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Build 397 (1/2/13, Junior Member+)
* Modified free camera controls as follows :
* made R and F keys move camera up and down
* made Q and E keys change speed of camera movement
* made Z and C keys roll camera left and right
* added mouse smoothing, and ctrl-M to toggle it (off by default)
* added mouse speed scaling (turn rate proportional to square root of movement speed) – off by default, toggled with num pad 0
* made numpad key actions continue working when ctrl or shift pressed
* disabled radius text display until thread safety issue can be addressed
* Stopped ctrl-pgup and ctrl-pgdn keys being applied when using free camera
* Tire.rg: reduced grip on slick_white. new, temporary street_limegreen test tire for BAC Mono
* Staro-Motors added to the Manufacturer Logos in-game
* Azure Circuit: Added conc side kerbs/drains, started to cut road under kerbs, reworked sidewalk/armco after Sainte Devote turn, merged in latest work from JanP, fixed csm, updated sel sets
* Moneterey: Fixed export sets and re-exported
* Emirates tracks (4 versions): Hand edit all the cut tracks. Because these tracks are 100% blacktop runoff everywhere the cut tracks extended way out the exits of all corners alowing liberal track cutting
* Milan: Adjusted kerbs, rumbles, fied collision issues
* Solitude Rennstrecke: New export
* Eifelwald: Changed camber at Metzgesfeld, further edited Brnnchen area, added missing visitor gate at Adenauer forst, darkened asphalt
* Bumped version of all vehicles for stat reset
* BMW M3 GT: Setup tweaks
* Staro SRS: First export added to game
* Staro SRS: Very basic physics work. added collision export
* Staro SRS: Added srcdata/physics files
* Staro SRS: AI audio setup and balance
* Staro SRS: Adding engine audio set
* Staro SRS: Added missing display texture
* Staro SRS: Fixed rear wing animation

Build 396 (31/1/13, Senior Manager)
* Removed command line option to use old tyre model
* Cloud movement keyed from time speed factor
* WTC edits adding cloud fog, cloud and cloud shadow speed (per speedup factor) and gsi multiplier
* Heavy fog condition added. Early wip
* Tire.rg: street cars now using RRF-G carcass. street_green overhauled. slick_green potential lazy slide fix. WIP slick_white changes
* Monterey: Remodelled kerbs to try and fix collision issues, added pit triggers, fixed export set problems
* Wisconsin Raceway: New textures for wet tracks
* Azure Circuit: Tweaked emm. map
* Azure Circuit: New textures
* Azure circuit: Updated maps into common folder
* Eifelwald: Added wetroad effect to Eiffelwald
* Moravia: Added trigger (pitin adn pitout), fixed start trigger bug
* Solitude Rennstrecke: New export
* Gumpert apollo: setup tweaks to reduce oversteer
* Caterham SP300R: setup tweaks to reduce understeer
* BMW M3 E30: setup and other tweaks to stabilize rear end
* Ford Focus RS: Added first export
* Ford Focus RS: First pass at FWD physics

Build 395 (30/1/13, Senior Manager)
* Fixed bug caused by typo
* Fix for missing race sounds when qualifying. Race sounds are started when the session starts, to cover for Qualifying loading but skipping the pre-race sequence (the race sounds are normally started from that)
* Wisconsin Raceway: Completley new AIW to match the updated geometry. Track widths and some corner radii changed. Updated 64 car grid from the previous 3 per row to 2 per row for narrower front straight width
* Milan: New export
* Azure Circuit: New textures
* Solitude Rennstrecke: New export

Build 394 (29/1/13, Manager+)
* Fix incorrect track name on race overview screen
* Also added weather and time progression applinks
* HUD lap-info now updating on advance session
* Carbon bodywork shader – TSnormal usage corrected + rain support enhanced – droplets sampler settings changed – texture will use mipmaps now (avoiding noise on distant cars), Added scale factor (selfReflection)to prevent raindrop reflections going through bodywork, thereby reducing the over-bright droplets on shadowed side of the car
* Sakitto: Added trigger,pitin and pitout, (fixes qualifying bug), fixed csm, unused ammended collsions removed
* Badenring:Fixed Missing and overlapping road issues
* Heusden: Fixed overlayblend edges textures, added grass skids, added missing graveledges, fixed mapping on kerbedges, added missing trackedge parts
* Milan: Texturemap exposure adjusted
* Milan: Treewalls texture update
* Misc cut track corridor adjustments made per WMD forum feedback at the following tracks: Badenring GP, Badenring National, Belgian Forest, Besos GP, Connecticut Hill, Connecticut Hill Short, Monterey
* BMW M3 GT: Fixed custom livery support

Build 393 (28/1/13, Senior Manager)
Game Modes:
* Enable first pass at qualifying
* Derby: Removed some branding from a texture
* Memphis: Fixed cut tracks issues in turns
* Besos National: New AIW to address changed geometry here from last AIW creation. Fixes the cut track issues too
* Badenring: Added, wet track gravel, kerbs and fixes to mapping
* Azure Circuit: Added road markings along the tunnel
* Azure circuit: New texture map
* Heusden: Added tracklight file

