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– Added new content for upcoming releases and competitions.

– Unified Experiences and moved some of the experience specific settings to R3E.

– Added “Depth of Field” visual effect. Active in TV cameras, Hood camera, Action cameras and Free Camera. CTRL-M enables a simple UI to adjust the blurring effects and focus position.

– Shared Memory API overhaul, added various additional data and potential for backward compatibility starting this patch.

– Added support for SimXperience Accuforce steering wheel.

– Extended freedom of movement for the freecam and added two modes for it: “Attached to the car position and its rotation” and “Attached to the car position only”. Pressing the key bound to free cam will cycle through the three modes.

– When under a slow-down penalty, collisions with the car are disabled.

– When under a slow-down penalty, the amount of speed the player is still allowed to carry has been increased, but keep in mind you will be giving back any time gained at a slower rate by driving faster.

– Fixed an issue where the ghost car was producing audio while waiting for the player’s car at the S/F line.

– Fixed so compact data display shows fuel in gallons if mph/imperial units are selected.

– Fixed replays missing the first 60 seconds of a race by pausing replay recording during garage phase.

– Re-enabled hud during garage phase while waiting on the grid.

– Changed position bar so it doesn’t display information during garage phase.

– Fixed the issue where you would get disqualified immediately after the lights in hillclimb tracks.

– Fixed using arrow keys for increase/decrease in pit menu going through settings very fast.

– Fixed a crash that was occurring when leaving a Hillclimb session after finishing a run.

– Fixed rear lights flashing when pressing the headlights button

– Ensured that certain reset commands are sent to DirectInput devices when effects are disabled.

– Changed “off” steerForceVibe period to be 2000000.

– Increased maximum execution time for all communications from 30 seconds to a minute or higher.

– Disabled FFB when reaching the spring based lock if it’s active.

– Cleaned up the ffb code a bit while fixing the above issue. Removed mimic code and made sure all ffb effects are turned off during AI control.

– Fixed game crashing while navigating in the portal while in a competition session.

– Fixed an issue with damage when downshifting without clutch.

– Disabled foreground window lock when playing fullscreen.

– Disabled game minimizing when losing focus.

– Fixed game crashing/freezing when pressing pit request button while no audio device is connected.

– Changed throttle pedal zero magnitude and vibe slope default values to 0.


– Added 2 race format and reversed grids.

– The netcode is now IPv6 compatible.

– Removed some unused functions from netcode that were somehow triggering crashes for some players.

– Potentially fixed an issue where cars not within Peer to Peer range would become invisible.

– We now allow duplicate server names to avoid admins not being able to access their settings if a condition such as their IP changes. (Also means we no longer have to remove their names from the associated server list manually).

– Added so the associated server list clears names that have been inactive for 30 days.

– Removed the gridwalk camera phase since it’s irrelevant with the introduction of garage phase.

– Fixed issue with xinput controllers ending up in an unusable state after disconnect/reconnect/usb port switch etc.

– Fixed issue with opponent cars briefly disappearing during starting light phase.

Sounds, Cameras, Physics, AI:

– Significant AI logic improvements.

– Added punctures to the tire model. Past the lowest possible wear value, tires have a chance to puncture.

– It is now impossible to disable autoclutch aid on sequential gearbox’d cars.

– DRS effects on the aerodynamics of the car have been reworked

– DRS allowance is now 3 activations per lap with a gap detection of 1 second at the S/F line.

– Push 2 Pass is now disabled in qualifying and competitions to comply with the changes made in 2016 to the Audi Sport TT Cup official rules and regulations.

– Downshifting without clutch on a H-Pattern gearbox now properly damages the gearbox.

– BMW 635 : Interior cockpit texture update

– BMW M1 Procar : Better standing starts for AI, made AI less easily roll up on curbs.

– DTM : DRS adjustment to previous seasons so they also benefit from DRS aerodynamics improvements.

– DTM 1992 : Removed Traction Control ranges

– Ford Mustang GTO : Coast revs sounds adjustments in cockpit.

– Formula cars : New internal gearshifts sounds (except the Junior which is H-pattern)

– Silhouette class cars now have new action cameras

– WTCC 2015 : AI optimizations for new code

– Hockenheim : AI optimizations for new code

– Indianapolis : New sets of TV cameras (reminder : use End key to cycle through them)

– Laguna Seca : New sets of TV cameras

– Lausitzring : New sets of TV cameras

– Macau : AI optimization for new code. Hairpin is a no-overtake zone (for AI only for now, until we have a flag system for players)

– Monza : New sets of TV cameras

– Moscow : AI Optimizations for new code on the FIM layout

– Norisring : New sets of TV cameras, AI optimizations for new code

– Paul Ricard : AI optimizations for new code, tweaks to cut corridors

– Portimao : New sets of TV cameras, AI optimizations for new code

– Slovakiaring : Sector gates are now matching the real track

– Sonoma Raceway : AI Optimizations for new code

– Spa-Francorchamps : Runoff tarmac areas now properly have lowered grip, fixed faulty cut rules near the pit exit on Combined and Classic layouts

– Zandvoort : AI optimizations for new code


– LOD system improvements on many cars

– Adjustment of distances for the fog effects for smoother transitions on zoomed cameras

– DTM tracks have received their 2016 season advertisement dressing as well as various bug fixes

– Audi TT cup : adjustment to the invisible collision box of the car, size adjustment of the drop shadow area under the car.

