Lunar Flight: big news

Posted: 22/05/2015 in Lunar Flight
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lunar flight

I know its a been a while since I posted anything but I do have some news. I’ve recently been (slowly) porting Lunar Flight to be a DX11 targeted application using Unity 5. One of the reasons for moving to DX11 is that Oculus is dropping support for DX9. The good thing is that in the near future Lunar Flight will run faster and look better than it has ever done thanks to Unity’s new lighting system and DX12 on the horizon. This is in preparation for the consumer Oculus hardware and Valves Vive HMD.

Once the inital port is complete I want to look into adding some new content including some new Mission Types, a new DLC Planet/Moon and a make over of the UI and LM/Cockpit model which I want to include an animated Flight Suit and Throttle and Joystick in the cockpit.

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