IL-2 BoS: Ju 88 A-4 first flight

Posted: 12/03/2016 in IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad, News - Archive
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IL-2 BoS logo

Hello everyone!

Today we’ll show a bit of Ju 88 A-4. The plane is shaping up and it turns out to be an interesting one.

First, it has a rich instruments array. Second, it can carry a huge bomb load, almost as heavy as He 111, but Ju 88 is actually a dive bomber, thus it can deliver its bombs with significantly better accuracy. Third, there are interesting engineering decisions that appear in our sim for a first time, for example, radial radiators positioning around engines or significant armor protecting the gunners. Fourth, this bomber can carry up to 44 50 kg bombs, no other plane in the sim can carry so many. Fifth, unlike He 111 H-6, its turrets are armed with MG-81 belt fed machine guns with high rate of fire that allow a thicker defensive fire curtain.

In addition, last week our engineers tested the planes turn time and climb rate, so we updated the Dev Diary #123 with the corrected data. Fw 190 flight model was also corrected (thanks to [I.B.]ViRUS for his cool find of additional Fw 190 A-4 Lift-Drag curves) so its turn tume and climb rate correspond to the reference better.

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