– BMW 635 : Fixed a hole in the engine bay when the front of the car is damaged

– Chevrolet Camaro GT3 : Fixed a slight blurb of paint on the trunk of livery #16

– Mercedes SLS GT3 : Fixed an issue with the visual damage on the hood, fixed a few issues on various liveries

– Volvo 240T : Interior textures update

– Hockenheim : Updates of the 3D curbs, various bug fixes

– Hungaroring : Updates of the 3D curbs, various bug fixes

– Oschersleben : Updates of the 3D curbs, slight tweaks to camber and elevation in certain areas, reduced some nasty bumps on the track surface.

– Macau : Resurfaced the track to be less bumpy, various bug fixes

– Monza : Visual tweaks

– Nuerburgring : Distance markers for the chicane are now visible, various bug fixes.

– Spa-Francorchamps : Fixed various bugs, added one advertisement location at La Source.

– Zandvoort : Made the exit curb at turn 4 (Hugenholtzbocht) 20 meters longer.

Portal & Backend

– Revamped Portal Store with new theme and new structure.

– Fixed some issues with certain special characters causing issues in initial username on new accounts.

– Implemented Essential Packs and Car Class Packs.


What’s New (Summary)

  • Massive physics overhaul for GT3-Specs classes, Prototype classes, GTO class. (Please note that the leaderboards of these classes have been wiped due to the overhaul)
  • Compact HUD to replace the mini hud.
  • FFB additions. Minimum force, slip effect, ffb meter, ffb multiplier per car.
  • Load/Save Car setups. Players can now save and load their car setups.
  • Bigger Grids. Maximum opponents on certain tracks can now go up to 100.
  • Fuel management in car setup
  • Oh, and new content too.


  • Added support for Logitech G29. Please note that all Logitech users need to get the latest drivers from Logitech to have wheel ranges working properly.
  • Implemented Compact HUD which replaces the minimalistic HUD.
  • Added Bigger Grids, allowing tracks to have more than 24 opponents. The maximum number depends on the track and can go up to 100. (SP only for now)
  • Implemented FFB Meter which can be used to check the ffb output for clipping.
  • Implemented FFB Minimum Force which allows player to amplify small FFB forces. This is mostly for players that have the “dead center” problem when driving straight.
  • Implemented FFB Slip effect which simulates when the tires struggle for grip during wheelspin, understeering, sliding, heavy braking.
  • Implemented stationary friction in FFB to solve wheels that rotate by themselves while the car is stationary.
  • Implemented FFB Multiplier per car in the car setup, allowing player to adjust the overall FFB strength for a car individually.
  • Added a new Steering Animation Setting in Vehicle Settings. Player can now set the steering animation rotation to be a custom degree or to match what’s in car setup under steering settings.
  • Added Load/Save in Car setup. Also reorganized the settings a bit.
  • Removed old auto saving of setup when leaving car setup screen and related logic. Car setup will no longer auto save and the unsaved changes will disappear when leaving the game session.
  • Added fuel to car setup.
  • Implemented lap invalidation for wallriding.
  • Fixed some threading exceptions that could trigger a crash.
  • Fixed some camera related rendering thread issues that could trigger a crash.
  • Fixed random crash that could occur when pulling out of pits in single race practice session.
  • Fixed an issue where the game was only seeing the integrated graphics card on laptops with NVIDIA Optimus.
  • Changed fallback null texture format to better support older low end graphics cards that were getting crashes on startup.
  • Fixed an issue where start lights could get stuck on screen on certain occasions.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would spawn the player at an incorrect garage spot.
  • Improved Shadow split calculation
  • Added a potential fix for parts falling off car at race restart.
  • Fixed so that pitmenu, pit window and pit related overlays don’t show up post race.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while using instant replay.
  • Fixed cars flickering in replay.
  • Changed so ambient sounds for tracking cameras are initialized after the loading is done to fix some wrong calls.
  • Optimized the logic performance.
  • Fixed issue with test drive losing audio when alt-tabbing and going back to the game.
  • Fixed an issue with returning to garage after pause.
  • Fixed cars popping in and out on occasion.
  • Fixed error messages in the new menus appearing as white text on white background.
  • Revised several controller profiles according to the new ffb additions.
  • Added Logitech G29, Fanatec CSR and Thrustmaster T300 F1 Wheel addon profiles.
  • Tweaked keyboard default profile for better steering at higher speed.
  • Fixed issue with ffb gain only being updated on device initialization which meant that changing it in options didn’t change anything).
  • Fixed so wheel range, rev lights and led display are reset when game is closed.
  • Added supplemental controller type so that devices such as shifters and pedals trigger the right dialogue when initialized.
  • Changed so control set evaluation is only done on controller that’s not supplemental. This fixes the with wrong control set being selected by pedals etc and removes extra dialogs asking the player if he wants to create a profile for them.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in driver logic.
  • Fixed a freeze that could occur after the initial track load.
  • Fixed gear damage that was occurring when downshifting on cars with downshift prevention.
  • Changed LiveTimings, Race Monitor and Session Info to be part of the Menu System instead of being static variables/singletons. This is an attempt to clear up some of the mess and to hopefully fix the issue with menu being broken sometimes after session switches.
  • Fixed so “Visible Cars” feature applies on any camera, including free cam.
  • Fixed so only timing and position overlays are disabled when the tv overlay setting is off.
  • Changed so low fuel, push to pass and drs overlays are not shown if the compact data display is active.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when bringing up the pit menu.
  • Fixed issue with PitPresets not being shown if they’re created mid race through the pause menu.
  • Added menu music and music volume setting in sound options.


