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Build 417 (1/3/13, Junior Member+)
* Re-enabled Game usage in external script
* Added script search paths to includes in common libs
* Modified build scripts to bring into line with new script compiler common include handling
* Modified ScribeCompiler build rule to add new default properties and allow per-project editing
* Renamed ‘Scribe_Internal’ folder to ‘RaceAppCore_Scribe’
* Library update for “basic” tread mode
* Next revision of kart, including new A/B/C test
* Lensflares now come from the enviroment system
* New lenflare tech
* Can now live edit Lensflares and overide data based on time of day
* Fixed depth map support in skyrings – allows variation of fog strength so some parts look closer
* Crowds small flag animation fixes for props behavior + cleanup and selection sets update to contain proper meshes
* Casual women cheering animations
* Casual animations idles migration
* Add appCanOverrideSampler annotations for phase3 techniques to allow DX9 to modify Aniso settings correctly
* Balancing of ‘sports’ box
* Armco 3d distance adjustments to match main engine gain and filter roll offs
* Balancing adjustments (levels)
* RUF AI set added.
* Updating RUF set to take account of new physics. Balancing adjustments to 3d distance, distortion, compression and pitch.
* Adding RUF AI engine set
* RUF logo added
* Azure Circuit: Added new casino roundabout, merged in latest stuff from Janp, temp fixed sidewalk around latest JanP assets, deleted old stuff, updated trees on the casino roundabout
* Bathurst: Added outer grass, fixed various wall issues, reduced outer terrian extent to fix terrain pop up, created new grass exclusion map. added new texture for grass clusters for the autograss
* BMW M3 GT: New windscreen banner setup, bugfixing, updated headlights
* BMW M3 GT: Added placeholder livery banners + tweaked lights
* BMW M3 GT4: Fixed livery numbering
* Formula A: new aero with vastly increased ride height sensitivity. set suspension to use wheel rate for everything
* Ruf RGT8: Normals fixes, exhausts fix, AO added on wheels, brake disks and tyres
* Pirault Mega: Fixed spring rate calculation mistake. Ride frequencies now match the appropriate spec

Build 416 (28/2/13, Senior Manager)
* DX9/DX11 CHDRControl support for DS2X/DS4X tonemapped filtering + bicubic filtering/hybrid
* :CMemoryPools, Renderer::CFixedPoolsManager and Renderer::IPoolsManager replaced by MWL::Base MetaPools implementation
* HDRMethods_Combine shader support for DS2X and DS4X improved quality filtering using tonemapped samples. Placeholder code for BiCubic and Bicubic hybrid methods + Large cleanup of Tonemapping shader code
* Crowds flag anims: cloth settings + anim scene point cache paths fix
* Point cache data for flags deformations
* Crowds flag_big animation scene fixes + merge SIM flag
* Characters props migration
* Ruf RGT-8 and BMW M3 GT4: initial physics. Various tire.rg changes
* Eifelwald GP: Last chicane. End off track dectection 25m sooner to see if “next lap won’t count” message is fixed if taking last corner correctly
* Badenring Historic: Tightened up cut track detection in First chicane. Per forum feedback
* Badenring GP: Tighten the cut track detection in Turn 2. Lossened it up slightly in Turn 2. Per Forum feedback
* Azure Circuit: Added new sainte devote terrace+edited surounding things, fixed trees/bushes on it, added latest assets from JanP/MichalJ/DavidB, optimized mesh around the Casino area, updated trees on the new sainte devote terrace, road mesh, new textures
* Glencairn: Fixed Skyring and collision issues
* Pagani Zonda R: bugfixing + new cockpit banner setup
* BMW M3 GT4 : alpha1 driver animations
* BMW M3 GT4: Added Dunlop tires to works liveries
* BMW M3 GT4: added livery 1/2 names
* BMW M3 GT4: added works liveries 1/25
* BMW M3 GT4: added rear window banner
* BMW M1: new light setup + various bugfixes
* Caterham R500: setup changes for revised tire
* Ruf RGT8: Added door frames. All mirrors woking in CPIT now. Shadow flags fixes
* Ruf RGT8: Initial driver animations
* Fixed up several cars that couldn’t correctly use the eye point offset feature. Some viewpoints changed, some did not

Build 415 (27/2/13, Senior Manager)
Bug Fixes:
* Fix for BMW M3 GT opponent engine sounds not pausing when game is paused
* Revert light glow billboards to ignore depth testing
* Casual characters – fixed paths
* Characters data migration
* Props rig update
* Crowds billboards data migration

Build 414 (26/2/13, Manager+)
Bug Fixes:
* Fixes applink mismatch in TrackSelect/LayoutSelect screens
Helmet Cam:
* BUGFIX for Helmet clipping the near plane
* Added App Section module
* Updated BProjectKernel to use Create/Destroy etc methods (replaces obsolete Open/Run/Close)
* Fixed a mem leak from the title config module
* Minor updates to BFrameWork based on use by BAppSection Manager
* Added eRetWaiting state to tRetCode so that framework functions can be polled properly instead of sync blocking
* Removed _cdecl from baseconv declaration so that legacy code can be declared without having to add it (such as virtual funcs)
* Fixed various typos
* Renmed BFrameWork GetState/SetState to GetFWState/SetFWState to avoid function aliasing
* Renamed BProject/BProjectKernel funcs to keep consistent with new framework mehods
* Changed track selection screens to allow both single screen, and double screen, layouts to work alongside each other
* Fix for far cascade scene query results being too small (early morning/late evening time of day on a few tracks were hitting “SceneGraph AddObjectResult – Not enough Space” resulting in disappearing shadows in the far distance)
* DX11 – Fixed DepthClipEnable default value (just Align with what DX9 does)
* Fix for lightglow_billboard not depth buffering correctly (brakes lights, pit lights etc, shining through solid objects bug)
* Ambient shadows attentuate with fog distance
* Fix for tyre smoke not fogging correctly.
* Fix axisfacingquad + genericquad particle shaders to incorporate fog (leaves etc not fogging)
* Fixed Racing Line overlay not getting fogged
* Fix for Glass materials not being correctly fogged
* Fix for Sparking helmet materials
* Fix missing vertex shader normalizations in basic and basic windows.fx. Those two vertex shaders are now reusing worldeye for the fog calculation, which saves around 5% of the VS cost
* Shader fix for DX11 only mother-ship shadows bug
Ghost Mode:
* Modified ghost transparency calculations so that in mirror it is solid until it is almost upon you and it doesn’t go solid when near you, e.g. when just behind you but in front of the external camera
* Reverting code that disabled SSAO
* Adding Assassin music
* Experimental 3d and distance paramter gain and filtering
* Compression tweaks
* Changes to balance and 3d distance parameters
* Tweaks to levels
* Switches on RUF RGT 8 sound set
* Updated for use with the RUF. Compression, eq, filter and load settings added
* Adding engine set for RUF RGT 8
* Adding fdp for RUF RGT8
* Bathurst: Added specular maps to materials with wrong applied maps, fixed transparency things on fences, added anisotrophic filtering on materials, added fresnel to all of the materials, adjusted terrain height in areas requested on the forum, raised walls around track by 20cm, fixed as much as possible lod pop ups without touching the camera config file, dropped missed trees
* Badenring Historic – fixed flipped cut track corridor line in 3rd chicane
* Badenring National and Short – Last corner cut tracks updated to match recent changes to the GP circuit for consistency. Also moved first garage spot out onto pit lane so you don’t start behind closed garage doors
* Azure circuit – fixed railings, tweaked texture maps
* Pirault Mega SR: New LODB meshes
* BMW M3 E30: Fixed headlights
* BMW M3 GT: Added livery 19 + minor fixes to other liveries
* BMW M3 GT4: UV mapping + prepared for custom liveries
* BMW M3 GT4: added srcdata/physics files + cockpit display
* BMW M3 GT4: added runtime files + collision export
* BMW M3 GT4: added textures + placeholder liveries
* BMW M3 GT4: First export
* Ruf RGT-8: Cockpit glow texture update.
* Ruf RGT-8: Better black glass lines on windscreen. Basic lights setup, including lightglows. Quick cockpit AO. Fixes after testing in game
* Ruf RGT-8: First export

