X-Plane 10: update to 10.40 version

Posted: 01/10/2015 in X-Plane 10 Global
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X Plane 10

A ton of new stuff came out yesterday! Everything shipped! Here’s a summary…

X-Plane 10.40 Is Final

X-Plane 10.40 is now the official release of X-Plane, for all users. This includes Steam users!  X-Plane 10.40 features hundreds of new 3-d airports, extended visibility with faster DSF loading, and just a ton of new features. Here’s a short summary of what’s new if you haven’t been in the beta. Here’s a really long summary.

Two gotchas:

  • Windows 10 users – if you let X-Plane auto-update and it fails with “Permission Denied”, you can work around this by running the X-Plane Installer directly (with X-Plane not running) and update X-Plane directly.  Once you have 10.40, the next auto-update should work.
  • We have a handful of bug fixes that didn’t make 10.40 final – they’ll be in a 10.41 patch later this week or early next week.

Control Pad – Control X-Plane From Your iPad

Control Pad is a remote instructor’s station app for iPad and iPhone. You can set up and modify your flight without exiting the cockpit; it’s great for training.

Control Pad is free and works with X-Plane 10.40.

X-Plane 10 Mobile for Android

X-Plane 10 Mobile is now available for Android in the Google Play Store. This is the same modern X-Plane 10 Mobile that we shipped for iPhone/iPad last year.  The app is free to fly, with in-app purchase of additional aircraft. Like X-Plane 10 Mobile for iOS, every plane features a custom working 3-d cockpit. More details here.

The Android release features new liveries available for free that are not yet available on iOS – those liveries are coming to iPhone shortly; the plan is to have the same features on iOS and Android, just like we have the same features in X-Plane 10 Global on Mac, Windows and Linux.

(The religious wars over smart phone operating systems are even more crazy than Mac vs Windows. It will be interesting to compare sales of the two mobile operating systems – this is the first time we’ve truly had the same product on both operating systems for an Apples to Apples comparison.)


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