  • Added bigger grids in company dedicated servers for testing. We will set up few servers with more than the usual grid size (up to 100) to test and would like you all to join to help us testing.
  • Various potential fixes for a crash that was occurring when switching from qualifying to race in Multiplayer.
  • Increased stack size for game to fix the stack overflow crash that could have occurred when joining MP.
  • Fixed small issue with garage screen not refreshing after session switch in MP (still showed old session type name if player was in the menus during switch).

Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:

  • AI now better respects track limits.
  • AI now visually use default steering settings for their car. Player’s car under AI control now also uses player’s steering settings.
  • AI cars now properly use the correct Final Ratio for their gearbox on the current track.
  • Updated chase cameras for all so player can feel the car better and be able to see enough of the road ahead
  • FallOffDistances (distance at which sounds can be heard) adjusted so replay volume on TV Cameras are balanced with gameplay volume. Engine sounds now have a longer audible distance
  • Ambient sound samples on old tracks are now starting at random moment in the samples.
  • RoadFeel Effects and Suspension Squeak sound option levels are now set to 40% by default.
  • Helicopter cameras now play a constant Helicopter sound sample (was using a fixed area before)
  • Wind sound sample (open cockpit cars) updated, volume decreased for a better balance in Stereo setups
  • New sound sample for rumblestrips
  • Fuel Estimates adjusted for all cars and tracks
  • FFB Multiplier adjustments for various cars
  • Audi 90 GTO : Massive physics update, cranked idle engine volume to 11
  • Chevrolet Greenwood (Gr.5) : Suspension sounds were missing.
  • Formula RR2: Fixed rearview camera in triple screen
  • GT3-specs cars: Massive physics update, new external sounds for the Z4 and P4/5, improved standing starts for AI’s
  • Prototype cars: Massive physics update, new sounds for all, action cameras added.
  • NSU TTS : Fixed a floatiness feeling, AI’s should now be better at standing starts
  • Hockenheim GP : TV camera files updated
  • Indianapolis: merged cut track rules
  • Macau : Tweaked AI lines around the hairpin, Fixed a couple TV cameras that were affected by guardrail / tree objects
  • Paul Ricard : TV Cameras updates
  • Salzburgring : AI tweaks
  • Spa-Francorchamps : TV camera files updated
  • Suzuka : AI tweaks
  • Zandvoort : TV cameras cleanup


  • Added new content
  • P4-5 : swapped liveries in GTR3
  • Mercedes SLS GT3 : Fixed weird polygon on hood when damaged
  • New sky textures ( global )
  • Minor livery fixes
  • Audi 90Q GTO : fixed a weird keyhole in taillight
  • Brands Hatch : Reduced bumpiness


  • Added Improved Newsfeed system which now works as a standalone application.
  • Added fallback functionality on timeouts on steam callbacks to ensure the transaction gets cancelled if Steam store times out as it did during holidays.
  • Fixed a purchase processing issue that could have triggered “nothing to buy” message, buying twice, and things not appearing as purchased problems.
  • Fixed a store content filtering issue in competition launcher and game menu.
  • Fixed so player can challenge other cars in a class where they own one of cars in the class if they filter by class in LB (All cars in LB list).



Since we have implemented the DRS and Push-to-Pass functions, added the fuel setting to the car setup (coming this patch) and reworked the tyre wear for the latest physics updates, we felt the need to redesign the Mini Data Display HUD, to present you the most important information during a race in a nicer, more compact way.


The new mini Data display contains the following information:

  • Gear
  • Speed
  • RPM
  • Fuel
  • Tyre Wear
  • DRS/P2P
  • Aero Damage
  • Gearbox Damage
  • Engine Damage

The RPM Meter will change its color to green, once you are close to the optimal shifting point, and red when you hit thelimiter.


Tyre Wear
You will notice the 4 tyre icons decreasing in size and changing color as your tyres lose available grip.
Yellow indicates that your tyres are out of their optimal range
Orange means that the tyres show a considerable amount of wear, and you should start thinking about pitting for new rubber.
At some point they will start blinking red, telling you that the tire is fully worn out.


