iRacing: December Build News

Posted: 19/11/2015 in iRacing, News - Archive
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Steve Myers the Executive Vice President of has just posted a new bog entry over on the website, using the recently overhauled website theme, letting us know about some of the things we should be getting in the season 4 build coming in December.

It would seem that this build has a lot of under the hood updates rather than lots of new content with one of the biggest being  upgrading all of the backend hardware and technology.  They are porting the code from a commercial infrastructure to an open-source infrastructure which sets the stage for overhauling the application in ways that will be noticeable as they provide a better and more scale-able feature-set.

The sounds in iracing are also getting the first wave of updates with better tyre sounds and all new backfires, gravel, grass, dirt, and marbles effects.  All of this debris will have corresponding sounds which really make a dramatic difference to livening-up the cockpit environment.

They are hoping that the debris will be more than “just” an effect, It will be picked-up by your tires and flung-off as it would in the real world, even affecting the traction. Steve did mention that this is still not 100% confirmed for this build but they hope to have it ready.

New content that will be in this build is the complete Nürburgring track with all 12 configurations and for the oval racers Southern National Motorsports Park should be ready to roll.

To read Steves whole blog which also mentions some things that should be arriving in the March 2016 build please – CLICK HERE

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