rFacto 2: short Q&A list about release on the STEAM

Posted: 15/10/2015 in rFactor 2
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We’ve put together some more information about this release, and what it means for you, in the form of a short Q&A:

If I already own rF2, can I move over to the Steam version for free?
Yes you can migrate over to the Steam version at no extra cost. Once you do this, your original non-Steam product is no longer active.

How will Steam work with Standard/Lifetime?
For those who do not buy or have Lifetime, you will need to buy online access through Steam. We will not offer Lifetime upgrades (from ‘Offline’) on Steam. We are also planning to stop doing Standard to Lifetime upgrades for the non-Steam version soon.

rF2 on Steam will offer three things:
– rF2 Offline
– 1 Year Online for rF2 (adds multiplayer to rF2 Offline)
– rF2 Lifetime (has multiplayer included)

Will my online access be carried over from non-Steam to Steam?
No, not for the standard version of rF2. We are not able to move over remaining online access, so users may want to wait until that expires before migrating. Lifetime access is carried over to Steam.

Why Steam? Why now? What Steam features are implemented in rF2?
We have done a lot of work to support Steam, including implementation of Steam Workshop for additional content. Here is a more comprehensive list:

– automatic updates of rFactor and mods
– support for Steam Workshop as the single source for all ISI and third party mods
– workshop items will automatically stay up to date
– leagues can use the workshop to create a convenient installation for participants
– automatic backup of car setups in the Steam cloud
– integration with the Steam matchmaker for finding servers
– support for the Steam friends system to join a friend’s game
– screenshots can be quickly shared on Steam
– broadcast options to allow (your friends or anybody) to watch you play
– streaming support that allow you to run rFactor 2 on one system but stream the graphics to another
– Steam Music Player support to listen to your favourite songs in your car and control the stereo
– statistics and achievements that you can use to compare your performance against others

Some may consider it a better platform for rFactor 2 due to the Steam integration, but we’re not planning on any Steam exclusive features (apart from those that require Steam or are enabled by using it, as can be seen above).

Will non-Steam and Steam rF2 be cross compatible?
Our goal is that MP races are cross compatible, yes.

Will a non-Steam version continue to be sold?
We will continue to sell a non-steam version for an undefined period. We may look to wind down new sales on the non-Steam version, but much like rF1, this is probably a long-term transition, if it happens at all.


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