Stock Car Extreme: V1.48 BETA

Posted: 26/09/2015 in Stock Car Extreme
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Stock Car Extreme V1.48 BETA (for lvl2 backers & up) is now live on Steam!

This is a significant milestone build for us as it´s the first with executables compiled by ourselves – special thanks to our man @Marcel Offermans for putting on some long nights working the code out for this [​IMG]

This build removes all external code injection from previous releases, and most of the problems that came with that. Several features such as DRS, 8-speed gearboxes, amongst others which had been developed with injected code have now been rewritten into the codebase, along with several other new features.

As development is still ongoing in some of these features, there might still be some issues and things that are not quite validated for release, so please be aware it may not run 100% out of the box for everyone; Purpose of beta builds afterall are also to help us work through any remaining issues it might have before actual public release. We hope that it´s stable enough for most of you to enjoy, but please do keep this disclaimer in mind :)


  • Create a fresh player profile (delete the old one from \USERDATA otherwise the game won´t launch);
  • Do not install mods in your beta build (at least not until you have verified it´s working as it should);
  • If you get a dll error on startup, try deleting d3d9.dll from the game´s root folder.

For the steering rotation feature – All Logitech & Thrustmaster wheels with adjustable rotation should be working with this feature. Fanatec wheels should too, except for the V2 wheelbase which is still to be implemented.

If you have any of the supported wheels, it is recommended you set Enable Custom Steer Rotation to NO from OPTIONS > CONTROLS, and let the game customize the appropriate rotation range for each car.

If Enable Custom Steer Rotation is set to NO, the rotation setting below it has no effect so you may ignore it.

Some cars will also allow some range for adjusting rotation from the garage menu – ex. F-Extreme is defaulted to 360º, but you can increase that 450º from the garage. Others (like the Lancers) are fixed at 900º.

Logitech users should make sure “allow game to adjust settings” is ticked in your profiler.

If you do not have a controller with adjustable rotation, OR if your wheel is not yet supported by this feature, set Enable Custom Steer Rotation to YES, and define how much rotation range you have in your controller in the setting below – the game should then work same as before (with any adjustment per car done manually both here & controller profiler) and steer rotation setting in garage menu will have no actual effect.

Please note that in either cases, using old controller presets is NOT recommended (even the existing ones within this build), it´s been known to cause issues to at least one tester so far. We very much recommend you start one from scratch.

Further known issues with this version (to be fixed in time for release):

  • DynHUD based trackmap (replaces the previous solution) is WIP, will jitter and skip on occasion (press CTRL + M to switch it off);
  • Dedicated multiplayer tool is untested;
  • Caster setting in menu is not working (always show 0.1);
  • DRS activation & tire compound selection are not stored in replays;
  • No compound restriction per track in F-Extreme & F-Reiza;
  • Removed trackmap in session menu to make space for opponents filter (will be re-arranged to include both);
  • There´s an issue with Logitech Wingman Event Monitor (LWEMon.exe) not being shut down automatically after exiting the game – user should either shut down the process manually after leaving, or launch it himself before starting the game (otherwise the game won´t launch again).

Main Changelog:


  • Adds Mitsubishi Lancer Cup Series (Lancer R & RS models, recommended to run with TC & ABS on low as per the real car)


  • Adds Velo Cittá Circuit (2 layouts);

Features & Fixes:

  • Added support to 6 USB controller devices (increasing the previous limit of 3);
  • Added feature to automatically adjust Steering Rotation for each vehicle so use no longer needs to exit game and manually adjust controller rotation (see recommendations above);
  • Added option to adjust steering rotation in garage menu & adjusted default steering lock settings to provide a suitable default steering ratio for all cars (Custom Steer Rotation must be set to NO in controller menu);
  • Added option to map commands for adjusting anti-roll bars from in-car (for the cars that have the option: Stock Car V8, Super V8, F-Extreme, F-Reiza, F-3, F-V12, F-Classic )
  • Added option to map commands for adjusting Vertical FOV from in-car;
  • Tweaked AI to perform less strategical mistakes (such as pitting in the last lap);
  • Rewritten all car classes from the previous standard ReizaXX to a nomenclature that better represents their respective series;
  • Introduced native support to 9-speed gearboxes & fixed bug which would lead to F-Extreme occasionally disappearing when hitting 8th gear in a multiplayer section;
  • AI drivers now use 8th gear & DRS;
  • Added “Opponents Filter” option to quick race menu (for multiclass racing)
  • Replaced AI aggression UI slider with a set of presets low-to-max (max being 50% agression in old currency to prevent AI misbehavior in overly agressive settings);
  • Fixed bug with other cars occasionally “inheriting” 8 gears, DRS functionality from F-Extreme
  • Fixed championship scoring bug;
  • Fixed bug with AI behavior being over agressive with the throttle on corner exit leading to occasionally losing control;
  • Revised AI performance for all cars (balancing for consistency from car to car, track to track, session to session) – still in progress;
  • Updated ambient, curb, road & grass roll noise for all cars;
  • Minor aero & tires revision in all cars;
  • Revised realfeel values to reduce FFB clipping;
  • Tweaked alpha channels in skins from Metalmoro MR18, Opala86, SuperV8, StockV8 series to reduce excessive shiny look;
  • Minor graphical optimization;
  • Fixed behavior of driver labels.

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