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The work on version 2.005 is finished and we present it to you. It doesn’t bring as many changes as the last version did, but it does bring a new, long awaited Collector Plane – the Soviet Yak-1b fighter. My personal feelings about this plane is that it is a pleasure to fly and it completes a maneuver strictly and precisely, be it a barrel roll or a loop. It is highly maneuverable, handles predictably during all flight phases and doesn’t make a pilot life more miserable than it has to be. Its powerful weaponry gives it a kick while the pilot will enjoy the excellent field of view in spite of Soviet plexiglass quality being inferior to German or American materials. A Yak-1b pilot is significantly more protected from small caliber bullets and shell fragments when compared to earlier fighters. And the most important thing is that it is beautiful! :)
We further refined FFB effects creating a wider range of vibrations for different situations such as firing guns, takeoff and landings and collisions or crashes. We also eliminated some delays in FFB when time is accelerated. And finally, we smoothed out the FFB effects for control surfaces. Working on it wasn’t easy since these joysticks have significant individual peculiarities, but we do like the result, especially how the FFB effects work on the Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 and the Logitech G940.
We continue working together with community member I./ZG1_Panzerbar and in version 2.005 we include some corrected official historical skins of the Bf-109 E-7 and Bf-109 G-2. Be sure to check them out – they turned out to be great. Aircraft skin makers in Russia work in some brutal conditions! :)
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Changes and additions in the new version:
1. Yak-1b series 127 added. All players who purchased it can fly it while any player could select it as an AI ally or foe. It will be added to Battle of Kuban campaign when it is released;
2. Additional improvements for better support of adding, partial removing, replacing, ID changing of various controllers;
3. Bf 109 E-7 skins corrected by the community member I./ZG1_Panzerbar (thank you!);
4. Bf 109 G-2 skins corrected by the community member I./ZG1_Panzerbar (thank you again!);
5. After additional research and charts and photographs comparison, MiG-3 kinematics were corrected (turn angle increased, shock strut in released position is closer to vertical), resulting in somewhat tighter turn radius during taxiing;
6. Thanks to the new document submitted by Italian community (grazie!) MC.202 gun sight was corrected;
7. Critical AoA reduced for LaGG-3 with extended flaps according to reference;
8. Air drag of underwing MGs on MiG3 corrected (reduced);
9. Ju-88 rear gear retraction in case of canceled gear extending was fixed;
10. Force Feedback shaking on taxi and takeoff improved;
11. Force Feedback effects should no longer ‘stuck’ after mission end, pilot death, bailing out, etc.;
12. Constant FFB vibration during flight on Yak-1 series 69 and Bf 110 E-2 fixed;
13. Flare fire sound in a closed cockpit restored;
14. A way to cheat without using memory hacking software by making an aircraft invulnerable has been removed;
15. A way to cheat without using memory hacking software by making an aircraft cockpit invisible for improved view without using memory hacking software has been removed;
16. Start points in QMB on Moscow map were moved closer to airfields;
17. Concrete taxiways texture improved;
18. Trees removed from winter Gumrak airfield parking areas;
19. Ground near taxiways flattened. In addition, grass was removed from aircraft spawn points on Moscow map airfields.
By community request, here is a short instruction on how to preserve key and axis bindings (for example, in a case of a complete reinstall):
1. You need to back up these files:
2. In case of installing from scratch, restore these files from your backup, replacing the existing ones.
3. This would work if you have the same controllers connected.
IMPORTANT: because of these changes, device mappings may mix up after updating to 2.005. They can be fixed by changing device IDs in this file:
Only change the parameter highlighted in red:
While working on Battle of Kuban, we plan to continue to improve the control system, namely making key and axis mapping more convenient and increase its capabilities.
With this update, we take another step in our development plan and we have many more updates to come in the near future and all next year. We appreciate your continued support and assistance!

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Hello everyone!

Today we’ll show a bit of Ju 88 A-4. The plane is shaping up and it turns out to be an interesting one.