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Bug Fixes:
* Fix for an alt tab crash. The crash was caused by not updating the emap rendertargets
* Slick_white tread modified. New drag figures for Racer L4. Setup tweaks and suspension fix for BMW M3 E30
* Milan: Fixed road and terrain geometry, and collisions, improved gravels, added wet surfaces for concrete and kerbs, merged latest assets
* Azure Circuit: Added sainte devote twall, fixed csm, merged in latest assets from JanP, updated sel sets
* Azure Circuit: Added some more road marking, fixed sainte devote area/barriers, deleted/rescaled old wrong stuff, fixed csm,replaced trees/bushes
* Azure Circuit: New textures
* BMW M3 GT2: Alpha2 driver animations
* BMW M1: Disabled damage vector for pop up headlights
* BMW M3 E30: Fixed windscreen textures

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Derby: Repositioned objects so as not to intersect with fences
Derby: Repositioned red bins so as not to intersect with fences
Derby: New export containing wirefences and fence poles
Derby: New fence textures
Solitude Rennstrecke: Added track to the game
Solitude Rennstrecke: Renamed Solitude to correct name
Solitude Rennstrecke: Tracklist name updated
Solitude Rennstrecke: Track logos updated
Solitude Rennstrecke: Changed the trd track name
Solitude Rennstrecke: Deleted wrongly named track
Solitude Rennstrecke: New baisc AIW with main path, corridors, and 15 start spots
Solitude Rennstrecke: Updated TRD to fix naming and menu position. Also increased the Max AI to 15 to go with the new temp AIW from Doug
Azure Circuit: Duplicate object deleted
Azure Circuit: New textures addition
Azure Circuit: Added some more things to the nibox stuff, rails, gates and some more minor stuff+fix mapping where needed and added new textures. Started to create road markings, using as ref latest 2012 gp. Created needed textures, splines, lofting, mapping and conforming to the road surface
Azure Circuit: Added some more road markings, added latest MichalB works, tunnel
Milan: Add latest assets from JanP, add latest assets from TomT, fix tribunes position
Milan: Fix levitate trees
Milan: Add new textures for stands00_loda
Northampton: Some materials adjusted
Ford Capri Group 5: AI audio fix
Ford Capri Group 5: Fixed clipping doors
Ford Capri Group 5: Exported with chassis textures, fixed various issues
BMW M1: Fixed RCF typo
BMW M1: Added wheel variations
BMW M1: Added contest winning livery PSD files
BMW M1: Added contest winning liveries to the game
Asano LM11: Partial fix for broken suspension animation/floating tire bug

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Build 377 (4/1/13, Junior Member+)
Bug Fixes:
Uppercase to lowercase bug of texturemap name fixed
Azure Circuit: New textures for nibox building
Azure Circuit: Remapped nibox building complex, optimized mesh, added windows frames where needed and some more details, first textures pass, rebaked ao

Build 376 (3/1/13, Senior Manager)
Fix for FWD FFB Issues.
Fix divide by zero bug in FFB
Bug Fixes:
Dynamic objects fix for hitting brake markers assert
Azure Circuit: Updated ao map for nibox building
Milan: New texture map
Milan: Added viewer placed lights for milan tracks
Milan: Added flares and trackside assets to Milan tracks
Milan: Fixed tree postions intersecting with tribunes
Northampton: More grassedge blends added, skidoverlay flicker fixed, breakmarkers added, fixed more T-junction gaps on road
Belgian Forest Kart Circuit: test adding micro-undulations to road surface
Ariel Atoms: Re-export of suspension animation data
Ford GT40 MkIV: Body template initial check in
Ford GT40 MkIV: Slight shape update, lower nose
BMW Z4 GT3: Fix for recent crash reports. left door had zero mass

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* XSession is now created around single player Xbox 360 games (required for stat submit
* Implemented hiding of cars which have quit from multiplayer
* Fixed problems relating to setting Logitech active wheel range in combination with calibration.
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed ‘edit controls’ screen not showing screen flow correctly
* Heusden: Added some assets, buildings, bridges
* Moravia: New mesh and interior for the main tower, baked lightmap for garage interiors + UV fixes
* Moravia: Textures update
* Milan: Fix some text ads on the textures
* Milan Short: Add latest assets from TomT and checked lod popping
* Milan GP: Add bridge6006 and stands03 and checked lod popping [P4Utils.PerforceEdit v1.0.0.0]
* Milan: Added new textures for mz_bridge6006_loda
* Harrison Pike Raceway: Updated LOD distances definition for crowds
* Connecticut Hill: Updated LOD distances definition for crowds
* Harrison Pike Raceway: Placed flag wavers at grandstands
* Connecticut Hill: Placed flag wavers
* Derby National: Fixed csm and open ends on barriers/tyrestacks/armcos
* Derby GP: Fixed csm and open ends on barriers/tyrestacks/armcos
* BMW M1: fixed inverted ride height sliders
* BMW Z4 GT3: added contest winning liveries
* Motec LCD colour & light switching using headlight toggle. Including display cycle using new input (no cars yet checked in)