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Update 12 (Build 156) Changelog (Febuary 28, 2013):
================================================== ===

Fixed shaders bug with vertex color adjustments
Fixed headlight bug where headligths would lag one frame behind
Fixed broken tire temp indicator on HUD MFD
Attempt to fix occasional smoke problem with transparent trainer

Fixed some issues that happen when upgrades make a change in the number of tire compounds
Added “hard” anti-stall.
Made anti-stall a feature that can be permanently enabled rather than depending on anti-clutch driving aid (HDV: “”AntiStallLogic” =1″, default is 0)
Fixed HDV variable GraphicalOffset so that x&z values don’t affect normal driving physics (y value never did; note they all affect collision, though)
“RearFlapZoneSessions” and “RearFlapWetThreshold” should also be allowed in the RFM (in addition to the GDB); “RearFlapZone” remains the same, GDB-only
Converted TBC parameter “WetWeather” from boolean to floating point value so AIs could judge the level of wetness handled. Exactly zero should still be used for dry weather tires, for the sake of rules.
Added new optional algorithms for engine brake map.

Fixed bug on main menu vehicle button if there are no cars installed
In controls menu, highlight controls currently being activated (helps me remember what button is what on my wheel)
Added new playerfile variable “OPT_UI_KeyNav” that toggles keyboard navigation of options.
Removed useless HUD parameters

Fixed the situation where replays of races would crash right after track load

Updated ModMgr UI

Prevent AI cars from fueling if race parameters disallow it.

Fixed a bug where 2 clients that have the same custom skin names would sometimes see the other skin on their local car.


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Build 412 (22/2/13, Team Member+)
* Fixed scrambled rendering when ghost was used in time trial
* Fix DEFAULT_MEMORY_POOLS compiler warning
* Fix for DX11 black dots on glass bug
* Fix for tyres/wheel shader causing frame-buffer NaNs (yet more black dots)
Command Lines:
* Modified -skipcrowds option to prevent it also skipping other animations
* Additional change to go with -skipcrowds switch, to fix assert when running second race
* BMW M1 Procar and Ford Capri: switched over to RBA-G tire carcass. Revised slick_purple to keep similar grip level
* Azure Circuit: New rascasse restaurant textures
* Azure Circuit: Reworked building 17 maps
* Azure Circuit: Moved blue17 maps to common
* Azure Circuit: Added lights near Rascasse
* Sakitto GP: Fine tuned the cut tracks futher in Spoon and 130R. Mostly made running wide in both corners more punishing

Build 411 (21/2/13, Senior Manager)
Command Line:
* Added -skipcrowds command line to allow people with lower performance machines to handle the tracks which have lots of crowds
* Fix for phase3 envmap shared target, missing clear.
* Fix for Rear View Mirror flickering bug (affected modes without MSAAA and also DS2X/DS4X)
* Avoiding BONNETCAM_ENVMAP specialisation param to be used when ShaderSpecModFlags::SkipBonnetCamEnvmap() is true
* ShaderSpecModFlags implemented, added into CShaderSpec – used for bonnetcam envmap / std. envmap switching
* Fix for another shadow-map issue that caused motherships on steep hills in the far cascade
* Fixes erroneus telemetry display on one of the cinematic camera views
* Converted vehicles_basic_translucent.fx shader to use pre-multiplied alpha (thereby allowing better combination of diffuse light and reflections on translucent parts such as light covers) and implemented dynamic opacity to better handle the visual effects necessary when light levels vary
* Azure Circuit: Tweaked outline edges, updated sidewalk around new JanP resized assets, fixed gaps, fixed issues with duplicate texturemaps, merged in latest JanP assets, marine centre.rar, updated sel sets
* BMW M3 E30: Light fixes
* BMW M3 E30: Fixed tyre rotation, new taillights

Build 410 (20/2/13, Senior Manager)
* Overcast fog fixed back to how it was previously
* Azure Circuit: Created new missing sec road “avenue de la Costa”, added sidewalk, terracing wall,added missing public garage, new textures created, added ao, added dedicated trees/bushes, merged in latest reworked assets from Janp, deleted some old stuff around my new reworked part, there are some big gaps that will be fixed when we will have new buildings in place
* Azure Circuit: New textures for sainte devote garage, wip first revision
* Azure circuit: New texture map
* Common tread specular texture updated to latest specs

Build 409 (19/2/13, Manager+)
* Sharpen FXAA a little more
* Fix SLI/Crossfire convergence (dark cockputs/strobing bugs)
* Fix for horrible flickering in Crossfire/SLI due to partial envmap rendering
* Fix for DX11 green/yellow corruption screen bug when down-sampling is enabled
* Various shadow-map lookup bugs fixed, included the infamous mother-ship shadow bug
* Improved screenshot handling – filenames now have 0 instead of spaces, main menu accepts control key to get jpeg image. Screenshots now work for DX11 as well as DX9
* New screenshot support – creates DX11 or DX9 screenshot interface dependiong on active renderer
* Valentine’s banner removed until Cupid returns once again next year!
* Eifelwald: Further loft changes at Brunnchen entry and exit -sawtooth kerb added -end of kerb concrete added – “drop addd at brunnchen entry – drop added at brunnchen exit -raised kerb at entry and narrowed fixed loft curve at entry
* Heusden: Fixed whitelines, remove barriers around pitexit, remove cones around pit entrance and exit
* Bologna, Heusden, Lakeville: Cut track tweaking per WMD forum feed back
* Ford Focus RS: Fixed tyre setup

