Elite Dangerous: CQC Update 1.4

Posted: 06/10/2015 in Elite Dangerous
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– CQC Added!
– Imperial Eagle added
– Federal Gunship added
– Federal Assault Ship added
– Hazardous resource extraction sites added
– Compromised nav beacons added
– Legal salvage missions added
– Added Outfitting for CQC
– Changed how powerplant damage is handled – small chance of instant destruction, otherwise malfunctions and halved power output
– Assign Imperial Eagles to those who should have them from their backer rewards


– Speculative fixes for several rare crashes
– Fixed soft lock on login
– Crash fix for a rarely reported issue ship being docked to a station that is not in a state to provide interfaces
– Fix crash where the station news updates while quitting the
– OSX: Fix crash when generating star textures
– Prevent a crash when drones hit shields after recent changes to damage
– OSX: Fix for occasional assert due to unexpected texture
– Avoid firing beams if the firing ship is not ready and so causing a crash
– Prevent crash when trying to scoop something that no longer exists
– Fix crash caused by chatter in supercruise
– Fix crash when shutting down while looking at a mission in the bulletin board
– Restructure some checks so we don’t fatally crash when there’s a missing entry in the exploration database for an object we’ve targetted
– OSX: changes to reduce crashes due to low heap memory, including changes to use memory more efficiently
– OSX: fix for occasional crashes when closing the game window
– OSX: fix for a rare crash in the keyboard handling code on startup
– OSX: fix for potential cause of crashes in OpenGL code
– Fix a zero burst interval in plasma point defences
– Fix memory leak in ring cell generation
– Fix duplicate system ID
– Crash fix for invalid positions being passed
– Fix a pair of crashes that can happen if trying to place a scenario with no valid body list, and cope with this selection failing gracefully
– CQC: Fix a memory leak caused by the NavMarker holding onto its radar marker after the location that created it is destroyed
– Prevent crash if power data isn’t available (such as in CQC)
– Low level UI crash fix
– Contacts panel restored in CQC to allow muting of other players
– CQC stats should start tracking credits earned through CQC and only count offensive weapons towards ‘favourite weapon’
– Add a few more stats to the cockpit panel
– Fix Powerplay outfitting discounts when in Beta test mode
– Fix a server bug when scooping a mineral fragment that then requires processing multiple refinery buckets into multiple cargo units at the same time
– Adjusted text field size in OptionsScreen.swf to account for larger text strings
– Don’t show debug names for unbound controls
– Make the score summary UI in CQC aware of fov (prevents scaling during fov zooms from death cam)
– Fixed main menu spending up to 1.5 mins on a black screen if the player loses his internet connection just before going to the CQC menu
– Removed offset in UI rendering which should sharpen things up a bit
– Allow NPCs to start interdicting the player while they are charging for a hyperspace jump (but not once the countdown has started)
– Scoreboard no longer refers to the players gamertag – it uses the commander name which might look the same – isn’t!
– Fix assert message and telemetry to report the correct bucket IDs when we receive an incorrect ID from the web server
– When you are kicked from a game due to inactivity, it now displays an error message on the main menu to say why
– Fix the reverse resistance armour text so it says it’s strong vs kinetic and weak vs laser
– Make sure that if we disconnect while in the CQC menus we go to the disconnected from CQC state
– When there is a session error, make sure that we disconnect from the game
– Fix a bug where the player’s current team was reset from Blue to None
– Fix a bug where shield regeneration would appear to stall in cases where the current delay after break was longer than the delay after hit (only experienced by some CQC ships with 1.5 or less pips in SYS)
– Numerous text fixes
– Fix missing shield rings in GUI


– Reset the backfill timer when leaving CQC or ending CQC gameplay. This prevents it from trying to start backfill matchmaking when not in a game session
– Increasing the amount of time it takes for the shields power-up to respawn to match the others
– Control changes for context schemes so that they maintain keyboard alternatives wherever they were present in the original control pad scheme these were based from
– Fix spawn points facing the wrong direction in Elevate
– Decreased the time the highest end AIs spend “on” the interdiction vector to make them a little easier
– Prestige icons not displaying
– Corrected the text for Deathmatch to state the correct amount of points needed to win
– Fix for player name in CQC turning white when not highlighted
– Correct CQC stats are now on the right hand panel in the ship cockpit
– Decreased amount of time between CQC matches once in a session
– Fix for control UI staying on screen in supercruise
– Fix for text in control settings screen being cut off after scrolling
– Increased duration of damage powerup
– Increased the time it takes for the shields power up to decay
– Fixes to the Anaconda model
– Fix for F63 Condor boost actually causing loss of speed
– Fix for deathmatch draws being recorded as losses
– Fix for not being able to navigate through squad list
– Various network optimisations
– Don’t try to generate scores if we don’t have the data for them (stops crash)
– Don’t crash if a ship has an invalid loadout in CQC
– Fix a server crash to do with updating a users machine handle when they previously weren’t in the game
– Fix server crash if players haven’t been cleared out from the lobby
– Crash fix for network replication occurring in the wrong order in CQC
– Update mute symbols in lobby correctly
– ‘Capture’ and ‘Protect’ indicators do not move / may not render while in Oculus Rift fixed
– Make sure that we are removed from a wing when we end a proving ground game. This should fix an issue with opponents in deathmatch appearing friendly
– Fixed where players didnt always get assigned to the team the the lobby wanted to put them in
– In the CQC Outfitting, boost diverters should not show class/rating/mass, instead they should show Power Draw and Boost Speed Multiplier
– Fix for selling illegal drones (sometimes known as limpets)
– CQC matchmaking reliability improvements
– Re-enable starter packs on Beta Test
– Add the Empire_Eagle_Upgraded template to the Imperial Bounty Hunter starter pack
– Background sim fix to stop a faction declaring war on more than one opponent per tick when there’s more than one eligible
– Major refactoring of PC CQC Matchmaking game notification sending
– Stop titles appearing in the body of Galnet articles on the website
– Persist the Ship Lights option through location transitions, but not save/load
– If the refinery is idle and has a non-empty hopper, try to reallocate these materials to the bins
– Fixed high ranked AI ships not being able to fire due to empty WEP capacitor!
– Pressing enter when going into the outfitting will result in no ui being shown fixed

Unfortunately, these notes are so large (8000 character limit), I can’t post them in one go here on the patch notes section! The list is continued at https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=188174 – thanks!


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