Bug Fixes:
* Fix for array out of bounds crash.
* Quick fixes for dialog cleanup
* Close dialogs in key assign screen
* Added ‘CloseAllDialogs’ to dialog manager
* Do not add dialogs from the add list if they are already set to close
* New GUIDialog and GUIDialogManager system
* Clamp the index of app ID applied to physics participant to prevent participant being spawned with invalid info / id
* Disable dynamic track element updates in track overview (not required currently and in old AI codebase)
* Added missing trackOverview cleanup code from reinstated AI systems
* Added rolling start driver mode fix to old AI system
* Default setup changes and small tire updates based on 350+351 feedback. Affects Ariel Atoms, Asano X4 & LM11, Z4 GT3, Gumpert, Caterham Classic
* Azure Circuit: Added latest works from MJ, refixed tunnel near the rascasse, deleted some objects around the MJ area and added a temp wall along a sec road
* Azure Circuit: Common art/new texture for azure circuit
* Azure Circuit: Added latest works from MJ,DavidB,DavidR. Some more works from my side round the tobac saintdevote, harbour/docks, seabed/sea, materials, textures
* Wisconsin: XML files crowds and trees
* Milan : Add new textures for Bridge01
* Milan: Add some little detail on textures for the toilets
* Heusden: Added new assets
* Heudsen: New texture map, 1st commit
* Moravia: New textures for garage interior
* RCF files and build script updated with “autoskin” naming
* Modified glass shader so that extra wiper layer is optional, this fixes an issue with headlights not lighting up correctly on certain car models due to conflicting UV channel usage
* Fixed shader compile error which occurred when there was rain but no crumple damage
* Added alphatest support to vehicles_basic_translucent.fx runtime shader
* BMW M1 Procar: Cockpit2(alpha) DDS texture. All new texture
* BMW M1 Procar: Cockpit2(alpha) DDS texture. Resaved with correct(DXT5) format
* BMW M1 Procar: Steering wheel PSD textures. All new textures to replace placeholder ones
* BMW M1 Procar: Cockpit DDS texture. All new glow textur
* GUMPERT apollo: Fixed rain windscreen (added wiper flag to material)

+ Gallery #41

* Fix for emap rendering not using the correct render targets
* Safe decrement of m_numParticles. I think problem was with RemoveParticleBegin/End methods on separate thread and ClearAllParticles called from main thread, but I changed other decrements of m_numParticles too
* Added debug visuals for terrain grip
* New tires for GT and road cars
* Applying some new default setups entries from the competition thread. Alphabetical through Caterham Classic
* Fixed dating issue affecting exe’s post-injection not being copied
* Fix for exe modified date not being changed on injection
* Fix for Time Trial empty leaderboards / ghost listing after changing track
* Removed server overrides from Sabre headers, changed the Login call to take a single argument with all relevant connection details. These can now include server overrides specified App-side
* Azure Coast Stage 3: Increased grid size to max of 36
* Azure Coast Stage 2: Increased grid size to max of 32
* Moravia: Added missing Moravia textures
* Azure Coast Stage1: Increased grid size to max of 32
* Azure Coast Reverse: Increased grid size to max of 34
* Azure Coast: Increased grid size to 32. Max of current geometry
* Azure Circuit: Improve textures (higher resolution)
* Azure Circuit: First quick pass of azure circuit trees and bushes instances
* Milan Short: Add new tribunes around the track and fix trees
* Milan GP: Add new tribunes around the track and fix trees
* BMW Z4: Corrected rear tyre diameter
* BMW Z4: Updated graphical offset
* BMW Z4: Added LODX option
* BMW Z4: Added LODA,B,C,D