Build 408 (18/2/13, Senior Manager)
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed non-PC compile errors
* Fix for bodywork not reflecting when rain support enabled and no rain is falling, also includes a change to improve raindrop fade (making it the same as windscreen)
* Fix for DX11 black/grey/white dots on all car bodywork types (normal and carbon)
* Adding camera lists for internal and external
* Adding ‘center’ cam
* Changes to support multiple in-race camera states
* Added assignable key for ‘change in-race camera set’
* Kart A/B/C test set: a study in tread resolution
* Connecticut Hill: Added wet settings, materials
* Heusden: Deleted some cones around pitstart and pitexit area
* Azure circuit: Tweaked maps, added details

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Build 407 (15/2/13, Team Member+)
Bug Fixes:
* Added protection against camera thread being asked to update cameras by the physics thread before there are any cameras to update (had caused a one off start up crash)
* Fixed namespace in generated DispatchLinker.cpp file
* Fixed dispatcher database dependency bug encountered when moving class definitions between different source files
* Increased database version number to force recreation of existing databases
* Pit2Car speech now only plays “cut track” speech if they actually cut the track (and a message is shown), so it’s only spoken for the more severe cuts
* Kart clutch tweak
* Next round of FB test tires
* tire.rg: revised slick_green, slick_white, slick_blue and corresponding carcasses to try and fight lazy spin syndrome
* Down Sampling App side code for DS2X and DS4X. (Griff’s)
* Deferred Rendering support for down-sampling AA modes
* DX9/DX11 support for down-sampling. RestoreDepth can correctly populate the depth-buffer from a linear deferred depth + various other HDR fixes
* Permanent fix for HUD case-sensitive hashing issue
* Data fix for missing HUD mirror in cockpit & missing map
* MainMenu Applinks – added DS2X and DS4X anti-aliasing options to the GUI
* Azure Circuit: New texture map
* Azure Circuit: New AIW for latest changes. adds support for pit lane too. grid size changed to 26 for the 13 pits spots
* Azure Circuit: Removed railings from maps
* Eifelwald: Further changes to the Hatzenbach curve and further detailing to the Visitor ringtaxi area
* Palmer JPLM: revised default setup
* Caper Monterey (road): new setup and tweaks to work well at road courses
* Asano LM11: reduced turbo lag and various other updates to go along with new tire to try and eliminate lazy spins
* BMW M3 GT: Added 2 fictional liveries
* BMW M3 GT: Added liveries 09/10 names
* BMW M3 GT: Added 2 fictional liveries
* BMW M3 GT: revised default setup, fixed weight to include driver
* BMW Z4 GT3: revised default setup for new tire

Build 406 (14/2/13, Senior Manager)
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed Ghost rendering causing alt-tab crash in DX9
* Fixed an AIW issue when best waypoint in a P2P track chooses the last possible waypoint
* Background stretching issue on load screens sorted
* Love is in the air
* Fix for misaligned tacho needle on 4:3
* Added Motec Layout
* Azure Circuit: Added all tyrewalls+plastic barriers, used 2012 gp as ref, created textures and models. Totally reworked the barrier on the sainte devote. Refixed a bit the sidewalk after the hotel de paris, reworked around the new Mj asset. Fixed armco in front of the casino roundabout. Added armco end cover, created textures and model. Added some more road markings, between piscine and after the anthony noghes. Fixed geometry and mapped where needed, fixed stretched mapped on the road found here and there. Fixed a bit asphalt colour. Updated vt static conc barriers. Merged in latest from JanP. Updated csm. Updated sel sets. Added detail on the texture, nibox building complex. Fixed conc barriers position
* Eifelwald: Smoothed bump before Hocheichen bridge, moved “jump” in Fuchsrohre, smoothed wrong bump in Hatzenbach curve, added bumps after rumble, added bumps in Karussel, added bumps at Breidscheid bridge, added small “drop” at Exmohle began correcting visitor are dimensions and details
* Badenring GP: Abit of a test moving the corridors for the last corner even further in on the outside of the last corner run wide area. They are only now on the black top and exclude the curbing
* BMW M1: fixed fuel needle, separated LODA/LODX meshes
* BMW M3 GroupA: UV mapping, various fixes, separated LODA/LODX body meshes
* BMW M3 GroupA: Added custom livery support
* BMW M3 GroupA: tweaked headlight textures
* BMW M3 GroupA: tweaked taillights textures
* BMW M3 GT: Fixed missing CPIT windows, fixed interior paint material
* BMW M3 GT: Added option to paint interior for custom liveries
* BMW M3 GT: Added liveries 05/06 and 07/08 names
* BMW M3 GT: Added 2 fictional liveries
* Caper Monterey: spring rate for tire deformation adjusted

Build 405 (13/2/13, Senior Manager)
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed gold link error caused by missing codecs in the config manager
* Inital groundwork on YouTube capture/upload
* Fixed FXAA causing softening/blurring. Much sharper now!
* Additional fix for HUD hashing issue on camera modes
* Updated HUD data version
* Bug fix for mis-aligned tacho needle & missing HUD on round trip in game
* Azure circuit: Texture maps tweaked

Build 404 (12/2/13, Manager+)
* Besos GP: Fixed overly strict cut track on leftside of first turn esses per forum feedback
* Bologna Reverse: Fixed cut track at any corner entrance where the forward direction provided legal runoff areas that in reverse added to width of corner entrance
* Badenring Short: Fixed cut tracks at hairpin per forum feedback
* Besos National: Turn 2 outside. Extended cut tracks out onto sand trap to avoid cut track if you land there
* Monterey: Fine tuned cut tracks
* Pirault Mega SR: Fixed LODB skirts
* BMW M3 GT: Added 2 fictional liveries

Known Issues: We have a lot of issues with the HUD in this build, needles are mis-alligned, and going into a 2nd race the HUD with disappear from chase cam altogether.

Build 403 (11/2/13, Senior Manager)
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed crash on returning from race fix static cams set
* White edge artefacts when global specular irradiance is enabled, reduced by 70%
* Split include file to expose selected input definitions to scripts
* Removed unused viewport from dynamic envmap – to help avoid confusion when maintaining and comparing code
Debug Keys:
* Added debug key (ctrl+shift+L) to toggle driving line (must be enabled in gameplay options first of course)
* Placed new standing and sitting billboard crowds
* Groundwork checked in for Customisable HUD
* Eifelwald: Added tarmac seams at Doettinger Hohe, added/fixed loft issues between Hatzenbach and Hocheichen as per requested in WMD forum
* Solitude Rennstrrecke: New AIW
* Solitude Rennstrrecke: Changed texture
* Solitude Rennstrrecke: New export
* Northampton: Adjusted cut track to exclude most paved areas just beyond the grass strips lining the track
* Pagani Huayra: Front bumper grille UV fixed
* Pirault Mega: unlocked setup options
* Pirault Mega: removed wrong logo on gauges
* Pirault Mega: Updated LODA, added AO
* Fixed common tire tread direction

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Changelog (Febuary 4, 2013)

Modified skybox gamma
Added ability to specify that one part must break off before another does
Added “postrequisites”, other parts that must fall off if one part falls off.
Make front and rear flaps disappear if associated front and rear wings get detached.
Allow multiple (up to 4) prerequisites for detaching a part.

