Automobilista: release v1.0 this wednesday

Posted: 23/08/2016 in AUTOMOBILISTA, News - Archive
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AMS logo

We´re happy to announce Automobilista is being officially released as v1.0 this wednesday August 24th!

The official release will bring a new series (F-Vintage 1967 & 1969), new track layouts, along with an extensive list of fixes and updates to the current Early Access version.

To reflect the upcoming release, base game has been upgraded to full price US$ 39.99 (and accordingly for other currencies) on Steam as Early Access discounts ends – only for this week however (until Sunday 28th) you may still buy it from our forum store for only US$ 29.99:

Prices will also remain discounted until Sunday 29th for the full Reiza Membership Package (base game + all DLCs + beta access) @ US$ 54.99, and Membership upgrade (all DLCs + beta access for those that already own the game) for US$ 24.99.

The full changelog for v1.0 updates will be released at launch, tomorrow August 24th!

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