Following the upcoming patch you will be able to change the amount of fuel in the car setup.
The Data Display shows you the amount of liters left in your tank, and will turn red once you’re left with only two laps worth of fuel, indicating that you need to pit in soon™.



The three damage icons show you the status of your aerodynamics, engine & gearbox.
When damaging parts of your car, the corresponding icon will blink yellow, and as the health of your car parts wears off, the associated bars will decrease and eventually turn red to indicate major damage.

  • With increasing Aero damage you will lose downforce.
  • Engine damage will hurt the performance of your power unit, which results in slower acceleration and lower top speed.
  • Gearbox damage may cause gears not to engage properly and eventually be lost altogether.


The display will show you the status and the number of remaining uses of your DRS / P2P function.


Green: The function is available
Red: Function is in use




In the upcoming patch we are including some Force Feedback updates, many of you have been asking for.


FFB Meter
In the secondary controller settings you will find an option to bind a key for the FFB Meter.
Once enabled, the yellow line marks your minimum force setting, and the red line shows the maximum force.
The green graph displays the steering forces sent to your wheel.

If the graph exceeds the red line you are experiencing “Clipping”
Clipping means, that your wheel has reached the maximum output force and you won’t feel any difference above that limit.


Minimum Force
The minimum Force Setting can be found in the FFB Settings Menu, and will allow you to amplify all the small FFB forces that your wheel might not be able to put out. That means small bumps and steering forces will be increased to a point where you can actually feel them through your wheel and thereby adding more details to your FFB.
This will also help eliminate the “dead center feeling” occurring with some of the wheels.


Slip Effect
This Effect simulates the shuttering of your tires as they struggle for grip,
which occurs for example during wheelspin, understeering, sliding and even on heavy braking.
Depending on the amount of grip as well as the rotation speed of your tires you will feel a vibration indicating that your tires are slipping.
The higher the rotation speed of your tires, the higher the frequency of the vibrations is.
The more grip your tires loose, the higher the amplitude of the vibration will be.

Stationary Friction
This will deal with the problem of wheels rotating by themselves if the car is stationary, for example in garage or on the starting grid.
This won’t be an option you will find in the menu, and it only takes effect, if the car moves slower then a couple of meter per second.

FFB Multiplier
Since the FFB in R3E is based on the car physics (Tire load & grip + suspension geometry), different cars result in different FFB strength.
So in the past you might have found your perfect FFB settings for one car, only to find out they don’t work as well with another car.
To avoid this, you are now able to adjust the cars individual FFB strength by changing the FFB Multiplier.
You will find this new Setting in the Car Setup>Steering Settings.
Increase the FFB Multiplier if a particular car feels too weak.
Decrease it, if the FFB of the car is causing heavy clipping.

Recommended Settings

1. Start by choosing the new default profile for your wheel in the Controller Profiles Menu. It contains presets for all the new settings.

2. To adjust the FFB strength individually per car, change the FFB Multiplier in the Car Setup>Steering Settings Menu

3. Depending on the Wheel you own, choose how much Clipping you want to allow.

  • If you for example own a Logitech G27, you should aim for Mild Clipping values, in order not to loose too much of the overall FFB Strength.
  • If you own a high end, direct driven wheel you can easily set it up for Zero Clipping, for the maximum amount of detail.




  • Added new content that will be released very soon. (edit: Audi Sport TT Cup released)
  • Implemented Refuelling in pitstops. This is still work in progress and there will be additional fuel options in car setup later. For now all cars will start with full tank.
  • Increased session length up to 6 hours.(R3E only. Does not apply to other experiences.) Please note the replay file size will be rather big on longer session races. You can disable replay recording by adding “-disableReplay” to Launch Options for the game on Steam.
  • Added Push-to-Pass logic with a temporary HUD element for it. (HUD will be changed in the near future). Push-to-Pass info is available for spectator overlays and in shared memory.
  • Removed the hidden fuel and wear multipliers that were automatically applied depending on race length in R3E.
  • Added mandatory pitstop, tyre wear and fuel use options to R3E single player races.
  • Fixed a crash that was occurring when car status hud was getting disabled.
  • Fixed Mandatory pitstop not counting for player on certain experiences.
  • Fixed issue with window values getting wrong if window was minimized, which caused hud objects to appear incorrect.
  • Fixed a couple of memory leaks.
  • Fixed background video being stretched to right monitor on triple screen setups.
  • DTM 2013 – Fixed an issue with 4th round of qualifying ending after the outlap and ending the session with no qualifying time.
  • DTM 2014 – Fixed mandatory pitstop not counting for the player.
  • Fixed an AI related crash that could have occurred while updating certain events.
  • Fixed an issue where the menu would show two “End Session” buttons after returning to Garage from Pause menu after session time has run out.
  • Fixed car setup screen blinking red when using non English languages.
  • Tweaked AI to improve AI starts on grid.
  • Fixed an endless loading issue that could occur on slow connections that would timeout mid loading.