Allowed DRS zones to apply to race only or to all sessions. This should probably go in the RFM rather than the GDB: “RearFlapZoneSessions=16″ for race-only, “RearFlapZoneSessions=31″ for all sessions including test days.

Better tire abrasion computation.
More accurate ride height measurement (works on non-HAT surfaces now, too).
Small optimization in RealRoad processing.
Introduced tire rubber degradation model.
Realtime tire properties can no longer operate outside of their quasi-static analysis range (to prevent physics blow-ups when the tire gets really hot, for example).
In the tire tool, turn off wear as well if thermodynamics is disabled.
Temperature display added to +ttool realtime section.

Broke out car lateral movement detection into two parts, one for the front and one for the rear, so that algorithms could more accurately access the situation. The specific issue fixed was one where a car losing front grip would take a wider turn was not appropriate for chicanes based on the condition and position of it’s rear end.

Switched names of HUD mappings “Driving Aids” and “Vehicle Status” to match how they actually worked.
Added g-force trace and driving inputs to replay monitor page..
Fixed screenshots in UI.
Added RFM tree list and an RFM picture gizmo for new RFM tree list picker page.
Picking car again auto-selects the same class for opponents (accuracy depends somewhat on classes listed in the VEH).
Partly fixed the issue where you can sometimes see garage setups from other cars, although the real issue is an asset problem.
Fixed bug where main page vehicle display wouldn’t come up with the proper player vehicle until you select it from the vehicle selection page.

Fixed occasional crash-on-exit bug

Fixed it so that dedicated server defaults to previous RFM in list box.
Added upgrade-only classes to the list of available vehicle classes that the server can choose. This should fix the “Spark_F2B” (winged F2′s) problem.
Added custom skin propigation between clients in multiplayer game. In Multiplayer.ini “Download Custom Skins” must equal “1″ for the server and all clients (there is also a checkbox in the Display tab of the Settings pages). The custom skin path for your skin should look like, “\UserData\player\Settings\ISI_SkipBarber_2012\SKIPBARBER_05\” where “ISI_SkipBarber_2012″ is the name of the component this vehicle is from and “SKIPBARBER_05″ is the Veh file name (minus the “.veh”). NOTE: skin names must be less than 10 characters wide, not including extension.
Added dedicated server option to allow/disallow skin transfers.

Fixed reporting of tire longitudinal force to plugins
Fixed a problem in Max exporter when exporting vertex alpha from Vertex Paint modifier

Allow more than two visual tire compounds, and store/transmit that data in replay/multiplayer.
Fixed ancient bug that prevented replay fidelity from working exactly as intended.
Added code to not load a replay if the mod could not be loaded.

Fixed some sorting and display problems in ModMgr

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Build 397 (1/2/13, Junior Member+)
* Modified free camera controls as follows :
* made R and F keys move camera up and down
* made Q and E keys change speed of camera movement
* made Z and C keys roll camera left and right
* added mouse smoothing, and ctrl-M to toggle it (off by default)
* added mouse speed scaling (turn rate proportional to square root of movement speed) – off by default, toggled with num pad 0
* made numpad key actions continue working when ctrl or shift pressed
* disabled radius text display until thread safety issue can be addressed
* Stopped ctrl-pgup and ctrl-pgdn keys being applied when using free camera
* Tire.rg: reduced grip on slick_white. new, temporary street_limegreen test tire for BAC Mono
* Staro-Motors added to the Manufacturer Logos in-game
* Azure Circuit: Added conc side kerbs/drains, started to cut road under kerbs, reworked sidewalk/armco after Sainte Devote turn, merged in latest work from JanP, fixed csm, updated sel sets
* Moneterey: Fixed export sets and re-exported
* Emirates tracks (4 versions): Hand edit all the cut tracks. Because these tracks are 100% blacktop runoff everywhere the cut tracks extended way out the exits of all corners alowing liberal track cutting
* Milan: Adjusted kerbs, rumbles, fied collision issues
* Solitude Rennstrecke: New export
* Eifelwald: Changed camber at Metzgesfeld, further edited Brnnchen area, added missing visitor gate at Adenauer forst, darkened asphalt
* Bumped version of all vehicles for stat reset
* BMW M3 GT: Setup tweaks
* Staro SRS: First export added to game
* Staro SRS: Very basic physics work. added collision export
* Staro SRS: Added srcdata/physics files
* Staro SRS: AI audio setup and balance
* Staro SRS: Adding engine audio set
* Staro SRS: Added missing display texture
* Staro SRS: Fixed rear wing animation

Build 396 (31/1/13, Senior Manager)
* Removed command line option to use old tyre model
* Cloud movement keyed from time speed factor
* WTC edits adding cloud fog, cloud and cloud shadow speed (per speedup factor) and gsi multiplier
* Heavy fog condition added. Early wip
* Tire.rg: street cars now using RRF-G carcass. street_green overhauled. slick_green potential lazy slide fix. WIP slick_white changes
* Monterey: Remodelled kerbs to try and fix collision issues, added pit triggers, fixed export set problems
* Wisconsin Raceway: New textures for wet tracks
* Azure Circuit: Tweaked emm. map
* Azure Circuit: New textures
* Azure circuit: Updated maps into common folder
* Eifelwald: Added wetroad effect to Eiffelwald
* Moravia: Added trigger (pitin adn pitout), fixed start trigger bug
* Solitude Rennstrecke: New export
* Gumpert apollo: setup tweaks to reduce oversteer
* Caterham SP300R: setup tweaks to reduce understeer
* BMW M3 E30: setup and other tweaks to stabilize rear end
* Ford Focus RS: Added first export
* Ford Focus RS: First pass at FWD physics

Build 395 (30/1/13, Senior Manager)
* Fixed bug caused by typo
* Fix for missing race sounds when qualifying. Race sounds are started when the session starts, to cover for Qualifying loading but skipping the pre-race sequence (the race sounds are normally started from that)
* Wisconsin Raceway: Completley new AIW to match the updated geometry. Track widths and some corner radii changed. Updated 64 car grid from the previous 3 per row to 2 per row for narrower front straight width
* Milan: New export
* Azure Circuit: New textures
* Solitude Rennstrecke: New export

