GSCE: update, v1.31

Posted: 04/04/2015 in Stock Car Extreme
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Added changelog for v1.31:

  • Added updated terrain + shaders for Salvador & Londrina;
  • Fixed AI trying to drive through pit building in first few pit boxes when exiting at Johannesburg Historic;
  • Added Diffuse Alpha Spec Normal Map Shadow Map shader;
  • Adjusted MR18 aero yaw sensitivity & engine torque in the low range;
  • Adjusted longitudinal load sensitivity of front tyres in several cars (helps preventing excessive locking up of the inside wheel);
  • Fixed an error in Marcas differential settings & added option for refuelling
  • Recallibrated AI performance in F-Reiza & F-Extreme to the latest aero revisions

Unfortunately no code updates yet on this build (a status update on this will follow shortly).

Please direct your bug reports on v1.31 to this thread.

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