Next Generation Flight Simulator

Posted: 16/09/2015 in Next Generation Flight Simulator
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ოფიციალური გვერდი

განხილვა რუსულ ფორუმზე

Feature List:

  • The Globe:
    • Round Earth model – enabeling “Polar Operations” (90° N to 90° S) preferably in a WGS84-EGM96 standard with an elevation model from -40.000 ft (mariana trench) to +30.000 (Mt. Everest)
    • Updatable Navigation Data Set (Navigraph/NavData Pro) with Updatable MagVar table.
    • VOR, NDB, TACAN, ILS, GPS, etc
    • Optimized DEM – maybe licensed from Pilot’s Global Ultimate addon?
    • Athmospheric Model
    • Correct Coastlines and Water bodys. May be possible to create realistic  waves on beaches and landmass not “swim” on water
  • Weather:
    • 3D – Volumetric Clouds
    • Rain effects on windshield
    • Snow accumulation
    • Multiplayer capablility for Weather (all players see the clouds at the same locations)…
      • Real World Weather Updates as well as Historical Weather and Weather Themes adjustable to different locations (depature-enroute-destination)
      • realistic turbulence and up/down drafts
      • A plausible representation of Weather phenomina like dangerous Storms:
        • Blizzard
        • Cloud
        • Downburst
        • Dust storm
        • Extratropical cyclone
        • Firestorm
        • Ice storm
        • Lightning
        • Supercell
        • Thunderstorm, (Thundersnow)
        • Tornado
        • Tropical cyclone, (Hurricane)
        • Waterspout
        • Winter storm etc.
    • Precipitation:
      • Drizzle (Freezing drizzle)
      • Graupel
      • Hail
      • Ice pellets
      • Rain (Freezing rain)
      • Snow Rain and snow
      • mixed Snowm grains Snow, roller Slush.
        Air Pollution (Smog)
  • Seasons:
      • Winter
      • Hard Winter
      • Spring
      • Summer
      • Autum
      • Dry season
      • Wet season
  • Scenery:
    • Procedurally generated Scenery for the entire world.
    • Capability to produce Hi Detailed Scenery including uneven Runways, large Cities, etc.
    • OSM Data
  • Flight Model:
    • Correct Aircraft handling within the Flight Regime:
      • Low Speed Stall
      • High Speed Stall
      • Climb rates
      • Weight and balance calculations/influence
      • fuel consumption
      • Gliders- Prop- Turbo Prop – Jet – Helicopter- caracteristics
      • Engine Mangement
  • ATC/AI Traffic:
    • Communication devices: VHF/HF radios
    • Capability to handle Player and AI with SID/STAR and enroute with automated routefinder…
    • realistic Runway deployment for Take-off and Landing Runways, maybe information taken from websites like Flightradar24 or FlightAware…
    • VFR/IFR capability of ATC
    • Emergency Capability
    • Voice Recognition
    • RW Airspace layout
    • Option to import/export preferred routes
    • CPDLC
    • RW Airlines Flightplans
    • Living World (Animals, Aircraft, Cars, Trains, Boats, etc.)
    • Regional differences (lefthand/righthand traffic, Buildings, Vegetation, Animals, etc.)
    • Ground Handling ala GSX/AES….
  • Flightplan manager:
    • Maybe we can license PFPX to handle the flight planning?
    • NOTAM system
  • SFX:
    • Contrails, engine wash, sound, St. Elmo’s Fire, etc.
  • Aircraft:
    • Possibility of Hi Detail Aircraft like A2A and PMDG quality…
    • Co-Pilot Capabilitys (Voice Control, FS2Crew)
    • realistic and accurate “glass cockpit” (G1000; Proline21, Avydine , Airliners, etc.)
    • Shared Cockpit
      Support for Cockpit Builders
  • Multiplayer/Networking:
    • VATSIM/IVAO integration….
    • Multiplayer host
    • FSUIPC functionality
  • Real world headlines integration:
    • Vulcanic Erruptions, War areas with No Fly Zones, Natural Desasters etc…
  • Missions:
    • Mission Creation Kit
      • Civilian:
        • SAR operations, Medical transport, etc.
      • Military:
        • AA/AG Combat capability
        • Weapon Systems
        • Radar/IR Imaging
        • realistic Radar returns according to RCS
  • Flight School:
    • Basics of Flight
      • Lift/Drag, Weight/Balance etc.
    • Flight planning tutorial
      • Airspace Organization
      • Route Planning VFR/IFR, ETOPS, NAT’S, PACOTS, AUSOTS
      • Fuel Planning
    • Tutorial Flight
      • Climb/Decent, Coordinated Turns, Steep Turns
      • Take off training, energy control, Instrument Sceening
      • Visual Approach and Landing Training
      • VFR orientation training (Triangle Flight)
      • IFR orientation training (VOR/TACAN, NDB, DME, GPS)
      • IFR Landing training (VOR App, ILS App, etc.)
    • Radio communications tutorial for Online Flight
      • Delivery
      • Apron/Ground
      • Tower
      • Depature
      • Center
      • Arrival
      • Atlantic Crossing Radio Procedure (Shannon/Gander)
    • Glider tutorial
    • Prop tutorial
    • Turboprop tutorial
    • Jet tutorial
    • Helicopter tutorial
  • Damage/Physics Model:
    • Emergency Landing Evaluation
  • Time accelleration:
    • Warp to WP/Alt/HDG under consideration of Fuel Burn etc.
  • SDK:
  • Auto Update Manager of all core components and addons!
  • Car Drive to the Airport (“Built in”)


Volumetric lighting



UNiGiNE v2 ძრავზე  რამოდენიმე ვიდეო:

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