Build 394 (29/1/13, Manager+)
* Fix incorrect track name on race overview screen
* Also added weather and time progression applinks
* HUD lap-info now updating on advance session
* Carbon bodywork shader – TSnormal usage corrected + rain support enhanced – droplets sampler settings changed – texture will use mipmaps now (avoiding noise on distant cars), Added scale factor (selfReflection)to prevent raindrop reflections going through bodywork, thereby reducing the over-bright droplets on shadowed side of the car
* Sakitto: Added trigger,pitin and pitout, (fixes qualifying bug), fixed csm, unused ammended collsions removed
* Badenring:Fixed Missing and overlapping road issues
* Heusden: Fixed overlayblend edges textures, added grass skids, added missing graveledges, fixed mapping on kerbedges, added missing trackedge parts
* Milan: Texturemap exposure adjusted
* Milan: Treewalls texture update
* Misc cut track corridor adjustments made per WMD forum feedback at the following tracks: Badenring GP, Badenring National, Belgian Forest, Besos GP, Connecticut Hill, Connecticut Hill Short, Monterey
* BMW M3 GT: Fixed custom livery support

Build 393 (28/1/13, Senior Manager)
Game Modes:
* Enable first pass at qualifying
* Derby: Removed some branding from a texture
* Memphis: Fixed cut tracks issues in turns
* Besos National: New AIW to address changed geometry here from last AIW creation. Fixes the cut track issues too
* Badenring: Added, wet track gravel, kerbs and fixes to mapping
* Azure Circuit: Added road markings along the tunnel
* Azure circuit: New texture map
* Heusden: Added tracklight file

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Build 392 (25/1/13, Team Member+)
* Freecam speed controls modified so that the speed varies smoothly from one to another, rather than instantly snapping.
* Freecam modifications for providing “similar rotation around a pivot” to that found in chase cam, and using the same control keys.
* Scripted controller detection: Added dialog handling functionality to script interface. Added some detection dialog related entries to the text database
* ScriptCompiler: Fixed conflicts between class and namespace names when nested classes are defined in script headers
* ScriptCompiler: Fixed database dependency problems caused by nested class handling
* ScriptCompiler: Allowed non-explicit constants (e.g. constant data vars, enums) to be passed as event arguments
* ScriptCompiler: Added ‘Constant Expected’ error for handling unsuitable event arguments
* ScriptCompiler: Increased database version number to
* ScriptCompiler: Added parsing of const pointer types to header parser (e.g ‘void * const’)
* ScriptCompiler: Reworded non-fatal database error messages to prevent VS2010 from stopping compilation unnecessarily
* Scribe: Added cMessage.SendTo() to expose sending of messages to specific script instances
* Tire.rg: revised slick tire for the GT cars and LM11
* Azure Circuit: Added more or less all road marking, left to add them along the tunnel. Started to add conc drain along the road. Reworked swimming pool kerb, added conc drain, cut the road mesh below them, remapped. Reworked anthony noghes kerb, cut the road mesh below them, fixed armco, remapped.
Fixed mirabeau hairpin sidewalk and wall, grass, trees,first step it needs some more fixes. Set flags for all new objects. Merged in latest assets from JanP. Updated csm. Updated sel sets
* Heusden: Fixed further uvstretching on another hillside terrain part
* Heusden: Added pitstuff
* Heusden: Added nightskyring
* Heusden: Heusden, added wetroad effects, on roads, trackside tarmacs, kerbs, gravelbeds, added working tracklights back to track, fixed aliasing on skydome and closed minigaps
* Derby: Repostioned the 38 garage spots 1-2meters left for changed garage geometry. Car can exit without hitting right wall now. Also move start grid positions back 1 space to align with all start box graphics
* Milan: Improved outer terrain, mapped slopes, fixed garages collision, added missing wall, adjusted trees and bushes position accordance with terrain changes
* BMW M3 GT: Custom Livery support added
* BMW M3 GT: Added 2 works liveries
* BMW M1: fixed livery names
* BMW M1: changed hands pose to more relaxed one
* BMW M1: Changed rims on some liveries
* Caterham R500: fixed typo in rear suspension geometry
* Asano LM11: non-forward drag values from CFD. collision offset hack for curb issues.
* BMW Z4 GT3: Non-forward drag values from CFD. Collision offset hack to reduce curb issues.
* Asano X4, BMW M1, JPLM, Racers: collision offset hack to reduce curb issues

Build 391 (24/1/13, Senior Manager)
* Eifelwald: Fixed found gaps and fixed one hard bump issue in roadCSM
* Moravia: New vertical brake markers added to dynamic bank and placed on track (export files + scene files)
* Azure circuit: New texture map
* Derby: Fixed dark colour issue on problem gravel area
* Northampton: More garage interiors added, garage doors opened, garage collisions updated, ammended collisions added
* Solitude Rennstrecke: Collision bug fixed and new export
* Deleted redundant “skin” materials

Build 390 (23/1/13, Senior Manager)
* Tyre contact patch domain sizing optimization
* Fy twist flex mode
* FB rev on tires
* Derby: Reduced brightness/spec on kerbs
* Moravia: Moved Pitlane assets closer to garages
* Moravia: Added missing assets, ammended collision for pitstuff
* Solitude Rennstrecke: New export

*KNOWN ISSUES:* The new Solitude export has missing collision mesh, meaning you will fall through the ground at all times. It is not testable in this build

Build 389 (22/1/13, Manager+)
Bug Fixes:
* Fix for replay mode getting stuck when viewing from a Season. Season post-race screen had changed to use the standard one, so replay was trying to return to the wrong screen
* Added missing brace to bodywork2_skinned.fx
* Fix for multi-face billboard shader problems with self shadowing intersecting the billboard and causing highly visible straight lines where they cut through
* Fixed character normal map not working at all when using basic_billboard shader
* Fixed merge error in shader code
* Derby: Added wet track materials and shadow fences
* Derby: New textures
* Milan: Improved green concretes, added normal maps on road wet surfaces, added ground cover files
* Milan: Added ground cover files
* Bodywork2.fx – droplets sampler settings changed – texture will use mipmaps now (avoiding noise on distant cars), Added scale factor (selfReflection)to prevent raindrop reflections going through bodywork, thereby reducing the over-bright droplets on shadowed side of the car
* Rain droplets texture – mipmaps generated – avoiding noisy rain drops on distant cars
* Racer V8: non-forward drag values from Falcon CFD

