ORC: New Alpha Test Version 1.07

Posted: 01/05/2015 in Online Racing Championship
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orc logoI have released a new version with the achievements and records a little bit more integrated into the sim. After the race you will be able to see your achievements and records, you’ll also be able to see your track rank (+/- compared to a benchmark time) and your ORC rank which is +/- compared to all the track benchmark times added together (if you haven’t raced on a track you’ll get a default laptime of 5 minutes).

There is quite a bit of change and therefore potential problems, please report anything strange Smile
I’ve also fixed the crash reporting a bit so I can pinpoint where the problem is if there is a crash more easily.
The stats page has been reorganised a little, but it needs an artist’s touch, so will be cleaned up in the coming months.
Any problems let me know! Smile

– Improved after race stats
– Improved crash reporting
– Improved stats page
– Other small improvements

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