Assetto Corsa: v1.1.6 update released

Posted: 27/04/2015 in Assetto Corsa
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1.1.6 Changelog:

– Fixed no collision bug between first 2 cars in the server list
– Fixed TCP connection getting dropped for timeout
– Fixed Pagani Huayra rear wings animation bug, wrongly connected to the animated suspensions on the last update. Physics unchanged and unaffected
– Updated suspension on LaFerrari, missed on last updated due to time constrains
– Fixed server output for “LAP WITH CUTS”
– Fixed KERS not recharging when car is reset
– Telemetry speed graph is now autoadjusted for max speed
– Fixed animations running at wrong speed during replays
– Fixed CPU time in render stats with negative numbers on PC with timer drifting
– Fixed pitstop automatic controller not pressing the clutch and sometimes leaving the car moving away
– Fixed Essential and RacePosition app wrong values in replay mode
– Fixed Leaderboard in online races
– Added flags, penalties, kers to the shared memory
– Fixed wrong tyre temperature value in the car setup screen
– Fixed crash if a non existent PP effect is selected
– Fixed problem with TAB leaderboard on change session
– Removed invalidation message from drift and time attack modes
– Change camera button can now be assigned properly to another key
– Fixed penalties on time attack
– Fixed bad rear pressure slider placement on Lotus 2-11 setup
– Default launcher theme: skip YouTube device support message
– Ferrari F40 S3 brake bias adjustments in setup
– Mclaren F1 GTR front left Toe-in setup slider value fixed
– Added Fuel pressure (shows fuel quantity) to BMW M3 E30 DTM and Group A
– Fuel indicator working for Alfa Romeo GTA, Lotus 2-11, Lotus Elise SC, Lotus Exige 240, Lotus Exige Scura, Lotus Exige S & Roadster & V6cup, Lotus Evora S & GTE & GTE Carbon, Mercedes SLS, McLaren MP4 12C, Pagani Huayra
– Corrected fuel indicator scale for BMW M235iR, McLaren P1, Shelby Cobra
– Working LCD screens for Mercedes 190 DTM EVO 2, Mercedes C9 LM.

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