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Game version 2.006 discussion: DX11, Ju52, Bf109G4, Scripted Campaign, “10 Days of Autumn”
Dear Pilots,

today is one of the most important days in our project history. We just released the update containing several key features that open up new possibilities and future pesrpective.

First, this is Bf 109 G-4 release, the release of the first aircraft for Battle of Kuban, meaning that Early Access for Battle of Kuban just started. From now on, Battle of Kuban owners will receive regular updates that will gradually add more BoK content as it gets ready.
Second, the game now uses DirectX 11 renderer. This is an important milestone. It brings mainly performance gains, but it also opens up many possibilities for improving visuals.
Third, Ju-52/3m g4e is released. This aircraft brings many new gameplay features. Three new mission types for the current campaign – paradrop, cargo paradrop and cargo delivery. They can be used in complex multiplayer missions as well.
Fourth, new Scripted Campaign mode has been added and everyone can create and distribute campaigns, We’ll tell you about how it’s done in coming Dev Diaries.
Fifth, the first official scripted campaign made by Alexander -BlackSix- Timoshokov, “Ten Days of Autumn”, has been released. This historical campaign tells about the events of one of the German squadrons during the Battle of Moscow.

You can see full text and visual materials on our forum:

Дорогие пользователи!

Сегодня важнейший день в истории нашего проекта. Сегодня мы выпускаем версию, включающую несколько ключевых нововведений, открывающих новые возможности и перспективы для развития в будущем.
Во-1 это выход самолета Bf 109 G-4, первого самолета проекта “Битва за Кубань”, этот выход знаменует собой начало раннего доступа к проекту. Начиная с этого момента пользователи, предзаказавшие “Битву за Кубань” начнут регулярно получать элементы этого проекта по мере их готовности.
Во-2 это состоявшийся переход на DirectX 11. Это важнейшая веха. На первом этапе этот переход привносит в проект, в основном, улучшение производительности графики, но в перспективе он открывает широкие возможности по развитию визуальной составляющей проекта.
В-3 это выход самолета Ju-52/3m g4e. Этот самолет несет с собой множество нововведений в игровой процесс: три новых типа транспортных миссий в Кампании, десантники-парашютисты, доставка грузов десантированием и с посадкой, возможность использования этих возможностей в многопользовательских миссиях с динамическим развитием и ветвлением сценария.
В-4 это новый игровой режим “Сценарная Кампания”, полностью открытый для всех желающих создавать свои кампании. О том, как это можно сделать, мы расскажем вам в ближайших дневниках.
В-5 это первая официальная сценарная кампания от Александра -BlackSix- Тимошкова “10 Дней Осени”, воспроизводящая реальную историю одной немецкой эскадрильи в период “Битвы за Москву”.

С полным текстом новости и визуальными материалами можно ознакомиться на нашем форуме:

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The work on version 2.005 is finished and we present it to you. It doesn’t bring as many changes as the last version did, but it does bring a new, long awaited Collector Plane – the Soviet Yak-1b fighter. My personal feelings about this plane is that it is a pleasure to fly and it completes a maneuver strictly and precisely, be it a barrel roll or a loop. It is highly maneuverable, handles predictably during all flight phases and doesn’t make a pilot life more miserable than it has to be. Its powerful weaponry gives it a kick while the pilot will enjoy the excellent field of view in spite of Soviet plexiglass quality being inferior to German or American materials. A Yak-1b pilot is significantly more protected from small caliber bullets and shell fragments when compared to earlier fighters. And the most important thing is that it is beautiful! :)
We further refined FFB effects creating a wider range of vibrations for different situations such as firing guns, takeoff and landings and collisions or crashes. We also eliminated some delays in FFB when time is accelerated. And finally, we smoothed out the FFB effects for control surfaces. Working on it wasn’t easy since these joysticks have significant individual peculiarities, but we do like the result, especially how the FFB effects work on the Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 and the Logitech G940.
We continue working together with community member I./ZG1_Panzerbar and in version 2.005 we include some corrected official historical skins of the Bf-109 E-7 and Bf-109 G-2. Be sure to check them out – they turned out to be great. Aircraft skin makers in Russia work in some brutal conditions! :)
Panzerbar.jpg 109.jpg
Changes and additions in the new version:
1. Yak-1b series 127 added. All players who purchased it can fly it while any player could select it as an AI ally or foe. It will be added to Battle of Kuban campaign when it is released;
2. Additional improvements for better support of adding, partial removing, replacing, ID changing of various controllers;
3. Bf 109 E-7 skins corrected by the community member I./ZG1_Panzerbar (thank you!);
4. Bf 109 G-2 skins corrected by the community member I./ZG1_Panzerbar (thank you again!);
5. After additional research and charts and photographs comparison, MiG-3 kinematics were corrected (turn angle increased, shock strut in released position is closer to vertical), resulting in somewhat tighter turn radius during taxiing;
6. Thanks to the new document submitted by Italian community (grazie!) MC.202 gun sight was corrected;
7. Critical AoA reduced for LaGG-3 with extended flaps according to reference;
8. Air drag of underwing MGs on MiG3 corrected (reduced);
9. Ju-88 rear gear retraction in case of canceled gear extending was fixed;
10. Force Feedback shaking on taxi and takeoff improved;
11. Force Feedback effects should no longer ‘stuck’ after mission end, pilot death, bailing out, etc.;
12. Constant FFB vibration during flight on Yak-1 series 69 and Bf 110 E-2 fixed;
13. Flare fire sound in a closed cockpit restored;
14. A way to cheat without using memory hacking software by making an aircraft invulnerable has been removed;
15. A way to cheat without using memory hacking software by making an aircraft cockpit invisible for improved view without using memory hacking software has been removed;
16. Start points in QMB on Moscow map were moved closer to airfields;
17. Concrete taxiways texture improved;
18. Trees removed from winter Gumrak airfield parking areas;
19. Ground near taxiways flattened. In addition, grass was removed from aircraft spawn points on Moscow map airfields.
By community request, here is a short instruction on how to preserve key and axis bindings (for example, in a case of a complete reinstall):
1. You need to back up these files:
2. In case of installing from scratch, restore these files from your backup, replacing the existing ones.
3. This would work if you have the same controllers connected.
IMPORTANT: because of these changes, device mappings may mix up after updating to 2.005. They can be fixed by changing device IDs in this file:
Only change the parameter highlighted in red:
While working on Battle of Kuban, we plan to continue to improve the control system, namely making key and axis mapping more convenient and increase its capabilities.
With this update, we take another step in our development plan and we have many more updates to come in the near future and all next year. We appreciate your continued support and assistance!