  • Increased default connection timeout to 30 seconds.
  • Removed a double call to set a connection related option (TCP_NODELAY) for server-client tcp socket.

Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:

  • A.I. logic improvements. More racy, less hesitant to overtaking, handles crashes better; AI’s now try and avoid cars even when collisions are disabled.
  • Improved AI behaviour coming into sharp corners and pitstop area, and various other small fixes.
  • Improved AI logic for the chosen gear when player regains control from AI.
  • Tweaked AI speed on 2nd hairpin of Norisring.
  • Tweaked AI speed on 2nd turn of Oschersleben.
  • Tweaked Bathurst AI behaviour.
  • Tweaked Monza AI behaviour and merged cut corridors for all difficulty levels.
  • Nurburgring: Fixed “empty pitboxes” problem where AI couldnt perform pitstops
  • Redbull Ring: Fixed “empty pitboxes” problem where AI couldnt perform pitstops.
  • Lausitzring: Fixed “empty” pitboxes and merged cut corridors for all difficulty levels.
  • Hockenheim: Fixed “empty” pitboxes and tweaked AI behavior in turn 1.
  • Updated single screen chasecam positions for all cars
  • Added missing action cameras for RUF RT12R (GTR3)
  • Increased FFB strength for Prototype and Radical cars


  • Mid Ohio – Fixed some flickering banners.
  • Nurburgring – Fixed mixed advertisement banners.
  • Paul Ricard – Tweaked distant terrain texture
  • Zolder – Reduced bumpiness of the track, fixed some flickers in turn 10.
  • Monza – Updated curbstones to current design, lowered some rounded curbs, and various tweaks
  • Hockenheim – Curbs tweaked and adjusted to match drivers feedback. Gravel texture update. Oil bottle on top of pitbuilding now has new sponsor.
  • Bathurst – Small tweaks
  • Suzuka – Removed an abandoned truck in pitlane
  • Fixed Aquila car shadows.
  • Fixed flickering labels in Nissan GT-R GT3 cockpit

Portal & Backend Systems:

  • Fixed certain content returning error 20103 when trying to use them.
  • Fixed leaderboard challenge launch function checking whether the player owns the livery instead of the car.
  • Fixed newsletter subscription option not saving in Account Settings.



Due to car physics changes, it is advised to reset Car Setups and Steering Settings to their default values.

Due to the downshift prevention implementation we have cleared all the leaderboards.

– Added new content that will be released very soon.
– Downshift prevention logic implemented. Sequential gearbox will refuse to downshift if revs are going to end up above the limiter. H-Pattern gearbox will try and engage the gear and fail until revs are lower.
– Tyres of the DTM 2015 cars will pick up Dirt & Gravel when driving off-track, reducing grip on the affected tyres until they’re clean again. Game will play a sound effect of pebbles hitting the car body that will reduce as tyres become clean again.
– Added new things in Shared Memory block. Check our forum for details and link to updated github rep.
– Removed exclusivity of certain Experiences. All content is now accessible and usable in the main R3E.
– Added a new argument “-disableReplay” that can be added in Launch options on steam to disable replay recording.
– Fixed an issue where you start in the wrong car when number of cars is more than the visible cars set in options.
– Fixed an issue with not being able to select each car when number of cars is more than the visible cars set in options.
– Improved random grid position so it’s now really random.
– Implemented a new shadow system that improves performance and visuals.
– Fixed an issue with time left where it was returning the session duration if the session hadn’t started yet.
– Fixed an issue with drivetrain wobbling out of control when in Novice or when TC is 100%
– Fixed so the shifts without clutch in semiautomatic transmissions are damage free.
– Fixed an issue in audio where the coast backfire sound wasn’t stopping in some cases.
– Fixed an issue with cars behaving jerky in novice mode by smoothening the brake and throttle changes when brake assist is applied.
– Fixed an issue with the TV cameras where you could see a couple of seconds of a wrong one.when switching to TV Cam.
– Allowed use of handbrake regardless of track being hillclimb or not
– Various HUD tweaks on areas where text would often not fit the given frame/field.
– Optimized motion blur
– Made changes how frequency and damping are affected by gear ratios, to increase oscillation effect in higher gears
– Removed oscillation from differential distribution on driven wheels, to normalize torque output a bit
– Added an option to load opponent cockpits (Video/Custom Settings)
– Reverted a drivetrain tweak that was done to differential torque
– Fixed an issue where the order on the left hand side of position bar was reversed.
– Fixed an issue where the shortened names were being used despite having enough space for it in the position bar.
– Tweaked G25 & G27 FFB values in default profiles.
– Fixed DRS animation not working after rewinding in replays.
– Fixed game video playback issues that were causing the experience menus to get slow and sluggish after a while.
– Fixed an issue where the players could not resume their lap if they opened the pause menu after session timer reached 0.

– Added full name, total time, finish status and lap information such as time, position and pit stop status to race result logs.
– Fixed a crash that occurred to everyone in the race if one of the participants had a name longer than 32 characters which was exceeding the buffer and causing issues in replay creation.
– Fixed an issue with players not seeing each other outside of P2P zone.
– Fixed mp dedi front end not loading properly on Internet Explorer.

