Game Stock Car Extreme: v1.30 Released

Posted: 28/03/2015 in Stock Car Extreme
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Videos using SweetFX – grab it with our settings here.

INSTALLATION (Non-Steam users):

Update to v1.30 by running GSC Sync.

If you are having any trouble updating via GSC Sync, you may download v1.30 update package here: v1.30 Update package

NOTE: The above package is for users updating from v1.252. If you are manually updating from v1.21 you will first need to install v1.21 to v1.25 update package from this link, then add the v1.251 & v1.252 update package from this link , then v1.27 update from this link before applying the v1.30 update.

Main changelog for v1.30:



  • Added Copa Petrobras de Marcas – brazlian touring car series with Ford Focus, Chevrolet Cruze, Toyota Corolla & Mitsubishi Lancer GT models.


  • Added Bologna Historic track

Features & fixes:

  • Updated terrain shaders & textures for Cascavel & Taruma (other tracks to receive the same treatment in following updates);
  • Adjusted collision sounds;
  • Corrected F-Extreme & F-Reiza aero distribution;
  • Small adjustment to Metalmoro & F3 tyres;
  • Shadow optimization & AI improvement for Montreal Historic.

Unfortunately no code updates yet on this build (a status update on this will follow shortly).

Please direct your bug reports on v1.30 to this thread.

If you already own and enjoy GSC Extreme, help us share the word by posting your review on Steam!

For issues installing / running / setting up GSCE, please refer to our FAQ , and our GUIDES first before posting.

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