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სხვა მნიშვნელოვან სიახლეებთან ერთათ, საყურადღებლოა რელიზი ახალი რუკის Channel map და Felixstowe F2A. ორივეს შეძენა შესაძლებელია ოფ. საიტზე. ასევე მიმდინარეობს 50% -ანი საშოაბაო ფასდაკლება კონტენტებზე… ცვლილებების სრული ჩაონათვალი –

Features list of version 1.029

1. English Channel map for Quick Mission
2. Felixstowe F2A hydroplane was added
3. Official skins pack v.1.029 was approved
4. Community fictional skins pack vol.13 was approved
5. Community historical skins pack vol.13 was approved
6. AI fighters now stop pursuing when they can’t overspeed their target in chasing
7. Experienced AI figther leaders now waiting for laggard wingmen and even fly back to straggler if waiting was not helpful
8. AI leaders now keep throttle a bit lower than 100% in climb to allow wingmen to keep formation
9. Balloon attack pattern of AI fighters was improved
9. Light haze was added to all weathers
10. High landscape quality setting now is providing more details on terrain texture
11. Adjustable stabilizer was added on DH4, RE8, Sopwith Triplane, S.E.5, Bristol Fighters

Change list of version 1.029

1. BW12 “fantom collisions” bug was fixed
2. Collision system was improved; collision check is more precise now
3. German spinning anemometers now shows TAS, as they should.
4. Problems with saving snapviews was solved
5. BW12 gunner idle position was improved
6. Quick Mission altitude setting reset to 3.1km was corrected
7. Winched down balloons are no more attacked by AI fighters
8. Sharpen Picture, Dither Vegetation and High Contrast options were removed from settings
9. Save As function of Mission Editor is not adding incorrect “.msnbin” text to file name anymore
10. Missing wing part on one of the LODs of Breguet was fixed
11. Mission loading time for low-end and mid-end PCs was improved
12. Barrel covering on Bristol single-Lewis turret was corrected

Important notes:

1. Due to graphics innovations the necessity of graphics settings reset have appeared. Regarding to this, we ask you to take in count that after update to 1.029 you will need to re-enter your login, password and reassign graphics and sound settings
2. Due to changes in mission format, which is caused by implementation of 3D water and other reasons, your old Flight Records will not replay. You need to delete .msnbin files from \data\Tracks – this should restore ability to replay these records. You should do the same with your custom missions which you have created in Mission Editor (delete .msnbin files, open and re-save your missions in Editor)
3. The take off from hydrodromes on Channel map is available only while wind is less than 2m/s, winds more than this will cause waves which will not allow you to takeoff and land safely
4. The take off from water is available only if all planes on your side are hydroplanes and if there only one friendly flight is presented
5. The Career of Channel map is in development and it will be ready in 1st quarter of 2013
6. It’s important to understand, that Channel map was created with using of new modern technologies and presenting of the 3D water is lowering performance for low-end and for mid-end PCs in compare with old maps
7. If you still want to use old options like “High Contrast” or “Sharpen Image”, than edit your startup.cfg, post_contrast = 1, post_sharpen = 1. “Dither Vegetation” now is automaticaly enables when SuperSampling is on
8. Adjustible stabilizer is controlled by RCtrl+ArrowUp / RCtrl+ArrowDown in default controls mapping. If you’re using your existing controls map – you may assign it by yourself in Controls section of the options



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