Audio & Physics & AI & Camera

Aquila CR 1 Sports GT
– Physics update, now mounted with a 4.0L V8 BMW M60 engine

Silhouette Class
– Physics update, now have actual Silhouette specs
– Canhard R51: 3.5L V6 normally aspirated (New sound!)
– Canhard R52: 2.5L Inline-5 Turbo charged
– Cougar C14-1: 1.8L Inline-4 Turbo charged
– Cougar C14-2: 3.0L V6 Turbo charged

BMW M1 Procar
– Massive physics update

GTR3 Class:
– Massive physics update

– External sounds improved and pitch note increased

– Merged cut rules between amateur, novice and get real
– Tuned AI speed for latest code changes
– Fixed bad AI behaviour in the exit of hairpin

– Tweaked AI logic to limit wall-hitting behavior

– A selection of cars have received additional onboard cameras (accessible with HOME key)

– Zolder: reduced bumps

– Curbs tweaked and adjusted (they were way too high)
– Gravel texture update
– Ravenol is now the sponsor on the oil bottle on pitbuilding
– Fixed some fences clipping into ground
– Fixed missing collisions with fence between T12-13 and also at entry of pitlane

– Removed unsafe escape road in the middle of the Raidillon
– Adjusted and added some missing road entries/runoffs and some green curbs.
– Tweaked height of some curbs.
– Added marshals at pit entry
– Tweaked blend stripes.
– Various bug fixes and changes

Paul Ricard:
– Some performance boost by fixing the 2d audience that was casting shadows and optimizing some meshes. Also fixed some steel fence collisions

– Moscow: Performance optimization

– Silhouette class: New colors
– Mercedes C63 DTM 2015: Added Dekra sticker on side rear windows
– Corvette Greenwood: Fixes to visual damage model
– Nissan Silvia: Fixed visuals for front brake calipers
– Audi V8 DTM: Fixed tail lights
– Volvo 240: Filled some hole in cockpit
– BMW 635 CSI: Hip replacement for the driver so his feet don’t clip through the floor
– Citroen C Elysee 2014: Side mirrors UV’s were not straight

Portal & Backend
– Default livery is no longer forced upon purchase. Player can now choose a livery to go with the car.
– Cleared all the leaderboard due to physics changes and downshift prevention implementation.
– Removed season passes from portal and the checks associated with them.
– Removed Pixlr screenshot editing tool.
– Changed so that all the external URL’s are opened externally (new tab in a browser, steam browser in game).
– Shortened the registration form by removing some fields.
– Various fixes to the championship in portal.
– Fixed a small exploit that allowed players to use an unpurchased car after leaving test drive.
– Fixed user not getting redirected from the experience after a competition, if he/she did not own the experience.
– Fixed horizontal scrollbar appearing on purchase popups.
– Added subcategories in cart.
– Tidied up purchased content page.




RaceRoom Dedicated Server is a free application that allows users to host their own Multiplayer servers in RaceRoom Racing Experience.

This how-to explains how to get the software, how to get started, technical details a host should know and some additional information.

დაწვრილებით details link


New content:

Prepared the game for upcoming releases and special events related to WTCC and DTM.


  • Brand new transmission model feat. drivetrain elasticity calculations
  • Brand new backfire system
  • A.I. logic improvements “Smooth Operator”
  • Old “green orb” menu design is now gone.
  • Implemented Experience switcher. Game now starts in RaceRoom Experience and player can switch directly to another experience using the buttons on top of the screen.
  • Optimization of the whole client-server communication for a smoother and faster browsing of the menus (should also reduce timeouts during peak hours).
  • Optimized loading times. (It may still be slow the first time as the shaders will need to be built)
  • Implemented dog box transmission, allowing upshifts without clutch engaged.
  • Updated steer ratio speed for gamepads to allow gamepad users to make it around tight hairpins.
  • Added new advanced controller options for adjusting clutch biting point.
  • Added new advanced controller option for double shift prevention on worn out controllers.
  • Added new advanced controller options to adjust Upper dead zones for brake and clutch axis. (useful for adjusting the required pressure on load cell brake pedals)
  • Removed deadzone for mouse steering.
  • Fixed so axis deadzones are setup properly when reconnecting devices.
  • Fixed spacing issue in active devices when having multiple devices connected.
  • Added new graphic option adjusting the amount of rendered cars around the player.
  • Added new sound options for transmission whine, wind, RoadFeel sound effects (car body rattle), suspension squeaks and backfires.
  • Cleaned up code in game startup. Merged preload screen and title screen.
  • Updated startup image and desktop icon.
  • Fixed a shadow issue where wrong lod was being used in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue with free flight camera when pausing/unpausing.
  • Player can now jump the start in Get Real if flag rules are enabled.
  • Game now forces auto-clutch to be ON when using auto gearbox.
  • Improved protection of track files.
  • Fixed the selection of liveries for AI drivers that wasn’t random.
  • Fixed a small issue with lap counter in pause menu.
  • Fixed a crash that was occurring when going through saved championships and there’s no participants.
  • Fixed AI pitting twice to change tyres within a small window.
  • Fixed DTM 14 AI using two sets of Option tyres.
  • Fixed Instant replay not working in some game modes.
  • Fixed crashes that were occurring when loading certain replays.
  • Fixed an issue with menus sometimes not rendering properly after switching video settings.
  • Fixed an issue where some car parts were still not re-attached to the car after repairing aero damage.
  • Fixed an issue where the default view was turned to the left on unsupported controllers with certain keys unbound.
  • Fixed an issue where driving camera would become offset when using freecam with mouse steering active.
  • Fixed an issue where controller ID’s were not being assigned/loaded correctly for keybinds.
  • Fixed Disqualified text not fitting properly in overlays.
  • Text inside click buttons will now auto resize.
  • Log files now use date and time in name instead of appending a number and. Also changed the way we handle logs.
  • Fixed numpads not controlling the cameras in Race Monitor.