First, it has a rich instruments array. Second, it can carry a huge bomb load, almost as heavy as He 111, but Ju 88 is actually a dive bomber, thus it can deliver its bombs with significantly better accuracy. Third, there are interesting engineering decisions that appear in our sim for a first time, for example, radial radiators positioning around engines or significant armor protecting the gunners. Fourth, this bomber can carry up to 44 50 kg bombs, no other plane in the sim can carry so many. Fifth, unlike He 111 H-6, its turrets are armed with MG-81 belt fed machine guns with high rate of fire that allow a thicker defensive fire curtain.

In addition, last week our engineers tested the planes turn time and climb rate, so we updated the Dev Diary #123 with the corrected data. Fw 190 flight model was also corrected (thanks to [I.B.]ViRUS for his cool find of additional Fw 190 A-4 Lift-Drag curves) so its turn tume and climb rate correspond to the reference better.

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სხვა მნიშვნელოვან სიახლეებთან ერთათ, საყურადღებლოა რელიზი ახალი რუკის Channel map და Felixstowe F2A. ორივეს შეძენა შესაძლებელია ოფ. საიტზე. ასევე მიმდინარეობს 50% -ანი საშოაბაო ფასდაკლება კონტენტებზე… ცვლილებების სრული ჩაონათვალი –

Features list of version 1.029

1. English Channel map for Quick Mission
2. Felixstowe F2A hydroplane was added
3. Official skins pack v.1.029 was approved
4. Community fictional skins pack vol.13 was approved
5. Community historical skins pack vol.13 was approved
6. AI fighters now stop pursuing when they can’t overspeed their target in chasing
7. Experienced AI figther leaders now waiting for laggard wingmen and even fly back to straggler if waiting was not helpful
8. AI leaders now keep throttle a bit lower than 100% in climb to allow wingmen to keep formation
9. Balloon attack pattern of AI fighters was improved
9. Light haze was added to all weathers
10. High landscape quality setting now is providing more details on terrain texture
11. Adjustable stabilizer was added on DH4, RE8, Sopwith Triplane, S.E.5, Bristol Fighters

Change list of version 1.029

1. BW12 “fantom collisions” bug was fixed
2. Collision system was improved; collision check is more precise now
3. German spinning anemometers now shows TAS, as they should.
4. Problems with saving snapviews was solved
5. BW12 gunner idle position was improved
6. Quick Mission altitude setting reset to 3.1km was corrected
7. Winched down balloons are no more attacked by AI fighters
8. Sharpen Picture, Dither Vegetation and High Contrast options were removed from settings
9. Save As function of Mission Editor is not adding incorrect “.msnbin” text to file name anymore
10. Missing wing part on one of the LODs of Breguet was fixed
11. Mission loading time for low-end and mid-end PCs was improved
12. Barrel covering on Bristol single-Lewis turret was corrected

Important notes:

1. Due to graphics innovations the necessity of graphics settings reset have appeared. Regarding to this, we ask you to take in count that after update to 1.029 you will need to re-enter your login, password and reassign graphics and sound settings
2. Due to changes in mission format, which is caused by implementation of 3D water and other reasons, your old Flight Records will not replay. You need to delete .msnbin files from \data\Tracks – this should restore ability to replay these records. You should do the same with your custom missions which you have created in Mission Editor (delete .msnbin files, open and re-save your missions in Editor)
3. The take off from hydrodromes on Channel map is available only while wind is less than 2m/s, winds more than this will cause waves which will not allow you to takeoff and land safely
4. The take off from water is available only if all planes on your side are hydroplanes and if there only one friendly flight is presented
5. The Career of Channel map is in development and it will be ready in 1st quarter of 2013
6. It’s important to understand, that Channel map was created with using of new modern technologies and presenting of the 3D water is lowering performance for low-end and for mid-end PCs in compare with old maps
7. If you still want to use old options like “High Contrast” or “Sharpen Image”, than edit your startup.cfg, post_contrast = 1, post_sharpen = 1. “Dither Vegetation” now is automaticaly enables when SuperSampling is on
8. Adjustible stabilizer is controlled by RCtrl+ArrowUp / RCtrl+ArrowDown in default controls mapping. If you’re using your existing controls map – you may assign it by yourself in Controls section of the options





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Felixstowe F.2A – ის დაუსრულებელი ვერსიის სურათები. განხილვა ფორუმზე – RoF Felixstowe F.2A [WIP]