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შეძენა შესაძლებელია STEAM -ზე – 33% ფასდაკლებით. DLC დაემატება 11 მარტს!

Welcome to DREAM PACK 1, the first add-on content pack for ASSETTO CORSA!

This package, that can be purchased here, adds the legendary circuit of Nürburgring-Nordschleife and ten new awesome cars to the Assetto Corsa racing game. Get it today to join the most thrilling virtual Nordschleife driving experience ever!

The Nürburgring-Nordschleife in Assetto Corsa

The level of complexity of the Nordschleife circuit production has been such, that required 2 years of hard work, making the Nordschleife one of the major and most important steps in the whole Assetto Corsa project. Furthermore, Kunos Simulazioni development team has reproduced the track paying particular attention to all those details and reference points used by real drivers in order to deal with the “Green Hell”. Considering the huge amount of details you can find on this track through its total length of 20,8 Km, the development team worked closely in cooperation with “RSR Nurburg”, the famous track car rental and driver instruction company based at the Nürburgring. Together we made sure that all the main reference points are in place. Thanks to the fidelity of the reproduction of the Nordschleife, RSR Nurburg already uses the Dream Pack every day in their offices, allowing their customers to get ready for the “Green Hell”.

Maximum realism

For the first time ever in a PC racing simulation, the legendary Nürburgring-Nordschleife circuit has been reproduced using Laserscan Technology. Ever single detail of the track has been reproduced with the maximum level of precision. A two centimetre resolution guarantees that each single bump, curb and slope is a perfect match to the real counterpart. The result of such accuracy, combined with the advanced physics model of Assetto Corsa, is an unprecedented driving experience that blurs even more the difference between virtual and reality.

Since its construction (1925 – 1927), the Nordschleife has enjoyed a reputation as a terrifying and merciless route through the Eifel forests. An English journalist who visited the Nordschleife during the opening race on 18 June 1927 even concluded “that it seemed as if a reeling, drunken giant had been sent out to determine the route”. The Formula 1 pilot Sir John Young Jackie Stewart – after all a three time world champion in 1969, 1971 and 1973 – was so impressed by the circuit that he gave it the name which it will probably never lose: Green Hell (Grüne Hölle).
Racing and winning on the Nordschleife has always been very special for racing drivers, because the track is one of the most demanding in the world. Tricky corners, treacherous crests, steep inclines and gradients and constantly changing road surfaces demand great skill from the driver and put vehicles to a hard test.
The best-known event today is the ADAC Zurich 24-hour race, which is held on both the Nordschleife and the Grand Prix circuit and which for four days transforms the entire circuit into a huge spectacle. Up to 800 amateurs and professionals in up to 200 cars take part in this race.

Three different layouts available

“Nordschleife” layout is the one often used by the car manufacturers for their private tests or when they try to do a new lap record. This is the best layout to try a “time attack”. Assetto Corsa also permits races in “Nordschleife” layout, with a starting grid optimally positioned after turn “T13″.

“Endurance” is the official 24Hours configuration that is held every year. Includes the Nordschleife (north loop) as well as part of the NürburgringGP circuit. Assetto Corsa permits races in this layout with a starting grid right at the NürburgringGP main straight, as well as the Grand Prix pit boxes.

“Touristenfahrten” is the most known and beloved configuration by all trackday and motorsports fans. Driving through the “Park” to enter the circuit towards the end of the famous long uphill straight of  “döttinger höhe” and then, after a whole lap, exiting again following the indications for the parking lot. To let you experience the best virtual track day, we created this dedicated layout that is available in practice and multiplayer sessions and takes laptimes from the first lap under the bridge, until the structure at the start of the long straight of  “döttinger höhe”. Just as in real life!

The car selection of the DreamPack 1 has been suggested by the gamers who voted their favourite manufacturers and models in our website. It consists of a perfect mix of vehicles of different classes, types and ages, ready to satisfy the racing instincts of Assetto Corsa fans!

Starting with the Nissan GT-R Nismo 2014 GT3 which introduces for the first time the Japanese car manufacturer in Assetto Corsa. Followed by the Corvette C7R GTE that is expected to be at least as successful as its predecessor. Those two cars are enlarging the already big family of GT racing cars of Assetto Corsa.

The epic almost mythological McLaren F1 GTR that won everything there was to win and the ultra-technological definition of the modern hypercar McLaren P1, represent the top of the McLaren production past and present.

The Mercedes-Benz C9 LM is the iconic racing car that won in the LeMans 24 Hours and couldn’t miss from the virtual garage of any motorsports fan. The minimalist and elegant design is in direct contrast with its power brutality that can release at any time, rpm, or gear.
Completely different the Mercedes Benz 190E 2.5-16 EVO II. The friendly handling touring car that was the major opponent of the BMW M3 E30 Gr.A that is already included in Assetto Corsa. Put them together in a race and be ready to witness the most epic battles ever seen in a racing simulator.