  • Multiplayer Dedicated Server is now available on Steam under tools in Library. (RaceRoom Dedicated Server)
  • Implemented garage phase; a minute long phase before the race starts where players can set up tyres, pit preset and car setup. Race starts when all players are ready or when time runs out.

AI, Physics & Audio

  • Improved AI throttle/brake control.
  • Improved AI reaction to over/understeer.
  • Fixed so AI don’t react to cars off track.
  • Fixed so AI do not brake during rolling start.
  • [Laguna Seca] A.I. improvements and cut track detection modification
  • [Salzburgring] Fixed pit speed limit showing when driving close to pit lane.
  • [Salzburgring] Tweaked AI speed in various turns.
  • [Suzuka] Tweaked AI speed.
  • [All cars] Updated data for new transmission model
  • [All cars] Added new samples for backfires, suspensions and revlimiter
  • [BMW 320 Turbo] Various gear ratio tweaks.
  • [BMW 320 Turbo] New revlimiter sound sample
  • [Fabcar] Corrected weight distribution. Adjusted gear ratios.
  • [Fabcar] Tweaked revlimiter as it was hitting the limiter too often.
  • [Group 5 cars] Removed ability to use Traction Control
  • [Group 5 cars] Rebalanced AI behaviour vs player.
  • [RUF RT12R] Tweaked the default car setup.


  • [Alpina B6] Lowered intensity on the front intake
  • [Audi 90q (GTO)] Various art fixes
  • [Audi V8 DTM92] Livery fixes.
  • [BMW 320 Turbo] Various art fixes.
  • [BMW 635] Fixed an issue with fog lights.
  • [BMW M1 Procar] Various livery fixes
  • [BMW Z4 GT3] Fixed a black stain on the rear mirror
  • [Chevrolet Dekon Monza] Fixed speed gauge range and cockpit windows banner text being flipped
  • [DTM 13/14] Bigger flames for backfires (experimental)
  • [Fabcar 935] Lowered reflection on front intake; various livery fixes
  • [Ford GT1] Fixed wheel arches appearing too reflective
  • [Group 5 cars] Bigger flames for backfires (experimental)
  • [McLaren MP4-12C] Lowered reflection on air hose
  • [Mercedes SLS] Fixed a misaligned sticker.
  • [Nissan Silvia] Fixed various holes reported in the cockpit; fixed a shadow lod issue
  • [Nissan Skyline 2000RS] Fixed a LOD issue in the rear of the car and some gauges needle in the dashboard
  • [Bathurst] Various art bugs including wrong sun position
  • [Brands Hatch Indy] Road shader update, added far vegetation and various bug fixes
  • [Hockenheim] DTM 2015 theme
  • [Hungaroring] WTCC 2014 theme, fixed numerous bugs (LODs, clipping, shaders), improved performance (optimized collision, removed audience from rearview), 2014 track updates
  • [Indianapolis] Various bugfixes including dropshadows for walls, u.s. flag, removed flat audience shadow cast, cleaned up scenes, fixed pitwall, and collisions
  • [Laguna Seca] 2014 updates (mostly track adverts), added brakemarkers, removed flat audience shadow cast
  • [Lausitzring] fixed some flickering overlays, fixed missing generics, removed dtm curb from GT Masters version in T1, shader tweaks, pitlights are now working, mapping tweaks, Various art fixes.
  • [Oschersleben] DTM 2015 theme, fixed some generics not showing, fixed ao, added missing pitwall hut, added pitlights, other various bug fixes,
  • [Mid Ohio] added US flag on building, various art fixes
  • [Monza] Various art fixes
  • [Moscow] WTCC 2014 and DTM 2015 themes, 2014 track updates (new sound wall), various art bug fixes
  • [Norisring] DTM 2015 theme
  • [Nuerburgring] DTM 2015 theme
  • [RedBull Ring] DTM 2015 theme
  • [Salzburgring] Various art fixes.
  • [Sonoma] Fixed some fences that were missing collision, and tucked in a tyrewall in which AI kept colliding, various other fixes
  • [Zandvoort] – Small curbs update, New scheivlak house, Removed funky dip in chicane, Changed banking of final turn exit (more camber onto straight), and other bugfixes.
  • [Zolder] – Various art fixes