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Hello Everyone!
Let’s start the today’s diary with a screenshot. This time you see the WIP model of a German Fallschirmjäger (paratrooper) in summer clothing for the new Ju-52 Collector plane which is now in the final development stage.
Last Friday we began alpha-testing of a new version which includes DirectX 11. First results are promising; FPS has increased significantly even in cases when not all optimizations were included. Of course, some issues have presented themselves, but we have no doubts that debug will go smooth and release will not be too long. At the moment, work on transferring to DirectX 11 has included:
– 90 shaders were transferred to DX11 format
– Forest rendering was optimized thanks to using of constant buffers;
– Buildings rendering was optimized thanks to using of constant buffers;
– Complex 3D models rendering was optimized
– Complex 3D models export to game format was optimized, it has reduced model separation during export, in final it provides additional performance in scenes with complex combat;
– SSAO was replaced by TSSAO, this has shrunk expenses for this effect calculation;
– Grass rendering was optimized due to implementation of occlusion check;
– Water reflections were optimized;
– Lighting model was optimized due to using of 5th shader’s model, also shadows from point lights (like flare rocket) were added;
– Lighting algorithm evolution to TiledShading 2.5D was performed, it’s also due to using of 5th shader’s model
– Memory usage on landscape rendering was reduced thanks to new possibilities of DX11, in perspective this allows to increase landscape poly-count by 4 times;
– HDR visual was improved on lower graphics presets.
Our work on using and implementation of new abilities provided by DirectX 11 is underway, in closest schedule there is adaptation of several technics to Compute Shaders, realization of Open VR API and other “yummy” things :)
So, our transferring to DirectX 11 is going as planned. We plan to finish this work by the end of this year; and Open VR API support should be completed by the end of the January.
Beside DirectX 11 news, I would like to talk with you about a part of flight-simulation realism which affects the most important part of the sim – the role of a virtual pilot.
To provide a maximum realistic virtual flight at your home on your PC, the developer should create the most plausible, natural and balanced visual picture of the world, airplane and cockpit on the player’s monitor as possible. After that, the developer should provide a realistic control system for the airplane and the airplane should respond to this control system on the player’s PC as realistically as possible (this is what everyone calls the Flight Model). Also, the developer should create a realistic sound environment with all the small touches and accents which will make player to believe that he or she is in the airplane. After all this, the developer should create scenarios where the player will perform the role of a virtual pilot. Plus, there is a big bunch of other items which are related to air combat, but they require a separate and a big talk. The assembly of all these factors presents the aviation simulator to the player – a tool, a virtual reality instrument to be plunged into where the player becomes a pilot.
But, as in any kind of game, after plunging in the virtual atmosphere of the game world, it is also very important how seriously the player treats his role. Young boys who play war in a courtyard in torn trousers with wooden sticks instead of rifles in their hands may feel a much greater degree of immersion than an adult man playing airsoft in full authentic NATO gear with an authentic copy of an M-16 rifle in his hands. It may feel false because there is talk about work and family around him or jokes or maybe alcohol is being consumed. This does not feel like real combat even if he has authentic equipment and a gun. The intention was to play “army man” right? The same thing may happen in a multiplayer match in a flight-sim. When a player plays the single-player game than he completely determines the atmosphere and the mood which he has when he enters the game. If he has sat down to play the flight-simulator to simply “kid around and play some tricks” than it does not matter how realistic this simulator is – the player will not come close to reality. If he has sat down to play the role seriously – to perform some kind of combat task, to make a transfer flight from one airfield to another, to do some aerobatics, or maybe to perform a training flight in the same manner as performed by real pilots than his level of immersion will be high. But even in this case of a simple, but realistic objective – to perform a simple training mission close to reality – it contains a great challenge for virtual pilot because to perform it he has to find out how it is performed in reality. The question becomes – how to manage plane controls correctly to perform it by himself? To be successful the player has to do it many times before he will start to have success. Maybe after practicing for 1, 2 or 3 evenings he will be able to perform this training flight like it was performed by real pilots.
I do not know how many of you I have captured by this long introduction, but if I did, then I’m offering you to try to perform a training circling flight flying the MiG-3 fighter plane. A mission kit, with flight records of the circling pattern in calm winds and takeoffs and landings in strong winds are attached. Also here is a small video-lesson with my comments (I apologize for my English even before you have started to watch it :) ) and a video-example of takeoffs and landings in heavy wind conditions. I invite you to try these training scenarios. The necessary technique of these training flights are explained below.
Start at parking area, full fuel and ammo load. Winds calm, weather is clear.
Part 1: Start and Taxi to the runway
– Set altimeter pressure equal to airfield pressure
– set Throttle to Idle, execute engine start procedure
– Engine started: set engine revolutions to 100%, mixture to 50%, radiators to 50%
– Set flaps limiter to 20%, extend landing flaps
– Look around for taxi clearance, set throttle to 50%, start to roll
