Automobilista: EA v0.8.6r RELEASED

Posted: 19/03/2016 in AUTOMOBILISTA, News - Archive
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A new EARLY ACCESS build of AMS (v.0.8.6r) has been deployed now on Steam.

Below are the release notes & main changelog (please make sure to check for someimportant information regarding the new build):


  • Improved support for Windows User Account Control – now all user-generated files should be stored in MyDocs\Automobilista folder. Users with UAC on will be prompted to create a new profile (if you disable UAC or run as admin however it will still use game folder)
  • Added option to select PLAYER LEVEL after new profile creation (can be changed later from the difficulty menu) – CASUAL / ADVANCED / HARDCORE: depending on level selected, the default settings will be customized accordingly for various Difficulty / Controls / Display options
  • Several new UI improvements & adjustments + version number added to bottom right corner of main menu
  • Further adjusted tire scrub volume calculation, default settings & added Tire Volume Slider to the AUDIO menu
  • Some DynHUD improvements for better stability (& pedal cursors now optional from the editor)
  • Fixed bug with vehicle labels not working
  • Fixed bug with FFB level selection sometimes not sticking
  • Added a FFB Reset function whenever a session is (re)started (to try prevent issues with users occasionally losing FFB)
  • Implemented advanced transmission code for all cars with dog-type sequential boxes (Marcas, SuperV8, MR18, Lancer RS, Shifter and Superkart) now featuring ignition cut-off (AKA powershift) in upshifts; if engine / drivetrain RPM mismatch is too great, gear change is not accepted
  • Downshift protection also added to prevent engine over-revving in semi-auto boxes;
  • Added option for manual gear shift override in cars with autoshift electronic aids (such as F-V10 & Camaro SS)
  • Adjusted flatspotting range (slightly more sensitive than previous version)
  • Fixed bug with Mini autoshift driving aid not working correctly
  • Removed launch control being left mistakenly enabled in F3 & Supertruck
  • Tweaked fast line at chicane in second half of lap of Salvador to minimize cars rolling
  • Fixed foggy cockpit windshield in Lancer RS
  • Fixed bug with Renault Fluence LOD in night lighting
  • Various AI adjustments to generally improve their behavior & performance
  • Added a few missing helmet skins + corrected alpha channels for another lot of them
  • Fixed digital LCDs not working in Indian Momentum F-Extreme cars

Please keep the discussions & questions pertinent to the new build and the list above here.

If you have a bug to report please use the bug report thread. (make sure o check the opening post).

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