Build 388 (21/1/13, Senior Manager)
* Added null pointer protection within debug line functions to prevent crash
* Groundwork for scripted controller detection/calibration
* Moravia: Added pit and tracklights, missing start gantry, missing start Hut, missing overtrack gantries, pitlane stuff and interiors for the rooms above garages
* Moravia: New export to add textures second try
* Sakitto: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates
* Belgian Forest Circuit: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates for
* Northampton: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates
* Wisconsyn Raceway: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates
* Lakeville Raceway: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates
* Eifelwald: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates
* Milan Modern & Historic: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates
* Monterey: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates
* Derby: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates
* California Highway: Adding static emap co-ordinates
* Badenring modern & historic: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates for
* Solitude Rennstrecke: New export
* BMW M1: Added liveries 1/2 names
* BMW M1: new Procar livery

pCARS logo

Bug Fixes:
* Fix for an alt tab crash. The crash was caused by not updating the emap rendertargets
* Slick_white tread modified. New drag figures for Racer L4. Setup tweaks and suspension fix for BMW M3 E30
* Milan: Fixed road and terrain geometry, and collisions, improved gravels, added wet surfaces for concrete and kerbs, merged latest assets
* Azure Circuit: Added sainte devote twall, fixed csm, merged in latest assets from JanP, updated sel sets
* Azure Circuit: Added some more road marking, fixed sainte devote area/barriers, deleted/rescaled old wrong stuff, fixed csm,replaced trees/bushes
* Azure Circuit: New textures
* BMW M3 GT2: Alpha2 driver animations
* BMW M1: Disabled damage vector for pop up headlights
* BMW M3 E30: Fixed windscreen textures

pCARS logo

Derby: Repositioned objects so as not to intersect with fences
Derby: Repositioned red bins so as not to intersect with fences
Derby: New export containing wirefences and fence poles
Derby: New fence textures
Solitude Rennstrecke: Added track to the game
Solitude Rennstrecke: Renamed Solitude to correct name
Solitude Rennstrecke: Tracklist name updated
Solitude Rennstrecke: Track logos updated
Solitude Rennstrecke: Changed the trd track name
Solitude Rennstrecke: Deleted wrongly named track
Solitude Rennstrecke: New baisc AIW with main path, corridors, and 15 start spots
Solitude Rennstrecke: Updated TRD to fix naming and menu position. Also increased the Max AI to 15 to go with the new temp AIW from Doug
Azure Circuit: Duplicate object deleted
Azure Circuit: New textures addition
Azure Circuit: Added some more things to the nibox stuff, rails, gates and some more minor stuff+fix mapping where needed and added new textures. Started to create road markings, using as ref latest 2012 gp. Created needed textures, splines, lofting, mapping and conforming to the road surface
Azure Circuit: Added some more road markings, added latest MichalB works, tunnel
Milan: Add latest assets from JanP, add latest assets from TomT, fix tribunes position
Milan: Fix levitate trees
Milan: Add new textures for stands00_loda
Northampton: Some materials adjusted
Ford Capri Group 5: AI audio fix
Ford Capri Group 5: Fixed clipping doors
Ford Capri Group 5: Exported with chassis textures, fixed various issues
BMW M1: Fixed RCF typo
BMW M1: Added wheel variations
BMW M1: Added contest winning livery PSD files
BMW M1: Added contest winning liveries to the game
Asano LM11: Partial fix for broken suspension animation/floating tire bug

pCARS logo

Build 377 (4/1/13, Junior Member+)
Bug Fixes:
Uppercase to lowercase bug of texturemap name fixed
Azure Circuit: New textures for nibox building
Azure Circuit: Remapped nibox building complex, optimized mesh, added windows frames where needed and some more details, first textures pass, rebaked ao

Build 376 (3/1/13, Senior Manager)
Fix for FWD FFB Issues.
Fix divide by zero bug in FFB
Bug Fixes:
Dynamic objects fix for hitting brake markers assert
Azure Circuit: Updated ao map for nibox building
Milan: New texture map
Milan: Added viewer placed lights for milan tracks
Milan: Added flares and trackside assets to Milan tracks
Milan: Fixed tree postions intersecting with tribunes
Northampton: More grassedge blends added, skidoverlay flicker fixed, breakmarkers added, fixed more T-junction gaps on road
Belgian Forest Kart Circuit: test adding micro-undulations to road surface
Ariel Atoms: Re-export of suspension animation data
Ford GT40 MkIV: Body template initial check in
Ford GT40 MkIV: Slight shape update, lower nose
BMW Z4 GT3: Fix for recent crash reports. left door had zero mass

pCARS logo

* First pass on Kart 01
* Moravia: Removed truck lights
* Moravia: AO and emmissive fixed on some assets, added static and physic objects (cars, tents, cones, trucks), added floodlights, fixed pit spot spawning points
* Moravia: New textures addition
* Moravia: More lights in the occupied areas
* Moravia: First pass of night lighting
* Moravia: Added more static objects around start area, also added floodlights
* Heusden: Fixed gaps, added missing bridges, tweaked garages
* Heusden: Night lighting added, also dynamic objects
* Belgian Forest: Added marbles
* Belgian Forest: Wetroad effects effects tweaked to fix visible joins between different tarmacs
* Bathurst: Marble effects added
* Ford GT40 MkIV: Collision updates. Minor body shape update
* Ford GT40 MkIV: Minor fixes on doors shape
* Ford GT40 MkIV: Added lightglows and placeholder lights setup

pCARS logo

* Fix for ghosts not loading on consoles
* Don’t wait for stat submit if not signed in
* Bumped version of all vehicles for Friday’s stat reset
* Milan Short/GP: Add latest assets from TomT, add latest assets from JanP, fixed podium model, remaping some parts, add spec map for monastery, add concrete textures for bridge parts
* Heusden: Added assets, garage interiors, updated pitlane collisions, added emissive maps for pitlane buildings
* Milan Update textures and nmp map
* Belgian Forest Circuit: Added wetroad effects
* Bathurst: Wet track and racingline added to road, kerbs, gravel, drain. Gaps found at wall fixed
* Bathurst: Additional texturemaps
* Moravia: Textures update
* Moravia: Added new version grandstands, gas station, reworked back side of garages
* Azure Circuit: More work on the portier area, added new stuff, new textures, better fixed old buidlings, reworked mirabeau walls, added latest nibox stuff under the mirabeau, replaced/added trees/bushes around this area
* Monterey: Added wet road effects
* Common: Tweaked wet road effect textures of drain and astroturf
* BMW Z4 GT3: 2012 24H BMW works livery – added THX FANS to car 19
* Ford GT40 MkIV: Small aero tweak
* Ford GT40 MkIV: Added LODD and used it as placeholder for LODs B and C. Many fixes from testing in game. Collision updated, detachables working, joints fixed
* Ford GT40 MkIV: Adding GT40 AI audio
* Ford GT40 MkIV: Updating GT40 sound set with latest load curves, filtering, EQ and compression. Plus subwave, vibration and exhaust res
* Racers: Revised physics using as much real world data as possible
* Palmer Jag: Fixed ride height detection points

Build 373 (20/12/12, Senior Manager)
Build 372 (19/12/12, Senior Manager)
Build 371 (18/12/12, Manager+)
Build 370 (13/12/12, Team Member+)
Build 369 (13/12/12, Senior Manager)
Build 368 (12/12/12 Senior Manager)
Build 367 (11/12/12, Manager+)
Build 366 (10/12/12, Senior Manager)
Build Release Notes

rf2 logo

Fixed problem on some AMD video cards where black squares would appear if bloom was used.
Fixed problem with reflections offsets for mesh hierarchies.
Fixed flashing shadows.
Now allowing users to run the sim even if below minimum video mem requirements.
Fix in usage of.hdp files for viewer.
Fixed issue where mirrors get corrupted if we either had zero vehicles temporarily or alternately the only vehicle in the session has its graphics reloaded.
Add some better defaults for LDR rendering.
Potential fix for graphics corruption after screen shot.
Re-disabled transparency AA until all mods can be properly updated.