* Added sender’s NodeRefId to participant finished events
* Changed Timings’ remote results not to rely on sender’s local player participant Ids, and changes it to use the sender’s node id
* Fixed some asserts in NodeRefIfSet
* Removed driver duel legacy messages
* Fixed invalid format string for curl errors
* Special effects now using acessors instead of direct variables for the weather state
* Tidy up of env systems to make all weather state member variables protected out side of the enviroment lib
Bug Fixing:
* Fix for leaderboard post-race crash
* Recreate menu set for device upon device reinitialisation
* Automatic wheel preset selection will now prefer combined pedal presets if the controller indicates it is operating in combined mode
EOR Screens:
* Adding post race standings screen
* Updating post race leaderboards screen
* Fixes for post race screens – correct track name, and round number
* Updated conversions from 4×4 matrix to PhysX transform to always normalise resulting quaternion
* Physics system files for the dynamic tyre objects placed on belgian forest kart track
* Updated parameter set for FA tyre
* Kerning on load screen font fixed, background now in lobby screen rather than just empty blackness
* Weird white pixels removed from background image
* Milan: Add seats textures
* Eifelwald GP: New static lights
* Heudsen: New texture maps
* Derby National: New road, inner terrain, barriers, kerbs etc from Schwantz to new Esses
* Derby GP: New road, inner terrain, barriers, kerbs etc from Schwantz to new Esses
* Derby: New textures addition
* Belgian Forest Karting Circuit: Dynamic tyres added
* Florence Short: Thrustmaster Event Dressing (tyre wall logos), tyre wall fixes
* Azure Circuit: Placeholder textures added
* Wisconsin Raceway: Added big garage/t14 building assets, new road with width
* Ford Capri Group5: Added vehicle
* Ford Capri Group5: Fixed tacho calibration
* Ford Capri Group5: Added turbo sound effects
* Ford Capri Group5: Fixed missing front fenders in cockpit view
* Ford Capri Group5: set CPIT exposure + tweaked eyepoint offset
* Ford Capri Group5: Initial pass at physics
* SP300R: Corrected tyre widths
* Caterham Classic: Fixed lights glow texture
* BMW M1: Chassis textures finished, re-organized meshes, various fixes
* BMW M1: merged in new wheelset, reorganized meshes, added CPIT clones, added ambient shadow, fixed various bugs
* BMW M1: Adjusted the ride height
* BMW M1: Adjusted light textures a bit more
* BMW Z4 GT3: Added Thrustmaster livery + red interior
* GUMPERT apollo: Windscreen raindrop effect added to CPIT and LODA

+ გათამაშება Thrustmaster -ის მანიპულატორების.  დაწვრილებით ეწვიეთ ბმულს –  Win Cool Thrustmaster

* Code to disable rendering of imposter shadow casters in the reflection map
* Setup of code to handle rain on the windscreen for different camera views
* Made raindrops use UV channel 3 for mapping
* Enable Seta tyre model as the default
* Fixed lazy inits in Menu and TextEntry
* Improved diagonal stripe background on startup screen
* Logitech Profiler: Add WM_COPYDATA to the windows message filter (Vista/Win7 only) so it doesn’t get blocked by UIPI when UAC is on and the game exe is set to run as administrator
* Changing Huayra to use sounds from its own directory
* Eifelwald: Tweaks to texture:increased detail
* Eifelwald:Removed far distance mountains from alpha channel
* Moravia: Removed obsolete textures
* Belgian Forest: Fixed not working track HUD map by correcting the entry
* BMW Z4 GT3: updated paint template with new bonnet vents
* BMW M1: Updated wheels position and dimension
* BMW M1: Tweaked light textures after testing in-game

* Runtime code to handle new set of rain drop control varibles. All mainly to seperate windscreen and body work
* New set of control variables for rain drops
* Updated OneSock to support new Dedicated Server features:
Parse DS configuration when connected and use it to override local defaults
Leave and Kick commands can now specify the reason
Added few new leave reasons
Added support for logging to the DS. Various connection issues are now logged server-side
* Extracted latest Dedicated Server protocol structures and constants from Java sources
* Removed auto-reset of vehicles on wheel loss
* Eifelwald: Added more graffiti
* Eifelwald: add new textures for pittribune
Proper fix for Huayra zero grip (also moved default tyre back to low grip to catch broken cars more quickly)

Solution upgraded to VS 2010
*Reinstate grip point for BTM.
*Switched to 3 rows of seta (24 long).
*Disable all “bolt-on” FFB forces during STM development and testing.
Switch to FMOD v4.42.03 Audio libs, VS2008 Xbox360/PS3/win32 libs., VS2010 Xbox360/PS3/win32 libs. Tweaks to expose more internals for debug metrics and project file changes to suit our setup.
FMOD v4.42.03 workaround for event categories not fading when unpaused more than once.
* Fixed assert in handling UserLeft notification, if it is the local user leaving very early in the connection handler, before UserJoined is received.
* Added CR_USER_SETUP notification on the admin that would be missing if a user’s setup was changed as a result of host validation.
* Added option for enforcing identical vehicles by the admin.
* Added API to set/get the identical vehicles option.
* Modified lobby UI to set / display the identical vehicles option.
NAT handling improvements:
– Adaptive ping rate – do not send p2p pings that often when other traffic is using the direct connection anyway.
– Detect issues with the direct route. These include no traffic and no response to pings or sudden change in the port of incoming datagrams. Fall back to rebroadcasting and reattempt NAT punchthrough when issues are detected. When a connection has issues after reestablishing the direct route too often, fall back to rebroadcasting to that member for the rest of the session.
* Fixed formatting of non-ascii adapter name/description breaking the entries.
* levels changes – especially to AI
* balancing changes to boost volumes of splutters in the light of recent changes
* balancing changes to rectify volume issues with damage.
* balancing adjustment to gravel
* balancing changes to Andy’s previous config.
* some eq and compression changes to aid audibility for pit to car comms.
* Northampton, added night lighting spots and statics, added trees and bushes instances, texture updates
* Fixes to dynamic objects smoothing groups
* Lakeville GP new basic AIW. main path and 43 start spots. Needs triggers added and completed from there
* Wisconsin_raceway – add new txt for wooden fences
* New Derby dynamic ad boards and corner marker changes as requested on forum
* BelgianForrestCircuit Tweaked the saturation.
* Gumpert wiper mask texture added. contains rivulet nmp x and y in rg, rivulet threshold mask in b and the 8 by 8 wiper mask cells in the alpha channel. Currently dxt 5 2048×1024. souce files added to psd sub folder. the rar contains the max file for creating the mask and a splash texture used in the max file for the pools of water from the wiper. The rar also contains 2 psd files for creating the texture. The first contains the channel swaps for the fina texturel but the content is uncompressed and the second contains all source rivulet data before it gets non uniformly scaled down to fit the final texture res. Finally in the rar is the TexturePacker file for combining the rendered pngs into a single sheet.
* Gumpert apollo: rain drop effect enabled. cpit windscreen mapped and ready for wiper mask effect
Several other track and car exports (no CL)