BMW continues the touring car tradition with the brand new BMW M235i Racing. The affordable racing car is already the car of choice for the 24 hours of Nordschleife, because of the excellent handling, balance and grip. An incredibly well balanced package.

Obviously, a Dream Pack wouldn’t be such, without “Italians”. The Alfa Romeo has been one of the most requested car manufacturers from our users. Starting with the brand new and lightweight giant killer Alfa Romeo 4C that already has astound everybody with an amazingly fast Nordschleife laptime for a street car. Follows the legendary 155 Ti V6 of 1993, german touring car champion and first ever car with 4 wheel drive in Assetto Corsa. Finally the beautiful “alleggerita” (lightweight) Alfa Romeo GTA of 1966. Another touring car champion. It might seem small and underpowered by todays standards, but drive it and despite the skinny tyres, you will discover a new meaning for the words “agile”, “balance” and “fun” through the never ending bends of the most beautiful and demanding circuit of the world, the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Other brands and models have been already scheduled to be produced during 2015, to enlarge your collection even more!

ოფიციალური გვერდი

FVA logoFVA – ის ოფიციალურ გვერდზე იუწყებიან, რომ FVA შეწყვეტილია სერვისი. შესაბამისად გაყიდვა, ან სხვა სახის მომსახურება მიუწვდომელია.

B65k60OIQAAhGoS.png large

AC logo

– AI now brakes better in the pitlane
– Fixed problems with remote car colliders not properly turned off when disconnected
– Fixed DRS triggered from wheels
– More robust session status sync between server and clients
– Improved feedback to the kicked or disconnected user
– Improved car height calculation for a more uniform setup validation
– New Alfa Romeo Giuletta Q.V. 2014 Launch Edition
– Eliminated FFB vibration at 30kmh
– Updated tyre model for all cars
– Corrected bug in F40 old and street tyres
– Modifications on Lotus 98T and F.Abarth Aero map
– Modifications in engine brake on some cars
– Improved post processing effects
– New post processing effects
S2-B&W – HI
– New and improved photomode feature. Photomode activates from the replay User Interface
– New carbonfibre shader for cockpits of: bmw z4 gt3, bmw m3 gt2, Ferrari f40, Ferrari 599xx, Ferrari 458 gt2, ktm xbow, lotus evora gtc, lotus evora gtx, mclaren mp4-12, mclaren mp4-12 gt3, p4/5, tatuus
– Dirt layer optimization
– New skins for some cars, more to follow
– Small bug and fixes on trento bondone, magione, Spa Francorchamps
– Fmod project updated: no critical changes, just check volumes and envelopment for each event and mixer groups
– New sounds for Lotus Type 49, Ferrari F40 and Ferrari 312T
– Audio latency level can now be set in the launcher: available options are Normal, Low and Very Low
– Fixed FMod bug in multiplayer mode causing FPS drops
– Fixed wind volume for both stereo and surround configurations (default value: 0.7)
– Fixed bodywork sound audible for some cars when standing still
– Improved exterior sounds spatialization for surround speakers configurations
– Improved and balanced gearshift, backfire and limiter sounds
– improved positional sound for surfaces
– Overall volume balance
– Other minor audio fixes and improvements
– Added cutscenes for some of the career series.
– Improved algorithm for AI level while racing should give closer racing
– Inverted steering wheels and negative camber corrected for multiplayer clients
– Multiplayer basic admin tools:
Added simple admin commands using the chat window. It is important to set the “ADMIN_PASSWORD” in the server_cfg.ini file, an empty ADMIN_PASSOWORD will disable admin commands./help: prints the list of the available commands
/admin: become administrator for the server. ex, if the password is “kunos” the command is “/admin kunos”
/next_session: moves to next session
/restart_session: restart the session
/kick: kick a user using the rules (blacklist etc) of the server. To kick a player named “The Player”: /kick The Player- GT2 and GT3 cars, F.Abarth, Exos and Exos S1, M3 E30 GrA and DTM have now the modified tyre model
– LaFerrari has modified active aero and tyre model
– BMW M3 E30 street car has modified tyres (all compounds) as an example of street tyres new model.
– GT2 and GT3 cars have now the “old” FFB gain settings in their physics. Obviously the min FFB slider still works on them too. Please try and report back
– Zonda R, Huayra, 599XX have now tyres that are more load sensitive and more speed sensitive. Laptimes should be slower. Please give feedback on driving feel. Keep in mind you’re going to be slower, give it some time.
– Minimum FF force implemented. Can provoke STRONG vibrations in the center zone, use as low as possible!
– All cars have new FF gain values to eliminate FF clipping. You might need to raise your FF gain values on your configuration or add a bit of minimum. Advice 0.12 for logitech wheels, much lower for other wheels. Experiment and report on beta forums
– Difficulty level slider on career
– Much more laps possible on single player quick and weekend races when fuel consuption is off
– Added diffuser stall on low speed for tatuus formula Abarth.

