SpinTires: Build (19/03/15 v3)

Posted: 25/03/2015 in News - Archive, Other Simulators, SpinTires
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SpinTires  logoDefault Public Build (Stable) update
In this update being made live later today, we are providing fixes to the previous iteration ‘Build (09/03/15 v2)’.

***IMPORTANT: Unfortunately this update will cause players to lose saves. We are working hard to solve this issue in the near future, but until then I am forced to give ample warning that your in-game progress will be lost***

This build will be made live at 5:00pm UTC – This is an advanced notification allowing players time to backup their files, etc. Until the issue mentioned above is solved, it would be advisable to players who do not wish to lose their saves to turn off automatic updates or to do the following in Steam:

Right-click Spintires > Properties > Updates > Click drop-down box under Automatic Updates > Select Only update this game when I launch it
Here is the changelog:

-trailer attach socket not overlapping winch attach socket
-mud made firmer
-camera moved closer
-MP body sync issue fixed
-stereo 3d mode GUI made 2d
-game version update issues fixed
-chromatic abberation limited to camera shakes & roof camera


-3d GUI improvements
-xbox controller zoomout, cruise control
-changing gears hax without fuel hax fix
-trailer detach threshold fixed
-attach trailers without tractors fix
-mud made firmer
-graphics improvements
-auto zoomout trehshold increased
-xbox controller rumble
-navigation nodes movement fix
-wheels detalisation/looks improvements for all trucks
-trucks setup changed (trucks made more powerfull)

As always, we accept customer feedback – and lately we have been enjoying the constructive feedback that has been coming from the community as this has been greatly helpful in progressing forward with the further development and improvement of Spintires.

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