– Rolling started: hold wheel brakes to check them, release brakes to continue taxiing
– Set throttle to 35…40% to continue taxiing
– Use wheel brakes for sharp turns and to stop
– Do not exceed speed 20 km/h and brake down to 5 km/h before sharp turns
– Taxi with opened canopy, move your head left and right to look forward beyond the nose
– Look around for obstacles and other planes, especially when taxiing to runway
Part 2: Takeoff
– Set Throttle to Idle
– Look around for takeoff clearance, close canopy, move view point to the left side of cockpit to have better visibility forward
– Hold Wheel Brakes, push Left Rudder pedal to 2/3 (rotate joystick twist to left to 2/3)
– Hold Rudder at 2/3 to left, hold Stick in center, set Throttle to 80%
– Release brakes, set Throttle to 100%
– Keep take off direction by Rudder adjustments – a little bit more and less than 2/3 to the left
– To keep the takeoff direction: keep your eye on an object far ahead (a tree, a building, a cloud and so on), check runway left/right borders only sometimes
– Continue to speed up with stick in center, keep direction by rudder pedals, plane’s tail will rise by itself
– When speed is more than 180 km/h: smoothly pull the airplane nose up, plane will take off, keep the nose slightly above the horizon, altitude and speed should continue to increase
– To bank use the control stick, smoothly the return rudder pedals neutral position
– When altitude is 20 m: raise the landing gear, keep the nose pointed a few degrees above the horizon
– When speed is 200 km/h: retract the flaps, keep the nose pointed a few degrees above the horizon
– When altitude is 100m: start 90° left turn to course 228°, bank angle should be 30°
– When altitude is 400m: push the nose down to just a little bit above the horizon, keep vertical speed =0 m/s and altitude =400 m
– When speed is 300 km/h: set throttle to 55% and maintain it
– Start second 90° left turn to course 138°, bank angle is 30°
Part 3: Circular flight
– When left turn to course 138° is completed: continue in a straight-line maintaining 400 m altitude and speed 300 km/h
– Maintain required speed by keeping the throttle near 55%, speed corrections should be performed by slight throttle deviations from 55%
– Maintain required altitude by controlling plane nose position over the horizon. Keep the nose a bit higher than the horizon, remember it’s position which is providing zero vertical speed
– When flying straight constantly check the airspace around you, control landmarks to start 3rd turn in the right place
– To control oil temperature (from 40°С to 80°С) and water temperature (from 80°С to 110°С), adjust the radiator shutters angle if it is necessary
– When range to the airfield is 4…5 kilometers: start a 180° turn to the left for course 318° which will line you up for landing, bank angle is 30°
– During the turn control the airplane’s nose position over the horizon, vertical speed =0 m/s, altitude =400m, speed =300 km/h, landing course =318° approaching
Part 4: Final approach and landing
– When 3rd turn is finished: set Throttle to 0%
– When speed is less than 300 km/h: extend landing gear
– Pay attention to vertical speed =0 m/s, altitude =400 m
– When speed is less than 250 km/h: extend flaps to maximum
– When speed is 220 km/h: push the throttle to 80% to maintain this speed
– When runway distance is 2.5 km: set Throttle to Idle, push nose down a little lower than the runway threshold
– Descend to the runway beginning at 210…200 km/h, in best case the throttle should be at idle during descent
– When altitude is 30…50m: start to slightly pull up the nose to reduce speed while the plane slowly sinks towards the runway
– Move your view point to the left, keep your eye on the ground to the left of the nose, feel the altitude slowly decrease
– When altitude is almost zero: keep flying while losing speed and pulling the nose up, but don’t allow the plane to climb
– Touchdown: keep rolling straight forward, keep your eye on a point or object far ahead (a tree, a building, a cloud and so on)
– When speed is 100 km/h: pull the stick fully backward, hold your brakes, keep rolling straight forward
– When the plane has stopped: retract the flaps, open the canopy, taxi to taxiway at 20…40 km/h
– Move out from the runway by the closest taxiway, perform taxi to parking area at 20 km/h, turn off the engine
Specific flying notes in the case of head wind:
– In case of head wind there is no difference in case of calm winds on take-off
– In case of head wind you got to start descending to the runway a bit later and keep descend aiming point a bit further
– No difference in touchdown and braking in case of calm winds
Specific flying notes in the case of wind from the left:
– Take off requires less left pedal pushing in the case of wind blowing from the left, in the case of 12 m/s it’s becomes unnecessary to use the pedals to stay straight
– Airfield should be seen to the right from the airplane nose all the way of approach
– There are slower winds at lower altitudes, so wind-compensation nose side-angle to airfield should decrease when airplane is descending
– Airplane should perform a smooth touchdown to prevent circling
– Rudder should be a bit pressed to the right before touchdown to decrease skidding
– If airplane have touched down smoothly than maximum attention should be put on keeping the direction using far-away landmarks
– It’s not recommended to land the airplane in conditions of cross-wind more than 5 m/s
Specific flying notes in the case of wind from the right:
– Take-off becomes harder in case of wind blowing from the right and requires more left rudder deflection
– It’s not recommended to takeoff in right wind more than 5 m/s conditions
– Airfield should be seen to the left from the airplane nose all the way of approach
– There are slower winds at lower altitudes, so wind-compensation nose side-angle to airfield should decrease when airplane is descending
– Airplane should to perform a smooth touchdown to prevent circling
– Rudder should be a bit pressed to the left right before the touchdown to decrease skidding
– If airplane have touched down smoothly than maximum attention should be put on keeping the direction using far-away landmarks
– It’s not recommended to land the airplane in conditions of cross-wind more than 5 m/s

