Fixed spikes strings to a more readable format
  • Reduce steer damper
  • Added 100Hz cap to FF sends to avoid problems with some steering wheels
  • Fixed steer lock management for wheels with <900 degs rotations
  • Fixed division by zero with uncalibrated controls
  • Improved car reflections
  • Improved light glass reflections
  • Improved instruments texture
  • Improved exposure value for external views
  • Improved exposure value for F5 view
  • Improved tarmac texture of Magione Circuit
  • Corrected rear brake lights. Only inner lights light up.
  • Fixed minor issue on 3D model. Closed hole on front bonnet.
User Interface
  • Corrections on the controls options
  • Fixed issues with a wide range of controllers
  • Fixed various typo errors
  • You can assign any analog function to any axis (i.e. braking on clutch and clutch on the middle pedal)
  • Improved screen resolution selection
  • You can now lock steering wheel movement in cockpit view
  • You can now eliminate the driver arms in cockpit view
  • Fixed issue with firewall program that locked AssettoCorsa.exe
  • Added skin selection button template in .psd in the skins folder.
  • Added skin selection
Authentic Lotus cars ltd colours available as skin selection
  • Ardent Red
  • Artic Silver
  • Aspen White
  • Autumn Bronze
  • Canyon Red
  • Carbon Grey
  • Chrome Orange
  • Graphite Grey
  • Motorsport Green
  • Nightfall Blue
  • Racing Green
  • Racing Green Stripe
  • Sienna Brown
  • Solar Yellow
  • Starlight Black
  • Isotope Green
  • Laser Blue
  • wind sample corrected


Known bug: Slowdowns on some PC configurations are not address yet, please contact us on the support forums for specific tests

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The long awaited moment is here. Kunos Simulazioni released the Technology Preview of Assetto Corsa for current owners of netKar Pro. Grab your paycode, read the instructions below and go nuts!

What is the AC Technology Preview?

It is a playable, no-time limited benchmark that allow gamers to get their first taste of Assetto Corsa engine. This version includes one car, one track, different difficulty levels and two play modes: free practice and time attack. Playing this version and reporting back feedback, benchmarks and bugs, players allow the development team to fix issues and improve the final version of Assetto Corsa, before its release.

Who can access this AC Technology Preview?

Who has purchased a copy of netKar PRO since 2006 can use his netKar Pro activation code to activate the AC Tech Preview.

All gamers who will purchase a copy of netKar PRO until March 1 will receive the link to download the AC Tech Preview for free: until March, 1, they will be able to buy a copy of netKar PRO for just 4,99 Eur, saving 70% of the full price.

Game features

This software allow gamers to drive the Lotus Elise SC on the italian track of Magione, reproduced using the advanced Laserscan Technology.  This version is compatible with keyboard, Xpad 360, joysticks, steering wheels and any kind of

customizable game devices.



Minimum PC requirements

Windows Vista / 7 / 8 Operative System
CPU: Intel Celeron
RAM: 2 Gigabytes
DirectX 11 graphics card (ex: Nvidia GTS 450 / AMD Radeon HD5770) NOTE: AC graphics engine supports also DirectX 10.1 compatible graphic cards (ATI 4800 HD / Nvidia 8600 GT)

Click here to download the AC Tech Preview (mirror 2, mirror 3, mirror 4)

Click here to visit the Assetto Corsa forums for any feedback, support and other questions you might have.