RaceRoom: New Mini Data Display

Posted: 23/03/2016 in News - Archive, RaceRoom
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Since we have implemented the DRS and Push-to-Pass functions, added the fuel setting to the car setup (coming this patch) and reworked the tyre wear for the latest physics updates, we felt the need to redesign the Mini Data Display HUD, to present you the most important information during a race in a nicer, more compact way.


The new mini Data display contains the following information:

  • Gear
  • Speed
  • RPM
  • Fuel
  • Tyre Wear
  • DRS/P2P
  • Aero Damage
  • Gearbox Damage
  • Engine Damage

The RPM Meter will change its color to green, once you are close to the optimal shifting point, and red when you hit thelimiter.


Tyre Wear
You will notice the 4 tyre icons decreasing in size and changing color as your tyres lose available grip.
Yellow indicates that your tyres are out of their optimal range
Orange means that the tyres show a considerable amount of wear, and you should start thinking about pitting for new rubber.
At some point they will start blinking red, telling you that the tire is fully worn out.


Following the upcoming patch you will be able to change the amount of fuel in the car setup.
The Data Display shows you the amount of liters left in your tank, and will turn red once you’re left with only two laps worth of fuel, indicating that you need to pit in soon™.



The three damage icons show you the status of your aerodynamics, engine & gearbox.
When damaging parts of your car, the corresponding icon will blink yellow, and as the health of your car parts wears off, the associated bars will decrease and eventually turn red to indicate major damage.

  • With increasing Aero damage you will lose downforce.
  • Engine damage will hurt the performance of your power unit, which results in slower acceleration and lower top speed.
  • Gearbox damage may cause gears not to engage properly and eventually be lost altogether.


The display will show you the status and the number of remaining uses of your DRS / P2P function.


Green: The function is available
Red: Function is in use



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