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Dear players!
Today is a big day for IL-2 Sturmovik project – version 1.201 release. It brings several very important additions.
First, we launch the open beta of the Battle of Moscow campaign and Moscow maps. This is another step forward in mapping technologies – it contains several innovations and will bring you many interesting features not available before, for example: grass airfields without a dedicated landing strip, historically reconstructed city of Moscow, towns of the Moscow region that also have historically correct layouts and architecture, new ‘late Autumn’ season, water reservoirs, canals, canal locks, many new railway and road bridges, forestation different to Stalingrad region one and other things.
We’d like to point out that now, at the open beta stage, the map will still be improved: pine trees will be added to the forests and the overall distribution of various forest types on the map will be more detailed. Of course we’ll keep track of your impressions and improve the map where possible to make it as best as possible to the official Battle of Moscow release date. The campaign is also in open beta: it contains regular, generated missions, while scenario, static ones are being finished. Video intros between campaign chapters and chapter map tactical overlays are also WIP at the moment.
1.jpg 2.jpg
3.jpg 4.jpg
Second, players who pre-purchased Battle of Moscow will also get their hands on German twin engine dive bomber Ju 88 A-4 today. We must admit that it is the most complex aircraft in the entire project, but in the same time it is also a most interesting one in many ways. Rich instruments array, many system and flight model peculiarities, unusual gunner stations – it was an interesting experience to research and recreate and we think it will be interesting to the players to fly it.
5.jpg 6.jpg
Third, all 10 Battle of Moscow planes now have 10 official skins per plane that can be unlocked by progressing in the campaign. In addition, all 20 controllable planes in the game and each and every modification for them now have a technical specification you can view in player profile, during a mission briefing and even in the flight.
Fourth, the sim now has 64-bit architecture. This increases the engine potential and allows more detailed objects and textures to be created. Moreover, we used the dumps you submitted to fix several bugs that could crash the game. All this development should make the game much more stable in heavy, complex missions.
One of the crash fixes involved the track recording system, so the tracks format has been updated unfortunately – old track records won’t work in the new version.
Finally, the new version 1.201 contains many additional fixes and improvements (as always) which should increase the quality of your play experience and add more realistic features.
Main changes:
1. Moscow region maps (Autumn and Winter seasons) are now available to Battle of Moscow owners in all game modes;
2. German bomber Ju 88 A-4 is now available to Battle of Moscow owners;
3. Open Beta of the Moscow campaign is now available to Battle of Moscow owners;
4. The sim is 64-bit application now, which increases its stability at heavy loads and improves physical engine performance by 10-20%;
5. 10 official skins added for each of 10 Battle of Moscow planes. They can be unlocked by progressing in the campaign;
6. Aircraft specifications added containing flight characteristics and other useful information for every playable plane in the game (you can view them of full-screen map during flight, in the briefing and in player profile);
7. Modification characteristics added to their tooltips (how much mass and velocity you lose or gain by adding them to your aircraft);
8. Morning and evening fog added to all maps (in half of the weather sets, the ones that have non-even numbers);
Physcis, damage, systems and AI changes:
9. A rare problem that caused the plane to be invisible in multiplayer fixed;
10. A rare problem that caused the bombs or turrets to float next to their aircraft fixed;
11. You can turn the bomb sight left and right in View mode;
12. Bomb sight mode won’t reset after leaving and re-enabling it anymore;
13. Back view angle increased for Pe-2 bomb sight in View mode;
14. Bomb sight view won’t ‘wave’ while passing the zero mark;
15. Tracer rounds removed from ShVAK autocannons for Battle of Moscow timeframe planes because they were produced later in 1942;
16. Fw 190 A-3 aerodynamic characteristics corrected to meet the now available data (in short, its fineness ratio was reduced a little while its climb rate at high altitudes increased somewhat);
17. RPM limiter (helper) on MiG-3 won’t wrongly set the throttle to low values at low air temperature anymore;
18. Bf 109 E-7, He 111 H-6, Пе-2 ser.35 and ser.87 damage models corrected (wrong parts were flying off when damaged);
19. Additional armor plates and armored windshield mass is correctly added to Bf 109 E-7;
20. MG FF mass is correctly added to He 111 H-6;
21. Air drag caused by MC.202 bombs corrected (decreased);
22. Air drag caused by Bf 110 E-2 bomb holder corrected (increased);
23. MC.202 series VIII flaps are now forced back by air stream at high speeds, which should prevent their damage;
24. Flaps release kinematic link calculations corrected on Yak-1, both IL-2 variants and MiG-3 (they are more stable when fully retracted);
25. He 111 H-6 elevator trimmer handle now stops at the same time when techno chat shows 100%;
26. He 111 H-6 elevator trimmer handle animation corrected (it was inverted);
27. A turret won’t be left in the air after aircraft explosion in multiplayer (a rare issue);
28. Turret machine gun won’t ‘wobble’ in extreme positions;
29. Turret gunners correctly spend the remaining 150 rounds;
30. Wingmen correclty drop bombs after wing leader in ‘do like me’ mode;
31. AI now is able to takeoff during strong crosswind on LaGG-3 and Yak-1;
Other changes:
32. Thanks to submitted crash dumps, several issues were found and fixed. The work on stability improvements continues;
33. Modification locks in multiplayer work correctly in a case of wrong lock configuration;
34. When only a certain skin is allowed in multiplayer, default one will be available as well;
35. Modifications correctly lock and unlock while changing selected mission type in the campaign;
36. Fast clicking on modification buttons won’t hang the GUI anymore;
37. GUI recalculates modifications and weapon sets faster (for example for IL-2 which have lots of them);
38. Anomalous slowdown when flying a plane with bomb sight and increasing time scale fixed;
39. A tank turret won’t magically ‘heal’ damage when a guest gunner takes control;
40. Pz III main gun rate of fire increased;
41. Earned modifications and skins can be correctly selected in Offline mode of the game;
42. Visual damage improved for MiG-3;
43. Special objects were added for scenario creators, including airfield taxi and landing signs;
44. Mission designers can remove object markers from any objects by giving them NOICON name.