Online sessions:
* Messages about state changes in the loading sequence contain a serial number. There are a few cases where a client can send two state changes without intervention from the host in between, and these messages can arrive out of order
* Certain getters can be called when leaving the session
* Added sequence numbers to logs of lobby setup messaging
* Single user setup sequence number has been split into two: request sequence, and update sequence. This fixes a problem when a vehicle setup change has been ignored if a vehicle validation on host resulted in a change
* Added a flag to user setup specifying whether or not it’s a default setup assigned by host, used until the client requests their own setup
* Requesting an invalid livery when there’s no valid livery will not cause an update sequence increase anymore
* Fixed handling of a message requesting preferred user’s setup from an admin; this fixes setup sync after host migration and during join in certain scenarios
* Added missing user setup change callbacks on the host in certain situations
* Admin’s own USER_SETUP and USER_VARIABLES callback will fire after the GAME_CONNECT callback
* Session callback signature has been changed to take a reference to a structure instead of the generic numeric argument. This will make it much easier to add more information to each callback
* Split the SERVER_CONNECT and GAME_CONNECT callbacks into two each – one for connect and one for disconnect
Add MP-specific racing rules
Fixed chat text content and colours
Disabled reparsing of track waypoints for slower corners
Added support for tool builds, where memory allocations are from the system allocator
Added TrackDetails method to set date for Championships
Improvements to MP connection error handling and reporting
Re-enabled ping indicator for lobby entries
Extended browse list to full size
Changed GameSessionMember to share a common Base class across all platforms, with a platform specific class above this
Chat handling improvements for the lobby
Online UI:
* Fixed format string specifiers for chat lines from %s to %ls, and prevented the string from being passed by value
* Added User Leaving callback, called just before wiping information about the user from the session
* Fixed PS3 string formatting when handling callbacks for user joined/left, admin changed, and track changed
Remote chats now include the remote user’s name
Adding chat and system messages to MP Lobby
Fixes MP location update and logo
GUIList functionality improvements, adding colour
Increased Events screen leaderboard page size from 8 entries to 14
Integration of Championships tech along with some test data, with Aries-specific patching where necessary. Not hooked into UI yet
Throttle behaviour (blips etc) and adding chasis effects
Pagani Zonda R: Accurate gear ratios applied. Deduced from video reference
Adding for chassis noise effect
Adding bodyflap sound for high speed car creak/rattle effect
Wisconsin Raceway – add new txt for wood wall
Player name now shows again rather than placeholder vehicle on Lobby screen
Lobby chat now bigger and scrolls the correct way
Season selection images moved to async folder
Season info and settings pages added
Derby – add new textures
Eifelwald – adjusted trees placement, fixed were levitaing
Eifelwald – tweaked terrain/grass textures
Eifelwald – ground cover texture tweaked (color and saturation)
Eifelwald – grass exclusion map updated
Rebalance for updated tech. Switched gear change sounds and tranny
Interior sounds updated with the latest tech. Exterior still being worked on
Updated levels and pitch curve for GT_Race1 tranny
14th row on Event leaderboard now shows correctly
Wisconsin Raceway – update emmisive texture for tent
New Textures for WR media center and L gantry/first revision wip
Updated balance for latest filter, eq and curves tech
Major update – latest filter, eq and load curve tech
Updated compression curves
Caterham SP300R: Ultra detail setup
Vehicles: testing zero shift delay on a few cars with H-pattern gearboxes
Events screen updated with new improved layout
Volumen boost for ‘Race’ box
Updated with the latest filtering, EQ and dsp load tech; external volume adjusted
Updated with the latest filtering load tech; fresh balance
Switching new engine set on; balancing changes
Tweaks for player labels display
Adding Huayra fdp
Adding Huayra sounds
Adding exhaust res for new Huayra sounds
Wisconsin Raceway – add new txt for GlassMarquee
Derby – improve lightmap for garages floor
Derby – textures update – higher resolution and reworked
Derby – texture addition
New Belgian Forest export
New Derby exports
New Eifelwald export
New Wisconsin Raceway export


