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Posted: 01/06/2015 in Space Engine
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patch 03 (29 May 2015) (All changes after


  • Smooth switching of many rendering options (labels, eclipse shadows, clouds etc)
  • Added aurora quality switch to the Graphics settings
  • Accelerated pak files loading
  • Separate shader cache folders for each driver version
  • Added faint (Jupiter-like) rings generation with probability parameters in universe.cfg
  • Added Lum and Luminosity parameters for the nebulae, clusters and galaxies script
  • Added cvars for main lighting dimming magnitude and secondary lighting limit magnitude
  • Added AlbedoBond and AlbedoGeom parameters for planet scripts
  • Added IPD parameter in the config
  • Reduced brightness of some Solar System bodies
  • Disabled planet shine on previews in Solar System browser and Wiki
  • Updated localizations
  • Added loader timing slider to the Graphics settings menu
  • Removed settings “Atmo from sea level” and “Atmo extinction” from the Graphics settings menu
    NEW – patch 03
  • Better function to determine stellar class if it is invalid or missing in the catalog
  • Added satellite of Quaoar
  • Button “Start” on Video capture dialog changes to “Stop” when video capture is in process
  • Ship engines jet rendering
  • Smooth behind camera for ships
  • Space ships are now rendered in the interstellar space
  • Space ships are now showed in the Wiki
  • Simple ship editor
  • Updated default ships
  • Button “Teleport here” in the Ships manager is replaced with the “Hyperjump here”
  • Button “Teleport here” in the Ships manager is available in the UFO cheat mode
  • Blinking cursor in the text edit boxes
  • Finished Wiki description editor, supported standard shortcuts like Ctrl-Left, Ctrl-Shift-PgDn etc, text selection and copy/paste
  • Increased length of the first column in the Wiki data tables
  • User and default Wiki descriptions are saved in separate files
  • Implemented custom defines for glsl shaders
  • Some similar shaders are merged into a single file (custom defines are used at compilation time to produce different shaders)
  • New binary star systems addedBugfixes:
  • Fixed real planet brightness for planetary rings
  • Fixed black stain artefact
  • Fixed holes in planetary surface where lava flows should be
  • Reduced cyclone cutting probability
  • Fixed wrong terrain LOD calculation on a small screens
  • Fixed Pluto system orientation
  • Fixed some bugs in planet script exporting
  • Fixed lags when changing FOV
  • Fixed changing of a planet particle size when changing FOV
  • Fixed clouds lighting in a thin atmospheres
    NEW – patch 03
  • Fixed change of the display mode and refresh rate at SE startup
  • Fixed climate smoothing on a planets with a thick atmosphere
  • Fixed a lot of stars with wrong/error stellar class in the catalog
  • Fixed camera velocity indicator
  • Fixed star motion blur when changing distance with left + right mouse drag
  • Fixed star motion blur for ships in hyperspace
  • Fixed some bugs with automatic ships hyperjump
  • Wiki descriptions displays tabulations
  • Fixed specular spot on ships
  • Fixed atmosphere height on a tidally heated worlds
  • Fixed sudden stopping of ship rotation when changing orbital orientation mode
  • Fixed visual artefacts with atmosphere and water on oceanias
  • Fixed blinking LOD of a planet when Wiki for it is opened
  • Fixed Overbright slider initialization in the Magnitude/brightness settings menu


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