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Dear IL-2 Sturmovik players!

Our team is proud to present you the new update 1.107. Preparing it was not an easy task, since it brings three new planes at once: Bf 109 F-2, IL-2 mod.1941 and Pe-2 series 35. In addition, there are many fixes and a number of improvements. Thankfully, we were able to finish it in time, thus delivering three new planes to Battle of Moscow owners in the end of January, as it was promised. You can learn about main features of these planes in our developer diary #117.

The work on the remaining Battle of Moscow content continues according to plan and the next update will bring you the final, 10th, aircraft of BoM project: German bomber Ju 88 A-4. Moscow map is closer and closer to its final look and the work on the campaign continues as well. Therefore, we plan to finish the entire project in time and release it to you this spring.

Here is the change list for today patch:

Main changes:
1. Bf 109 F-2, IL-2 mod. 1941 and Pe-2 series 35 are available to players who pre-purchased Battle of Moscow. Those who only have Battle of Stalingrad can set them as AI controlled planes in single player or encounter them in multiplayer.
2. Smoke, tracers and exhausts are now affected bywind.
3. Roadside grass added.
4. Random “Can’t load object” error that could pop up in multiplayer when attacking ships fixed.
5. Multiplayer server hangup with “void SysOrientedTrail::drawNormal” error fixed (it was caused by large number of vehicles nearby).
6. Plane gunners won’t die anymore when its pilot bails out (bug introduced in 1.106).
7. Joystick ID preservation system improved, should work for 3+ controllers.
8. Critical speed (when rudder and ailerons start to shake) increased for all Bf-109 modifications (based on German test report and several pilot memoirs).

Aircraft changes:
9. IL-2 gun sight moved closer to pilot.
10. I-16 PAK-1 gun sight corrected (outer ring changed to 0.140 of distance).
11. MC.202 gun sight corrected (dots position).
12. Backup sight on MC.202 corrected (so it will look round from pilot seat).
13. MC.202 gun sight damage corrected.
14. AN-4 compass on Pe-2 bombers is now illuminated.
15. Rocket launch button added to both Pe-2 planes.
16. Breathing systems corrected on all Soviet aircraft (altitude indicator).
17. All non blow back action turret weapons can be reloaded even if there is no misfire and magazine isn’t empty.
18. Missing left wheel brake sound added to Pe-2 and He-111 planes.