Online session:
* Increased auto-disconnect timer to ten minutes
* Moved debug functions to separate files
* MP races can not be paused
* When leaving an online race, the app will disconnect from the session. This is a temporary measure until proper return-to-menu flow is finished
* Added new empty files
* Removed obsolete files
* Each node periodically sends update about participants to other nodes. Other nodes process these updates to move the participants
* Session race handler creates data structure for each online participant, that holds information about some of the low-level online properties of the participant, e.g. update message timing
* App protocol version attribute is set to protocol version when creating a session
* Browsing ignores sessions create with a different protocol version. Only compatible builds will see each other’s sessions. This filtering is disabled for now
* When outside of a game session and when not bound to an active UI, an existing connection to a server will be disconnected after a short period of inactivity. This doesn’t fully work yet, and will disconnect after some time spent in the sub-menus, like track select
Fix for dx11 crash
Quick fix for GUIList crash, better selection change coming soon
360 Reliable UDP Mesh Messaging for internal mesh messages, internal attributes and sessionstate changes updated to clients, App messages now sent across network so can enter game and race with 2 players Host and 1 Client
Physics: Added consts to Decompress and Compress methods of network packets
Changed the “search for session” to work with the updated API. Added example code for session filtering and requesting attributes back
Extended the game browsing interface:
* Added session attribute filter descriptor class. On PC and PS3 this contains attribute comparison rules, on 360 it’s just the index of a preconfigured matchmaking query
*Added filtering by session attributes to session browsing API
* Session browsing can now return attributes of each session if requested
* Implemented all above features for PC. PS3 to follow shortly
Derby – tweak 2 textures for pitbuilding
Wisconsin raceway – add new txt for ToiletBlock
Derby – add new textures for new pitbuilding and garages
Northampton. Added missing texture files
BAC Mono: driver height lowered from third person view
Changed default logging level of TimeSync from Debug to Info
Wisconsin Raceway – add new textures for entrance
Northampton. Removed/reduced textures to one singlemap
New Derby exports
New Eifelwald export
New Northampton export

Build 310 (27/9/12, Senior manager)
Added applinks to enable/disable menu options based on user tier
Disabled both online screens for users of below Senior Manager level
Restored attribute Gui_Spawn_Y0 in vehicle statistics as Gui_Spawn_Offset_Y
Fix for optimumPressure < 0 assert bug
Improved MP Create screen
First pass lobby screen
First pass browse games screen
Exported latest attribute descriptors, version attribute has been added
Exported latest dedicated server constants and definitions, now with attribute filter operators
Northampton. New textures/psd files
Applinks updated with Multiplayer and Lobby layer-based appfuncs and Season Mode applinks
Eifelwald – reduced GP_Alpha to 0 in karrousell to fix flickering groove
Restored attribute Gui_Spawn_Y0 in vehicle statistics as Gui_Spawn_Offset_Y
Reduced overall game volume; adjustments to balance between SFX categories and engine volumes
Level adjustments based on experimental FDP settings and GAS settings
Adjustments (pitch and volume behaviour)
Gear change levels adjusted for new experimental settings
Levels adjusted; gravel spill sfx booste3d and balanced against latest gravel sounds
These FDP have experiemental load-based filtering and EQ settings
Bathurst – changed texture
Bathurst – New textures for the build
First pass water droplets on bodywork shader
Wisconsin raceway – add new textures for WhiteBarn and CrossroadsCaffe assets
Server List screen added

*KNOWN ISSUE* DX11 is broken and will crash on the loading screen of any session.

Build 309 (26/9/12, Senior Manager)
Online session:
* Moved most of the app-side online code to Multiplayer namespace
* Moved most of the nested types from OlineSupport_Session to the namespace
* Renamed some of the classes to remove the long common prefix, now that they’re all in the Multiplayer namespace
* Split server code, session code, setup, load, and race handling from OnlineSupport_Session to a separate subobject
Fixed CInGameSection phase sequence while loading to race
Done minor code formatting updates
Fix for warning as error in shadowlightsgathertask.cpp
New Renderloop system. This new rendering loop code breaks up the current in-game rendering into a set of small (fairly atomic) tasks for easier maintenance and re-use
Texture edit, vehicle rain droplet mask removed anti-aliasing, manually edited mips to remove aa there too, added alpha channel for spec mask, saved as argb 8888 because dxt screws up the droplet mask colours. added a 1024 and 512 mip specific psd file to the rar
Universal “Please Wait” dialog added to dialogbox file
New Browse Online Games screen
Northampton texture updates

