Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition

Posted: 10/12/2014 in Flight Simulator X, News - Archive
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ამ წლის 18 დეკემბერს გველის წლის ამაბავი! STEAM – ზე გამოდის Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition დართული იქნება, FSX Deluxe და the Acceleration pack. გამომცემელი გახლავთ Train Simulator – ის დეველოპერი Dovetail Games. საინტერესოა, რა იგულისხმება – spectacular introductory price – ში. სტიმზე ისედაც იმოქმედებს ჩვენი რეგიონისთვის ფინანსური პოლიტიკა. როგორც წესი, USA და EU რეგიონებთან შედარებით, – 40% დაბალი იქნება ფასები.

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 Dovetail Games, the multi award-winning developer and publisher of the Train Simulator series and Dovetail Games Fishing, today gave flight sim fans a lift for the holiday season with the announcement that Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition will launch on December 18 at a spectacular introductory price.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition delivers an authentically accurate aerial experience for simulation enthusiasts and those with a passion for all things flight. Pilots can climb into the cockpits of over twenty aircraft, from commercial and fighter jets to single-engine private planes and helicopters. More than 80 missions will test players in a variety of ways, including search and rescue challenges, test pilot scenarios, races and more. The game features updated multiplayer functionality, Windows 8.1 support and over 24,000 airports, delivering a beautiful, connected world and vast horizon begging to be explored.

First released in 2006, Microsoft Flight Simulator X’s arrival on Steam marks the first exciting steps in the global licensing deal between Dovetail Games and Microsoft announced earlier this year. In addition to distributing Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition, Dovetail Games is also working on its own original titles based on Microsoft’s flight technology, carrying on nearly three decades of tradition established by this award-winning franchise. Dovetail Games and partners will also be launching a range of add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition on Steam in the New Year.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition will be available on Windows PC via Steam on December 18. This title is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB

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