ORC: New Alpha Test Version 1.0.8

Posted: 14/05/2015 in Online Racing Championship
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orc logoMostly bug fixes and tweaks with a couple of new features

– Seat position can be changed and saved in-game press F2 to toggle
– Head movement can be tweaked in the misc. options (can be turned off)
– Potential Fix for people having to run it as admin – please let me know if this has fixed the problem
– World record / PB has been added to the race menu
– Fix, all the race awards were being awarded to the same driver
– Mouse controls have been fixed (crash when assigning buttons + not proper range when assigning steering without a restart) – thanks engineerwr!
– Fixed potential crash when changing tracks
– Added tool tips for Track Rank and ORC Rank shown after the race
– Fix for pressing escape on the login screen going to a loading screen (with no escape!)
– Added driver info (if possible) to the crash report
– Added version on the Main Screen
– Moved general options to the end of the list
– Fixed auto gears tooltip

The new version is available at the normal place: –

It should install over 1.0.7 ok, but if you have an older version you might want to clear out your Documents/OnlineRacingChampionship folder before running 1.0.8
Let me know if there are any problems – thanks again for helping test ORC!

All the best,

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