Stock Car Extreme v1.51 Released!

Posted: 24/11/2015 in News - Archive, Stock Car Extreme
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Stock Car Extreme V1.51 is now available on Steam & via GSC Sync (for Non-Steam users).

This update addresses some of the bigger bugs verified with v1.50 and brings along some other minor improvements.

Main changelog for v1.51:


  • Adds Velo Cittá Club Day layout (from “Acelerados” TV show);

    Features & Fixes:

    • Fixed bug with GSC Config crashing from Steam;
    • Fixed gridedit command for multiplayer;
    • Reverted to pre-v1.50 trackmap solution (Numpad 0 to toggle off/on/rotating);
    • Adjusted FFB values as a compromise between previous 2 versions – realfeel values from v1.38 & v1.50 are also included in RealFeelPluginv138.ini (more overall force & clipping) and RealFeelPluginv150.ini(lower forces at lighter loads & less clipping), so users can copy & paste settings according to their own preferences if not satisfied with default values;
    • Fixed garage steering rotation setting not being saved with setups;
    • Forced reset rotation range to previous profile setting with Thrustmaster wheels after quitting the sim;
    • Changed base HUD text color from yellow to white;
    • Fixed DRS rules and activation points at Interlagos, Spielberg, Kansai;
    • Reintroduced track tire compound options for F-Extreme & F-Reiza, and fixed issue which allowed AI to choose unauthorized compound in pitstops;
    • Fixed error in some series not allowing basic setup adjustments when running a fixed setup race;
    • Fixed SuperV8 graphics glitch near the exhaust from long distance;
    • Improved SuperV8 AI handling;
    • Minor physics revisions for Metalmoro MR18;
    • Updated Lancer R & RS sounds in attempt to minimize audio clipping;
    • Added pit limiter & onboard starter to Lancer R & Lancer RS;
    • Updated spanish & french localization.

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