Build 308 (25/9/12, Manager+)
Updates to the rendertask , and rendertask manager to make thread safe
Added in callbacks that can be fired when scenegraph queries complete
Added in callbacks to dynamic emap gather that can be fired when a gather has complete
Checked in fixed files for missing ‘GUIList’
Checked in fixed aries.vcproj
Physics: Removed writing to uninit.log
First pass of multiplayer create screen. Includes MP settings and creating an MP game
Online sessions
* When creating participants in an online race, the participant will remember the RefId of the node controlling the participant
* Added event that will be used to send vehicle updates among the session members. No updates are sent or processed yet
* Added flags to session members that specify whether or not each session member is a part of the loading sequence, and of the current race
* Extended the load protocol to add a new first state, where the host communicates with the members about who will be loading into the race
* Members in the session who are not performing load will ignore load-related messages
* Added fake recipient slot IDs, addressing “all loading” or “all racing” session members. Messages directed to these fake slot IDs will be routed to the subset of members taking part in that activity
* Race Sync message now contains reference time of the point when the admin creates this message. This is be used as the base for the app time in race, to ensure the app timer values do not use the (possibly large) reference time numbers
* Hooked up time synchronization. App timer on all members is now synchronized
* Added new empty files in preparation to split OnlineSupport_Session to multiple classes
Northampton. New textures
New High Stand Paddock Tent Viewer Assets added to Monterey
Northampton – stand texture tweak
Bathurst terrain texture fix
Bathurst – Add textures
Belgian Forest: Desaturated the white woods to make them whiter
Vehicles: switched to a 80% nighttime blend on the headlight flare texture for better dusk screenshots
Added MPRace filter to various HUD elements, making them available in MP races as well
New Bathurst export
New Eifelwald export
New Northampton export

Build 307 (24/9/12, Senior Manager)
Updated OneSock’s Onscreen Debug page system
Use 64-bit accumulator when computing average time difference in time sync
Added stub handling of SessionTimeSync events
Finished initial implementation time synchronization subsystem and integrated it with the rest of the online core
Fixed a crash in OnlineSupport_Stats on PS3 when the gamer profile is yet to be loaded)
Destroy AICharacters containers on manager disable
Leaderboard and ghost data tech integration for Xbox 360
Skip crowds setup if no crowd instances found
Add container inits/memtraces/mempool usage
Time sync WIP:
* Changed the PC datagram protocol so that the game can now reliably distinguish rebroadcast incoming packets from peer-to-peer packets.
* Added time sync online API
* Added time sync message types, hooked time sync singleton from core message handling
* Implemented migration handling and time sync reset calls
* Actual send/receive/process of time sync messages not implemented yet
Added missing SyncPoint and ProgressPoint log levels to DevModeConfigs. Added TimeSync log level
Buttons on EVENTS page now have a background (ie.. not white arrows on a transparent background)
Bathurst – New textures
Inner grass texturemaps colortweak at Bathurst
Additional bathurst texturemaps
Monterey static viewer scene – new tents added
New Azure Circuit export

Time sync WIP:
* Changed the PC datagram protocol so that the game can now reliably distinguish rebroadcast incoming packets from peer-to-peer packets
* Added time sync online API
* Added time sync message types, hooked time sync singleton from core message handling
* Implemented migration handling and time sync reset calls
* Actual send/receive/process of time sync messages not implemented yet
Fix memtrace name
Memory updates for LiveEdit and Environment adding memtraces and mempools
Removed all GUI handlers from application precompiled headers. The GUI handlers were causing a lot of other headers to be included in the PCH
Online sessions:
* Waiting for time synchronziation now happens before sending the race sync message, which can thus depend on the synchronized time
* Members will start the game timer with a synchronized time in the ready-to-pre-race state. (The time synchronization is still fake.)
* Post-load sync messages contain some extra data generated by the host
* Admin will send a countdown event to everyone. This does not 100% work with host migration, but this is good enough for now, because the whole race start sequence will be changing later to support join-in-progress and multi-stage races, so the players will be entering an in-race lobby instead of the race track after load
* Countdown in MP races will use the values generated by the admin, instead of locally generated random values
OnlineSupport_SessionVariable.cpp added to Aries.vcxproj
Multiplayer Create/Lobby screens now enabled, Free Practice access now fixed
CreateMultiplayer and MultiplayerLobby screens created (disabled during implementation)
Additional Bathurst texturemap
Desaturated a bit the castle textures of Eifelwald
Belgian Forest – update trees for marshal huts
Northampton – texture tweak
Belgian forest – add new texture (marshal huts)
Northampton. New textures
Northampton. Added details into the windows
Added new kerbs textures for Eifelwald, first revision
Placeholder texturemap of the videoboard for the GUI scene
New Azure Circuit export
New Bathurst export
New Belgian Forest export
New Eifelwald export
New Northampton export

Build 305 (20/9/12, Senior manager)
Online session:
* When game state changes between lobby, loading, and race, member variables and states only meaningful in one of the states will be reset. This will later allow cycling between each state several times, e.g. loading a few races in the same session
* Before transitioning to race, clients wait until they synchronize their time with the admin. For now, there’s no actual synchronization, but the code above it is in place
* Renamed functions dealing with the member variable data block to give them a common prefix
* Renamed transient load states to make it clear that they’re transient states
Ghost system:
* EndMission can be called even if the mission hasn’t been started yet. This scenario can happen if the game is shut down during certain stages of the race load sequence
Azure Circuit: New textures for building
Placeholder texturemap of the videoboard for the GUI scene
New Belgium Forest export