  • Refactored code to improve loading times of store page.
  • Refactored code to improve sluggish experience menus.
  • Implemented asynchronous purchase calls between portal backend and system backend to reduce waiting times upon purchases.
  • Favorite cars in user profiles now show the specific livery instead of the main livery of the car.
  • Added various partners to partners page (WIP). You can subscribe to partners to get more news about them in your newsfeed.
  • Various store fixes when adding duplicate items.
  • Fixed newsfeed showing incorrect event date time.
  • Fixed leaderboard layout name not showing track name.
  • Fixed item info on competitions where user does not own the content.
  • Fixed links to dashboard resulting in error 500.
  • Updated youtube API to bring back youtube videos in portal.
  • Fixed an issue where championship load/save screen would appear repeatedly when trying to cancel it after exiting a championship session.
  • Added filtering and search functionality to partner pages.
  • Fixed an issue with leaderboard not updating difficulty when backing out from game launcher
  • Fixed only having one car class available in Leaderboard challenge on certain cases.

R3E LOGODramatic bodywork, enough power to move a mountain and no fancy driving aids; this is the iconic “Group 5” class from the early ’80s. The class where more was never enough, is still considered a pinnacle of the brutal side of racing even today. Every car here is a monster in its own right, and together they’ll fill any vintage racing fan with awe. Taming one will not be easy, but powersliding action is guaranteed

Included cars:  Zakspeed Capri Chevrolet Corvette Greenwood 1977 BMW 320 Turbo Chevrolet Dekon Monza Fabcar 935 Nissan Skyline 2000RS Nissan Silvia Turbo


R3E LOGOTom Coronel takes you on a lap around Salzburgring, explaining the key spots of the track. Salzburgring will become available later today for RaceRoom, so stay tuned!

შეძენა >


GTR2 Pack including the Cadillac CTS-V.R plus more liveries and the American Track pack are available in the RaceRoom store now!

GTR2 pack:
American Track Pack:

Hotfix Patch
– Fixed issue with position bar showing wrong time left e.g. 30 mins on 60 min race.
– Changed so that only race and practice (track test) session replays are saved.
– Replay is saved when the session ends in Single Player.
– Replay is saved when player receives session results from dedicated server in Multiplayer.
– Fixed Replay menu appearing broken.
– Fixed issue with being unable to start championship in R3E if race length was set to 10 minutes.
– Fixed an inconsistency in length between practice, qualifying and race sessions.
– Changed so that the crash dump window shows our name correctly: Sector3 instead of Sector 3.
– Temporarily fixed randomly assigned tyre compounds in MP by making prime default. (Temporary until garage phase is implemented).
– Fixed a small issue with tyre spring calculation being wrong as it was sometimes using the wrong tyre compound.
– Suzuka – Fixed invisible tyre collision in degner 2 among other various fixes.

– Slovakiaring – Fixed invisible tyre collision issue.



What’s New (Summary)
– Custom Championships.
– Mouse Steering. You can now select the mouse steering profile in the controller settings.
– Track rotation in Multiplayer.
– 3 new FFB multipliers for spring, damper and friction in FFB settings.

– Added Custom Championships in RRE.
– Shadow map improvements to make car shadows smoother.
– Put local shadow map back to 32 bits for smoother car shadows.
– Added car shadow kernel and epsilon.
– Implemented better device support by changing device ID to include instance, wheel type and rim type ID’s to support several devices of the same type and to differentiate between devices that share the same product ID. (Fanatec CSR and CSR Elite for example). More default profiles will be added later.
– Fixed the mixup in ADAC championship screen where tracks showed under cars header and vice versa.
– Fixed IBL (Image Based Lighting) not loading for Sonoma in replays.
– Fixed AI hitting pit wall from standing start in Sonoma.
– Fixed cut track penalty message coming up after rolling start in LBC start.
– Changed the banger sound priority from medium to high so they play when full grid.
– Fixed an issue with AI launch from 1st gear.
– Fixed an issue with disappearing skid sounds.
– Fixed triggering issues with pitcams.
– Changed RRE timing screen a bit to make IN PIT (yellow) text more readable.
– Added Mouse Steering.
– Added 3 new FFB options. Spring, Damper and friction strength. These work as multiplers and multiply what is set in the driver. Default profiles have these off by default.
– Tweaked all the default profiles due to changes. Please note your old control profiles will be backed up and won’t be usable.
– Default Controlset: Changed ffb steer friction and damper coefficients to 0.0
– Default Controlset: Changed ffb steer friction and damper saturations to 1.0
– Default Controlset: Changed spring saturation and coefficient pos and neg to 1.0
– Default Controlset: Added ffb steer spring coefficient.
– Default Controlset: Changed default spring coefficient per axis to 1.0