RaceRoom: update (09-12-2015)

Posted: 09/12/2015 in News - Archive, RaceRoom
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  • Added new content that will be released very soon. (edit: Audi Sport TT Cup released)
  • Implemented Refuelling in pitstops. This is still work in progress and there will be additional fuel options in car setup later. For now all cars will start with full tank.
  • Increased session length up to 6 hours.(R3E only. Does not apply to other experiences.) Please note the replay file size will be rather big on longer session races. You can disable replay recording by adding “-disableReplay” to Launch Options for the game on Steam.
  • Added Push-to-Pass logic with a temporary HUD element for it. (HUD will be changed in the near future). Push-to-Pass info is available for spectator overlays and in shared memory.
  • Removed the hidden fuel and wear multipliers that were automatically applied depending on race length in R3E.
  • Added mandatory pitstop, tyre wear and fuel use options to R3E single player races.
  • Fixed a crash that was occurring when car status hud was getting disabled.
  • Fixed Mandatory pitstop not counting for player on certain experiences.
  • Fixed issue with window values getting wrong if window was minimized, which caused hud objects to appear incorrect.
  • Fixed a couple of memory leaks.
  • Fixed background video being stretched to right monitor on triple screen setups.
  • DTM 2013 – Fixed an issue with 4th round of qualifying ending after the outlap and ending the session with no qualifying time.
  • DTM 2014 – Fixed mandatory pitstop not counting for the player.
  • Fixed an AI related crash that could have occurred while updating certain events.
  • Fixed an issue where the menu would show two “End Session” buttons after returning to Garage from Pause menu after session time has run out.
  • Fixed car setup screen blinking red when using non English languages.
  • Tweaked AI to improve AI starts on grid.
  • Fixed an endless loading issue that could occur on slow connections that would timeout mid loading.


  • Increased default connection timeout to 30 seconds.
  • Removed a double call to set a connection related option (TCP_NODELAY) for server-client tcp socket.

Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:

  • A.I. logic improvements. More racy, less hesitant to overtaking, handles crashes better; AI’s now try and avoid cars even when collisions are disabled.
  • Improved AI behaviour coming into sharp corners and pitstop area, and various other small fixes.
  • Improved AI logic for the chosen gear when player regains control from AI.
  • Tweaked AI speed on 2nd hairpin of Norisring.
  • Tweaked AI speed on 2nd turn of Oschersleben.
  • Tweaked Bathurst AI behaviour.
  • Tweaked Monza AI behaviour and merged cut corridors for all difficulty levels.
  • Nurburgring: Fixed “empty pitboxes” problem where AI couldnt perform pitstops
  • Redbull Ring: Fixed “empty pitboxes” problem where AI couldnt perform pitstops.
  • Lausitzring: Fixed “empty” pitboxes and merged cut corridors for all difficulty levels.
  • Hockenheim: Fixed “empty” pitboxes and tweaked AI behavior in turn 1.
  • Updated single screen chasecam positions for all cars
  • Added missing action cameras for RUF RT12R (GTR3)
  • Increased FFB strength for Prototype and Radical cars


  • Mid Ohio – Fixed some flickering banners.
  • Nurburgring – Fixed mixed advertisement banners.
  • Paul Ricard – Tweaked distant terrain texture
  • Zolder – Reduced bumpiness of the track, fixed some flickers in turn 10.
  • Monza – Updated curbstones to current design, lowered some rounded curbs, and various tweaks
  • Hockenheim – Curbs tweaked and adjusted to match drivers feedback. Gravel texture update. Oil bottle on top of pitbuilding now has new sponsor.
  • Bathurst – Small tweaks
  • Suzuka – Removed an abandoned truck in pitlane
  • Fixed Aquila car shadows.
  • Fixed flickering labels in Nissan GT-R GT3 cockpit

Portal & Backend Systems:

  • Fixed certain content returning error 20103 when trying to use them.
  • Fixed leaderboard challenge launch function checking whether the player owns the livery instead of the car.
  • Fixed newsletter subscription option not saving in Account Settings.


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