GUI changes:
19. Server list won’t blink in some cases.
20. Entry fields in QMB setup window now aligned vertically.
21. Information panel now works correctly for player manning a turret of another player tank in multiplayer.
22. Minimap now restores correctly after closing fullscreen map by pressing Esc.
23. Standard map lines colors corrected: 10,0,0 – enemy color; 0,0,10 – ally color (for mission designers).
24. It is now impossible to select incompatible unlocks in plane setup, resulting in an empty loadout selection list.

AI changes:
25. AI gunners engage targets at large distance, but conserve ammo when there are less than 150 rounds left.
26. AI tanks and artillery choose correct ammo when engaging player tank.
27. AI planes can aim rockets during stronger side wind.

Bomb changes:
28. German bomb detonators now function correctly when dropped from extremely low (5-10 m) altitudes.
29. Bombs roll correctly after being dropped.
30. Pe-2 bombs located in engine gondolas now disappear correctly in an event of a wing loss.
31. Now you can watch a rocket during its flight just like a bomb – by pressing F6.
32. Large German bombs can be seen correctly through Ju 87 floor hatch.

Map changes:
33. Forest tiling made less apparent.
34. Roadside trees near Trudolubyje airfield removed.
35. Bumpy terrain flattened on several Stalingrad map airfields (where reported by players).

Other changes:
36. Yak-1 landing gear cover no longer floats in the air after wing loss.
37. Hit effects corrected, they appear closer to a fast moving plane.
38. MiG-3 3D model corrected.
39. It’s no longer possible to load both types of ammo into player tank gun simultaneously.
40. Multiplayer difficulty presets correctly affect points awarded to players.
41. Bf 109 F-4 and G-2 wheels color corrected.
42. Damaged MiG-3 is now correctly visible from large distance.
43. Bomb racks positions corrected for all Bf-109 and Fw-190.
44. Added additional logging information to find a cause for random game crash with error message about memory address. If you encounter such problem, please make a screenshot, close the error window and the game and send us the <game_folder>\data\_gui.log file (don’t run the game again before you send it since it is wiped on each game launch).


Дорогие пользователи “Ил-2 Штурмовик”!

Наша команда рада сообщить вам, что работа над версией 1.107 завершена и она уже доступна вам для обновления. Подготовка этой версии к релизу была непростой, т.к. она включает в себя сразу три новых самолета: Bf 109 F-2, Ил-2 мод.1941, Пе-2 сер.35, а так же множество исправлений и некоторое количество нововведений. Но мы успели все сделать в срок и, как и обещали, в конце января отдаем пользователям, предзаказавшим “Битву за Москву”, эти три самолета. Основные особенности этих самолетов описаны в 117-й части Дневников разработчика, с которой можно ознакомиться по этой ссылке:

Мы продолжаем работу над проектом “Битва за Москву” согласно плану, в следующем обновлении ожидается крайний, 10-й, самолет проекта – немецкий бомбардировщик Ju 88 A-4. Кроме того, работы по карте “Битвы за Москву” находятся в завершающей стадии, а разработка Кампании идет полным ходом. Таким образом, мы рассчитываем в срок завершить работу над проектом и весной предоставить его вам.

Главные изменения:
1. Самолёты Bf 109 F-2, Ил-2 мод.1941, Пе-2 сер.35 теперь доступны игрокам, предзаказавшим БзМ. В качестве противников их могут увидеть все игроки;
2. Дымы пожаров, трассеров, выхлопов теперь сносятся ветром;
3. Улучшено отображение травы вдоль дорог;
4. В сетевой/однопользовательской игре исправлено зависание сервера/игры с сообщением “Can’t load object” при атаке кораблей;
5. В сетевой/однопользовательской игре исправлено зависание сервера/игры с сообщением “void SysOrientedTrail::drawNormal” при большом количестве техники в одном месте;
6. Исправлена смерть стрелков при выпрыгивании пилота или критических повреждениях самолета;
7. Исправлены обнаруженные проблемы в системе компенсации изменения ID джойстиков в операционной системе;
8. На самолетах Bf-109 всех модификация уменьшена скорость начала тряски руля направления и элеронов (при неизменной скорости, при которой возможны поломки), что больше согласуется как с немецким отчетом об испытаниях, так и с многочисленными выдержками из воспоминаний пилотов.

Изменения в оборудовании самолетов:
9. В штурмовике Ил-2 прицел выдвинут в боевое положение (ближе к летчику);
10. Скорректирована сетка прицела ПАК-1 самолета И-16 (внешнее кольцо, в отличие от более поздних прицелов ПБП-1, на нем имеет радиус 140 тысячных дальности);
11. Скорректировано расположение “точек” в сетке прицела MC.202;
12. Резервная сетка MC.202, нанесенная на поверхность прозрачного отражателя, сделана овальной формы, что бы при виде от пилота она выглядела круглой;
13. Исправлена проблема, когда прицельная сетка самолета MC.202 не пропадала при разбивании прицела;
14. Исправлена отсутствующая подсветка компаса АН-4 на самолете Пе-2;
15. На самолете Пе-2 добавлена кнопка пуска ракет;
16. На всех советских самолетах исправлены показания указателя высоты на кислородном приборе;
17. На турельных пулеметах, с кинематикой отличной от свободного затвора, возвращена возможность перезарядить пулемет даже если нет осечки или магазин ещё не кончился;
18. на самолетах Пе-2 и He-111 исправлен отсутствовавший звук тормоза левого колеса.

