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Posted: 20/10/2015 in RaceRoom
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Due to car physics changes, it is advised to reset Car Setups and Steering Settings to their default values.

Due to the downshift prevention implementation we have cleared all the leaderboards.

– Added new content that will be released very soon.
– Downshift prevention logic implemented. Sequential gearbox will refuse to downshift if revs are going to end up above the limiter. H-Pattern gearbox will try and engage the gear and fail until revs are lower.
– Tyres of the DTM 2015 cars will pick up Dirt & Gravel when driving off-track, reducing grip on the affected tyres until they’re clean again. Game will play a sound effect of pebbles hitting the car body that will reduce as tyres become clean again.
– Added new things in Shared Memory block. Check our forum for details and link to updated github rep.
– Removed exclusivity of certain Experiences. All content is now accessible and usable in the main R3E.
– Added a new argument “-disableReplay” that can be added in Launch options on steam to disable replay recording.
– Fixed an issue where you start in the wrong car when number of cars is more than the visible cars set in options.
– Fixed an issue with not being able to select each car when number of cars is more than the visible cars set in options.
– Improved random grid position so it’s now really random.
– Implemented a new shadow system that improves performance and visuals.
– Fixed an issue with time left where it was returning the session duration if the session hadn’t started yet.
– Fixed an issue with drivetrain wobbling out of control when in Novice or when TC is 100%
– Fixed so the shifts without clutch in semiautomatic transmissions are damage free.
– Fixed an issue in audio where the coast backfire sound wasn’t stopping in some cases.
– Fixed an issue with cars behaving jerky in novice mode by smoothening the brake and throttle changes when brake assist is applied.
– Fixed an issue with the TV cameras where you could see a couple of seconds of a wrong one.when switching to TV Cam.
– Allowed use of handbrake regardless of track being hillclimb or not
– Various HUD tweaks on areas where text would often not fit the given frame/field.
– Optimized motion blur
– Made changes how frequency and damping are affected by gear ratios, to increase oscillation effect in higher gears
– Removed oscillation from differential distribution on driven wheels, to normalize torque output a bit
– Added an option to load opponent cockpits (Video/Custom Settings)
– Reverted a drivetrain tweak that was done to differential torque
– Fixed an issue where the order on the left hand side of position bar was reversed.
– Fixed an issue where the shortened names were being used despite having enough space for it in the position bar.
– Tweaked G25 & G27 FFB values in default profiles.
– Fixed DRS animation not working after rewinding in replays.
– Fixed game video playback issues that were causing the experience menus to get slow and sluggish after a while.
– Fixed an issue where the players could not resume their lap if they opened the pause menu after session timer reached 0.

– Added full name, total time, finish status and lap information such as time, position and pit stop status to race result logs.
– Fixed a crash that occurred to everyone in the race if one of the participants had a name longer than 32 characters which was exceeding the buffer and causing issues in replay creation.
– Fixed an issue with players not seeing each other outside of P2P zone.
– Fixed mp dedi front end not loading properly on Internet Explorer.

Audio & Physics & AI & Camera

Aquila CR 1 Sports GT
– Physics update, now mounted with a 4.0L V8 BMW M60 engine

Silhouette Class
– Physics update, now have actual Silhouette specs
– Canhard R51: 3.5L V6 normally aspirated (New sound!)
– Canhard R52: 2.5L Inline-5 Turbo charged
– Cougar C14-1: 1.8L Inline-4 Turbo charged
– Cougar C14-2: 3.0L V6 Turbo charged

BMW M1 Procar
– Massive physics update

GTR3 Class:
– Massive physics update

– External sounds improved and pitch note increased

– Merged cut rules between amateur, novice and get real
– Tuned AI speed for latest code changes
– Fixed bad AI behaviour in the exit of hairpin

– Tweaked AI logic to limit wall-hitting behavior

– A selection of cars have received additional onboard cameras (accessible with HOME key)

– Zolder: reduced bumps

– Curbs tweaked and adjusted (they were way too high)
– Gravel texture update
– Ravenol is now the sponsor on the oil bottle on pitbuilding
– Fixed some fences clipping into ground
– Fixed missing collisions with fence between T12-13 and also at entry of pitlane

– Removed unsafe escape road in the middle of the Raidillon
– Adjusted and added some missing road entries/runoffs and some green curbs.
– Tweaked height of some curbs.
– Added marshals at pit entry
– Tweaked blend stripes.
– Various bug fixes and changes

Paul Ricard:
– Some performance boost by fixing the 2d audience that was casting shadows and optimizing some meshes. Also fixed some steel fence collisions

– Moscow: Performance optimization

– Silhouette class: New colors
– Mercedes C63 DTM 2015: Added Dekra sticker on side rear windows
– Corvette Greenwood: Fixes to visual damage model
– Nissan Silvia: Fixed visuals for front brake calipers
– Audi V8 DTM: Fixed tail lights
– Volvo 240: Filled some hole in cockpit
– BMW 635 CSI: Hip replacement for the driver so his feet don’t clip through the floor
– Citroen C Elysee 2014: Side mirrors UV’s were not straight

Portal & Backend
– Default livery is no longer forced upon purchase. Player can now choose a livery to go with the car.
– Cleared all the leaderboard due to physics changes and downshift prevention implementation.
– Removed season passes from portal and the checks associated with them.
– Removed Pixlr screenshot editing tool.
– Changed so that all the external URL’s are opened externally (new tab in a browser, steam browser in game).
– Shortened the registration form by removing some fields.
– Various fixes to the championship in portal.
– Fixed a small exploit that allowed players to use an unpurchased car after leaving test drive.
– Fixed user not getting redirected from the experience after a competition, if he/she did not own the experience.
– Fixed horizontal scrollbar appearing on purchase popups.
– Added subcategories in cart.
– Tidied up purchased content page.


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