Build 304 (19/9/12, Senior Manager)
– Removed redundant EventStats related code
Updated UID/Hash building macros to add leading zeroes to generated hash values
Implemented custom allocator for BForceEffect objects
Online session:
* When a member finishes loading of race data, they will switch to the LOADED state
* Leave and disconnect handlers are now called in a predictable manner
* Added synchronization service to the session. Each member has a few variables that will be synchronized to other members
* Added events used to exchange the synchronized data
* Fixed relative order of app and Online session log entries, so that the App “initiatiing action xxx” appears before the online system logs that it’s doing “xxx”
* Changed app-side logging of session states from numeric values to human-readable strings
* Fixed a situation where load wouldn’t progress after host migration if certain conditions related to message timing would be met
* Added empty placeholder files
Northampton. New textures
Artsource textures for dynamic brake markers
New Monterey Brake Marker dynamic objects (physics scene files)
Rain droplet on paintwork nmp made deeper
Paintwork droplet nmp made deeper
Common vehicle rain droplet texture edited so that mask has more stages (100 rather than 10). Process now created in after effects so it can easily be edited

Build 303 (18/9/12, Manager+)
Fixed scrolling issues in Time Trial leaderboard: Page Down now stops when the last page is reached. Page Up on the first row, or Page Down from the last row, or Go To Top when already at the top, will no longer cause a server request
Fixed crash when using ‘Use Best In session’ and returning to the time trial screen
Online: Leaving current game session explicitly can now specify other reason than “session left normally”.
Monterey – tweak garage texture; new garage AO texture; Removed logos from texturemaps; Statics – fixed intersecting static models with new addons
new bathurst texturemaps
Missing weather icon from source control
New Bathurst and Monterey exports

The profile is now stored in a completely different way. Delete of profile is required for this build.

Online session:
* Fixed some commands in the debug menu that would assert when the game state was not compatible with the command; they will now fail gracefully
* Online sessions initialize campaign interface, scripts on longer crash
* Improved asserts for checking expected game state for callbacks handling local user joining and leaving
* Information about the current session is kept up to date in the online support system; this information is available to UI via a new API
* Added extra information about the current server and session to the debug print state command
* Livery validation in the lobby is now implemented. If any member requests a “don’t care” livery, the admin will choose one, so that all members see the same livery
* Fixed syncpoint manager crashing when joining another session in the same process. When leaving a session, the syncpoint manager will clean up
* Fixed assignments to NodeRefIds in syncpoint manager
Added new getters to vehicle details for validation and randomization of liveries
Implemented “kick member” API call on PS3, handling of “kicked out” and “room destroyed” room events
Monterey – add new txt for stairs
Monterey – add new texture for distant bridge
Monterey – new garage textures
Bumped version of all vehicles for Leaderboards stat reset
Monterey. New AO map, first commit
Monterey – add new textures for bridge
New Bathurst export
New Eifelwald export
New Monterey export

Build 300 (13/9/12, Senior manager)
Online session:
* Before starting data load, all clients fill GameSetup class with the final setup data send by the session admin
* Extended final setup data to contain more information needed to setup the GameSetup race details
* Race load is now triggered after the final setup is distributed among all members
* Local non-authoritative validation of user setup does not check for the structure valid flags; this allows the validation to work even if the data hasn’t yet been validated by the admin
* Added persistent history of received chat messages, which is also used to check for duplicate chat packets
* Fixed incorrect asserts received when handling notification about the local user leaving the session while loading
* Replaced all RTTI functionality with BStorage (migration and fix-up of CL 243030)
ControllerSettings now uses index-mapped arrays for storage of deadzone and sensitivity settings
Cleanup in GameSetup:
* Moved some type declarations from inside setup-related classes to a namesace scope in a separate header. This allows the enums to be used in other headers
* Removed some no longer used functions
* Split monolithic SetupRaceDetails to several functions
Memphis – placed sitting 2d crowds
Memphis – added LOD distances definition for crowds
AzureCircuit:New textures for Archbridge asset
Added race mode info for MP race
Crowds – fixed some issues
Monterey. Tweaked textures/PSD files
Added second chase cam using settings from build 296
BMW M1: Added data for pop-up headlights animation
Paganis cpit exposure set to 0.8 to go with new lighting. 0.7 made the environment look to bright.
Monterey. Some dirt added
Fix for skid pan 200m markers (they were still using the object name that is hard coded, by the coders, to split into multiple parts, which then causes an error)
Monterey – add new textures for motherbridge
Experimental condtion added to wtc in slot clear5. brighter ambient, more colourful shadows, brighter reflections. White cars look more white at dawn and dusk as a result and in day cars have more of a blue sheen. emissives, headlights and other night specific lighting will look blown out because of increased exposure at this time
New icons for Time Trial screens and visual improvement
New BMW M1 export
New Pagani Huayra export
New Azure Coast export