SpinTires: Steam Workshop

Posted: 03/04/2015 in SpinTires
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uYz9fteoGnkMod support will consist of the following:

– Separate app: Combine tools – this is for Truck editing and map editing
– Steam Workshop: Allowing automatic download of necessary mods when joining an MP session
– Achievements and Multiplayer to work with mods

What we are currently discussing at the moment, is if and how we are going to support maps made with leaked editor. One of the solutions is that players will have to load up their map in the new official editor and then export again – allowing the editor to make the necessary checks and to save the map into the current version. < Essentially by doing this, it technically means that the maps have been through the official editor and can work up to current ST standards.

I hope this brief description should help answer any questions.


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