DCS World 2 – Free Black Sea Map

Posted: 19/07/2015 in DCS: World
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This is a work-in-progress video of DCS World 2 with a look at the existing, free Black Sea (Caucasus) map. This video consists of four Instant Action missions that have different aircraft, time of day, and map locations. These Instant Action missions already exist in DCS World (1), so this video should allow you to compare how the map looks between DCS World versions.

Please note that the DCS World 2 version uses most of the same art (buildings, textures, and elevation mesh) as in DCS World (1). As such, you should not expect a drastic difference. However, this video does show the impact of improved lighting, shadows, effects and atmosphere. Also please note the ground explosion and cloud effects are the same as in DCS World (1). These will be improved at a later time after the release of the DCS World 2 open alpha.

Later maps (NTTR and Strait of Hormuz) will show a much more drastic improvement due to the higher quality objects, textures, and elevation mesh.

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