AC logo

AC დარეგისტრირდა steam greenlight – ზე. სასურველი ხმის დაგროვების შემთხვევაში, ჩაეშვება გაყიდვაში STEAM -ის რესურსზეც. გადადით ბმულზე ხმის მისაცემათ – steam greenlight

დეველოპერმა Kunos Simulazioni აცხადებს, რომ 2011 წელს დაანონსებული სიმულატორი Assetto Corsa (AC) რომელიც უნდა დარელიზებულიყო 2012 წლის ბოლოსთვის, ვერ ხერხდება და გადაიდო არც თუ შორეულ მომავალში, საუბარია 2013 წლის პირველ კვარტალში. იქიდან გამომდინარე, რომ აღნიშნული თარიღს სულ რაღაც 3/4 თვე აშორებს, მეჩვენება რომ საბოლოო იქნება და აღარ გამოჩდება ახალი სირთულეები პროექტზე მუშაობისას.

Kunos Simulazioni ცოტა უცნაური თარიღი დათქვა კიდევ სხვა სიახლეების გასამხელად. 21st 2012, 21.00 საათზე, გვირჩევს თვალი ვადევნოთ მათ საიტზე თუ სხვა სოც. რესურსებზე.


First of all all, we would like to apologise for the lack of updates and news related to the release of Assetto Corsa. We have been working very hard on the Assetto Corsa project and before we make any more announcements we have had to wait until everything is in place. Now, at last, we can share some important information with you, our fans.

Almost a year ago, on December the 23rd, 2011, we announced that we are developing a new PC racing simulation, “Assetto Corsa”. Our aim was to be able to release the game one year later, during 2012’s holiday season.

We will not reach this goal. Assetto Corsa has been delayed and the release is now expected within 1st quarter 2013, as some of you may already know. The “Assetto Corsa technology preview”, a graphics benchmark, expected to be released in 2012, has been delayed too.

We know a lot of people are keenly waiting for the release of Assetto Corsa, and we wish to thank them for the support they have given us since we announced our most ambitious project.

If you are an experienced gamer you will already be aware that these kind of delays can happen, and will know as well that reasons for such delays can be boring. But, trust us, this is not the case, because the reasons behind our decision to delay Assetto Corsa for a few weeks are the best possible.

We just ask you to remember that what you have seen, what we are able to show you, is just the tip of the iceberg. It is not possible for us to help you understand the amount of work we have put in, as well as the many situations that can determine some of our choices.

Anyway, on December, 21st 2012, at 21.00, European time, please connect to, or , or or Assetto Corsa Google plus and prepare yourself for the most unexpected ending we are able to give you…

Lotus 98T (2)

Lotus 98T (1)

Lotus 98T (3)

Lotus 98T (4)

Lotus 98T (6)

Lotus 98T (5)

მორიგი ინტერვიუ Assetto Corsa -ს დეველოპერთან, სტეფანო კასილოსთან.

How extensive will the damage systems be?

Mechanical damage is easy to implement and it will be there. The hard part is to find the right balance between damage model and playability. It’s quite easy to say “if you treat the gearbox poorly it will break” but finding the mathematical definition for “treat poorly” is difficult and there’s always the risk of wasting time on a feature that nobody will see (eg, damage that isn’t obvious) or end up with races full of DNFs if you if make it too extreme. As with most other features in Assetto Corsa, they will be in the public version only if we are 100% confident they work and they improve the experience.

Will there be any form of car customization?

Our physics developer, Aris Vasilakos, loves this stuff. We have spoken about it and came up with a plan but, again, we’re back into “when it’s done” territory.

Will there be any form of event editor? Perhaps even a tool for creating online tournaments?

Oh surely not. That’s what we consider the community’s responsibility. There is no way we could develop the game and these kinds of management systems simultaneously. Our plan is to output/export as much data as possible from the server to allow third-parties to manage their own leagues.

Will Assetto Corsa be available for the next-gen consoles?

I would love it to be, but to get on the consoles you need to be backed by a publisher and we don’t currently have one, nor are we actively looking for one.

What do you think is your advantage compared to other racing games?

I have no idea. We do things our way. If we have any advantage, I’d like to hear that from the users. We go 200% to do our best work at any stage of development. That’s all we can do.

Is there a limit to the number of cars in multiplayer?

There is no hard-coded number like we had in netKar Pro. The practical number will be something to discover once the game is out.

Will there be dedicated servers or the possibility of renting dedicated servers?

Our company is not structured to provide that kind of service so the system will be identical to what we had in netKar Pro.