Water/oil temps or oil/fuel/boost pressures now using metric units in the INI files in order to match the rest of the simulation.

Fixed “resume from replay” issue where safety car would drive off despite not being active.

Fixed a potential crash in a spinner.
Added info to show in the controller setup that controls for time accel, framerate, and CPU automatically use the Ctrl key.
Halved the size of the pop-up icons (rf logo, Ai control, & plug ins initializing).

Skip recomputation of AIW parameters if nothing changed.
No longer rebuilding collision every single time, which should reduce load times a bit.
Make “none” HDR profile stick between track loads.
Booting Transparent Trainer will no longer crash; however, it will always come right back unless you disable it in the UI.

Fixed problem where dedicated server couldn’t load RealRoad files and forgot the weather settings.
Added an icon that conveys the state of downloaded custom skin for a particular slot. grey = queued, redish purple = downloading, green = successfully downloaded, black = failed download.
Hopefully fixed issue where servers stopped accepting new clients, often after one of those “? is removed” messages.

Use +ui=NONE on the rFactor2 Dedicated.exe to start with no user interface. +ui=CONSOLE for console interface and +ui=WIN32 (default) for Windows interface.
The following command have been added to rFactor2 Dedicated.exe’s console user interface.



Hopefully fixed replay smoke issue, but needs to be tested in multiplayer as well. Changes replay format!

Fixed bug in SampleSM3.gfx which caused viewer to hang on startup.
Fixed a problem with Mas2 stalling when losing focus on Windows XP.
Tidied up some UI bugs in Mas2.
Updated ModMode.exe UI disaply page to match retail exe
Fixed a bug in Max plugins which caused a crash in Win XP

Start rFactor2 Dedicated.exe with a console UI by selecting the check box on the Advanced Tab

გვერდი ოფ. საიტიდან  – ISI

pCARS logo

* XSession is now created around single player Xbox 360 games (required for stat submit
* Implemented hiding of cars which have quit from multiplayer
* Fixed problems relating to setting Logitech active wheel range in combination with calibration.
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed ‘edit controls’ screen not showing screen flow correctly
* Heusden: Added some assets, buildings, bridges
* Moravia: New mesh and interior for the main tower, baked lightmap for garage interiors + UV fixes
* Moravia: Textures update
* Milan: Fix some text ads on the textures
* Milan Short: Add latest assets from TomT and checked lod popping
* Milan GP: Add bridge6006 and stands03 and checked lod popping [P4Utils.PerforceEdit v1.0.0.0]
* Milan: Added new textures for mz_bridge6006_loda
* Harrison Pike Raceway: Updated LOD distances definition for crowds
* Connecticut Hill: Updated LOD distances definition for crowds
* Harrison Pike Raceway: Placed flag wavers at grandstands
* Connecticut Hill: Placed flag wavers
* Derby National: Fixed csm and open ends on barriers/tyrestacks/armcos
* Derby GP: Fixed csm and open ends on barriers/tyrestacks/armcos
* BMW M1: fixed inverted ride height sliders
* BMW Z4 GT3: added contest winning liveries
* Motec LCD colour & light switching using headlight toggle. Including display cycle using new input (no cars yet checked in)

rf2 logo

მთავარ სიახლეს ამ განახლების, წარმოადგენს Skip Barber Formula 2000 და ტრეკი Lime Rock Park  განახლება ამ ს სამწუხაროთ, ლაუნჩერიდან განახლება არ მოხდება. როგორც დაგვპირდნენ, მომდევნო ბილდიდან უკვე შესაძლებელი იქნება ლაუნჩერიდანვე განახლება. უფრო დაწვრილებით და გადმოსაწერათ, ეწვიეთ ბმულს –ISI rf 2 Build 125

ხოლო ამ ორ ახალ კონტეკტის შესახებ დამატებითი ინფორმაციის მიღებისთვის აგდადით გვერდზე – Skip Barber Formula 2000  და Lime Rock Park

Build notes:
Improved lighting in car paint shaders
Fixed a bug with generating bboxs for procedural meshes, which was causing problems with shadows
Leaf wind now working again in shaders
HDR profiles are again active; packaged profiles will be auto loaded from track component mas files; user-defined profiles are loaded from Player\Settings\track_layout dir
HDR profiles can be loaded from the Settings menu in the real-time monitor
prevent ‘Auto Detail FPS’ from LOD’ing the currently viewed vehicle
Added support for loading user shaders
Attempt to improve LOD level flashing while regulating frame rate
Re-enabled transparency AA setting
Fixed issue with visual tire wear on AI vehicles

Fixed/changed behavior where we wouldn’t use weather settings unless you had actually visited the weather settings page; this was confusing so we always use your saved weather settings now.
Made track-cutting thresholds configurable in the GDB.

Fixed some RealRoad setting issue and uninitialized data if file couldn’t be read. Note that we had to add a checksum to RealRoad files so the format has changed slightly.

fixed a bug where AI ignored pit strategy needs while out on track.
fixed issue of AI cars constantly trying to pit for tires if the only tire compound available is a wet road compound.
added two new variables for AI to the RCD files “UnderSteerEffectOnThrottleMulti” which you can raise higher than 100 if you want AI to more quickly get off throttle when he detects understeer & “UnderSteerEffectOnLineMulti” which you can raise lower than 100 if you want AI to more quickly adjust line wide when he detects understeer.
hopefully improved AI trainer tendency to spin on high speed corners by lengthening distance we look ahead for disappearing road and slowing rate of lateral movement based on how much lower than 1.0 new RCD parameter “UnderSteerEffectOnLineMulti” is.

added code that hopefully prevents un-selectable (according to the veh file) cars being selectable
fixed event picking bug when a MOD with multiple updates has multiple versions of some events
fixed bug in HUD editor that had mismatched global parameters.
Made RFM picker scroll in when ARAC button is selected.
fixed extra character being drawn for newlines in the garage notes
Add selectable HDR profiles to settings page
Added a new Options Button to select “All Tracks & Cars”. Also removed “All Track & Cars” mod from the spinner.
Added version numbers to RFM, VEH, & track selection gizmos.
Fix for showroom not loading first time through
added gizmo to off-line player monitor page that lets you pick specific AI to add to game.
made the “leave track” gizmo from the maximized monior page into a new gizmo type that hides itself if no in the dedicated replay mode.
changed the vehicle labels font to a true type font (to hopefully catch all the foreign characters)

Fixed problem where upgrades didn’t work first time after installation
fixed potential deadlock when adding or booting AI in single-player mode
Fixed a bug to allow mas’d sounds to be loaded in moddev mode

Fixed it so client gets message if they are being kicked out due to vehicle upgrades changing their class to a disallowed type. Also added to the message what the allowed classes are.

