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Simracing Bonanza logoA new sim! Can you tell us all about it?

Unfortunately not yet – in fact development & raising funds for the new game is not supposed to be the focus of this campaign. We are however opting to present some preliminary information here (as well as offering the chance for people to get onboard) for 3 main reasons:

  1. Our cumulative development approach means there is substantial overlap in the development of the current titles moving on to the next;
  2. We want to give our long time supporters who already own one or both current games a valuable incentive for their eventual contribution;
  3. We believe increasing access & interaction with the community at this stage will have a positive effect in our decisions for the next project.

To ensure this is not a complete leap in the dark, below are some of the main  points  already stablished for our next project:

  • PC Racing Simulator on Steam, to be developed, expanded & supported for years after initial release;
  • Integrates all our licenses & assets (present & future) into the same platform with free core updates  + paid DLC packages;
  • Release price estimated at US$ 39,99 (base package, not including DLCs);
  • Initial release planned for Q4 2016;
  • Includes majority of the content base in current sims + expands substantially on official licensed content & international tracks;
  • DX12 graphics engine;
  • Extensive audio & physics developments;
  • Dynamic weather & track conditions.



  • Graphics & audio enhancements;
  • Physics developments to include tire damage, realistic drivetrain modelling, enhanced FFB;
  • New hi-res UI design + HUD system customized for each car type;
  • Support for long distance races;
  • Automatic steering ratio adjustment + Support for more controller inputs & newer hardware;
  • Custom championship tool so users can build their own seasons for offline racing.

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Official Multiplayer Structure

  • 4 dedicated servers running 24/7 under a defined scheduled featuring all our series, aiming to provide a go-to place for public multiplayer racing;
  • A Hotlap ranking fed from the servers;
  • Seasonal prize-giving official competitions.