Do you have any plans to port netKar Pro tracks to Assetto Corsa?

We don’t have plans for that. I’d rather have the team work on new content than convert stuff from a 2006 simulator. I think running at Aviano with netKar Pro graphics when you can run at Monza with Assetto Corsa graphics is quite a silly idea. However, Trento Bondone is so well loved that we could plan to add it as bonus track, even if we are totally focused on the new laser-scanned tracks.

How have you approached AI development given that this is the first time you have included it.

As we approach everything else; by experimenting and finding what works and what doesn’t. I am working with a young programmer and we sort of split the early development. I went for a more traditional and dedicated approach to race AI and he went for a more university research approach with neural networks and all that cool stuff. In the end, my code path was the winner so we went with a more traditional approach, but our AI isn’t going to start WW3 or hijack a spaceship.

Will data telemetry apps be available for the Windows Phone platform?

I don’t know, though if we don’t release it, we’ll provide the necessary information to let the community code it for themselves.

Is the cost-per-track higher for laser-scanned tracks compared to traditional modeling?

The cost of laser-scanning does add up, but the development is much more linear and predictable because there is no need to argue about how steep a hill might be, how bumpy certain corners are, or how wide a particular track is. The scan is the unquestionable final word to all these doubts.

Can we expect official DLC besides what that the modding community might offer?

We have more content licenses than we can produce right now so I think additional content from us is a very strong possibility in the future.

Will Assetto Corsa have features such as manually starting the car?

At the moment we don’t have those features and nobody in the team seems to miss them.

What are the main obstacles when modeling tires?

The main obstacle is that nobody understands what’s going on and nobody seems to be able to figure out a consistent and reliable way to test them, so they remain pretty much a black art.

მიუხედავათ იმისა რომ KUNOS Simulazioni შეაჩერა ამ პროექტზე მუშაობა, გამოუშვა ახალი პატჩი რომელშიც შესულია საინტერესო ცვლილებები. ცვლიელები განიცადა როგორც მთლიანად ბოლიდების ფიზიკამ, საუნდმა და ა.შ. ასევე სათამაშო პროცედურამ. აპდეიტისთვის უბრალოთ უნდა გაუშვათ თამაში და მიჰყვეთ გამოსულ ფანჯარაში ინსტუქცია.  (ყოველ შემთხვევისთვის, არის პატარა პროგრამა რომლითაც, შეგიძლიათ დაბრუნება ძველ ვერსიაზე – netKar PRO Version Switcher)

  • more realistic car physics improvements (this is my own opinion / others may think different)
  • abarth doenst roll over after hitting the curbs
  • new tires everytime you start a new session
  • in a server configured with 2 consecutive race sessions, the server is not moving automatically to the second race session
  • disabled automatic go to grid. This will avoid having cars on the grid when the driver is not in front of his pc
  • improvements on the sound engine (backfire) – The Lambo sounds crazy now

დღეს უკვე ოფიციალურად დაანონსა KUNOS Simulazioni -იმ Pagani Zonda R – ის ლიცენზია სიმულატორში.

“Kunos Simulazioni is proud to announce a new licensing agreement with Pagani Automobili. This license will allow the development team to reproduce the Pagani Zonda R in Assetto Corsa, considered a very special content in all the most famous racing games.
With the input of its avid track focused customers, the Pagani team has created the Zonda R using bespoke engineering solutions to meet the performance demands for a trackday version of the highly popular Zonda F. The central monocoque is made of a Carbon-Titanium composite, increasing rigidity while reducing
significantly the weight. Bolted directly to the chassis is the Mercedes AMG 6.0 litre race derived V12 engine, with 750 hp and 710 Nm of torque.
The Xtrac Magnesium cased dog ring gearbox combined with tha Automac Engineering AMT system performs gearshifts in 20ms, triggered by the drivers input on the paddles behind the steering wheel.
Aerodynamic setups rage from a high downforce setting of 1.500kg to a 350kmh top speed setting. Aspa forged AvionAl suspension components as well as machined structural ErgAl parts holding the engine and gearbox have been designed to reduce the weight of the overall car, Poggipolini Titanium screws are
used on the whole car. These measures lead to a dry weight of 1.070 kg. A power-to-weight ratio of 701 hp-per-ton will catapult them from 0 to 60 mph in less than 2,7 seconds, the
Brembo carbon ceramic brakes ensure the car comes to a standstill even quicker.
This exclusive car will be included in 1.0 version of new Kunos PC racing game Assetto Corsa, expected to
be released in 2012.”

დეველოპერის კითხვა პასუხი Q&A

კიდევ ერთი თანამედროვე ფორმულა დაემატება AC-ს პროექტს Formula Abarth -ის შემდეგ Lotus Exos T125

ეს კი, რეალური პროტოტიპები –