DiRT Rally: Update – Version 1.21

Posted: 15/08/2016 in DiRT Rally, News - Archive
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DiRT Rally logo

We’ve released our latest patch for DiRT Rally today! Here’s what the update will bring:

• Graphics – Improvements to significantly reduce object popping during track intros and replays in VR.
• Graphics – Wheel will no longer lock to the left if you use the ultra low graphical preset.
• Graphics – Desktop image when playing in VR is no longer stretched.
• Graphics – Improvements to prevent the environment popping in the distance during a dynamic replay in VR.
• Game – You can now remap the headset position reset function in Controls for VR.
• Game – You can no longer press pause during the fade to black when you restart an event in VR.
• Audio – Razer Kraken will no longer cause the game to crash on boot.
• HUD – Split time will no longer overlap co-driver calls in VR.
• HUD – Repair puncture tooltip will no longer overlap speedometer in VR.
• HUD – Legibility improvements for smaller text elements in VR.
• HUD – Hud should no longer fall into your line of sight on hills if you have VR Vehicle Camera Motion turned on.
• HUD – Fix to prevent the “Recover Vehicle” tooltip remaining on screen when you have accepted an invite during gameplay.
• UI – A Message will now be displayed if you access the Steam Overlay in VR letting you know to take off your headset.
• UI – Certain pop up messages should now display correctly in VR.

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