Now also resetting steering wheel range whenever ‘Reset FFB’ is pressed.
Bumped up maximum number of controllers from 4 to 6.
Added logging and potential fix for problem where people sometimes lose keyboard input.

We continue to recommend not releasing plugins based on V05 of the interface until it is considered final.

Added ability to resume a session from a replay, which acts like a continuous save file. You can choose any car at any point in the session. While you can use a replay of a multiplayer session, you can currently only resume it as a single-player session. Note that the replay is not and will never be a “perfect” save file, and currently there are some vehicle states that are not properly restored, in particular the state of your tires. Note also that this feature changes the replay format and is not backwards compatible.

Fixed a bug in Mas2 with crashing during mod install
Fix for viewer to support no dyn vbuf
Removed confirm dialogs from Mas2 for mas’ing and packaging components and mods
Changed multi-cmp file extension to .rfcmp

Minor changes made to improve meshmender tangent basis generation
Alternate tangent basis generation is now available, this may be a better choice in certain cases, but most likely won’t be
gMaterial plugin now only requires .GFX (shader description) files, complete shader code is no longer necessary to get shader list
gMaterial plugin now prompts (first time only) for location of .GFX files or MAS file containing .GFX files
gMaterial plugin now searches all MAS files in the GFX file location for shader desc files
gMaterial plugin has a “Reset Shader Location” button at the bottom, after restarting 3DS Max, you will be prompted again for shader desc file location
Added fix for loading mas’d sounds in mod mode
RealRoad loading dev-mode fix, plus a slightly forgiving checksum for RealRoad files in case track makers make minor tweaks to vert locations for seams or whatnot
fixed corner cutting corridor manipulation to match regular corridor manipulation (moves 10 times faster and left alt to slow it down)
made changes so that you can adjust Message center and chat fonts on the fly from HUD editor.

Added sample vertex and pixel shaders in Moddev\Shared which demonstrate how to use ISI macros in add-on shaders





pCARS logo

* Player reset “track clear” distance set at 150m (was 30m).
* Fix for 360 attributes changed callbacks not working correctly
* 360 Host Migration work, Host Migration now working. Roundtrip work, can now enter and leave games and roundtrip to different lobbies etc without crashing
* Xbox 360 stat submit fix
* Fixed stat flag to correctly contain information about non-default setup in multiplayer races.
* Labels for disconnected participants will not be painted.
* Possible fix for reported tranny whine issues with Ariel Atom
* Milan Short: Add radiotower into master scene
* Milan GP: Add radiotower into master scene
* Milan Short: Add wip big glass grandstand and merge latest TomT stuff
* Milan GP: Add wip big glass grandstand and merge latest TomT stuff
* Milan: Add new textures
* Moravia: Texture update for the tower
* Moravia: Reworked whole pit building, added emmissive
* Moravia: New textures addition
* Heusden: Fixed shadow issues, added part back side of podium building, fixed gaps
* Heusden: Added pitbuildings, assets, bridges
* Azure Circuit: Reworked the whole part below the pitarea, red asphalt, so tobac corner area-piscine-rascasse
* Azure Circuit: Added new textures
* Static Objects: Reduced count of aerial assets
* BMW Z4 GT3: boosted FFB tyre force multiplier. Default setup change for less corner-exit oversteer

* Player reset “track clear” distance set at 150m (was 30m).
* Fix for 360 attributes changed callbacks not working correctly
* 360 Host Migration work, Host Migration now working. Roundtrip work, can now enter and leave games and roundtrip to different lobbies etc without crashing
* Xbox 360 stat submit fix
* Fixed stat flag to correctly contain information about non-default setup in multiplayer races.
* Labels for disconnected participants will not be painted.
* Possible fix for reported tranny whine issues with Ariel Atom
* Milan Short: Add radiotower into master scene
* Milan GP: Add radiotower into master scene
* Milan Short: Add wip big glass grandstand and merge latest TomT stuff
* Milan GP: Add wip big glass grandstand and merge latest TomT stuff
* Milan: Add new textures
* Moravia: Texture update for the tower
* Moravia: Reworked whole pit building, added emmissive
* Moravia: New textures addition
* Heusden: Fixed shadow issues, added part back side of podium building, fixed gaps
* Heusden: Added pitbuildings, assets, bridges
* Azure Circuit: Reworked the whole part below the pitarea, red asphalt, so tobac corner area-piscine-rascasse
* Azure Circuit: Added new textures
* Static Objects: Reduced count of aerial assets
* BMW Z4 GT3: boosted FFB tyre force multiplier. Default setup change for less corner-exit oversteer

Bug Fixes:
* Fix for array out of bounds crash.
* Quick fixes for dialog cleanup
* Close dialogs in key assign screen
* Added ‘CloseAllDialogs’ to dialog manager
* Do not add dialogs from the add list if they are already set to close
* New GUIDialog and GUIDialogManager system
* Clamp the index of app ID applied to physics participant to prevent participant being spawned with invalid info / id
* Disable dynamic track element updates in track overview (not required currently and in old AI codebase)
* Added missing trackOverview cleanup code from reinstated AI systems
* Added rolling start driver mode fix to old AI system
* Default setup changes and small tire updates based on 350+351 feedback. Affects Ariel Atoms, Asano X4 & LM11, Z4 GT3, Gumpert, Caterham Classic
* Azure Circuit: Added latest works from MJ, refixed tunnel near the rascasse, deleted some objects around the MJ area and added a temp wall along a sec road
* Azure Circuit: Common art/new texture for azure circuit
* Azure Circuit: Added latest works from MJ,DavidB,DavidR. Some more works from my side round the tobac saintdevote, harbour/docks, seabed/sea, materials, textures
* Wisconsin: XML files crowds and trees
* Milan : Add new textures for Bridge01
* Milan: Add some little detail on textures for the toilets
* Heusden: Added new assets
* Heudsen: New texture map, 1st commit
* Moravia: New textures for garage interior
* RCF files and build script updated with “autoskin” naming
* Modified glass shader so that extra wiper layer is optional, this fixes an issue with headlights not lighting up correctly on certain car models due to conflicting UV channel usage
* Fixed shader compile error which occurred when there was rain but no crumple damage
* Added alphatest support to vehicles_basic_translucent.fx runtime shader
* BMW M1 Procar: Cockpit2(alpha) DDS texture. All new texture
* BMW M1 Procar: Cockpit2(alpha) DDS texture. Resaved with correct(DXT5) format
* BMW M1 Procar: Steering wheel PSD textures. All new textures to replace placeholder ones
* BMW M1 Procar: Cockpit DDS texture. All new glow textur
* GUMPERT apollo: Fixed rain windscreen (added wiper flag to material)

+ Gallery #41