Изменения в графическом интерфейсе:
19. Исправлено “мигание” списка серверов;
20. Выровнены ячейки по высоте в списке выбора самолета в Быстрой Миссии;
21. В сетевой игре исправлена проблема, когда для игрока, присоединившегося к экипажу танка другого игрока, на работает часть параметров в информационной панели;
22. Исправлена проблема с отсутствием подложки на миникарте если закрыть полноэкранную карту нажатием клавиши ESC;
23. Исправлено отображение линий на карте стандартными цветами: 10,0,0 – цветом врагов; 0,0,10 – цветом союзников;
24. В меню выбора анлоков и вариантов вооружения самолета исключена ситуация, когда можно выбрать несовместимую комбинацию анлоков и список вариантов вооружения будет пуст.

Изменения в ИИ:
25. ИИ стрелки начав стрелять на большую дистанцию при большом остатке патронов теперь прекращают стрельбу, когда патронов в пулемете осталось меньше 150 штук;
26. ИИ пушки и танки теперь используют по танку игрока бронебойные снаряды;
27. Устранена проблема с не открытием огня при атаке наземной цели ракетами ИИ самолетами при сильном боковом ветре.

Изменения в бомбах:
28. Исправлен некорректный подрыв немецких бомб при сбросе с экстремально малых высот (ниже 5..10 метров);
29. Исправлена проблема с “щелчком крена” у бомб, которые в подвешенном под самолетом состоянии имеют ненулевой крен;
30. На самолете Пе-2 исправлена проблема, когда бомба, подвешенная в мотогондоле, не отваливалась вместе с крылом;
31. Добавлена возможность наблюдать за запущенной с самолета ракетой с помощью камеры F6;
32. Исправлено отображение бомб SC1000, SC1800, SC2500 в подвешенном состоянии (ранее они пропадали слишком рано при “отвороте” вида, например их не было видно в визирное окно Ju-87);

Изменения в картах:
33. Уменьшена заметность тайлинга в лесных массивах;
34. На аэродроме Трудолюбие были убраны деревья, мешавшие взлету и посадке;
35. На карте Битвы за Сталинград исправлена неровность взлетных полос аэродромов там, где это было обнаружено пользователями.

Прочие изменения:
36. На самолете Як-1 исправлена проблема, когда при отломе консоли крыла щиток ниши шасси “повисал в воздухе”;
37. Скорректирован эффект попадания пули по обшивке самолета, теперь он проявляется быстрее и ближе к самолету;
38. Внесены корректировки в 3Д модели самолета МиГ-3;
39. В управляемых игроком танках исправлена проблема, когда при переключении на следующий тип снаряда не разряжался предыдущий;
40. В выделенном сервере исправлена неработающая фиксация параметров “Очки на раунд” при использовании пресетов сложности;
41. Исправлен цвет колесных дисков самолетов Bf 109 F-4 и G-2;
42. Исправлена проблема с невидимостью повреждённого МиГ-3 на большом расстоянии;
43. Исправлено положение бомб при подвеске на самолетах Bf-109 и Fw-190;
44. Дополнен лог-файл графического интерфейса игры, что, возможно, позволит исправить проблему падения игры с сообщением “Инструкция по адресу … обратилась к памяти по адресу …”. При возникновении проблемы просьба сделать скриншот, закрыть игру, сохранить в стороне и отправить нам файл <game_folder>\data\_gui.log.

