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Hey farmers,

We’re pleased to announce the release of a new update for Farming Simulator 17!

Thanks for your feedback since release – keep them coming! We read and analyze them to iron out the game as much as possible.

Here is today’s patch notes:

Farming Simulator 17 – Update 1.3.1

  • Added separate music volume slider to settings.
  • Added option for mod map updates to invalidate savegame cache files (e.g. tip collision map).
  • Fixed field of view setting (90° was very distorted).
  • Fixed Sosnovka bunker silos collision with chaff.
  • Fixed Sosnovka manure heaps.
  • Fixed error when loading some savegames (Callstack setMass invalid Entity).
  • Fixed error when creating a map mod from Goldcrest Valley.
  • Fixed unloading to BGA bunker using conveyor belts.
  • Fixed fertilizer missions being repeated many times.
  • Changed Jenz HE700 income category to wood.
  • Fixed animals cleanliness.
  • Fixed animals food usage.
  • Fixed pig tutorial cleaning (not enough space in trough).
  • Fixed toggling vehicle configurations with different collisions.
  • Fixed error with wool pallets in multiplayer.
  • Fixed crash when loading old savegames (from version 1.1).