IL-2 BoS logo

Dear simmers!
We’re glad to tell you that the work on new update 1.106 is finished and it is already available. This new version contains numerous additions and improvements, new plane, design changes and so on – you can read the full change log below.
The main addition is the Soviet fighter MiG-3 series 24, which is available to all players as AI controlled plane in QMB and early Stalingrad campaign (in the time frame when it was actually there) while customers who pre-purchased Battle of Moscow can fly it already.
Another significant addition to the game is the new languages support: Spanish and French. The long awaited feature of propeller wash affecting grass is also made it in. Later we also plan to make planes bend the grass by their fuselage and wings like player controlled tanks do. In addition, a significant amount of work has been done on physics and plane 3D model improvements, tank armor made more detailed, multiplayer changes including victory points allocation.
We hope you’ll enjoy the new version we prepared for you, friends.
Main changes:
1. Fighter-interceptor MiG-3 series 24 is available to players who pre-purchased Battle of Moscow. Those who only have Battle of Stalingrad can set it as an AI plane in single player or encounter it in multiplayer.
2. Spanish translation added.
3. French translation added.
4. In MP, dots showing enemy and own objects near airfields and tank bases have been removed. Airfields and tank bases now use different symbols ‘under air attack’ or ‘under ground attack’ instead. If server hoster wants to keep previous ‘radar’ functionality, it’s possible to add a spotter unit to the airfield.
5. Airfield symbols in multiplayer were redesigned to make their selection easier when positioned near each other.
6. New multiplayer scenario ‘River clash’ added. In this scenario tank and aircraft players must work together to cross the rivers and eventually reach the enemy airfield.
7. Player controlled tanks now bend down the grass.
8. Propeller wash now affects grass.
9. New system preserves your multiple joysticks mappings in case of their ID was changed by DirectX after disconnecting and reconnecting or PC reset (it identifies various control devices by GUIDs and names).
10. Early war (1941) tanks added: KV-1 mod. 1941, Т-34 STZ mod. 1941, Pz III Ausf.H and Pz IV Ausf.F1. You can use them in custom missions or encounter in QMB. They will appear in Battle of Moscow campaign in the future.
Changes in flight modeling and AI:
11. Pilot head limits in closed cockpit were corrected for all planes.
12. Default pilot head positions were corrected for all planes.
13. In case of fuel tank penetration, LaGG-3, La-5, Pe-2, P-40 amd Bf 109 E-7 engines will no longer stop before spending all the remaining fuel.
14. Propeller governor works correctly after starting a mission in P-40 with cold engine.
15. Head shake reduced on IL-2 at high engine RPM.
16. IL-2 engine now automatically enters boosted mode by enriching mixture when engine helper is active (at Normal difficulty mode).
17. Automatic He-111 bombsight mode no longer resets after exiting bombsight view.
18. Muzzle velocity was corrected for He 111 Mg-FF guns.
19. Bomb release sounds added for all planes.
20. AI turret gunners now engage attacking fighters at 3 times longer distance if they have plenty of ammo left.
21. Field of view (looking down) corrected for AI LaGG-3, Lа5, IL-2, Bf 109 F4, Bf 109 G2, Fw 190 A3 (reduced in general).
22. Inversion trails are now related to air movement.
3D aircraft model changes:
23. Fixed issue with invisible fuel leak on I-16, MC-202, Bf 110, Ju 87.
24. Slits between cockpit and fuselage removed on several planes.
25. ‘Dancing reflections’ bug in Bf 110 E-2 cockpit fixed.
26. Yak-1 mixture control lever movement corrected (inverted).
27. Bf 110 E-2 engine gauges disappear correctly after losing an engine.
28. Venturi tube added to I-16.
29. Animation of flight and oxygen controls corrected in Bf-110 cockpit.
3D tank model changes:
30. Tank suspension made more detailed. Now it’s easier to hit hull sides between the wheels, but it’s harder to hit a track itself.
31. Unbuttoned gunner/commander can be hit by bullets and fragments, making this view dangerous (there is no visible human model yet).
32. Unbuttoning/closing hatch is now animated and T-34 hatch provides some cover.
33. Т-34 gun mantlet armor corrected (was 2x more before).
34. Missing armor plate added to Pz. III turret (left side).
35. A small hole in T-34 armor between its hull and turret was patched up.
36. Spare track links attached to Pz. III front hull provide additional armor.
37. Tracks on player controlled tanks are now more resistant to bullets and smaller caliber rounds.
38. LOD models added for player controlled tanks, this should improve performance in large tank battles in multiplayer.
39. Tank destruction corrected (a random bug could cause tank turret to remain intact).
40. Tank shot smoke effect was corrected – now it’s a bit more transporent
Multiplayer changes:
41. Victory in MP is granted to the side which has more points left after time runs out or to the side which reduced enemy points to zero.
42. Coalition victory points in MP can be reduced by 50 by achieving special goals set by mission designer.
43. Victory can be achieved by completing a Mission Primary Objective specified by mission designer.
44. At the end of the mission victorious players, who fought at least for 15 minutes and did not change sides, receive +50 additional points on Normal and +100 on Expert difficulty.
45. Tank players always receive 100% points even if their tank was damaged or destroyed, since they can’t return home like planes (with the exception of friendly fire, that yields 0% points given).
46. Credit for tank kills should be awarded correctly in all cases.
47. Mission designers can block airfield or tank base by assigning it an empty object pool via CMD_behaviour command.
48. Balancer functionality that adjusts the number of players between coalitions now works for tanks as well.
49. Balancer now allows up to 2 Pz. III players per 1 T-34 player, depending on total player amount.
50. Microstutters in large MP battles should be gone now.
51. Remaining coalition victory points are displayed on mission end screen.
52. Statistics on a custom difficulty server are displayed without redundant ‘custom 0% points’ label.
Other changes:
53. Scenario mission corrected in the 2nd chapter of the early Stalingrad campaign.
54. Outro video should correctly play at the end of late Stalingrad campaign.
55. Fw 190 escort missions corrected in the campaign (starting altitude was too low when escorting ground attack planes).
56. HUD transparency setting now affects mouse cursors in flight.
57. Pontoon bridge entrances are now visible from longer distances.

IL2 - BoS logo

როგორც იქნა გვეღირსა ანონსი IL2 – ის მორიგი სერიის. მოულოდნელი აღმოჩნდა პროქტზე მუშაობის წინ, გაერთიანება ორი კონკურენტი კომპანიის, 777 Studios (Rise of Flight) და 1С (IL-2 Sturmovik) სწორედ ეს ორი კომპანია გაუძღვება პროექტზე მუშაობას ახალი სახელით 1C Game Studios.  Battle of Stalingrad რელიზის თარირად დაანონსებულია, 2014 წლის პირველი კვარტალი.

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